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Surprise at the beach - part 2

Straight male, surprised and seduced by a beautiful brazilian (T) girl
The next evening I was sitting at the bar still thinking about my remarkable encounter with Thais (see part 1).

I had never been with such a beautiful (t) girl with that little extra which she gave to me so lovingly. I did not realize how much she had impressed me, until I found myself fantasizing about being with her again.

My wife was busy with her bingo & booze party, the last time I saw her I was surprised she could still walk. In any case she was enjoying herself, while I was sitting there alone at the bar.

Suddenly I noticed a beautiful blonde girl entering with a short tight fitting black satin like dress moving in my direction. Was it a dream? No it was Thais.

She smiled and sat on the bar stool next to me, with her legs open so I could see that she was also wearing black string covering her secret. She held me tight and whispered in my air:

“I want you now, I want to give it to you, first in your ass and then in your mouth; I want you to blow and suck me until I cum in your mouth!”

Hearing these words my cock instantly rose and hardened in such a fast and strong way that it hurt.

“Come, let us go to my room” I answered immediately. I could not believe what I was doing here. I was not gay at all, but still all excited by the idea of being fucked by this beautiful girl with a cock and even more excited by the idea that after fucking me she was going to put her cock in my mouth, so I could blow and suck her and taste her cum. Of course my wife had given me blowjobs many times, and I have had affairs with other women, but I never had something like this happening to me.

We took the elevator to the 4 th floor and walked towards our room. My wife would not be back for some hours, so we had the time to play. My niece Beaux was staying with us in an adjacent room, but also she would be partying until late and even if she returned early, the door between our rooms was locked (at least that is what I thought….)

One in the room she ordered me to undress and to get in bed doggie style ready to receive her amazing tool. She did not undress but just moved her dress up and took of her string revealing her beautiful hard toy, ready for action. She took a tube of lubricant from her small black bag and used quite a lot to amply lubricate her hard organ. She then smeared on her fingers and carefully started massaging my asshole, first the outside, then carefully penetrating with two fingers with plenty of lubricant giving me a funny cold feeling from the inside.

Then she kneeled down behind me and slowly started penetrating me from behind. It did not hurt at all this time and I just moaned with pleasure ass she quickened her pace and started fucking me with a quick tempo. Her hand still covered with the cold lubricant grabbed my cock and started jerking it also.

The feeling was tremendous and it did not take long before the inside of my ass was twitching and convulsing and the cum in my balls was rising to erupt.

“Oh, I think I’m going to cum…” I pleaded. “No, you are not, she commanded and stopped her hip and hand movements. She waited for half a minute and then continued slowly fucking me in the ass while holding on to my balls. Once again I felt myself coming close to the edge. “Oh, Thais, I am going to…”. Again she stopped and then slapped me on the ass. “No, you are not allowed to come yet, first you will have to suck me!”

She carefully withdrew her still hard organ from me. She stood up and went to the bathroom. I heard the water running and stopping and then she returned. She had washed herself and washed off the lubricant, so I could taste her natural cock.

I had to turn around, but still in doggie style, but now facing her standing up.

She pushed her cock into my face and penetrated my lips and started fucking me in the mouth. I gagged a bit, but got used to it after a while. I think hearing her breath she was close to exploding and I was expecting her to cum in my mouth any time. I was afraid, but also anxious to feel, smell and taste this wondrous liquid. She withdrew just on time I believe, as I tasted a little bit of something which I later recognized as the salty fishy cum taste.

“Now you need to suck me 69 style”. She got onto the bed and laid down over me so I could take her cock into my mouth. I did not hesitate a second and eagerly started sucking her still hard tool. I could taste and smell more of the cum, probably some pre-cum and I noticed the head of her cock swelling a bit more, a clear sign that the supreme moment was imminent.

In the mean time she was not sucking me or jerking me off or so, but just slowly caressing me with two fingers under my balls and close to the entrance of my ass. It was a very pleasurable feeling and my inside was still contracting with pleasure from her fucking me.

“Ohh, ohhhh….” She screamed and spurts of cum blasted into my mouth. It was such an exciting feeling for me and I eagerly did my best to take all of it in my mouth and to taste like a wine before swallowing. It was delicious! At least at that moment,…strange just a sticky gooey salty fishy stuff, but because of all the feelings involved it becomes an elixir of pleasure.

In the mean time the excitement apparently had grown so much for me, that I surprisingly started to ejaculate, I could feel it shooting all up to my neck covering our both bodies. “What did you do? you were not supposed to come yet!” I was just as surprised as she was. “I still need to do you!”

We rested for a short while and then we went back to the 69 position. This time she took my softened cock in her mouth and started playing with it with her tongue. I did the same with hers and within a minute both cocks were rock hard again, ready for a second round.

I was wondering who would come first this time? Thais of course knew all the tricks and inserted two of her still greasy fingers into my ass and started finger fucking me, while sucking me. The feeling was tremendous and within seconds I was uncontrollable and spurting into her mouth. I continued sucking her cock and imitated her actions and entered her beautiful ass hole with first one, then also a second finger. Her ass muscles tightened around my fingers while I penetrated her more deeply. Her whole body started to shake and she screamed loudly: “Aahhhhhhhhh!!!” This time the cum just flowed into my mouth, not spurts but still enough to fill my mouth and even more…..

The side-door quickly opened with Beaux suddenly standing there and looking at us with a frightened face. “Everything alright here?” She then realized what was going on and quickly apologized “Sorry!!” and shut the door again.

Oh my God, what had she seen? Would she spill the beans to my wife?

We were still too high and exhausted from our orgasms to think about this…

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