Surprise dare with an unexpected result part 3

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Road trip
After breakfast Satin heads back to her place and I head for mine. When I arrive and sit down on the couch, I open my laptop and see" “Truth or Dare?” Dammit, not what I want to see right now. The hell with it, I’m in a good mood. “Dare.”

I wait what seems like hours for a response. “Come over now.” She must have written the email last night because of how long it took her to reply. I started getting excited all over again in anticipation of what's to come. After a quick shower I grab my keys and head over. The garage door is open again and I know what to do. Once I put the car in park and head for the door I notice a note on the door. “No clothing allowed past this point!!”

Sweet, I get to see her naked at the same time I am. Maybe I can get her to trim up Rose while we’re at it. I strip and walk in. Once through the door and into the living room. I’m a little surprised to see she is not alone and I’m the only naked person in the room. As I look around I see Satin is already here along with my friend and another good looking woman. “What’s going on?” I ask while still looking around.

“You’ll find out. Now start serving us. Your dare is to be our maid all day, dressed as you are.” she says in a surprisingly stern voice.

No problem for me. I like being naked especially in front of three hot chicks. I start serving them what they request throughout the afternoon. After a couple hours the wine runs out. I’m told to go get some more and Satin will go with me. I get an instant hard on which of course is noticed by all.

“You keep that thing up for us, I want to see what Satin can do with it when you return.” With that, I turn to towards the garage door. My thoughts are hoping Satin will let me get some practice in before we return. Once outside I figure I can put my clothes back on, but there’s a problem. They aren’t where I left them.

“Where are my clothes?” I ask Satin starting to get concerned. “It’s still light out and the only store open to get wine is a grocery store. I can't go in to a grocery store dressed, or rather not dressed like this.”

“You don’t need them,” is her reply. That is not what I want to hear from her at all and she has a slightly dominant tone to her also. I didn't expect that from her.

We get in the car and pull out of the garage. We make some small talk on the way and then she puts an address into my GPS. “Truth or Dare baby?”

“Dare,” comes out of my mouth before I have a chance to think about my current clothing status. She hits the go button on the GPS and tells me to drive. Why didn’t I get gas on the way over?

“I need gas. I don’t know how far I can go without refilling the tank,” I tell her, hoping we can just go back to my place and hop into bed.

“So stop and get some. We have a ways to go. I wouldn’t want you to have to walk all the way to get a gas can filled while you’re naked. Or would I? I like what I’m seeing.” she replies with an evil grin across her beautiful face.

Of course I have an erection and she grabs hold of it to make sure it stays. “Why don’t you get naked and pump the gas?” I ask her hoping she will just get out and fill the tank anyway and I can sit in the car shielded from the world. I would love to see her do it naked, but I’m not very optimistic that this will happen.

“Ok. But you have to go in and pay.” Is her reply while I remember that I have no way of covering up and I don't know what this part of town is like.

This is quite the predicament now. I can make it to a filling station outside of town where nobody will know me.“Sold. Take your clothes off so I can see that hot body of yours,” I say as I hit the gas a little harder wasting more gas than I cared to.

“I’ll take them off when I’m ready. You just keep driving with that beautiful cock hard as it is,” she tells me as I hit the gas a little more.

Next thing I know I’m speeding out of town looking forward to seeing her standing outside my car completely naked. How many men would be turning their head and staring only to see her hot little surprise. Then the lights come on in my rear view mirror.

“Holy shit. I need something to cover up with quick.” Of course I keep my car clean so there aren’t any clothes or towels anywhere. “Oh well. Maybe he’ll feel bad for me and let us go.”

As the State Troopers door opens, my heart drops. That’s a lot of hair for a male cop. I watch as a hot set of hips and very large breasts starts walking towards us. I sit there staring at the way she sways toward the car with her gun belt accenting her curves beautifully. I have to remember to get one of these for Satin.

She gets to the window and looks in. “Nice day for a drive, isn’t it? You realize you were going 82 miles an hour? And would you mind explaining why you are naked to me before I write you this ticket?” she asks me as I turn a hundred shades of red.

“It was a dare. I’m supposed to go where the GPS tells me in the nude so I can restock the wine for the girls that I'm serving another dare for and being their servant all day long.” I reply thinking that was a pretty good excuse and maybe an embarrassing one also.

“I’m gonna need you to get out and step to the rear of the car. Your cute little friend too.” At least she has taste I think as I slowly open the door making sure no cars were coming. We both make our way to the back of the car and she tosses me across the trunk. Then something weird happens. I feel something slippery and round at the entrance to my ass. Then with some pressure, it starts entering me. It keeps getting bigger and is spreading my hole open wider and wider until finally it pops in and stops. That hurts a lot.

"What the hell are you doing? What is that? It's hurting me." I yell at the cop.

I’m really confused right now as I’m stood up straight and handed a ticket. I read it slowly. “For the offense of speeding while in the buff: you are to leave this butt plug in your ass until Satin feels you have paid your dues to society. For the offense of having a nice cock: you will suck my dick right now.” Another hot chick with a surprise and this one’s a cop with a gun?

I look around at Satin and she’s smiling and shows me her hard on as she begins stroking. I've been set up. What the hell, I drop to my knees and undo the zipper of the cop’s pants. A monster pops out of her uniform. That’s an inch bigger than mine and much wider. And it’s still growing. I better hurry and get this over with before it’s ripping my mouth apart.

I grab onto it and start to take it in my mouth. I start to gag immediately but hold it there and keep going as far as I can. Sucking and pumping this huge cock as hard and fast as I can. My practice on Satin pays off as the lady boy cop shoots in my mouth. And shoots, and shoots. Her cum starts leaking out of the corners of my mouth and Satin is kind enough to clean it up with her tongue. When she’s finished she pulls out of my mouth and tells me to "Put my cock back in my pants and slow down, driving and blowing." With that she turns to leave.

Satin comes up to me and kisses me, feeding me the cum that she cleaned up off my chin. She laughs and tells me that the cop is one of her good friends and is always happy to have a little fun with her.

I grab Satin's cock and suck her off too. I don’t know what came over me but I want it right now. She didn’t argue either.

We head back out on the road looking for a gas station and then I see one. It’s a small little mom and pop kind of place and I pull in. I grab some cash and head inside. The clerk looks disgusted and takes the money quickly so I can get out of there. With his look, I decide I want a drink too and grab us a couple waters just to stay in there longer. I take my time looking around picking up a couple magazines and went back up to the counter to pay. As I’m walking back to the car I noticed Satin has her shirt and bra off but is looking concerned about her panties. After I tell her how the clerk acted towards my nakedness, I bet he’d be overly enthused to see her naked too watching that hot ass pumping the gas.

“Just make sure you don’t turn around enough for him to see your surprise until the tank is full. I bet he’ll be yanking his cock the whole time until he sees that hot piece between you legs, or maybe he'll keep jerking it while he watches you” I instruct her as I stand on the other side of the car glancing inside every couple seconds to see what’s going on.

Satin drops her panties and gets out of the car to pump the gas. She puts on a show acting like she's humping the nozzle in and out of the tank and turning enough so the clerk can see her boobs while she plays with her nipples. I can tell he's jerking off at the sight of her. When the pump stops, she pulls it out and hangs it up. Then she turns to the clerk and starts jerking herself off right at him. I see him fall off whatever he was sitting on and then get up and start for the door.

“Time to go, hurry,” I shout at her as he's heading for the door. As we speed out of the gas station we both flip off the clerk. “Remind me to never stop there again. He’s not very open to public nudity.”

“So that means we’re going for naked drives more? And I’m sure he didn’t like my little surprise either,” she replies to me while grabbing her penis and stroking it.

“Hell yeah we’re going for more drives. Naked or not. He might have liked it and that’s why he was running after us,” I say with a little chuckle at the end. “I forgot I had this thing in my ass while I walked around the store. Must not be very large.”

She laughs at me and bends down and starts to give me head while playing with the butt plug. “It’s not big and it’s made flexible so it fits and moves within you while always massaging your prostate. It keeps you hard and makes you ready for me.” I almost wreck as I come so hard. It feels so good what she's doing to me.

“Guess you liked that. Don’t worry, there’s more to come,” she replies as she wipes some of my cum from her mouth and feeds it to me.

We drive for another half hour until the GPS tells me to pull off onto a dirt road and a mile later we pull into a trailer park. I look at her nervously as she is telling me to get out of the car.

We walk up to a picnic pavilion filled with men and she males. “Get on your knees.” She ordered me as she walks over and starts to talk to an older gentleman. When she returns, she instructs me to get up because we’re next.

“Next for what?” I ask not knowing what was going on.

“Trust me. We’re going to have sex and if we’re good enough to get the most votes, we win a case of wine. That is what we left the house for, isn't it?” She tells me with that devilish grin.

When we get called, we walk to the center and up onto a picnic table. She starts pulling the plug out of my ass and it hurts on the way out but leaves me feeling empty at the same time. Her cock surprises me at my mouth, which I take in quickly and begin to suck her manhood. She keeps pushing it farther and farther in my mouth until it’s all the way in and entering my throat. Gagging is the natural tendency for me but I fight it off for a short time and then I pull off of her cock looking up at her apologetically.

She moves around behind me and lines up with my asshole and without warning is buried all the way in me. As she starts fucking me, I reach around and try to play with her ass to give a better show. Next thing I know I’m shooting my first load onto the table. She is working me so expertly, I am quickly hard again and feeling another load getting ready to blow. I don’t care who is around us watching me get pounded up my ass. I’m starting to get more and more infatuated with this woman pumping her surprise in and out of my ass. I can’t wait to get her alone. I start to push back on her and squeeze my muscles to give her a tighter fit in my recently loosened ass. She moans in appreciation and pulls out of me. I feel hot shots of her cum on my back. She must have coated me with her juices. I blow another. Then a tongue starts lapping it all up. I am rolled over onto my back and she has her mouth a couple inches over mine. I know what’s about to happen and open my mouth ready to receive her sperm that was recently licked off my back.

She opens her mouth and lets her cum mixed with saliva drip into my mouth and we kiss. I am expecting to get my turn, but surprisingly she gets up, rolls me over and slowly pushes the plug back in my ass. I feel another hard on arriving.

Everybody is applauding our performance and a case of wine is awarded to us. We both hop in the car naked and head back to my friend’s house.

“You knew that was going to happen all along?” I asked already knowing the answer. “I’m not sure I liked the fact that we did that in front of all those people very much. But, it’s ok because I enjoyed what we did and I feel we are getting closer with every minute and experience we have together. I like that you have an exhibitionist side too. We are more alike than I thought. Maybe someday we can take a vacation to somewhere nudity is accepted.”

“Yes, I knew what we were going to do and today was all planned. Your friend called me after you accepted her dare and asked me to help her set you up. I was afraid of how you would respond to the whole thing, but now I know you aren’t going to run. I don’t do that kind of thing normally. Guess I kind of wanted to show you off. I had a lot of friends in the audience. I however do love to get naked every chance I get but as you can see, it’s a little difficult for someone like me. A vacation would be nice. Just the two of us.”

Forty-five minutes later we’re pulling into my friends garage. They meet us at the door asking what took so long, both of them giggling and also naked. My friend’s friend is hot. Lucky for me I was already hard and Satin took notice. They moved out of the way and let us through with the wine. My friend grabbed hold and gave a wiggle to my new butt plug.

“Go shave your rose. That thing is a mess down there.” I sarcastically tell her.

She looks down and back up and asks what’s wrong with her bush.

I grab Satin’s hand and spin her around. “This is what the perfect trim looks like.” I tell my friend as I move Satin’s cock back and forth to show how well groomed she is, and gives me a chance to hold her package for a minute. I can feel her growing in my hand.

“Fine, we’ll go take care of our problem. You have to take care of the one you just created. Haha” Both of the women were laughing as they headed for the stairs.

I looked at Satin’s beautiful face and she pulled me in close for a tight and exotic feeling hug and kiss. We separated, I look her in the eye and started to caress her nipples. I kneel down and take a nipple in my mouth and then the other. Then I get behind her and start to lick down her back all the way to her ass. I make sure she is ready for me and stand up to start making love to her. To my surprise, as soon as I am about to start pushing into her, she pushes against me and has me buried inside her in one fast movement. She lets out a little moan and then starts to gyrate her ass against me. This feels amazing and I know I won’t last long. And I don’t. A couple seconds later I shoot inside her. I drop to my knees and suck as much of my cum out of her ass as I can. I grab her and kiss her to share and she kisses me back with more passion than any girlfriend I’ve ever had before.

Now it’s time to take care of her. After the fucking we just did, I get to taste her cum quickly. I also share this with her with another passionate kiss.

We go sit in the living room and wait for our friends to come back downstairs when I hear, “MAID, WHERE’S MY WINE?” Crap, we’re still playing is all I can think.

I grab a couple glasses with a bottle and head up to serve the wine. Once up there I see two completely shaved women. My friend bends me over and asks me to inspect her to make sure there isn’t any areas that they missed. I inspect around her ass hole and stick my tongue right in. She yelps and jumps while planting her face right into her friend’s pussy. They seem to like this and I never knew this side of my friend. I thought tonight was going to be me and Satin pleasuring the two ladies and each other.

“I’ll just leave you two here and Satin and myself will be heading home. Where are my clothes?” I ask.

“Fireplace” is the muffled response from my friends friends pussy. “There’s a drawer full of panties in my room. Help yourself.”

Not again. I head to her room and look in her drawers. Seeing her collection of vibrators, I select a few to borrow. I learn that she doesn’t wear anything but thongs and g-strings. I find the hottest pair and put them on and head for the stairs.

“Ready?” I ask as Satin looks me up and down. “They’re going to be busy for a while up there so I excused us for the evening.”

“Let’s go. Where to?” She replied.

“My place, your place. Doesn’t matter as long as we’re together and not dressed like this in public.” I grab a couple bottles and we leave adding, “I live closer.”

“Sounds good. I don’t need anything for tonight. As long as you have a shower for the morning I’m good.”

“You sure, it could be a long weekend.”

“It’s not like we're going to need clothes. We have a couple bottles of wine and I already checked out your cupboards and fridge. Essentials are covered for a couple days.” She replies with that same devilish smile I’m starting to like, a lot.

When we arrive in my parking lot a strange familiarity comes over me, but the sun is out this time. “You can run up and grab me some sweats?” I ask.

With that question, the grin is back and she throws me her dress. “Bring ME back some sweats baby.”

Crap. She knows how to get me worked up. Now I have to wear a small dress with a hard on all the way up the 3 sets of stairs and back with sweats for her.

I get up to the apartment without incident and start looking for something for her to wear back up here as embarrassing as my current attire. “Got it, white boxers and white t shirt. Oops, did I get them wet?” I’m laughing as I look out the door to make sure the way is clear.

Back at the car I hand the clothes through the window trying to from keep laughing. I feel her punching me as she puts on the wet and very transparent underwear.

Only a couple people saw us on the way back up to my apartment. I'm sure the rumors of my past antics have already circulated the complex so I'm not too embarrassed. I don’t know if they saw her surprise, and I really don’t care either.

Once inside, we are naked again and jumping all over each other. This is going to be a great weekend. Hope I can keep up with her.

We spend the rest of the weekend naked and exploring each other in every way possible time will let us. I learn as much as I can about her and she learns everything about me. I think I want to ask her to move in with me and make her my steady girl friend. I even look at vacations for us to enjoy a nude holiday.