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The Erotica Dream

I felt my manhood hardening against my pajama bottoms as I was aroused by the sight of the goddesses
My name was Cassandra Drewe and I was different from the girls my age at school. Unlike them, I was born with a penis. So I was half girl, half boy. When I was in my mother's womb I began to grow a penis so they initally thought I was going to be a boy.

It wasn't until I was six or seven my parents noticed my hair was growing long a beautiful chest nut colour that I was looking more like a girl than a boy except for my small penis. They'd called me Mark Drewe when I was born but then changed it illegally to Cassandra as I looked more like a girl.

As soon as I reached puberty at twelve, my penis grew and I grew balls. But my chest started developing breasts. I felt like a freak. I stressed my concern to my parents and they made me an appointment to see the doctor who they saw when I'd been born. He told them that there was nothing he could do.

When I started I high school I decided I would wear a skirt instead of trousers as I didn't want my secret to be revealed.

There was beautiful girls in my classes who wore the shortest of skirts that showed off their legs and I couldn't help but to look. For the first time in my life at seventeen, I started to take notice how gorgeous they were and one day when I sat on the bench in the changing room watching girls get changed for gym, I felt an odd twinge of arousal in my groin. Especially when their breasts were on display.

I tried not to stare but there was like a magnet drawing me to watch them. I found myself drooling as their breasts big or small jiggled about. My breathing quickened and grew heavier as I got more sexually aroused. I felt a movement in my lap so I glanced down and stared horrified as a bulge had emerged. I quickly covered it up with my hands. I hadn't realised that I would get an erection when I was turned on.

The gym teacher, Mrs Andrews, a forty year old woman looked at me with concern. "Cassandra, dear, are you alright?" she asked.

I nodded. "I guess I just have a cramp," I said.

"Dear, you're burning up and sweating, are you sure you've just got a cramp."

"I'm sure,"I glanced over as a group of naked girls circled around me making me gulp nervously. I had to get out of there before it got too much for me and reveal my secret. I got to my feet bent over and ran out and ran all the way home. They probably thought I was a complete weirdo but I didn't care. I wasn't going to let them see my true self.

I entered into my three bedroomed apartment I lived with my Mum and called out to see if anyone was home. There was silence. I breathed out a sigh of relief. I went to my bedroom and went over to my bed and laid down. I pulled up my skirt and saw I had a bit of erection still bulging out from my knickers. But then erotic visions of the girls from school naked with their tits in front of me caused my penis to grow and soon it was at it's full length protruding from my body like a weapon straining against my blue panties. Making it feel really uncomfortable.
I pulled out my dick and started to masturbate. I came quickly my hot juices spillling out over my hand.

That night I was dreaming. Not a normal dream but an erotic one. I dreamt I was on a paradise island in the middle of nowhere but just ocean and palm trees. I was walking barefooted on the sand in my pajama bottoms when I stopped suddenly and my jaw dropped to the floor. Three beautiful exotic dark haired nakedbeauties stood before me.

Their breasts were gigantic and their nipples were erect. Erotic thoughts raced through my mind and then I felt my manhood harden against my pajama bottoms.

The three dark haired beauties who looked like the Kardashian sisters giggled and the prettiest one walked forward and kissed me hard on the lips taking me by surprise. She whipped my pajama bottoms off before I could stop her and went down on her knees and took my quivering member deeply into her mouth to my delight.

I was having so much pleasure that I collapsed to the ground and she got in between my legs and moved her perfect mouth up and down on my penis. I groaned and breathed heavily as I closed my eyes. I was building up to an orgasm. I cried out as I spurted hot juices from my dick into her mouth, which she swallowed.

The other two beauties crouched down and started kissing me and nibbling down.

My favourite exotic beauty who looked like the gorgeous Kim Kardashian grinned at me and then sat down on my lap inserting my still fully erected dick deep inside her dripping wet pussy that was gagging for my penis to fuck her.

We moved quick and fast as our bodies fucked. We quickly came.

I was sleeping and had my hand around my dick and cried out as I came all over my hand. I woke up and blinked. I was in my room and not on a paradise island with three goddesses having sex. I grinned like a sly fox as that was the most erotic dream I had ever had. I wished it would some day become true.

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