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The First Meeting, Part Two

One hot night ...
We chat some more with things becoming more flirtatious, little things you say or do that relate to our previous chats make me smile, excite me even. You mention the 'Lick' thing that we write when we chat, asking how we might make that real. I slowly lick my finger tip and glide it along your neck, I then kiss it and do the same.

"See? We can still do those things!"

I get started on your makeup, you tell me that you are completely in my hands with a wink. If only you were! I do your eye makeup first, we don't speak much as I work, but Gaga plays in the background. When I lean in to add some eye liner you are smiling.

"What?" I ask, your smile is infectious.

"Oh, nothing," you say with a chuckle.

I giggle and continue on, adding some false eyelashes. "Are you nearly done?" you ask me.

"What do you think?" I roll my eyes and laugh. "I've only done your eyes."

You smile and nod. "Mm, good."

I apply foundation, powder and blusher to your face. "You have nice skin," I tell you as I add the final touches of blusher.

"Thanks." You pause. "You have great tits." You look up at me, a twinkle in your eyes.

"Err, What?" I cast my eyes downwards and giggle. "Oh! I guess the dress is rather lowcut isn't it? I never even thought!" I put the blusher brush down. "I won't apologise though. I'm sure you have been enjoying the view," I say as I select a lipstick.

"Quite," you smile.

I line your lips and apply a red shade to your lips and finish off by shaping the brows with a pencil. I step back then and adjust my dress, studying you. "Yep, all done. You look hot, bitch!" I tell you. "I do love a man in makeup."

You show me a select few of your outfits and shoes, asking for my opinion on what you should wear. I select a short black off the shoulder dress with ruffles at the hem and some 4.5" heels, black with a red zip detail at the heel for show. Sexy.

"See, now you really are my bitch!" I joke with you. So many times before in our chats we had referred to each other as the others bitch. You smile at me, your glossy lips enhance your perfect smile.

I sit on the bed as you finish getting ready, I catch glimpses as you slip into your lingerie and sexy outfit. Once your heels are on you come and stand before me, you look stunning. The wig and outfit complete the transformation.

You offer me your hand and I stand up to face you, you step forward, so close to me that I can feel your body heat. I look up at your eyes, my gaze quickly fall to your lips. I bite my lip nervously and smile. Your hand lifts my chin, I look from your lips back to your eyes. You lick your lips "You're so beautiful, my hot bitch," you tell me in a low voice. My heart races, it feels like it's beating so loud that everyone should be able to hear it.. how can a few words turn me on so much?

You kiss me then. I close my eyes and wrap my arms around your neck, pulling you closer, a low moan escape my lips. It takes no time at all for any worries or nerves I had to disappear. I am completely overtaken by desire, my desire for you. I had imagined this moment so many times in my head, but it never compared to this, the real thing.

Your hands slide along the curves of my body and to my ass, pulling me hard into you. I can't resist you. Why would I? I press my body back against yours, our tongues meet, exploring.

"Mmmmmmm," muffled moans escape our lips in between kisses.

I turn with you and push you back onto the bed. I pause and look at you for a moment, my eyes tracing along your body - your excitement is evident and evokes more passion inside of me. "So. Fucking. Hot." I utter as I climb on top. My fingers entwine in your hair as my lips mesh to yours again. I slowly trail my lips along your jaw to your neck, inhaling your sensual scent, my tongue darting out, tracing along your neck. "Mmm," I bite you, sucking gently.

You pull me to you, my lips meeting yours again, your free hand grabbing at my breasts, your body pushing upwards. I smile inwardly as I teasingly move back and forth over you, rubbing against your hardness.

"I want to taste you," I whisper in a lust filled voice. I begin to slowly slide down your body, my hand reaches your panties first. I kneel on the floor between your legs and run my hands along the silky material of your stockings, sliding upwards and lifting your dress. Your hardness strains against the flimsy material of your satin panties, a sight that causes my cunt to ache, knowing that I caused that - that it is for me.

I firmly slide my hand over the sensual fabric, feeling you and delighting in how hard you are, you thrust your hips upwards, your fingers tangle in my hair. I am so turned on. I free your cock from it's confines and slide your panties down over your hips, you are so erect. I look up at you smile, moistening my lips. I wrap my cool fingers around your shaft and stroke you gently, my tongue trails along your thighs, gentle nips cause you to moan.

I reach your cock then, my tongue flicks out and I taste you for the first time, I have been wanting to taste you for so long. Slowly, I drag my tongue up your shaft - my lips part and I guide them over the head, so teasingly that they barely even touch you. Then, in a swift movement I take you fully into my mouth and suck you. Your fingers tighten in my hair and you inhale fast, your hips bucking upwards. Mmm, you taste so good. I am so aroused and wet for you. I reach my hand into my panties and touch myself as I suck you.

You throb, your moans deepen. You pull at my hair, pulling me up to you and you kiss me hard, tasting yourself on my lips.

"Mmmmm," you groan, I so love hearing you moan. You push me back onto the bed, you lean over me and lift my dress, pulling it all the way off. I eagerly return the favour, tossing your dress aside. Your tongue invades my mouth as your hands wander over my body, every touch sends a spark through me. My chest heaves with every breath, every touch causing me to gasp.

Your hand reaches my thigh and I spread them for you. Your fingers find their way to my panties and you tug at them to remove them, you touch me then, the first touch, your fingers stroke along my wetness. It feels so intense, more intense than anything I have ever experienced. I lie back, my back arches.

Then I feel you, your hot breath caresses my thighs, your tongue slides over my slit, I part my legs further, thrusting more. "Please!" I beg.

My fingers run through your hair as you take another long, slow lick. Mmm, that feels amazing. I feel a finger slide into my wetness as your tongue flicks at my clit.. then another fingers probes, my hips thrust to meet your movements. "Yes, mmm. You are so fucking good at this," I pant breathlessly. I knew that you would be. But ... Wow.

I tremble, my cunt pulsates and throbs as I orgasm. I bite my lip to stop me from screaming as loud as I need to, but I fail, I can't suppress the pleasure you are giving to me. "Oh fuck. Yes. Mmmm. Yes... Yes!" I moan, my whole body convulsing. I pull you to me "Oh.. fuck!" I kiss you. "Mmm, yes. Thank you," I whisper breathlessly.

You smile that smile at me and I look into your eyes, I desire you so much. My hand finds your cock again and I push you back onto the bed and climb onto you. I rock my wet cunt over you, my juices lubricating you.

"I'm going to fuck you."

I smile, licking my lips. I reach around and unclasp my bra, you pull it from me and discard of it, moaning as your hands find my breasts, your fingers teasingly pinch my nipples and you reach up with your tongue, sucking my erect nipple into your hot mouth, sending shock waves of pleasure through me.

Enough with the teasing. I want you. Right now. I guide your cock to my entrance and slowly lower myself onto you. My heart pounds, I feel light headed as lust and passion overtake me.

"Yes, fuck me," you moan as you bite my nipples. Your hips buck to meet my thrusts, together we build a slow and steady rhythm. I ride your cock hard, squeezing my cunt muscles around you with every movement. I want to blow your mind and make you cum so hard.

The rhythm increases, I pound down on your cock with every thrust of your hips. "Fuck me, I'm yours," I utter, moving faster, feeling you thrust deeper inside of me. God I want you to cum.

My cunt pulses more. I can't stop it now. I'm so close, "Cum. Cum for me!" I almost scream as it hits me, my whole body convulses again, I push hard onto your cock, pushing you over the edge. You groan my name, digging your fingers into my ass as you shoot your hot cum inside of me... we convulse together, it's so powerful. Mmmmm. "Yes."

I collapse onto you, finding your lips for a breathless kiss. You continue to move inside of me, slowing. I meet your gaze and smile at you, you stroke my hair.

"Wow Mimi, that was. Err .. fucking.. amazing," you moan. I kiss your neck.

"Mmmm." I giggle. "I aim to please. You are fucking amazing."

You smile and pull me to you again..
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