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Siti's Stockings

Siti's silky massage
"Hi love, you look exhausted", she said as I plonked myself on the edge of the bed. I let out a sigh of relief as she pinched the tops of my shoulders.

"Two hours of cadence training tonight, love", I replied as we exchanged a gentle kiss.

"Cycling is certainly fun, but knackering too", I added as I groaned gently with the sensual touch of her hands.
"Well, your wife has the perfect cure for that Martin, darling", she said, kissing my neck gently. "Come and show me some of that cadence between my legs handsome", she continued with a lovely warm smile.

Jessabelle always spoke to me like that, knowing full well that this turned us both on immensely. While waiting for me that evening she had waxed, painted her nails, and applied lotion to her body. She was sitting on the bed with an aqua coloured silk chemise with matching knickers.

We engaged in a passionate, deep, tongue kiss as I unrolled her knickers off, she manoeuvred her body to shuffle out of them. That evening I just entered her straight. Normally, I finger her to orgasm before fucking. I gently squeezed her soft luscious 34b tits through the silk chemise; the feel was very sensual since she never wore a bra in bed.

"Uh, uh, uh.....” she began to groan in pleasure as I kissed her neck during the fuck. She wrapped her legs around me tightly, heightening the arousal of the strokes.

"I love you so much Marty, you know that don't you?" she continued as I began to increase the tempo.

"I love you very much too, Jess darling", I would add as I approached climax. I placed my hands underneath her soft thighs as I released into her.

"Uh,uh,uh.....this really shows how much you really love me, Marty", she whispered as her body spasmed with her cumming at the same time.

After cumming together we exchanged gentle kisses as we cuddled. I asked how her day was at work, and talked to her gently about things in general.

"Siti was really happy to see you yesterday", she said as she stroked my arm.

"Yes, she's definitely great company, you two certainly got along so well", I replied as I placed her knee onto my spent cock.
"We've agreed on tomorrow night, so after training then?” she inquired with her gentle and sexy voice.

"That's fine I replied", as I felt the softness of her beautiful body rubbing against mine.

Siti was the customer care co-coordinator at Jess's office, she had come over from the Singapore office, and the three of us had a few drinks together after work one day.

Siti was a beautiful young girl from Singapore; she had a beautiful smile, a lovely sun-kissed golden complexion, and a wonderful nature.

Siti and Jess were going shopping for stockings and other silky items in the afternoon; later in the evening I was to join them at home as Jess and I both agreed that trying new things in our relationship would be fine, since we loved each other so dearly.

That evening after training, I freshened up, had a quick drink and headed straight home. When I got in I found that Siti and Jess were already upstairs in the bedroom. When I opened the door, they both welcomed me lovingly as they had gone through a large bottle of wine between them already. They looked really merry as the lights were dimmed and they were both in their silk gowns, stockings, and suspenders etc.

"You're just in time Marty darling", said Jess as she poured me a drink and gave me a kiss.

I kissed Siti on the cheek and thanked her for coming over.

"It's a pleasure", she responded with a glowing smile. "These are the things we bought today", she continued as she began to show me the silk stockings, chemises, suspender belts, and negligees etc.

"Siti thinks you'll look really cute in these", smiled Jess as she prompted me to wear the lingerie. "Light make-up is always good too", added Siti as she started applying lipstick, blusher, and eye shadow on me.

The three of us giggled merrily as this was taking place; the ambiance was superb, dimmed lights, soft music, aromatherapy essences, and fine wine. I looked quite dashing with the stockings and make-up. The drinks certainly relaxed any inhibitions that we may have had.

Jess turned around and gave me a beautiful deep throat kiss as she laid me on the bed. Siti followed suit by giving me the same kiss as she gently tilted my legs back. Siti's cock was about four and a half inches and quite skinny, which gave me a slight ego boost, I was quite well endowed.

Siti was a stunning shemale; she used her hand to guide her well lubricated condomed cock into my anus. It was a lovely warm feeling for, as she began to take regular strokes. Her tits dangled on her lovely chest, bouncing with the rhythm.

"Ooh, ooh,......", she groaned lovingly. I was quite lost for words; Jess was lying next to me, stroking and kissing me gently. I now knew how Jess must have felt when she gave me her virginity. My legs were high up, the lovely soft feel of stockings on my legs and feet. Siti's thrusts sent a tingling sensation through my veins.

"It's a great way to invoke your femininity", whispered Jess, as she gently massaged my torso with hers and Siti's knickers.

The aroma of the gusset was warm and pleasant, slightly soggy, from previous wear. Siti's luscious 36c tits felt sensual, as she leaned forward for me to take a feed. Jess seconded this affection by giving me a feed too.

Siti was stroking my cock gently, I felt close to the edge, sensing this Jess placed her slightly sweaty armpit near my nose. The chemistry was always very strong between us; her natural fragrance drove me crazy. Siti began to pump me faster, as she gave me a deep French kiss. I locked my legs around Siti, holding her very tight, heightening her arousal for the climax. I held her very tightly as I groaned with anticipation.

Jess was licking Siti's back, kissing, and gently biting. The three of us tasting each other's lipstick, the caressing and comforting, was so soothing.

Siti began to fill the condom with her cream, the pulsating little cute cock was wonderful. My cock was lying flat on my stomach as I released with emotion. Jess had taken me in the mouth, in between kissing Siti.

Both Siti and Jess cleaned me with their knickers, stockings, and chemise. The feminine side was great experience for me, the three of us are like close girlfriends, my marriage is much stronger. We visit Siti in Singapore whenever we get a chance.

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