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The First Meeting, Part One

One hot night ...
It was a warm evening, warmer than I'm used to. I had travelled all of this way, just to meet you. I feel excited and nervous all at once.

Excited because we will finally get to meet, to talk to each other, look at each other, feel each other. .. Nervous because no matter how confident I might come across, I'm really not. I'm shy, and I'm scared that you might not like what you see in me.

I unpack my case in the quiet hotel room, the music in the background is slow and has a calming effect on my nerves. I pull out my new black dress. It's short, but not too short, it's sophisticated yet sexy. I select some sexy lingerie and sheer black stockings to wear underneath, and some killers heels. I know how you love your killer heels.

I take a shower and slowly get ready, I've got a couple of hours until we meet, but I so want to make a good impression. I paint my nails in a deep red shade, my toes match. I let my hair fall into it's natural curls, adding a little hairspray to add extra volume, big hair equals sexy hair! Then I apply my makeup, I take my time, I want everything to be perfect. Soft smoky eyes, smudgy eye liner, lots of lashes, and red lips, to match the nails of course.

I look at my reflection, I feel more excited than nervous now. I change the music, putting on that Gaga CD that reminds me of you, of us.. The one we have shared and enjoyed together so many times during our chats, It's kind of become our little soundtrack. I smile.

I glance at my blackberry, it's nearly time and I feel the nerves creep in again. I sit on the bed and try to relax some, having a drink. Everything is set for your arrival, I can't wait to meet you, to see your face. I know so little about you really, but feel like I know you so well. We have spent so much of our time chatting online.

The time finally arrives, I glance at my blackberry and it beeps - a text message, It's from you, you're almost here. I take a deep breath - this is happening, we're going to meet. I wonder how awkward it might feel. I hope that it doesn't.

Then it happens.. the knock at the door. My heart beats a little faster. I check my appearance one last time in the mirror and walk to the door. One last breath to compose myself and I open the door and smile at you.

"Hey" you smile back at me. I feel an instant connection, You're quite tall and handsome as a guy, just as I had envisaged. I notice how nice your teeth are when you smile, Americans always have nice teeth.

"Hi!" I reply, a little shakily "Come in! How are you?" I start to giggle - a nervous giggle.

You come inside and step towards me. You compliment my appearance then place a hand on my waist and kiss my cheek, flashing me that smile again. You seem so cool and calm that I feel the nerves slowly slip away.

We chat for a while and I get us some drinks, it doesn't feel awkward at all, it is like we've met a thousand times before. The fun is there like it always is when we chat online, we laugh lots.

"So what are we doing tonight?" I ask you.

You look at your bag, then back at me "Well, she is in the bag, I thought I could get ready and we could go to dinner, then on to a few bars."

I can't wait to meet her, She is the part of you that I feel I know best, the one I have spent so many hours chatting to. The thought of meeting her excites me.

I laugh at that "How weird that would sound to an outsider! 'She is in the bag'. Haha, you fucking weirdo!" I smile at you and we laugh together.

"Sounds great though, I can't wait" I smile.

You go for a shower and I start to set out my makeup, I've been so looking forward to helping you transform, to become 'her'.. your alter ego. I know that you have too. I pour us another drink and wait for you.

You come out of the bathroom in a towel. My eyes wander over your body and to your eyes. There's that connection again.

I want you already.

I smile at you "Well, everything is set, we can start when you've dried off a bit. Here" I smile and hand you your drink.
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