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My wife`s revenge (Part one )

Caught cheating for the last time

    I had a very successful business owning a trucking company. I had a trophy wife who was a stunning beauty almost three inches taller than me .At 27 I had just about everything. My wife worked along side of me at our terminal complex and in fact she was the only woman in the building. We were a consolidator of freight the largest in the North East used to get kidded by the hundreds of truckers who came in and out every day that how did such a scrawny guy (I was only 5` 5" tall and weighed about 135 lbs) have such a fox for a wife. In reality it was simple ,no not my money, as much as she just totally loved everything about me-wit,charm,funny, warm and very romantic. Sometimes too romantic but with other women LOTS of them. But she never knew about all the other women ..... so I thought.

    I went in for my usual check-up with my doctor (which was her brother).Everything appeared fine and all of the testing was completed in less than an hour. Two days later I was home with my wife and got a call from her brother. He said I must admit myself the next morning to Mass General in Boston for a very serious condition that showed up on my testing. When I pressed him for more details he said we would discuss it there in the morning. Hanging up the phone, I told my wife what her brother had said. She seemed very concerned but said I was in good hands and everything would turn out fine.

    The next morning I admitted myself and the nurse appeared to smile at me. My wife was there with me and had me hurriedly sign form after form not letting me read anything. All she would say was "I've already read through all of this Hon  don` t you trust me like I have always trusted you "I was brought up to a private room on one of the floors  and issued a hospital gown to get into. My wife gathered up all of my clothes and put them in a suitcase she had brought. When I said to her "Hon I` m going to need those" all she said was " Oh don` t worry ,I`ll bring back everything you need when you are ready to leave here".Just then her brother walked in and  the both of them embraced. Before I had a chance to ask him about my condition he forced me get into the bed and put a hypo needle into my arm. Immediately I tried to talk but felt very woozy and tired and was only able to say "Whaaaaattts haaaappening Heeeerrreee".Standing side by side over me both my wife and he were smiling at me. My wife then told me what was going on.

   She had found out about my many affairs long ago, but never really knew what do. She had loved me for so long and still wanted to somehow be with me but PUNISH me for this in a way that was fitting. She finally broke down to her brother who came up with the punishment. The reason that I was in that hospital and why I had signed so many forms was that I was going to have a complete SRS. "Whhhaaattt`s aaa  SSSS RRRR SSSS " I mumbled trying to keep focused."Why Hon you are going to have several operations over the next ten days and when the fine doctors are finished you will be a woman ". I couldn't believe my ears I had to do something !!!! I tried with every ounce effort to get up to scream to do something !!!!! All I could do was mumble "Nooooo  Pleeeeaaasssee Dooonn`t"

   She smiled at me and said "That` s what I said to myself every time you had one of your affairs"."Oh, and by the way you legally signed for this so you'll never have any recourse." "And don` t worry about all the bills they have all been prepaid out of the company` s funds. It almost leaves the company broke but will certainly give you your money` s worth. I `ve made it a point that you are to come out of this looking ABSOLUTELY STUNNING !!!!!! No one will ever know who you are .....I mean were. One of the documents you signed was for your legal name change to Brittany Ann Snow came up with two of your girlfriend` s first names and one other girl` s  last names a daily reminder to you, well heck you'll be reminded every time you walk down the street hearing a guy whistle at you Brittany.

    The next ten days were a complete blur. I began waking up from one operation only to be sedated and begin the next. I had no idea of what time of day or even what day it was. Finally one day, I began to wake up from it all. As I opened my eyes ever so slowly I began to become aware of my surroundings, and that sitting next to my bed was my wife."Well ,well,well,it looks like miss sleepyhead has finally decided to join us". I tried to speak but all that came out was a whisper."what have you done to me !!!! ". With a smile on her face "Why honey just what you consented to in all of those forms that you signed. The past is the past my dear, now you will no longer be the cheating little stud muffin that you once were.  For the last ten days you have had many radical surgeries. You now have nice perky 36 c breasts. Your vocal cords were tightened and you will have a nice sexy feminine voice. Some of your lower ribs were removed to help give you a nice tiny 20 inch waist. And wait till you see your shapely round hips and that stunning , tight little heart shaped ass that you now have. And your face, just wait till you see it!!! You have beautiful full pouty lips. Your soft hazel green eyes were always so sexy and now they will be able to be seen even better with the eye lid lift that you had. Your cheekbones were already somewhat high but now they have been perfected. That fact that you always had such baby face skin with virtually not a beard hair on it allowed for skipping any skin peel process. We also didn't have to shave any adam`s apple because you never had the appearance of one, so that other than some vocal cord tightening, that nice smooth neck of yours is untouched. The doctors were also very pleased to see how very shapely and virtually muscle free you legs already were, and those size 8 feet will soon look so pretty with nice red toenails. And for the last year you were so nice to listen to my requests that I was always so turned on by the Steven Segal look and to not cut your hair.

    I listened in total amazement to the list of what my poor body had gone through over the last ten days. The drugs were beginning to wear off enough so that as my wife was telling me all of this I looked down at myself only to see mounds of bandages and tubes going into of me. I noticed that I was wearing some sort of a big diaper bandage and had a tube coming out from between my legs."Oh and I saved the best for last !!! " my wife excitedly said noticing me study my  bandages and tubes there."My brother was able to have the leading surgeon in the country perform your sexual reassignment surgery. Now I know you don` t know what` s involved , but the results will be INCREDIBLY impressive to you and all your future passionate male lovers. Your testicles were removed and your urethra was shorted up so that it now ends inside of you. That nasty old scrotum sac of yours now forms two beautiful pink lips that lead the way into you as well. That macho  monster sized penis of yours gave the doctors plenty to work with to create a very nice, very DEEP vagina for you with plenty of nerve endings to feel every inch of your new life as the RECEIVER of  waves of ecstasy you have never experienced in your former life as a man.. And the head of your old penis now has a perfect new home as a super sensitive little clit that will give you a whole new experience in the bedroom. Trust me with your new  package you will be as popular as you ever were, you just won` t  spend another dime  for a drink at a bar EVER again as the feminine creature thay you have become !!!."

   At that moment my wife then said " Well I should not say EVER again. Now, listen very carefully here` s the deal and there will be no compromises at all. You are now 27.If you do what is required of you I will have all of these procedures reversed and you will go back to my husband , but I trust, one who will never stray from me again. Without hesitating I blurted out "Oh yes yes I will and I have learned my lesson !!! My wife then smiled at me and while taking my hand said " Don` t agree to something when you don` t know what it is ".I suddenly realized that not only my wife was right but began to fear what was now in store. With caution I slowly said "what do I have to do to get me back to my old self again".She then squeezed my hand gently and said" You will be returned to my lovable husband after you have walked a mile in your new shoes ,well really heels. You will embrace your new life as Brittany in every sense. Those warm qualities that you have always possessed will be a wonderful asset to you. You will always ,I mean always wear the sexiest of outfits WHEREVER you go, even to go out to get groceries. You will also always be completely put together, hair makeup, jewelry down to the last detail !! You don` t know this yet but in all of the paperwork that you signed you also signed over the complete company to me. Now in your new life you are going to need a job to support yourself  so you will return to your old company but with a new position- Executive Secretary to the dispatch division.  

   Taking all of this in was almost too much for me to comprehend. I was going to have to live my life as this entirely different person !! Thinking the whole process through I remindered myself of what my wife had just said, that if I complied then I could then go back to my former self."Ok hon, I`ll do it -but for how long do I have to live this way ? ". Again my wife gently squeezed my hand and said " you will be changed back on your birthday when you turn forty." I almost fell out of bed " YOU CAN`T LEAVE ME THIS WAY FOR THIRTEEN YEARS !!!!" I screamed."How will I ever get through life all of those years ??".My wife in a very calm and cool tone of voice said " As I said before there is no negotiating or compromising on this. You will be sent off to a finishing school where you will learn everything you need from poise and mannerisms to wearing your hair, putting on your makeup, and even learning how to dress as a hot young woman. You will come to work every day and create a life for yourself for the next thirteen years. If you choose not to ,well then when you are discharged from the hospital you are free to do whatever you wish for the rest of your life. I trust with no money,clothes,a job or a place to stay things will get VERY bleak VERY fast!!!".

    Thinking hard about my wife` s last statement, reality hit me hard. She was right, I had nowhere to go or anyone to turn to ,not looking like this. " I`ll do what ever you say hon,what ever I must do. Thirteen years will pass by quickly" I said with more remorse than I have ever felt in my life. Standing up my wife proudly stated "Now that` s the spirit, I` m glad you are thinking this through logically. You will find in time that you will become very comfortable with the very feminine  new you."

   Over the next four weeks in the hospital I began to fully recover and one by one the bandages were removed, first my face, next my chest and waist, finally my diaper. I remember that day well ,as the nurse came in early that morning and said that the bandages were being removed along with the cathedar.She then removed everything and all of a sudden I had the urge to pee."what do I do now " I said to her. "well go into the bathroom and do it ".Getting up I slowly walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I had forgotten that a full length mirror was on the other side of it. There staring in wide amazement back at me was a very petite young woman. That was me  I was staring at !!!! I was still rather black and blue and stitched up in spots but there was no denying that this was a woman ,I mean  that I was that woman. I lifted up my Johnny to reveal a very full set of breasts and a vagina. I sat slowly and  carefully spread my legs. All of a sudden I was peeing with such a horrible sensation. My penis no longer even existed and instead I was going from deep inside between my legs.

   The bruising and swelling subsided quickly and soon I was feeling much stronger. I would take walks through the hallways sometimes checking out the pretty nurses. I would smile at them and they would return the same but looking at me differently. I had to remind myself that they weren't being checked out by a nice guy but rather having a smile from a young woman. The process of  dilating my new vagina with a probe also became  daily reminder of who and what I had become. My wife would drop off copies of Cosmo or Elle for me to read but I found that I spent more time checking out the models than reading the articles on the latest shade of lipstick or how to drive your man crazy in bed.

    Finally after another three weeks I would be going home in the Am. At six that morning I had a visitor show up at my room, waking me up. She was from one of the top hair salons and had been sent to cut and style my hair. She took me into the bathroom where she washed my hair in the sink twice with a final conditioning rinse. She said that based on the fact that my hair was so thick this rinse would really give it body and shine. All my life up to this point I had spent two seconds washing my hair and didn't know what the hell a rinse was. She then towel dried my hair and sat me in the chair in my room. She said that my "sister" had called her and asked for the special treatment. I couldn't help but noticing that this girl was a real looker. But I was not some guy that she could get attracted to, just another girl. She decided to put highlights in my hair and to give it some sort of tinting. I really wasn't paying any attention to her until during the process she said "I haven` t seen such beautiful hair in a long time and I` m making a really special effort on you. When I` m done here you are going to be one seriously hot fox."That was not my intention AT ALL with this but what was I to do ?.After another hour and a half of cutting and layering and blow drying and what ever else she was doing she finally said"I`ll bet you can` t wait to see this".She then took the towel from around my neck I walked into the bathroom while she cleaned up the pile of hair the was the result of her efforts. OH NO !!!! My hair was so damn sexy I couldn't stand it !! She had made it a strawberry blonde with lighter blonde highlights in it. The cut was such that I now had tons of soft, bouncy, caressable hair at a stylish shoulder length and with bangs that slightly covered one eye, while framing my face as if I were a Victoria Secrets model. I was soon joined in the bathroom by her  with a "Well is that not the hottest look that you have ever had " statement from her. Not lying to her, I had to agree that yes this is my best look ever, and thanked her for the nice look. I asked her what was owed her but she said everything was covered ,ever the tip. Ten minutes after she left my wife came in with several bags.

   "Oh my, my your hair looks so fantastic, so right for who you are. You are the picture of femininity in so many ways Brittany " she gushed." Do you have to call me that " I responded quickly."Oh no I don` t have to call you that ,would you rather be addressed Miss Snow" she said chuckling to herself."Now enough of this chit chat we need to get you out of here and the sooner the better. I will leave everything you need in these bags and will be back in two hours to collect you".With that she dropped the bags and walked out closing the door behind her. One by one I began to open the contents of the bags on the bed. I couldn't believe my eyes!!! My wife had brought me a black lace panty and bra set in silk, black lace pantyhose ,a black silk lace camisole. a shoe box that stated-black five inch sling back stiletto heeled shoes and a grey pinstriped jacket and skirt. Oh no I wasn't wearing this crap, no how no way. Then I heard her words in my head saying that I had better comply no compromises. So I opened up the bra and panty set. Taking off my johnny that I had lived in for so long I stepped into the panties. They slipped on very nice and I do have to admit felt kinda sexy."WHAT AM I THINKING !!! I angrily said to myself. Oh well keep going. I pulled the lace bra onto my chest and fastened it in the back.Wouldn`t you know that she chose some underwire thing that gives my new boobs a huge set of cleavage. Carefully gliding each leg of the  lace pantyhose on and then the silk lace camisole over my bra. Taking the skirt off the hanger I noticed one important fact. This thing looked damn short. Pulling it on and zipping up the side zipper it felt very snug, very fitted. I felt somewhat naked wearing the camisole so I the jacket would surely help that. Not much. Once on it too was very fitted and buttoned low still revealing MOST of my ample cleavage and alot of lace from both my bra and camisole. The shoes came next and even though they were high I had no trouble walking in them. They even felt very comfortable !!.The second to the last bag contained a chain style belt, a small watch, big dangle hoop clip earrings, a set of ten ring bracelets all in an antique silver finish. There was also a necklace in the same finish with a large sapphire stone (my birthstone as it happened).I put all of the hardware on and was curious what else I needed. Opening it I found a rather large black purse. It looked like one of those over the shoulder ones. Opening it I found another pink bag and a wallet. Opening the wallet I found a temporary driver` s license ,an American Express credit card ,a Visa credit card and fifty dollars. Looking closely at the credit cards I noticed they were in the name of Brittany Ann Snow. my driver` s license stated the some things that were familiar -height 5'5" eyes hazel, weight 110 lbs. OH  MY GOD , I didn't even realize that with practically no food for all these weeks I had lost 25 pounds!!!.I had been skinny to start with before all of this,now I was a twig !!!!Beyond seeing Brittany Ann Snow  as something different, looking under the category of sex and seeing-Female listed caused me to swallow hard. Well kiddo get used to this stuff for awhile.

     Opening the pink bag I found alot of makeup along with some typed instructions from my wife on how to use this paint. Through the whole process I had some weird morbid curiosity of what I looked like now. Walking over to the bathroom door I swung it  open to see. NO NO NO NO this can` t have happened!!!! Here was this Babe, this HOTTIE, this CHICK, this Broad, this Fox, this WOMAN  !!!!!! I did not even realize that all of these changes to my body could be so accentuated by my clothing. My skirt was four inches from my knees and fit like a second skin. Looking at me from the back my ass fit perfect into the skiirt. With my very short skirt and 5 inch stiletto heels ,my shapely legs were a freakin` mile long. My figure was literally an hour glass starting with perfect tits, a fantastic cleavage and lots of lace peeking through. My waist really was tiny and my round hips and ass filled the skirt to stunning perfection. 

    At that moment I heard a long whistle from behind me It was my wife who had just opened the door to my room and walked in."Brittany , you have to be the hottest chick that I have seen.Hope you don`t mind the whistle,as a matter of fact you should get used to it,you`re going to hear that alot from now on.You look the picture of an executive secretary in every way.I must say I did a great job in finding the right look and size for everything.Your dress size is 6 and fits you to a tee.Now one thing we need to get straight and that is I said" total look " at all times.You do not have a bit of make-up on and that is NOT acceptable.Grab a towel from the bathroom and sit right here.Since you`re already dressed we don`t want to get make-up on those beautiful clothes,do we ? Now the first thing is your foundation and we put it on like this.Next using this brush ,we put on your blush and blend it in like this.We`ll do your lips, but first one coat of mascara on those long lashes of yours.Your lips first get lined like this and we fill in with this yummy shade of passion pink gloss.Now a light, second coat of gloss and a dab of this slightly darker shade of pink on your lower lip to give you that sexy pout that I KNOW that you want.We`ll go back  and use this fantastic liner to draw even more attention to your eyes  , now look up and don`t blink while I do this.A second coat of mascara for you ,and now to make those hazel eyes sparkle !!! A light coat of shimmer white irredescent shadow near your brow and this wonderful smokey shade of deep green ,almost a dark brown, on the lid . Now close your eyes while I do this so that we get the perfect coverage for your awsome look.Keep your eyes closed while I just give a hint of this smokey color under your lower lashes and now for the blending brush to soften those sexy eyes of yours even more.There almost finished ." With that my wife stepped back from me observing intently as an artist painting a canvas would."now let me fluff up you hair a bit here and there.Now turn your head. Perfect !! " With that I heard a brief spray and realized that my wife just applied perfume to me."Well, go ahead and take a look at the "complete girl."I did go somewhat heavy on your make-up for a day time look, but it gives you even more of the "hottie" effect that I know you`ll beg for,I  am so happy how you have turned out Brittany and you will NEVER have to worry about ANYONE thinking for a minute that you were once a man!!! "I walked into the bathroom one more time thinking she can`t do any more damage to me.I was soooo wrong.Looking back at me were the sexiest big beautiful eyes that said so much ,they were the  eyes of a doe searching for passion. My hot pink lips begged to be kissed and my hair looked like I was one of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders only much better.

    "Please don` t do this to me" I pleaded." I can` t live looking like this, I feel so wrong, so out of place and not knowing what to do !!!! " My wife stood there and said that I was very ungrateful for all of her efforts. If it were up to her brother, he would have had me killed !"Now quite your whining and pay attention to a few pointers that I have for you. First you need to walk much differently now that you are such a desirable woman of the world. When you walk ,short steps and one foot in front of you and then the next so that they almost cross each other in front. Sway your arms lightly from the elbow and keep your shoulders back and hold your head slightly down. Now show me your walk !!"I did as I was told and within minutes my wife exclaimed "You always were a fast learner and that is one killer walk ,girl. The other advantage of walking that way is that your tight little ass now has the perfect wiggle to it ." She then showed me the proper way a lady sits with her knees tightly together while in one motion smoothing her skirt to avoid wrinkles while pushing out her ass as she places it on the seat. Gently cross you legs at the knee and sit with your hands folded in your lap."

    "Now lets see if you can put all this good work to practice. I already have waived the wheelchair exit for you and all you need to do is sign yourself out at the discharge office on the second floor .It` s already 12:30 on a beautiful sunny fall afternoon. I am going to go downstairs and go next door to the office complex where the car is parked. Why don` t you meet me over there in the lobby, just as soon as you finish up . Remember the building is number Sixty  and it` s grey granite.I`ll see you there ,take your time the discharge area gets pretty mobbed. Brittany , don` t forget your purse ,I know it will take some getting used to carrying one".With that she walked out the door and down the hallway to the elevator.

    I was now alone in the room, a room that I had spent so very much time in. This room felt like my security blanket and now it was being taken from me . Checking and rechecking my appearance in the mirror I practiced my walk over and over. I practiced sitting in the chair several times."I must go now "I said to myself grabbing my purse and heading for the hallway. I slowly walked down the corridor to the elevator. The elevator door opened and to my horror had several workmen in it. They all smiled that wolf smile and let me squeeze in with them. All those years of gawking at women and never knowing that they must have felt like prey. Now I was the prey. As I got in one man said "well hello little lady, you just made my day".With that they all quietly chuckled in a very nasty way."would you please push two for me " I asked one of the big burley men."Honey I`ll push anything you want, anywhere you want it pushed".Again they all laughed. This was so humiliating for me but wait.....I have a secret weapon.... ME ,the new and hot me. In front of the other men I looked up at him and in a very purring ,girlishly sexy voice, I said "I think you might be one of those men who are really very big on talk but would have just an impossible time satisfying a woman with my burning desires".The man turned three shades of embarrassed red and did not say another word the whole way down to two. My floor came up and  I got off walking ,no strutting ,with my new wiggle I tossed my hair over my shoulder while looking back at their wide open mouths. I coyly cooed "Now being in there with all you strong men just made my day".The line to discharge was ten people all men filling every chair in the room. All of a sudden every man there was offering me his chair. I took the offer from one man in his late thirties. I wonder if I can use my new charm to get out of here quickly. In full view and very much aware that every man was watching, I slowly smoothed my skirt while placing my little ass on the chair. With all of them still watching I crossed my black lace covered legs with great fanfare." Hello boys, hope this isn't a really long wait `cause my boss will fire me if I` m late today" I softly whimpered. Almost as if it were timed each and every guy there told me to go ahead of him. Wow I could get to like some of the perks of being Brittany.I Thanked each and every one of them as I walked to the desk giving them my best leg show. The older woman at the desk obviously was very annoyed with my actions. In a very gruff voice she told me to sit down and show her proof of identity. She brought up my file and in a very low voice told me that I should not be such a flirt,especially since I was really a man in her estimate.

   She took my temporary license and again in a low voice said "You need to take a seat back out there while I determine if you are  to be out processed as Brittany or as the name you entered here  which I believe was Steve.Now go back to the waiting area while I try to straighten this matter out." I felt so vulnerable, so helpless all the while wishing my wife had not put such an effort into making me look like a barbie doll. I went back into that room full of men ,hungrily wanting me to return.It seemed like hours I sat waiting,will every man in the room took a turn hitting on me.Finally she returned and asked me to come back up. She then said again in that same low voice"Here is your temporary license back, and we have determined that you will be out processed as Steve.Now sign the papers HONEY and be on your way." I quickly signed them and in an almost run for the elevator I hurried past those men. I felt so like prey to them,and this was my punishment for the next thirteen years."How will I ever adjust to my new life ?",I thought as I waited for the elevator The elevator took forever to come and when it did three of those origin men that were in the elevator were there again. I had lost all of my confidence, every ounce of it .I was being paid back for passing myself off for something I am not ,a woman. The men tried to flirt with me but I could only stare at the wall waiting anxiously to get away from them.With the door finally opening,I heard one man say to another"I`ll bet she is fantastic in bed !!" I thought of the many times that I had said those same words to my friends.The revenge had only begun.


                                                END  OF  PART  ONE



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