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The Hookup

I was at a friend's party on a Saturday night. I remember it was during my junior year because Kylie Brown was hosting the party. She invited me in class, and the only courses I took with her were during my junior year. We remained good friends after that. I was hanging around with my friend Tracy. The party was pretty live. There were lots of people. Some of them we knew, and a lot of them we didn't. With all of the new faces around, there were plenty of opportunities for hookups. It was that kind of party, too. I had already seen three couples go off to private rooms, and had even walked in on two girls kissing in the restroom.

I was way beyond buzzed, so I was looking for someone to hookup with myself. The good guys seemed to have been taken already. The remaining crop was pretty plain, or too preoccupied with their beer games to want to fuck my pussy.

I was scanning the crowd for a potential hookup when I spotted the sweetest looking Mexican girl. She had a full body, but there was a distinct feminine appeal about her. She was dressed in a denim skirt and blue top, and her breasts did a great job of filling her top. I hadn't really come to the party with some lesbian action in mind. But I have been known to be a bit of a carpet-muncher with the right girl. Especially under my alcoholic influence, this Mexican beauty was really looking like a good opportunity.

She was alone, so I approached her and started talking. I don't even remember the details of our conversation, but before I knew it we were heading to the back part of the house looking for some private space. After a couple of locked doors, we finally found a room that was available.

Her name was Nicki. After a few introductory kisses, she unbuttoned her blouse and slipped off her bra to reveal her large, brown breasts. They were clearly augmented, but I didn’t mind at all. Nicki had the most beautiful, full breasts that I had seen in a long time. They were the light-brown color of her Mexican skin. Her areolas were dark and small with erect nipples.

I immediately went down and started kissing on Nicki's nipples and breasts. She cradled her palm around my head and gently held me close to her bosom. For a long while, I kissed and licked at her nipples and breasts. The nipple stimulation really seemed to turn Nicki on. She would often grab at her pussy as she moaned.

With an available dildo, I would have loved to fuck this little beauty. But with that option out, I was anxious to get my lips against her pussy. Before I could, however, Nicki made some action toward me. She started taking my shirt and bra off and returned the breast pleasure. My pussy began to soak as she took my whole nipples and areola into her mouth. With gentle grabs, she massaged my breasts as she sucked on the ends.

I still had my shorts and panties on. Nicki helped me slip out of those and had me lay down on the bed. In the dark, I watched her slip off her denim skirt and panties and crawl onto the bed with me. Nicki spread me legs apart, cupped a hand over my pussy and slipped a finger into my moist purse. With her finger massaging inside my cunt, she leaned forward against my body and continued kissing on my nipples and breasts.

Nicki's hand was just as busy as her mouth. She was aggressively fingering my pussy. She would frequently move her finger in and out and reposition her hand. She even slipped in two fingers at one point. She was hitting all the right spots with her fingers and mouth. I was moaning so loud at the pleasure and wanted to cum so bad.

As lost as I was in all of the pleasure, Nicki did something that immediately grabbed my attention. I felt her pull her fingers out of me for just a couple of seconds, then she penetrated my pussy with a dildo. What a sly little slut. I was even more turned on as she leaned her pussy against the dildo, as if it were her own cock.

With her waist steadily humping the dildo in and out of my pussy, Nicki reached up with both of her hands and started massaging my breasts and nipples. After a few short moments of enjoying the pleasure, it hit me. Unless she has a strap-on, which I knew she didn't, how could this girl be fucking me with a dildo with both of her hands on my breasts?

I gave Nicki a questioned look on my face. As she kept on pounding my pussy, she returned me with a knowing look of yes. All I could do was enjoy the pleasure as my mind tried to process what was really going on. A beautiful Mexican girl with wonderful breasts and a hard dick was fucking me!

I just laid back and let Nicki fuck me without focusing too much on the details. Instead, I just focused on each good thing that was happening to me. I was with a beautiful girl. There were two large breasts in my face. I was getting fucked. Just enjoy it. Don't ask any questions.

By now, Nicki had realized that I wasn't going to balk on her and had settled in to fucking me harder. She was busy pumping me at a steady motion, and that steady motion had her breasts swinging in front of my face. I reached forward, took each breast in a hand and started sucking at the nipples. I could feel Nicki's response to the nipple stimulation in my pussy. Her thrusts became harder and deeper. Her cock wasn't that large. I have to say that I've been fucked by bigger dicks before. But the girl did put some good effort and motion into it.

I let Nicki fuck me a little more, and then decided that I wanted to experience her dick a little closer. After all, if this was going to be a true lesbian experience, I needed to taste some pussy juices. I had Nicki get off of me and sit on the edge of the bed. I got on the floor on my knees and positioned myself between Nicki's legs, in classic blowjob position.

It was mostly dark in the room, but I wasn't going to be so rude as to turn on the light just to see her dick. I took Nicki's penis into my right hand and could feel my pussy juices on it. It felt real. Now it was time to see if it worked for real. I wrapped my lips around the head of her cock. I could taste my own sweet juices on my tongue, which immediately aroused me even more.

As I had suspected earlier during the fucking, Nicki's cock wasn't that long, maybe five inches, so it didn't take much to slide it all the way into my mouth. My lips were around the base of the cock and there was still room to go. I just took her little dick in all the way.

Nicki's cock was rock hard. I sucked on the head, swallowed the shaft, and jacked it off. Any bit of stimulation that I could offer from my hands or mouth, I supplied it. The more I sucked at her cock, the more Nicki became stimulated and aroused, just like every other man that I have sucked off.

I knew Nicki was about to explode, and I was ready to see her cum squirt out of her rod. Nicki stood up and I was still crouched before her. I looked up and was strangely aroused by the sight of a cock, breasts and long, curly hair above me.

Nicki squirmed as I gave her cock several long and hard sucks. I knew she was about to burst. I tasted a drizzle of pre-cum drop on my tongue. With two or three more pulls of my mouth, Nicki let out a groan of pleasure as her cum squirted into my mouth. I continued sucking the cum out of her dick until she was drained out. All the while, I was still amazed that I was swallowing cum from a girl's penis.

I stood up and kissed Nicki. She hugged me and we held each other for a moment. I didn't know much about the sexual lifestyle of transvestites. I had the impression, though, that she normally had sex with guys and she was simply pleased to share the experience with another woman. Maybe just having a sexual experience without having to explain her difference or settle down a frantic and shocked partner was appreciation enough. Either way, I was happy to oblige Nicki that night.

We both got dressed and left the room. When I got back into the party, Tracy had hooked up with two guys for us and she was ready to leave with them. She had been looking for me for a while. I gave Nicki a wave and a smile goodbye from across the room. As we headed out of the house, I told Tracy that I wasn't in the mood tonight and I was going home. I told her that she could have both of them, and she did. But that’s another story. As for me, I went home and thought all night about my latest lover who offered me the best of both worlds.

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