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My Wife`s revenge ( Part Three)

I`m paying the ultimate price for cheating
Feeling that this was yet one more day of her punishment, I finished my breakfast and walked back to my room to get ready for 'Our first girls day out at the mall', as my wife called it. She told me that she had taken care to lay out a 'really pretty outfit', sure to turn some heads.

She was right about that! Laying on my bed was a a complete hot pink silk lace panty, bra, and camisole set, with a matching lace garter. A very short grey suede skirt, cropped jacket, lace stockings, and suede stiletto heels, all exactly the same shade of grey. I had given up protesting, and after getting naked, slipped on the panties, bra and camisole. I carefully slide into each stocking and fastened the garter around my slender waist. Reaching down, I had a bit of time attaching the stockings, as my nails were taking me some time to get used to. I tried on the heels and they actually felt very comfortable to walk in.

Getting into the skirt proved to be a bit of a challenge, as it had been tailored to be very fitted, and on the short side of length. Putting on the jacket, I had hoped two things... one, that it was ample enough to hide my lace camisole, and two, that it was long enough to hide my skin tight skirt. No and no. It fit very snug around my breasts and had one button set very low. The effect was to show off my camisole and ample cleavage. The second point was that now my 'suit look' was very short, tailored, and left very little to the imagination. I took time to apply my makeup, brushed out my hair, and slipped on a pair of large hoop earrings, bracelet, and my watch.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I did somewhat become less shocked in how I looked, but was shocked at how well I had put myself together, and how my gestures and mannerisms were now changing. I was looking at myself now standing in front of the mirror, with one hand on my hip, while the other was playing with my bangs to fluff them up. One of my toes was pointed out, and my hips were pointing out to one side as well.

Walking out into the living room, my wife let out a whistle and exclaimed how incredibly beautiful I looked, and how well I had done my makeup and accessorized without the least bit of help. She said that I also had developed a graceful walk, and mannerisms to march. 'Gee thanks, I`m so lucky to have a supportive wife like you', I thought to myself.

Walking out to the car, it was trash day, and the men had just pulled up to out house. As I was to get into the passenger side, I heard one of them yell to my wife, "Who`s the new girl?"

She replied that I was Steve`s cousin, and was into town for awhile. He said that he hoped to get my number, and would love to show me the town. Yet another man who was hitting on me. 'Will this ever stop?' I sadly thought to myself. Looking at my reflection in the glass door of the house, I saw a stunning looking woman, dressed hot enough to attract every man that caught sight of her. I was not looking forward to the mall.

As we rode to the mall, my wife seemed to be enjoying herself so much with every little detail of my 'becoming a woman' and seeing me struggle and fight with my transition.We hadn`t spoken for about 20 minutes of the ride, and while we were stopped at a red light she looked over to me and said, "You know Brittany, I`m doing everything possible to ease you into your new persona, and the least you could do is be civil to me."

I really could not believe what had just come out of her mouth. In shock, I blurted out "Are you Crazy! You bring me to a hospital with a story that I`m going to have some sort of simple procedure. I wake up to find out that I have had surgery after surgery to give me breasts, completely change the look of my face, give me hips, and you cut off my cock! I`m supposed to now be comfortable with you dressing me like some slut, and having man after man hit on me! I feel that every guy out there wants to screw me! I even go to the mall without knowing that every man there is getting a hard on looking at me!"

I began to cry, and thinking,'These damn hormones are making me so emotional!'. Looking over at my wife, I saw someone not sympathetic, but now grinning from ear to ear. Looking at me she then said,"Well HONEY, payback is a bitch."
She continued, "For years after we were married, I would know of your affairs, only to cry myself to sleep, thinking why doesn`t he love me this way,what have I been doing wrong? I have always loved you so deeply, and I do believe that you have always loved me to. If you think that these last few years have been fun for me, well you`re WRONG! If you think I am enjoying myself now, well you`re RIGHT! You are going to suffer, and you are going to have men, many, many, many, men chase you wherever you are. You will be prey to them, and you will know from your own volumes of experiences, exactly what they are thinking. Yes, you will be the picture of femininity in every way. You will present yourself as a woman who desires men, and yearns to please them. You will be the one who is on every guy`s mind, and the bulge in every pair of trousers in your vicinity. With thirteen years to live in your role I suspect that you will even begin to enjoy dating, and pleasing men, while you begin to learn a whole new way of enjoying sex!"

Hearing this, I interrupted her with, "Are you nuts! There is no way in Hell I am going to either accept this, or sure as Hell, enjoy it! You may have trapped me like this now, but I will never give in!"

My wife had a very funny reaction to my tantrum, she broke out in huge volumes of laughter.

Looking at me she said, "Not only will you accept this, but already you are getting comfortable with being a woman! I noticed the way that you got in the car today,gently smoothing your skirt from wrinkling, while keeping your legs together, gracefully swung them into the car. Look at the way you are sitting with your legs crossed. Look at the way you were just looking in the visor mirror, touching up your lip gloss, putting on a bit more eye liner and shadow, expertly blending to create some really sexy eyes and taking notice of every detail in fluffing up your hair, to give it a salon look. Even how you accessorized your outfit today, choosing earrings, bracelets, and even a watch, to give you that 'Total put together look', that you always did so well when you were a man. You have begun to be the woman that you see in the mirror, and it`s only a matter of time that I may find condoms in your purse, as you head out for one of your many future dates!"

I was ready to blurt something out to her to call her a liar, but then it hit me. Thinking about what she said,I had begun to instinctively present new mannerisms! I had begun to smooth my skirt when I sat, cross my legs, and now act differently. I did primp in the mirror, reapply my makeup, assuring that I had flawless eyes, lips and hair style. I was developing the mannerisms and behavior of a woman in every way! 

Was I going to stop thinking this way, or to what levels would I fall into my new role? Would Brittany begin to desire to be with men, to date them, flirt with them, and let them take me to bed, feeling them thrust deep inside of me, crying out for more. My mind was racing so fast and hadn`t heard the horn from a big truck that we were sitting next to at a red light, the driver leering at me from up above, looking into the car staring at my legs and short skirt.

My wife just giggled saying, "Brittany you do get every man`s attention."
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