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Sunday afternoon with 2 shemales

What a great time I had _ True story
It is Sunday afternoon and I had a rough night. Ricky has been away for 3 days on business. I have been horny all night and morning. I used my toys but I need a warm body. A cock.

I called Mark and asked if he was available but he told me was working a double shift and wouldn’t be finished till the morning. I called my girlfriend Carol and she told me she had a male friend coming over and plans on having a great time.

I called Ricky and told him of my problem; I needed to get fucked and I could not wait till he was home. He suggested that I should call Fran, the shemale we had over to the house a while back and had a hell of a time with. I called and she was thrilled, asking me to come right over. Her partner was there, too. Come casual. I called Rick to tell him I was going over. Enjoy yourself, was his answer.

I put on a thong, shorts, a top, no bra and sandals. Drove down to the address she had given me. It’s a large two family house and she has the lower floor.

Fran opened the door and greeted me wearing a see through black negligee. She pulled me in and gave me a deep tongue, passionate kiss, her tits pressing against mine. I ran my hands over her smooth body, reached the cheeks of her ass and caressed. I moved my hands back up to her tits and squeezed her erect nipples. I was getting wet in anticipation of what was to come.

We walked into a large living room and there standing in a similar black negligee, was this gorgeous black woman with large tits and from what I could see, a large package in her black panties.

“Meet my live in Joyce.”

She came over, taller than I am, wrapped an arm around me and kissed me with passion, driving her tongue in my mouth. When I responded she sucked mine out into hers. She than kissed the side of neck and licked my ear. I was ready and very wet.

Fran came over and undid the belt of my shorts and pulled them down along with my thong. Joyce stopped kissing me and pulled my top over my head; I was naked.

Joyce bent down and sucked hard on one of my nipples, reached down with her hand and found my wet pussy, pushed a couple of fingers in and started playing with my clit. Fran had the other nipple in her mouth and was caressing the cheeks of my ass and was slowly running a finger down to my asshole. Joyce got me over the top and I came squirting pussy juice down my legs. Fran took some of the juice to lubricate my hole and pushed a finger up my ass. I felt dizzy.

Joyce took me over to the couch, spread my legs and put her head between them and put her mouth on my cunt, drove her tongue in and worked it back and forth, sucking my juices, I felt myself coming again. I squeezed her head with my legs as I came, moving my hips up and down until my climax was over.

I reached for her beautiful tits and squeezed them, pulled on her nipples and ran my hands along her smooth skin until I reached the cheeks of her ass. Her skin felt smooth like a baby’s ass.

I could feel her building up to a climax, she pulled down her panties to display a beautiful ten inch black cock. I grabbed it in my hand, but could not get my fingers around it. I bent down and licked the precum off, ran my tongue up along the shaft and licked her shaven balls. I got it’s head into my mouth, I could only get about three inches in. I used my hand and jerked her off. She came and just about drowned me in her cum. I loved the taste of it and swallowed every drop, Cleaned the rest off her cock with my tongue.

I stood up and Fran reached for my tits from the back pushing her warm and firm tits into my back. She played with my hardened nipples, pulling and twisting. She was kissing the back of my neck and reaching down to my ass, spreading my cheeks and feeling for the asshole. She bent me over the armrest of the couch and slowly pushed her cock into my ass. It felt great, she started to pump in and out holding on to my hips to get in as far as she could. I heard her moaning and she shot a long hot load in my ass. I was in heaven.

Joyce got up and walked into another room. Fran took my hand and we went to that other room and opened the door. Looking inside, I was surprised to see a large bathroom with a table in the middle the size of a twin bed. I noticed a drain under it, a removable shower head on the wall. The table had a plastic cover on it. I looked at Fran and asked, “What is that?”

She smiled and said, "It is a table shower, you will enjoy this."

Joyce had told me to get on the table and lay flat on my stomach. She turned on the water, made sure the temperature was right, took a wash cloth and started running the water all over me. With the cloth soaped up with a special soap she rubbed me down, Fran was using her hands to massage me, spread my legs and ran two soapy fingers up my ass. It had felt great and as Joyce kept rubbing me down, Fran was moving her fingers in and out until I climaxed.

Joyce had asked me to turn over on my back and she proceeded to rub her soaped cloth over my tits, belly and between my legs and over my cunt. Fran was pulling and twisting my nipples and Joyce put a couple fingers in my pussy and played with my clit. I moaned and climaxed again. I have never felt so good and I did not want them to stop. Joyce then hosed me down and asked me stand on the floor while she and Fran dried me with a big towel. They dried up and we went back in the living room totally naked.

Before we sat down, Fran got a bed sheet and placed it on the seats of the couch so we would not soil them.

Fran fixed us large glasses of a brown liquid, because I was thirsty I gulped some of it down and realized it was liquor. I didn’t mind and had some more. I was beginning to feel woozy and laid back on the couch with my legs spread apart. I felt great.

Fran and Joyce were on either side of me and sucked on my hard nipples sending electric shocks down my body and my pussy was getting wet. They both slowly ran their hands up my legs, got to the lips of my swollen cunt, spread them and each inserted a couple of fingers and played with my clit. I climaxed again and was moving my hips up and down until it finally stopped.

Joyce then pushed me down on my back, raised my legs up to her shoulders , put some cream into my pussy. It made my pussy feel warm. She then put the head of her big cock between my pussy lips and started pushing in slowly. I felt like my cunt was being torn apart. Slowly she got all of it in and did not move until my breathing slowed down. She then started to fuck me, slow at first then faster. She had let go of my legs and was holding on to the cheeks of my ass, pumping in and out, sucking on one of my nipples. I was coming again and she dropped a huge hot load at the same time. She kept pumping and more hot cum kept shooting out of her cock. She finally stopped and pulled out, rolled over and laid next to me.

Fran looked at me with a smile and said, “You should see all that cum oozing out of your pussy.”

I sat up, took the rest of my drink and asked Fran if she had any joints. She came back with three of them and we smoked. Fran then pulled me off the couch on my knees and stuck the head of her cock in my open mouth. I eagerly took the whole cock and swallowed it all the way until my lips smacked against her balls. Using my tongue, I ran it up and down her shaft pulled her cock out till only the head stayed in. I ran my tongue around the head, licked her precum and moved my hand up and down her shaft until I felt her cock swelling. She started to groan. I showed her cock all the way down my throat and she let go of a nice hot load. Just the way I wanted, I loved it.

Between the drink and the joint I felt very relaxed but I wanted more fucking and sucking. We made our way to the bedroom, king size bed, mirrors on the walls and one on the ceiling. This was going to be a wild session. Fran kissed me with her tongue in my mouth, Joyce had spread the cheeks of my ass and ran her tongue around my asshole. I felt her squeezing some warm lubricant into my hole, shoved a piece of soft material into it and I felt my hole spreading as the item was getting deeper into me.

I turned around and asked Joyce what it was and she told me it was a plug that will help to open up my hole so that when she wants to go in, it will be easier. She got me on my knees on the bed and played with my clit for a while, brought me up to a climax but stopped before I could make it. She pulled out the plug and put the head of her big cock into my hole and slowly pushed up until I felt her balls up against my ass. She pulled on my hips and started pumping slowly.

Fran sat in front of my face and brought her cock to my mouth. I ran my tongue around the hole of the head and precun came out which I licked, I let her cock slide down my throat and noticed she had a ring at the base of her cock.

Joyce kept pumping hard and I felt my insides were going to split from the size of her cock. She slapped my ass a couple of times and I felt the heat on my cheeks and contracted my asshole making her cock feel even bigger. She started to groan loudly, her cock was swelling and suddenly a huge stream of cum filled my asshole, I could feel cum running out down my legs. She pulled out and slapped my ass real hard which made me suck Fran even faster. She pulled out of my mouth, pulled off the ring and shot her hot load all over my face and into my open mouth. I licked her cock clean and swallowed what I could get into my mouth.

We all laid down and took a breather. I asked Fran what the ring was for and she told me it helps her last longer and build up a lot more cum. I got a face full but wished it had gone into my mouth.

It was getting to dinner time and I said I should go home. Fran made it clear I was going nowhere and we had dinner together. She ordered a pizza. When it came, Fran put on a housecoat then we went into the kitchen naked.

We went into the living room and had a couple drinks and smoked some joints. I was sitting between them on the couch and reached over to their hard cocks. Put them in my hands and jerked them up and down.

Joyce said she didn’t want to come yet.

After we finished our drinks and smoked our joints we went into the bedroom and sat against the headboard, Fran put on a porn video that we watched for a while. I was getting wet and I needed cock in me. I straddled Joyce and guided her cock in my pussy sitting down on it very carefully. It stretched my pussy and I struggled to get it all in. I bent forward so that Fran could get at my asshole. She put some lubricant on her cock and penetrated my ass and shoved it as far as she could. I love to be dp'd.

They both started to fuck me and I was in my glory. Within minutes I went over the top and screamed as I came which made them fuck me even harder. I could tell Fran was coming so I contracted my ass so it would grab her cum as it shot out of her. I worked my cunt muscles and Joyce pumped a couple times more and shot her huge load and filled my pussy to the brim. When she got off of me I realized I was leaking cum from both holes and we all had a big laugh.

It was getting late and I had to get up to go to work the next day. Fran and Joyce also had to get up early. I got dressed. We kissed and I left with a promise to come back with Rick.

When I got home I called Rick and told him about my adventure. He told me that he wants to go the next time.

I was exhausted and went to bed and fell asleep.

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