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Office Fun

Fun at the Printers
Lee had worked in the office for just over 6 months, and couldn’t stand the job. It was tedious data analysis type work which bored the hell out of him, and he had to do it eight hours a day, five days a week. The only thing that got him through his long days was Marcia. Marcia was a stunning woman who had started at the office about two weeks after Lee and worked at the station opposite him. Lee was wild with desire for her, and would be distracted for what seemed like hours at a time fantasising about the things he would do to her if he ever had the chance.

He watched her now from across his desk as she sat typing at her computer. Her long, sandy hair was tied in a tight bun. She wore a light coloured shirt which was unbuttoned at the top and showing off her magnificent cleavage, her tits pushed tightly together by her back bra which was just visible over the top of her shirt. He thought how much fun it would be to bury his face in those quality melons. The thought was a welcome distraction from the endless number crunching and typing that should have been occupying his mind. But time was money, so he went back to staring at his computer screen and filling in the numbers.

Marcia took a sip from the bottle of water on her desk. When she put it back down, she placed it too close to the edge and it over balanced and tumbled to the floor, rolling a metre or two away from her desk. Lee heard the spillage and his ‘cleavage imminent’ sense started to tingle. He watched as Marcia wheeled her chair towards the stray bottle and bent over to pick it up. The wide opening of her shirt drooped down as she stretched her arm and Lee stared, transfixed by what he was seeing. Too quick for him to react, Marcia looked up at Lee and his slightly agape mouth. Despite his embarrassment, he held her gaze for a moment. To his surprise, she didn’t raise herself up straight away. Instead, she stayed where she was for a few seconds. Her large breasts and black bra now clearly visible. She slowly straightened herself up, flashed him a cheeky grin and pushed herself back behind her desk, holding her long legs out horizontally as her chair wheeled back into place. She returned to typing, her eyes quickly darting to Lee before he returned his gaze to his screen.

As he typed more numbers, he felt his face grow hot with the embarrassment of getting caught looking. Despite the sexy little grin and her delayed response in picking up the bottle, it never felt right being caught having a sneaky glance at a woman’s tits, however good they may look. Beneath the embarrassment though, was a tingle of arousal and extreme lust. The shape of those breasts couldn’t be forgotten by a mild feeling of shame.

From the corner of his eye, Lee saw Marcia stand up. She was about 5ft6 and a slim build. She walked from behind her desk and down the corridor away from him. Her buttoned shirt was tucked into a black pencil skirt, which clung tightly to the wide curve of her hips and her big round ass. It stopped about an inch above her knee. As she walked, her incredible ass wiggled hypnotically from side to side and her black heels clipped rhythmically along the hard floor. She reached the elevator and pressed the button. When the doors opened, she turned and looked back at Lee. He smiled and she smiled back. She got into the elevator and before the doors closed, she threw him a wave. The doors slid shut, and the elevator descended. Lee returned to his work, grinning madly to himself.


A few hours later, towards the end of the day when the office was quiet, Lee had retired to the small printing room to print out a few documents. As the printer whirred away, his mind began to wander. His thoughts would wonder between topics, but would often return back to Marcia’s tight pencil skirt and her revealing top. He stood for about ten minutes waiting for his print job to finish, when his thoughts were interrupted by a soft thud, which was followed by a sloshing sound. He turned and saw a bottle of water on the floor with Marcia standing over it, one hand on her hip.

“Hey,” she said, bending down to pick up the bottle. The movement wasn’t as slow and deliberate as earlier, but still gave Lee a good view all the same.

“Uh...Hi,” he said.

“Caught you looking earlier, twice.”

She turned on her heel and strolled over to the small desk, turned back to Lee and rested her ass on the corner. She folded her arms under to breasts, causing them to push up and out. Lee swallowed.

“Yeah, sorry about that. Kinda hard to resist.” He said and added a nervous laugh, instantly regretting what he said.

“No, no,” she said. “No need to apologize. In fact, I’ve been watching you too. For a long time.”

Lee blinked in astonishment. He had been sneaking peaks and fantasising about Marcia on and off for six months, and it now seemed that she had been doing the same over him. His heart rate quickened.

“Really?” he said, unable to think of anything clever or sexy. His brain had suddenly turned to shit.

“Mmm-Hmm,” she nodded.

Marcia lifted herself from the desk and walked over to the door and gently closed it and turned the lock. Why there was such a convenient lock on the door was anybody’s guess, but there it was all the same. She slid the blinds closed and walked slowly towards him, her heels clipping along the floor. She put her hands on his shoulders and looked up at him. He could feel her breath on his face.

“I think,” she whispered. “That we may just have to apologize to each other properly.”

“That would seem to be for the best,” he said, slipping his hands around her small waist. “What’s the best way to do it, do you think?”

“Like this,” she said, and slid her hand slowly down Lee’s body to his crotch. She grabbed his cock and squeezed it through his trousers. She moved her hand up and down along it, and Lee felt himself begin to harden. Lee ran his hands down her back to get a squeeze of that perfect ass through her skin tight leather skirt. It was warm, perfectly rounded and firm. He squeezed both cheeks and dug his fingers in deep. She moved in closer, put her hands on his chest and pushed him back against the wall, hard.

He grunted from the impact, and before he knew it, Marcia was on him. Pushing him hard against the wall, she ferociously kissed him; her tongue pressing firmly into his mouth while he kissed her with equal ferocity. Lee wasn’t quite sure how a dropped water bottle had led to this intense making out at the printers, but damn she was keen and he wasn’t going to stop. This very thought had kept him occupied for hours at his desk, and the reality was better than he had ever imagined.

Marcia bit down on Lee’s lip, drawing a small amount of blood, as she un-tucked his shirt. She slid a slender hand up his shirt and ran it up his body, clawing at his chest with her long fingernails. Lee grabbed behind her knee and hooked her leg around his waist; she happily squeezed it around him. He snaked his hand up her smooth thigh and cupped her ass cheek while she forced her tongue down his throat.

Marcia removed her hand from under Lee’s shirt and began to hurriedly unbutton her shirt. Lee watched, his hand caressing her ass under her skirt, as her shirt fell open and her wonderful tits came into view. And they truly were wonderful. Big and pert, the bra seeming to barely contain them. He ran a finger down the length of her cleavage as she slipped the top off her shoulders and onto the floor. He cupped a breast in his hand. She looked up at him and pulled the bobble out of her hair, letting it roll down her back almost to the top of her ass. He could make out her heart pounding under his hand.

She craned her neck and began to kiss him in that eager, hungry way she had been doing. Lee slid his hand from her ass and began to work his way around the front. He teased his fingers under her thong, and his hand instantly flinched back. Instead of meeting with a warm and wet pussy, his fingers had found what felt like a hard cock.

“What the fuck is that?” he asked, the shock clear in his voice.

“That’s my cock,” she said. “And it’s very happy, as you probably felt.”

“Your cock!”

“That’s right. Does it bother you?”

Lee looked down at her incredible face with her dark eyes and sweet, shiny blowjob lips; her large heaving breasts; her toned stomach and the long leg that was still gripped around his waist. He also noticed his own rock hard cock and realised that, in all honesty, he didn’t give a flying fuck. His hand was still poised lightly on the top of Marcia’s thigh and, in answer to her question; he pulled down the top of her thong to let her cock spring free. He took it in his hand and gripped her. He could feel her pulse through it. Marcia’s face lit up and she began to grind her cock through his hand and again buried her tongue in his mouth.

Lee began to slowly jerk her cock. He’d done it to himself a thousand times so he found it came naturally to him. Marcia began to moan softly and she unbuttoned Lee’s trousers and fished out his own cock through his boxers as his trousers slid to the floor. With his free hand, Lee unclasped her bra and threw it across the room. He bent down and took one of her small nipples in his mouth, which he lovingly sucked and licked. He felt her warm breath on his ear as she sighed.

She pulled him up from her breast and walked back towards the desk, kicking off her heels as she went. She turned around and slowly slid her thong down her long, slender legs. As she bent, her skirt rose up her thighs and gave him the slightest glimpse of her bare ass, making his cock twitch. She turned back towards him. Now her cock was entirely free of the thong, it propped up her skirt like a tent pole. Lee took off his shirt and boxers, and stood naked. His 8 inch cock protruding

Marcia pushed herself up onto the desk with her hands and lay back. She lifted her legs in the air and hiked her skirt over them. As she pulled it off, she lifted her legs over her head. This gave Lee a perfect view of Marcia’s emerging ass as her skirt slid over her round ass cheeks. He got a nice view of her round, puckered ass-hole before she dropped her legs and sat up, now completely naked. Lee saw her cock for the first time. About 7inches long and circumcised, looking hard and very aroused between her legs. She took it in her hand, pointed the head at Lee and began to slowly stroke it.

“Suck it,” she said

Lee didn’t hesitate. He knelt between her legs and took her cock in his hand. He lowered his head and placed one of her smooth balls in his mouth while he stroked her cock. Marcia clamped her thighs around Lee’s head and put her head back. She played with her breasts as her breathing became heavier, enjoying the feeling of her balls sloshing around Lee’s mouth. Lee licked up the length of her shaft and circled the bulbous head with his tongue. He opened his mouth and went down. Marcia let a small moan escape her lips. She closed her eyes. She put a hand on the back of Lee’s head and firmly pushed him down deeper. He let out a small gag, but didn’t flinch. Soon she could feel his nose in the small mound of her pubic hair and the head of her cock against the back of his throat, and it felt amazing.

Lee pulled his head back and let her cock come back to the front of his mouth and he looped the head with his tongue, running it along her hole before taking it back down. Marcia began thrusting herself in time with his motions and soon he was sucking at a fair speed while she moaned and writhed on the desk. He sucked her for about 10 minutes, loving every minute of it. He loved the feel of Marcia’s hard, throbbing cock in his throat and the obvious enjoyment she was getting out of it.

All too soon he felt her pull at his chin and ease herself away from him. Her cock left his mouth with a slurp. She stood up with him and put her arms around his back and drew him close. Their cocks bumping off each other as they kissed again. She turned around and he rubbed his hands over her stomach from behind. She bent over the desk and, in a way which drove Lee wild, began to rotate and bob her ass up and down, grinding herself against Lee’s cock. He held his cock out, rubbing it up and down her ass crack. He stopped over her hole occasionally and exerted gentle pressure, testing the waters, before rubbing up her ass again.

Now Marcia bent down further and reached around to her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, giving lee all the access he needed. She looked around at him.

“You know what to do,” she said, and pushed her ass back against Lee. And indeed Lee did know what to do. He placed his cock at her hole and began to push forward as she pushed back.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Oh yeah”

Lee added more pressure and he popped into her. God she was tight. She breathed a short sharp gasp and her body tightened, not ready for Lee’s girth. She quickly got used to it and pushed back against him as he pushed forward. She bobbed her ass slightly as he filled her. Lee was the biggest she had ever taken and she could feel her ass stretching in ways it had never been stretched before. It felt incredible.

Eventually Lee was entirely inside her warm, incredibly tight ass. After allowing her time to get used to it he began to fuck her in long, hard strokes. Each time he pounded into her, she let out a grunt and their bodies slapped together. Lee lent forward and groped her jiggling breasts with one hand while the other worked its way towards her cock. He grabbed it in his hand and began to jerk it.

“Ooooh....yeah baby,” she moaned. Lee increased his pounding and his jerking. Marcia stood up and placed one foot on the desk. She put a hand behind Lee’s neck, turned her head and they began to kiss as they fucked. Lee looked down over his shoulder and watched her hard cock bounce and flail around as he pounded her hard and deep. He took it in his hand and began to jerk it once more. The feel of her ass was unlike anything he had felt. It was tighter than anything he had ever fucked and Marcia knew how to use it. She clenched and relaxed her ass around his cock each time he pulled out of her. He was almost seeing stars.

“Hold on, Sugar.” She said.

Lee stopped his thrusting and Marcia eased herself away from him. His cock slid out of her. She turned around and lay down on the desk with her legs in the air. She prized her cheeks apart again.

“C’mon,” she said with a wink. “Finish me off.”

Lee slid his cock back into her ass, moaning as he did. It was so tight. He steadied himself with his hands on the desk and began to fuck her hard once more. Fuckin her in this position was even better. He could see her face, tits and hard cock all at once. While her ass was a wonderful sight, it didn’t compare the front view. Her beautiful, moaning face was shiny with sweat and her tits bounced and jiggled as he rammed into her.

“Take my cock,” she said. “Make me cum.”

She propped herself up on her elbows as Lee stoked his hand down her body to her cock. He gripped it and slowly began to jerk it. The effect was instant. Marcia nodded vigorously at him and she took a sharp intake of breath. He jerked her off faster, feeling her cock begin to stiffen in his hand.

“Oh...Fuckin’ God!” she cried. “Faster”

She began to rock her body in time with his as he jerked her cock at a furious speed. She started to pant and gasp. Lee put his free hand over her mouth, fearing other people in the office may hear her cries. It didn’t make a difference; she pulled her face back from his hand.

“OOOOHHH.........CUUUUMMMMING!” she roared.

Her body stiffened and Lee felt her ass clamp down around his cock. Seconds later he felt her cock begin to spasm in his hand as spurt after spurt of cum erupted from her cock. It sprayed her tits and pooled on her stomach and belly button. Her ass spasmed around his cock as she came and came, crying out in deep moans. Eventually, her orgasm began to subside and her breath started to return. His hand was slick with her warm cum and he slowed down his pace.

“UUUUUNNNNNMMMMPPHHH!” She let out one final low moan before collapsing onto the desk, her cum dripping over her sleek body. “Are you close?”

“Very,” Lee said.

“Good. Let me suck you.”

Lee slipped his cock out of Marcia’s ass and she knelt on the floor while he sat on the desk. She took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it. Lee moaned. Marcia opened her mouth and took all of Lee’s 8inches in one fluid motion, licking her own juices. She fondled his balls before slyly sticking a finger up his ass. It was the first time anything had been up there and he cried out in surprise, but also pleasure. She deep throated and fingered him and soon he felt his balls draw up to his body.

“Here it comes!” he said.

Marcia took all of his cock down her throat and stayed there as his cock began to unleash waves of come into her. He shuddered as his climax subsided. Marcia pulled her finger out of hi and kissed him. He could taste both his and her juices in his mouth. She stood up, her own cum still covered her body. A drop had formed on the end of her semi erect cock. She smiled at him.

“We’ll have to do this again sometime,” she said.

“Maybe,” he said. “Suppose I’d better get those documents printed first though.”

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