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The Journey - The Beginning

The creation of a slave
There was something truly surreal about feeling his half hard cock filling my mouth. The salty taste of his orgasm lingered on my lips as his white cream oozed down from my face to drip onto my large exposed breasts. My eyes looked up at him through smeared makeup in pure delightful submission, silently pleading for a sign that he had been truly pleased by the curvy redhead that had been offered to him.

The pain in my knees, the soreness of my rear cheeks and the throbbing sensation of my ass-pussy should have been enough to make me wish for this to have ended long ago, but instead it had only made me want to experience more... so much more.

As he looked down, he offered me a genuine smile of satisfaction which prompted me to happily squeeze my lips together to draw out what ever few drops of his climax had been left in him. I had been given to him to do as he wished, and in turn he had made me his in everyway imaginable. As I delighted in his taste I could not help but think back at the journey that had brought me here… to be in front of him on my knees… with his now spent cock between my lips and his cum covering my face and breasts.

My name is Steve Adams, and this is the story of my journey.


Roughly two years ago, on a cool April morning while I was out for an early jog, I ran into the woman that would change my life… actually we ran into each other. She had been jogging as well and we ended up colliding into one another because our attention had been elsewhere… namely on a couple enjoying some rather intimate activities on one of the park's picnic tables.

After having laughed, apologized and helped each other up, we went for coffee where we introduced ourselves. Her name was Brittney and she worked for a pharmaceutical company. I was instantly drawn to her even though she had not been the type of girl that I usually dated. All of my friends had joked that the world would come to an end if I ever actually found someone and settled down with them… the funny part had been that I agreed with them. The idea of spending the rest of my life with the same woman had simply been something that was unappealing to me… at least that was until that morning.

After we finished our coffees and went our separate ways I found that I could not stop thinking about Brittney. I began to plan as to how I would make sure to run into her again the next morning, going back to the park at the same time and on the same trail. For some unknown reason I had been so taken by her that I even considered getting Brittney a little something, a gift of some sort to show her that she had been on my mind.

I spent the next few days running like an idiot in the morning, searching for her through the park and on the third day, just as I had been ready to give up, I saw her again. I have no idea what came over me but I just had to talk to her again. Brittney had become an obsession… a deep-rooted need that I could not resist.

We spoke and went for coffee once again, and during that time I found myself dreading the rest of the day that I would have to spend away from her. My friends and co-workers at the agency I worked for quickly joked that I had finally experience loved and that there had been no turning back. I was not sure if this had in fact been "love" but I knew that I would do anything and everything possible to insure that I would see Brittney again.

Within a week of our first time together we started dating regularly and within a month she had moved in to my apartment. The more time I spent with Brittney, the more I found myself ready and willing to do anything she asked of me. There had been something truly mesmerizing… intoxicating about her, something that went against all logic and reason, something that I was simply unable to resist.

From the day Brittney moved in she introduced me to things that I had never even imagined. I had always thought of myself as being a rather experienced lover, but she quickly proved me wrong by showing me how to role play, the joys of bondage, the thrills of exhibitionism, and the subtle nuances of submission and dominance just to name a few.

Every morning during the month of June we would go jogging although some days we did far more loving than running. She often joked that all of this had been the fault of that couple we had seen on that first day, although what we ended doing in that same park would have put them to shame in no time. Brittney had asexual appetite that seemed boundless and which constantly kept me on my toes because I did not want to disappoint her. By the end of the month we had claimed every picnic table in the park as well as several benches and countless bushes.

As adventurous as our sex life had been, it seemed not enough to satisfy Brittney's insatiable appetite, something that I had noted and hoped to find away to rectify. Even with the promises of action during our early morning jogging, she would wake up before me some mornings and draw me out of my slumber using her expert lips. My body would instantly react to her touch and the feeling of her moist list as they slid up and down my hardened shaft had been simply heavenly. She had even taken to inserting a finger or two up my rear entrance to further stimulate my senses which served to send me over the edge in earth shattering orgasms.

The first few times she had done this, Brittney had been more than happy to take my first load of the day into her mouth and swallow every last drop. One day though she surprised me with a passionate kiss immediately after, a kiss that gave me a sample taste of my own cum. As repulsed by the experience as I initially was, I could not find it within me to refuse the kisses that followed in later mornings, each one seemingly carrying a larger sample of my white cream.

By mid-August, Brittney had managed to train me to not only accept her creamy offerings but to actually have me begging for them. At that point she would delight in making me cum, keep the full load in her mouth so that we could share in a passionate "wet" kiss as she called it. Of course I had been under strict instructions to swallow every last drop and to lick off her breasts of anything that might have escaped her initial catching of my load.

Every so often she would tease me and refer to me as her "cum slut", a title that I strangely enough became to like and fuel further fantasies.

Throughout the summer we often laid in bed after a heated encounter that had left us both sweating and panting, sharing thoughts and fantasies. Brittney had been very open with her feelings and sexual desires, and given all that she had shown me I had been more than happy to do anything in my power to make her dreams become reality. So we traveled to distant shopping malls where we would sneak into the men's bathrooms to enjoy a steamy encounter, sometimes in one of the locked stalls, sometimes right there over the sinks. I quickly discovered that Brittney enjoyed being seen, putting on a show for others, and that she also enjoyed watching them… like those men who would masturbate while they watched us. It was easy to see that her attention had been focused on them… on their swollen members as they were beaten furiously to climax.

One day in September, she even invited one man who had discovered us in the man's bathroom of a high-rise office building to come closer so that she could wrap her luscious red lips around his swollen member. I remember feeling a tightening in my throat as I watched Brittney take that stranger's cock deep into her mouth, but I wanted her to be happy and the way her pussy had squeezed my own hardness had been proof enough of her enjoyment.

She eagerly accepted his orgasm on her face and even displayed pride in showing off the cream oozing from her features as she looked back at me after he had left. This went even further as we left the building, Brittney not having cleaned her face so that the entire world could bare witness to her disgrace. Somehow I found myself almost jealous of the way she felt as she placed herself on display, a feeling that somehow I wanted to share… to experience.

By the time fall had come around, we had shifted our daily routine to deal with the cooler weather. Our morning jogging and wilderness sexual encounters had been replaced with sessions under the warm water of the shower where we would usually indulge in the oral pleasuring of each other before diving into more primal acts which very often included anal stimulation… both hers and mine.

One night Brittney surprised me by coming into the bedroom sporting a simple looking strap-on. She explained that she had begun to fantasize about doing me as I had done her so many times. Despite my obvious reluctance to allow this, I found myself unable to resist her request and I once again submitted to her will… to her control and desires. Strangely though, the deeper I fell into this submission, the more I grew to enjoy it… to take pleasure in the way it made her feel… and also the way it made me feel.

From that day, the strap-on became a reoccurring toy in our encounters which led to her asking me to wear a butt-plug from time to time to further train my rear entrance to accept her when she would be in the mood. The feeling of that plug in me for hours at a time made me want to feel something larger, longer and only served to make me want to give myself to her that much more.

At Halloween, Brittney convinced me to dress as a shapely secretary for her pharmaceutical firm's party. She explained that she had always wanted to see what it would be like with a shemale and that this would be a perfect way for her to experience this. Of course she promised to make it worth my while, a promise that proved to be more than enough for me to agree to this latest venture into a previously unknown universe of sexual experiences.

We worked for several hours to give me the look that Brittney had envisioned and desired, going as far as to shave my entire body. Somehow she had already obtained a corset, some breasts forms and a long curly auburn wig along with all of the clothing and accessories that would have been required for such a venture. It was clear to me that this had not been a spur of the moment decision, a fact that I actually enjoyed as it gave me the opportunity to dive fully into this experience without delay..

I spent the evening getting accustomed to the heels, the style of walk that Brittney had instructed me to use and the feeling of a larger plug forced into my ass. Although I knew that many at the party had figured out what I had truly been, it had been a thrill to experience the smiles and whistles of a group of men as we left the party. I knew then that I would want to experience the excitement I felt again, that I found strutting around as a woman had been an amazing sensation.

That night the strap-on was used on me several times with a ferocity that I had never experienced or imagined. Brittney slapped my cheeks red as she rammed me with all available force, calling me her slut and tramp as she made me moan and after having shared my own load in a passionate "wet" kiss. Following this sleepless night of wild and torrent sex, it had been easy to imagine that this would become a reoccurring theme in our sexual adventures, one that I would endeavor to see happen as frequently as possible.

By Christmas time Brittney had upgraded the strap-on and butt-plug several times to increase their length and width. The small 6-inch dildo that I had been introduced to on that first night a few months ago had become an impressive foot-long black colored cock that I was made to take in its entirety at least twice a week, and every night on the weekend. In order to be rewarded by such a monumental delight, I had now been obliged to dress as a woman, sometimes wearing a school girl's shirt and skirt uniform, other times dressed in a revealing dress that would normally be seen on a lady of the night.

Brittney had decided to bestow upon me the honored title of "ass bitch", always willing and ready to bend over to take in as deep as possible that black monster of a dildo that she seemed so pleased in having between her legs and which I could not stop dreaming about.

One night, as we rested on the bed after another passionate session I turned to Brittney and asked her a simple question… would she like it if I had my own breasts instead of these forms? Her answer surprised me somewhat as she turned to kissed me passionately. "I have been dreaming of you having real breasts for a while but was always worried that you might think me crazy. I would love for you to become a full shemale. I could bring home hormones that the company offers to transsexuals who want a more feminine physique while not their "manhood".

I was so happy that I nearly cried.

By the end of January my wardrobe had grown to include ever taller high heeled boots, patterned stockings as well as a variety of corsets to help me achieve that perfect "shemale" look Brittney and I enjoyed so very much.

The hormones that Brittney had brought back from her pharmaceutical company had been in both pills and liquid, and although I delighted in taking them both I found the liquid form to be far more enjoyable as it allow me to dream of swallowing my own climax, or even someone else's.

Brittney had even managed to get a new strap-on that allowed her to "cum", an activity that she delighted in doing especially as I knelt in front of her. The "cream" used for her climaxes had closely resembled my own in taste and texture which only helped with my desire to be made into a swallowing slut on a daily basis.

During the months of February and March, I began to wear panties and stockings while I was at work and to change into something more "feminine" the moment I would return home. I could simply not get enough of feeling like a woman in every way possible

By the time April came along I had grown to spending the majority of my time as a woman, even going as far as taking days off work to spend the full day dressed. Brittney had left several toys for me to use and practice with, to insure that my new found skills in deepthroating would not be lost. She even went as far as to provide me with several gallons of "cum" for me to enjoy from a second squirting dildo that had been affixed to the wall in our "adventure room". It had actually been her suggestion that we mix the hormones with the "cum" to make the experience even more enjoyable for me.

In May, for our first year anniversary, Brittney invited me out to a fancy restaurant… actually she invited her Shemale lover stating that tonight would be a night that would forever change my life. Thrilled with the prospect of going out in public as a woman, I quickly transformed into my alter-ego whom had been christened "Sabrina", so that I could retain my initials.

We drove to a luxurious restaurant where we were graciously welcomed and escorted to our table which had been reserved. We sat across from each other, my eyes locked on the smile of pure delight on Brittney's face.

"Sabrina," she began as she reached for my manicured hands. "You know that I love you more than anything in this world, right?"

The question took me by surprise and left me unable to answer except with a timid nod of the head.

"You know that I would never do anything to hurt you and that I want you to be as happy as I am, right?" Brittney added which only made me more nervous.

Again I nodded my head as I braced myself for something… anything.

"Everything I have done was for you," she continued. "To open up a new world of sensations and delights to you that you would never have otherwise experienced," Brittney added before she paused for a few seconds. "The problem is that some of your friends at your work have noticed certain changes*… that you seemed for feminine then before. So they called me to see if everything was alright and if I knew anything about this. I told them that you had decided to point your life in another direction."

Puzzle by her words I simply continued to listen to what Brittney had been trying to tell me.

"The hormones have been working and I know that you have noticed it, but we never sat down to think about what others would say when they would see you acting more feminine and sporting curves that are not meant for men. So I decided to act on your behalf and had our legal department work their magic… here."

Briitney reached into her purse and presented me with a set of legal documents clearly stating that the man known as Steve Adams would from this point on be referred to as a woman by the name of Sabrina Adams.

Before I could comment on what she had done Brittney continued. "I also took the liberty of getting you a job at the pharmaceutical company I work for, it won't be at the salary you had but they are expecting "Sabrina" to report for work on Monday… not Steve."

I could not believe my ears, and the best part was that I wanted it all. Brittney had given me what I had wished for even though I had not actually voiced it or actually realized it. But now that it had all been a done deal it had felt so right.

The next day I called my work and resigned my position, then spent the rest of the day taking care of the rest of the legal requirements to make the transmission official and complete. Steve had been replaced by Sabrina in every aspect… body and soul. Brittney helped to get rid of the last remnants of my male persona and instructed me on how to be better acquainted with her firm's field. She clearly explained what I would be expected to do… what Sabrina would be expected to do.

She had managed to get me assigned as a secretarial assistant to the labs in the basement, which meant that I would not have to deal with a lot of people. This allowed me to not worry about what others thought as they contact with me would be limited.

After roughly six months my transmission had been nearly complete thanks to my having gained access to even more potent hormones from what had now become *my
company. My breasts had filled out nicely and my body had taken on a shape that left no hints of what I had been before. As far as everyone at work and in town had been concerned I was Sabrina Adams, a sensually teasing and shapely redhead.

One day, one of the lab supervisors called me into his office. My worries as to the reason for this call were quickly replaced with puzzlement as I saw Brittney sitting in a chair across from the desk.

"Sabrina, please come in… we were just talking about you."

I nervously glanced at Brittney who simply smiled, leaned in closer as I sat down and whispered, "Remember that I love you and that everything I have done was for you so that you would be happy."

Now completely stunned and confused, I sat down in the chair next to Brittney and waited for someone to explain what was happening.

"First, allow me to congratulate you on your accomplishment," he began, his eyes every so diligently scanning my curves. "Brittney has been giving me the details of your journey since I was the one who authorized the release of the hormones that you have been taking. I am very pleased to see that they have been working so well."

I had not been certain how to act or react at this news, unsure if I should feel shame for him knowing that I had once been a man or pride in the knowledge that he seemed most happy with the way I looked.

"Sabrina," Brittney jumped in with. "We have reached an arrangement, one that would see you promoted as well as experience what I believe to be the final step in you becoming what you have always wanted to be."

I looked back at Brittney unsure as to what she had meant but my attention returned to the man across the desk as he stood from his chair. "James has always had a thing for shemales and part of the arrangement for me to get the hormones you needed was that he would be able to "test drive" the final product. I figured that after everything you had been through and dreamt about you would delight in being taken by a real man."

"This is not open for debate," James stated as he walked around his desk. "Brittney promised me you and after having seen the results you will be made to be mine."

Brittney smiled and leaned back in her chair as she invited me to stand and join James. She had literally given me to him to use as he wanted and somehow I found that prospect to be a major turn-on.

With a commanding pressure on my shoulders James forced me down onto my knees where I began to undo his pants having immediately understood what had been expected of me, at least at this point in the encounter. The fact that I had been about to perform oral sex on a real man and that I was about to do this in front of Brittney had been absolutely exciting… a dream come true.

My lips eagerly took James in and I found it easy to take his full length down my throat causing him to take a firm hold of my hair so that he could push in as deep as he could. The fact that he seemed uncaring about whether I could breathe or not only added to the excitement of the situation… he had decided to make me his and I the best part had been that I wanted him to.

It had not been long before I found myself completely naked, leaning over his desk as he rammed into me with all of his might. I even managed to catch a glimpse of Brittney playing with her breasts and pussy as she watched her little "ass bitch" be plowed by a man.

James had unbelievable stamina, forcing me to change position many times as he explored the extent of my desires and willingness to be used and abused. Eventually though he told me to drop to my knees so that he could give me what he knew I wanted the most… to feel his orgasm on my face.

Shot after shot emerged from his hardened member to land on my face, my lips and in my opened mouth. I had never expected anyone to cum so much and it filled me with unimaginable joy that I had been the cause of such delight. Once he had finished unleashing his cream on me I wrapped my lips around his cock and looked up into his eyes…

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