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He finds the perfect woman
He had known what she was before they met. He had gone on to the net looking for her. Well not her, but someone like her. She had found him, if the truth be known. Had taken him, controlled him.

They had met after a couple of days, his life fleeting past, his work a blur. She had told him they would meet and he had agreed. She sent him an email, with the day, date and time. The place was a hotel. He knew it, had stayed there on business

Now when he checked in it was different. As if everyone knew why he was there. He left a note, as instructed, for her to collect when she arrived. It detailed the room and that he would be ready. Anyone could read the note and he blushed when he handed it over.

He sat in the room on the end of the bed. He wanted to run, but his legs didn't work. His brain shouted move, but his body just sat there. He knew what was to happen. She had told him what would happen in detail. Too much detail. He had wanked over her messages, knowing it was not
allowed. Knowing he was doing wrong. Knowing she had forbidden him.

He sat and waited. A knock at the door. He got up, his legs weak and walked to the door. When he opened it she was there. Looking up at her he saw her face, the make up perfect, the lips a luscious red.

“Invite me in” she said. She walked past him without waiting for the words he couldn't speak. She looked round and dumped her bag on the bed. “This will do” she dismissed the room

She looked at him and he felt like a rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming truck. “Take me to dinner” she said.

He took her away from the hotel, in his car. She sat regally in the passenger seat after he had held the door for her and didn't speak the whole way there. He was too scared to break the silence. At the restaurant he held her chair and she sat. When the waitress arrived her whole
demeanor changed, she smiled and to him the sun shone. She chatted to the waitress like she was an old friend and before he had realized she had ordered for both of them and the staff were running at her beck and call. And loving it, pandering to her every wish. She even got up and spoke to the chef, running her tongue over her lips as she discussed with him how to cook the steak.

The girl who bought the wine was called Angela and stood no chance against her. He knew that Angela had left her phone number, knew it would be followed up on.

She turned her attention to him when the food arrived. She smiled at him and he felt warm. They chatted. Exchanged pleasantries, talked like the lovers they were to become. He basked in her glow and was amazed at how she held court, not missing a beat with the chat with him and the complete spell she had over the staff in the restaurant. The meal was fantastic, well
cooked and delivered by the unknowing slaves to her will

They slowly drank their coffee and silent now he thought about the night ahead. A last farewell to the staff, a picture with her centre stage and the staff around her, promises to return. Not from him, but from her, she was special, they could all tell.

As they drove back to the hotel he stole a look at her legs, stretched out beside him, the tops of the stockings just showing. Her face was illuminated against the night, the street lamps showing her bee sting lips, the eyes closed, the chest rising and falling. Her breasts, oh her breasts. She said “concentrate on the road” Without opening her eyes she knew he was watching her. He did as instructed, but not before he saw the smile on her lips.

They walked across the foyer of the hotel. It was late but there were plenty of sales reps and business men there drowning their sorrows and loneliness. They all turned to look at the her as her heels clicked over the marble floor. She grabbed his arm, placed it around her waist. To them it
looked like she was owned, possessed but he knew it was a token gesture. He could never own her, she owned him.

Inside the hotel room she changed again. “Undress” she commanded

He took off his shirt and tie and then dropped his trousers. As instructed he had worn the  stockings and garter belt, the satin knickers only barely hiding his erection. She walked towards him, and grasped his balls with her hand. Releasing the pressure she pushed him backwards until
his legs hit the bed and he fell.

She was on him, her hands playing with his cock through the pants. He reached up to hold her, but she slapped his hands away and so he put them above his head, clasping them together. Her finger outlined his cock in the satin panties, dragging a fingernail from the bottom of his balls to the moist tip.

She moved the panties to one side and his cock sprang free. Upright and beating in tune with his heart she watched it from below. Her hand slowly encompassed it and she started to wank him. He gasped and let the feeling flow over him. She stopped and just let her finger run over the end of his cock, causing his stomach muscles to bunch up.

Moving up the bed she got closer to his erect cock. He felt her breath on him, as her tongue slowly started to lick the underside of his cock. Her mouth was on him in a moment and he felt the suction from her as her mouth slid down his cock. He felt the head hit the back of her throat and
felt it pass there her nose touching his hairless pelvis. She moved back and forward, fucking his length with her mouth and throat, all the time wanking the base of his cock with her hand. He was in heaven and thought it couldn't get any better, when he suddenly felt a finger at his anus. The finger probed and he knew to relax. The finger slipped in and started a small in and out motion,
coinciding with the sucking on his cock.

Abruptly he knew he was going to come and told her. She stopped moving and looked at him. She smiled and renewed her actions. The wanking and the sucking, but in his passion he didn't realise that two fingers were in his arse now, playing with him.

He held back for as long as he could, but the cum jetted from him as he yelled and she greedily slurped it all, not spilling a drop, holding his cock in the back of her throat for as long as it took.

He went limp and she released his flaccid cock. And just looked at him. His only thought “ the cat who got the cream” a cliché, but when she licked her lips, oh man.

“My turn” was all she said. She moved off him and stood.

Slowly she undid the buttons on her blouse revealing a white basque, her tits forced up and out by the tight material. Next her skirt dropped to the floor revealing her white panties. She climbed up him, knees either side, stopping by his chest. She held her perfect tits up and showed him the nipples. “You want this” It wasn't a question, more a statement of fact.

She pulled her panties away from her body and one hand slipped inside. “You want this” her husky voice said. She moved off him and turned her back to him. She slipped her panties down revealing her arse, perfectly framed by the basque and the garter belt and her stockings, the ones
that matched his. She reached back and flicked her hair.

“I know what you want” she said and turned round, kneeling beside him. “This is what you really want” Her cock stuck out, perfect and hairless.

She moved up to the side of his head and he took it deep in his mouth. He had never sucked cock before and he didn't hesitate now. It was how he had imagined it would be, soft and smooth, warm on his tongue. He tasted the saltiness and allowed his tongue to play over the head. She pushed deeper and he tried to replicate what she had done to him earlier. He knew he would
need practice to deep throat, but he did what he could. She was hard and pushed at his mouth whispering about how he was a slut, a cock sucking slut.

She pulled back and asked him if he was ready. He nodded. She reached over and took the lubricant from her bag. Squeezing some on her fingers she placed her hand on his arse. He lifted his legs as her fingers entered him. He was ready, having spent time with butt plugs, fantasising about this day. 

She entered him with three fingers, pushing the lube into him. More lube went to her cock. She positioned herself between his legs, holding them apart. Her cock was at the entrance to his arse and she looked at him. “Do it” he said “Please”

In one motion she was in him. He felt pain as his muscles tried to contract and couldn't. They stretched, taking this huge object and then the pain was gone. All he felt was full. Like when he had the plug in him, but more than that. More, for this was warm and pulsed with a heartbeat, he
could feel it.

Slowly she pulled back and then pushed forward. Again and again she pulled back, sliding forward. He could feel the motion, his arse reacting and his prostrate filling him with the motion. Faster she went, harder and harder.

Soon she was blurring in and out and he was bucking up at her crying with the need to be fucked. She stopped and he was about to call out, to cry “no please keep going” when he felt the spurt inside him. He felt her cock pushing the come past his anus. Her face was one of ecstasy and she
fell on him, his legs falling down.

They lay for a few minutes and her cock slithered out of him. He felt the cum drain from his arse all over the sheets. She crawled up him and he took her in the crook of his arm, her head against his chest.

Their breathing returned to normal and they rested. After awhile she said “Get down and suck me again” He smiled and did as ordered.

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