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Stephanie's night out in San Antonio

Stephanie takes advantage of a business trip to explore being herself
I was on business in San Antonio Texas a few years ago. I saw the opportunity for me to be Stephanie in the evenings and nights while away. There was a LBGT club down town that was a known place that shemales, transsexuals, and cross dressers frequented along with the gay and bisexual population. I packed my bras, panties, hose, make up, and dresses under my male clothing in my checked bags. Being the panty slut I am I had to wear my red silky panties under my slacks. Luckily I didn’t need to be stripped searched by the TSA, though that could have been a hot episode.

I flew into town around 6pm. I had plenty of time to get my rental car and get to my hotel room to begin my transformation to Stephanie. I tossed my bags on the bed of my room and pulled out the clothes I was going to go to the club. I stripped naked and stepped into the shower. I touched up my body removing any stubble on my body. I cleaned my self thoroughly inside and out , ready for any hot action I might find that night. My smooth cock twitched with lust as I slide my pink lace panties up my smooth thighs and snugged them up against my ass and cockette. I tucked my aching cock back hiding the buldge in my panties. Next I sat as slipped my black thigh high hose on smooth out my legs. I clasped my small pink bar on and I saw my self turning into Stephanie. I sprayed perfume on and slipped the pretty little Black cocktail dress over my shoulders and shimmied it down my body. MMMMM I looked good enough to fuck I thought. But I had more to do. My eyeliner went on quickly as well as my foundation. I carefully painted my lips a burgundy shade and topped my ensemble off with my brunette shoulder length wig.. I had come a long way since that day Pattie and Bill awoke my feminine side. I was nervous about the public as I slipped my heels on. I could walk the walk in women’s shoes but I had some strong features for a woman. I was nervous but I had a few cocktails before I headed out for a test run. I was going to grab a bite to eat and see if I could do it. I had only gone from my car to the adult video store or a hotel room dressed as Stephanie. I was within walking distance from everything since I choose a luxurious hotel in down town San Antonio. I could even see the club from my floor.

I swiped my room card up and my hand bag with lube, condoms, cash, and lipstick. I was on my way. I felt everyone was watching me as I walked the length of the upscale lobby. They really were not except for a few who from a distance I feel took me as a woman. I waked down the street to a little Mexican restaurant. I sat and the boy who took my order stared but didn’t say a word other than my small order. I was nervous again but nothing came of it. I think he know I was in drag, but fuck it this is my time to enjoy myself. I quickly ate as the time got later. I had spent 2 and ½ hours getting ready and it was getting close to 10 pm.

The walk to the club was less than 2 minutes. There was a line to get in but it was moving smoothly. I relaxed as I saw other like me also waiting to get inside. Some girls looked very well done, other looked like and ugly man in hose and a house dress. I don’t judge, good for them getting out and having fun. As soon as I knew it I was face to face with the bouncer and the girl taking admission. I smiled and she did too as I paid, was stamped on my hand, and slipped into the huge club.

There was 4 or 5 levels with dance floors, a nice bar on the main area, and lots of places to sit and meet. I was in heaven. There were lots of sexy women like me, a good bit of natural women and lots of guys. I had no plan as I hit the bar and ordered a vodka tonic. The alcohol soothed my nerves and soon I was smiling and even moving with the music. Then I saw a very attractive Asian girl walk by the bar. We locked eyes but she kept going with her friends. I didn’t know if she was a ’special’ lady or not she looked that good. I finished my drink and grabbed another. I had to take it easy though, I had a conference 9 the next morning.

As I watched an older man approached me asking me to dance with him. I smiled at him and accepted. He was a handsome man probably in his late 40s. His hands were roaming a lot which I did not discourage. I was enjoying his hands on my ass as we danced. I turned to grind my ass against his crotch when I was my girl again. She was dancing too and she locked eyes again and smiled. We were close enough that I moved my dance to her. She smiled as we moved together to the music. I think my handsome man felt a little dejected but he was enjoying us dance. She made the next move by placing her hand on my hip. I nearly melted and my hand covered hers. The girl then pushed up against me rubbing her tits against mine. I could smell her sweet breath and I don’t know where I got the corage but I kissed her. Relief waved over my body as her kiss reciprocated mine. Her friends turned and looked and they teased us playfully. We had stopped dancing for a moment as our hands roamed each other’s bodies and finished our deep kiss. I blushed as we broke and the DJ called us out playfully. The girl took my hand and lead me away from the dance floor, the handsome man, and her friends. She got us a glass of wine and she told me her name was Tracie. I told her my name and complimented me on my transformation. She asked me how long it took to get ready and she laughed when I told her. She told me she had been living as a woman for 6 years. Tracie kept her hand on me at some point, either on my knee, arm, or shoulder. I think it was her way of marking her territory. There seemed to me quite a few of us there that night. Tracie suggested we grab one of the couches out of the way of the public eye. I easily agreed. I was going to ask her more about herself but as we sat she began to kiss me again. She asked me between kisses if it was first time out, out and if it was first time with another CD/Transexual. I gave her a double yes and we continued to kiss. My hands roamed up her legs and I worked under her skirt. She did the same cooing as she felt the tops of my thigh high hose and soon my pink lace panties. I discovered Tracie’s feminine package tucked nice and tight between her legs. I was biting her neck making her moan but she stopped my fondling of her clitty. Not here baby. I blurted out I had a hotel room across the street. She smile with an evil grin and pulled me off the couch. We did a quick wave to her friends as she whispered to one of them. She lead me out of the club and we rushed to my hotel room.

The hotel staff probably didn’t know what to think as we giggled going up through the lobby. The minute we hit my room Tracie took over. I was pushed back on the bed as she pulled off her dress. Her tit job was amazing, her 36 Cs giggled as she tossed her dress to the side. I didn’t even get to undress yet before Tracie had me sitting up on the edge of the bed sucking on her tits. She moaned and called me a slut and a whore as she held me to her breasts. I was so hard my cock was poking hard against my panties. Tracie then hooked her thumbs into her thong and slipped it down. Her massive cock rolled out against my chest. She told me to suck it with a lustful tone. Her cock must have been 9 inches once it was fully hard. I smelled it, licked it, and sucked it making Tracie groan in delight.

It was my turn next as Tracie took me and began stripping me. She left my bra and hose on but tugged my panties down exposing my cockette and ass. I was loving every kinky moment. I wondered if this is similar to what lesbians feel as the explore and fuck each other?

My 6 inch cock was cradled in Tracie’s hand as she began to stroke me. She returned the favor and licked and sucked me. I almost shot my load but she moved to my boi pussy. She licked me deep drilling her tongue into my hole. I begged Tracie to fuck me as I layed back and pulled my stocking covered legs up. I felt hot and dirty as Tracie then spit on my ass and rubbed it and fingered me. One, then two, and finally three fingers easily slide in and out of my asshole. Tracie cooed and stood over me. Her sexy body towered over me as she took my thighs and pulled me to her cock. Her smooth head opened my hole and moaned like a total slut. Her hands reached down and fondled my bra and tits. She held me tight pounding her hips into mine. I was almost ready to cum feeling her balls smack my ass cheeks. Tracie grunted unladylike and pushed as deep as her 9 inch cock could go. I whimpered as I felt her creamy load splash inside me. Warm jets of pearly white cum kept squirting against my boi pussy walls. My cock was soo hard and Tracie pulled out and mounted herself over my. I groaned as this sexy woman impaled her ass on my throbbing cock. We were two beautiful women fucking each other. Tracie rode my cock controlling my climax. She leaned down and I sucked her tits and kissed her as she humped my shaft. I couldn’t wait any longer as I let go and my clitty exploded in Tracie’s body. We kissed more and cuddled as we recovered. We ended up in a 69 and we sucked each other clean. Sadly Tracie had to go. It was nearing 1 am and her friends were waiting to meet her again. Tracie wrote her number down and told me to call her the next day.

To be continued…

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