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My Uncle and His Friend: Day 1

Overcome by curiosity, a young woman watches her uncle make love to a transsexual
Just a few years ago, I was preparing to board what I had hoped to be my last budget airline flight, a day before my twentieth birthday. The flight was the start of the final leg of my solo adventure in Europe.

My sweet mother, who had been constantly worried about her only girl travelling alone, asked me to spend the occasion with family. Even if it was family I'd only met once.

Regardless, I was more than willing to say yes for three simple reasons: First, my only relative in the continent lived in Zurich, and I’ve never been to Switzerland. Second, staying with family hopefully meant stretching my trip, not to mention my purse. Lastly, it didn’t hurt that this relative happened to be my adopted uncle, a gorgeous hunk of a man just barely over thirty years old.

So there I was, 5’4”, quite slender, with long brown hair, and all covered up – as I haven’t acclimatized to the weather since coming from being in skimpy bikinis at the Italian Riviera just days before. I found myself on a quiet suburban street, wandering with a small piece paper, and uncle Victor’s address scribbled on it.

Hmm…handsome AND industrious, I thought as I admired the sizeable yet clean single story house.

I wonder if he’s still as charming as well.

A short shriek, followed by two pairs of feet running towards one side of the house woke me from my daydreams.

Should I?

I climbed over a rock and peeked through an open window as my curiosity inevitably took over.

And there he was. Just like that. Stark naked and muscle bound in a 5’11” frame. Oh, not to mention that he had the most scrumptious looking member. I instantly knew it could bring tears to my eyes if it was ever in me.

Still, I must admit that what truly piqued my interest to keep watching was his friend. She was just a few years older than me but her perfect curves definitely made me jealous. Her skin was pure porcelain, her hair was golden silk. And though I knew I had a bountiful pair of my own, her large and perky exposed breasts were definitely a sight to behold.

I watched as he grabbed her from behind by her thin waist. He spun her to face him.

“I told you I would catch you, Olivia. I would never let you escape,” he said with an irresistible smile.

He then lifted her upside down with ease. And as she wrapped her large red lips around his huge dick, I found myself biting mine. This was when I first saw it.

She has a cock!

I just knew there was something unequivocally remarkable about her features.

I could only watch as she grabbed onto him tight, took him in her mouth, moaning as she went. He didn’t hesitate to return the favor as they competed in giving each other mind-blowing head.

After a few minutes of pleasuring each other’s members, Victor gently laid Olivia on the edge of the bed allowing her to adjust herself and get comfortable before inching back deeper down her throat.

He was now completely fucking her face while massaging her ample breasts. Victor looked fully in control of her body as he stood over the edge of that bed, with easy access to her mouth. I caught myself getting truly wet as I fell under his spell as much as I suspected she was.

It was quite obvious that the two were mad for each other as he raced to climb on top of her, and she to turn around to offer her flawless ass to him.

He now had a hold of the beautiful woman as she bent over for him…his right hand stroking her hair and her shoulder as his lips nibble her left year and the back of her neck.

After gently lubricating her, Victor made her cry out and writhe in deep pleasure as my hunger grew watching her dick grind with her body from his passionate advances. Her dick was visibly smaller than his, but I still would have gladly drunk every drop of cum that came out of it from Victor’s thrusts.

She screamed as she came onto the bed, which only urged him on to plow her faster.

“Oh Victor…take me…take all of me.”

He took this as a sign to go deeper and even harder into her, driving that fine cock into her stunning rump.

“Please Victor…I want to feel your hot cum inside me,” Olivia exclaimed.

Of course the man obliged, as anyone fortunate enough to make love to Olivia would.

Breathing heavily, I saw Victor grip her tightly around the waist as he came in her.

They fell on top of one another overwhelmed by the pleasure they shared, while I felt cheated, not being a physical part of their lovemaking.

All wet with my own heat, I composed myself, gave them a few minutes before knocking on his door.

She opened the door in a tempting slip, her large cock unwilling to be contained, with my uncle and his lovely abs in tow.

“Hi, uncle Victor, I believe my mom told you I was coming by today?” 

“She did indeed, welcome to Zurich, Sophia. My, you’ve grown.” 

“I hope I didn’t interrupt anything?” I asked as they knowingly looked at one another. I secretly shared their smile as I too was part of their very intimate moment.

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