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Our night together

My night with Lucy
We met in a bar after I noticed her sweet smile from across the room. As we meet at the bar I offer to buy her drink. We nervously chat and sit down together. As we chat our hands touch for the first time under the table and I feel the excitement for the first time. We leave the bar and walk down by the river, holding hands until I pull her in to me and kiss her, soft and gentle before our tongues touch. As we make out my hands stroke her back as she realises how hard I'm becoming. With a whisper in my ear she says, 'Come to mine'.

We immediately fall into her bedroom and continue to kiss each other deeply. As I caress her neck with my lips her hands unbutton my shirt and feel my body for the first time. I suddenly slide down her petite body kissing and swirling my tongue along her thighs. She offers her hand and I suck her fingers as my hands push her dress up and over, revealing her sexy panties and amazing breasts. I softly begin to tease her nipples with my lips as she unleashes my now hard cock and starts to slowly wank me.

She pulls me closer to her lips and I moan as she tastes my precum leaking hot cock. With each slow suck I moan and as she holds my ass cheeks she pulls me out for a second and licks her finger. As she licks the tip of my cock her naughty finger teases the edge of my asshole. With one move she takes me deep into her throat as her finger enters me. She can see my face in ecstacy. She pulls me out and asks if I like it which I reply by simply gently riding her finger.

We kiss deeply once more before she whispers nervously, 'Taste my secret,' as she guides my hand over her panties. She moans as I take her cock and start to wank it. As soon as she's hard I stop and kiss down her body pausing for a moment as she feels my breath on her cock. She watches as I lick up the side of her throbbing shaft before wrapping my lips around and gently sucking.

Her tasty precum covers my lips as she gets close to cumming. She guides me off and we switch positions before we start to 69. I continue to play with her cock as she wanks me and starts to tease my asshole again. We kiss again before I whisper, 'I want you inside me'. With that she produces a condom and some lube. I spread my legs and offer myself doggy style. She slides a couple of fingers inside me which opens me enough before she enters me slowly. I moan loudly as she discovers how tight my ass is. With each thrust I start to thrust. We get faster and deeper.

She gets close before pulling out and rolling me over. I feel her cock enter me as she kisses me tenderly before she starts to fuck me faster with every thrust. We both moan in pleasure until she explodes inside me. As she pulls out she tastes my cock once more. She brings me close before producing another condom which she slowly rolls down me. She pulls my lips to her breasts and lets me suck and lick them softly. I kiss her neck as she holds my cock at the edge of her ass.

We both moan as she pushes down, filling her ass with my cock. She starts to ride me hard. We moan loudly as I get closer and closer, my hands holding hers firmly before I explode. She climbs off as we both gently wank each while kissing softly.

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