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My Wife`s Revenge (Part Two)

      I finally made it to the front door of the hospital.I Had passed many people on the way to the door and really, most seemed more interested in their business than to stare at me.My composure was starting to come back to me.I thought to myself what my wife had said to me when I was in my hospital room ,my haven from the world.She had said that people will NEVER know that I was once a man.This obviously scared me to death,considering the fact that it sounded as if I had died.In reality I hadn`t died as much as I had a new personality and a little different appearance.AsI was walking and thinking I came to a mirrored corridor.Looking at the person in the mirror ,I had to stop myself in my own mind`s tracks with that line of logic.I wasn`t Steve with a different outlook and a new nose job.The image of me now reflecting in the mirror was of a very pretty girl, stylishly dressed from head to toe,with the face of an angel,and the long fluffy hair of a model.There was no way that I could meet any of my friends and pick up where we left off.There was no way that I would ever be of interest sexually to my wife or any of my many old girl friends.No, I was not Steve with a little different outlook on life and a little different appearance.Looking at the beautiful ,long legged woman with the pouty lips and bedroom eyes I finally realized my wife`s revenge.It wasn`t that she was going to prevent me from having affairs as much as she was going to make me spend thirteen years creating a life as "Brittany".I was going to have to interact with other people at work now as "Brittany".I was going to have to shop for and have my car fixed as "Brittany".I was going to have to find friends as"Brittany".I was going to have interests and play any sports as "Brittany".Steve`s days of meeting interesting women out at bars and clubs and having wild sex with them were GONE.

     Suddenly at that moment a thought hit me so hard that it  made me almost violently ill right there in that corridor.The sreaming in my head was,"OH MY GOD ,I WILL NEVER HAVE SEX AGAIN FOR THE NEXT THIRTEEN YEARS".So many passionate nights with my wife ,and yes lots of other girls are now only a memory.By now I had become almost mesmerized with my image ,my "Brittany" look.But I must remember that it isn`t a "look" like I can take it off when I get home.This is the new person that my wife has so carefully crafted and I need to embrace her.Trust me the old Steve would not only charm and embrace her,but have her screaming with delight in bed. My wife said in the hospital room that the past is the past.I now have to let the world see "Brittany " and be comfortable with who I am now.With that thought in mind I opened the front door to the hospital and stepped out as "Brittany".

    The sunshine felt so good to me.I had been in that building for such a long time and did not realize how wonderful the outdoors felt.There was a slight breeze and the birds were trying to be heard over the city traffic noise.I looked around and noticed that the street number that I was at was #12  and my wife said I was to meet her at #60.The numbers were running higher to the left so that was my direction. The sidewalks were thinning out as most of the people were returning from lunch. A little further walking and I noticed a very large construction site coming up on the side of the street I was walking. Should I cross over or not? I told myself that the new me just needs to take things in stride. To my horror as I got closer I saw that the sidewalk had been modified to an  elevated four foot high open walkway for several hundred feet. All the other pedestrians had seen this earlier and had crossed the street further back when they could. To make matters far worse, there was a construction crew of several hundred men having their lunch right next to it. My heart was racing so fast that I thought I was going to have a stroke. I had to keep reminding myself of the fact that ,unlike the episode in the hospital, no one could tell that I was a guy. I summed up my courage and kept on walking into their view."Remember to keep your steps short, feet cross out straight in front of you as you walk, and sway your arms at the elbow" I said to myself. Sure enough I caught the eye of one of the workers and in seconds they were lined up waiting for me. As I began to walk past them something began to become much more apparent to me.I should continue to enjoy this day comfortable with the knowledge that I will not have people staring at me as some sort of freak. I can maybe even brighten their day a little as the pretty girl who just smiled at them. The attention I was getting was different but so what. My confidence began to build with the droves of whistles and comments I heard as I walked by each of the men."Nice ass !!, What a fox !!,Would I like to nail that !!! Check out those legs !! Is that a hottie or what !!!, Do you have a boyfriend honey ?, What a babe !! "I was not going to have trouble at all in presenting myself as anything else as a young woman. A hot,desirable,young chick with a body to die for.

   I made it to the building #60 and met my wife in the lobby. She was grinning  from ear to ear knowing what she had just tested me with. She fully expected me to burst in crying as she had subjected me to being "prey" walking by that job site. I wiped the smile off her face with my comment of "Honey, it was such an exciting new experience giving those men a thrill for the day !! . Her smile completely disappeared and was replaced with an evil smirk." Brittany I am so glad you are adjusting and I` m sure you'll love your new bedroom at the condo. I packed away all those macho trophies, awards , and sports memorabilia that Steve collected all of his life. In  it` s place is a bedroom any girl would DIE for. I was worried that you would hate it, but based on the statement you just made, now I` m sure you'll think it` s dreamy " ,she said very sarcastically.

    Getting home I went immediately to what had been my sports den. Opening the door gave me such a shock I have to fall into the chair by the door. Gone were all my golf, bowling,football,and baseball trophies and awards. Gone were my photos, signed balls, and bats. In their place was a huge king sized bed, with a large down comforter, lace dust ruffle, and mountains of different shaped pillows in lots of pastel colors. The walls were painted in a very light shade of pink and the curtains to the three large windows were full and very elegant. There was even a little crystal chandelier hanging over the bed. The walls were decorated with gold framed artwork of bright spring flower gardens. There were little knick nacks all over the shelves that used to house some of my trophies. One whole wall next to the closet had been mirrored from floor to ceiling. Off this room was my new bathroom. It to was completely different. There was a full mirror over a huge new double granite sink. A professional hair dryer and curling iron hung on a wall by the sink. There was an old style footed bathtub also with a petite crystal chandelier hanging over it. In the corner was a large glass shower with many different gold spray heads mounted into rich grey granite walls. Standing over me my wife again took satisfaction in saying "I knew you would like the changes, but I never realized that you would be speechless !!! ". Even though it` s early you should turn in and get an early rest. We have lots to address in the morning". With that she hurried me into the room and closed the door behind her as she left. Standing alone in the room looking at myself in the mirror I broke down into hysterical sobbing. Falling to my knees I begged God to help me. This removal of Steve`s life hobbies reminded me that I really was trapped as Brittany with no way out !! I stepped into the bathroom and thought that if I took off all of this outfit then I could surely pass as a man again. Off came the earrings, the bracelets, little watch,necklace,and belt. Off came the suit jacket,camisole,and skirt to the floor. Off came the bra and panties ,also to the floor. With many cotton balls I removed all of my  eye make-up,lipstick,blush,and foundation."There,I thought, now in some old jeans and baggy shirt I could go back to being the Steve that I knew and loved".Turning and looking into the full length mirror. I froze with what I saw. With the jewelry, clothing ,and make-up gone, all I saw was a naked woman, starting with full beautiful breasts, set above a tiny waist, flowing into soft sensual  round curvy hips ,and a pair of shapely stunning legs. And between those hips was a perfect, I mean perfect little pussy. My pussy.My legs. My hourglass body and sexy, tight little ass. No I could not hide from it. My wife had made Brittany and she was a total woman.

     I decided to take a nice long hot shower and relax from a very trying day.I put on a shower cap and stepped in and closed the door.  I heard my wife come into the bedroom and exclaim that I must always properly care for my clothes and put them away where they belong. She said she would put them away this one time and lay out my clothes for bedtime. Before closing the door she said" Pleasant dreams Brittany.It is so wonderful to have such a pretty cousin of Steve staying with me while he is overseas for the next year creating a new business. I` m sure he would love to see how you have blossomed into a very beautiful and feminine woman. All the men at work will enjoy having you there and I` m sure you'll get many offers for a date. For that matter you may find the man of your dreams ,who sweeps you off your feet with deep passionate sex, giving you pleasure that you would want to experience for the rest of your life !!! "

    All that talk made me remember all the intense sex that I would have with my wife in the shower. I was feeling her every curve, caressing her breasts and playing with her full nipples. Gently sliding my soapy fingers along her smooth inner thighs. I heard her panting, deeply breathing, straining for me to explore more. I felt her spread her legs and pumping her hips. I felt my slippery fingers enter her ever so slowly. With great expectation ,I heard her moan and cry out to "fuck me, Fuck me so hard, I want you deep inside me now, NOW , Damn it."I felt her moan over and over as I fingered her tight little pussy faster and faster. Finally I heard her let out a deep sigh of incredible pleasure, one that came from so deep within this woman who was on fire.

    Suddenly the shower water turned very cold and I seemed to wake up from a dream.This was not a dream,but definitely a NIGHTMARE.I fould myself with my left hand massaging one of  my breasts while my other hand had three fingers deep into my vagina !!! In the "dream" that I just had, it wasn`t my wife who just had that incredible orgasm, IT WAS ME !!!.I turned off the water and grabbed for a towel to wrap myself in.I was so embarrased,so ashamed, all I wanted to do now was to get to bed.I took off my shower cap and gave my soft, bouncy,thick head of hair a toss, and dried myself off.Walking into the bedroom, my wife had layed out a peach colored silk sleep teddie.I couldn`t fight her anymore tonite so I stepped into the leg holes and pulled the thin lace spaghetti straps over each shoulder.Remembering that I had not brushed my teeth,I went back into the bathroom.What I saw was a victoria`s secret model staring back in the mirror.My soft full hair had such a sexy mussed look.My teddie accent every curve on my body,from perky nipples pointing out,to my hips being drapped and leading to a seductive "V" being tightly covered between my legs. "My God,Steve would love to have me now " I thought."Wait I was Steve, and have now been reduced to this .... this person who any man would want to take to that bed and screw all night !!! ".I brushed my teeth,turned off the light and crawled into bed alone .... and planning to KEEP it that way.

     I was awoken by my wife the next morning with the comment "Did the new girl on the block get plenty of beauty rest ?".Ha ha.I peeked under the covers to see a smokin hot woman`s body in a sexy teddie."Well ,all of this wasn`t just a bad dream that I had hoped it to be' I quietly said to myself as I got out of bed.Hearing my comment, my wife quickly retorted" Bad dream..... Brittany you are the vision of every man`s FANTASY  !!!. I heard you having a long ,enjoyable , shower last night so you`re nice and clean.Go have breakfast while I lay some clothes out for you.You and I are going to the mall and having our eyebrows waxed and our nails done.You are also getting those lovely ears pierced.Now scoot !!! "


                                                       (End of Chapter two )



















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