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The Lotus Room

Duang's webcam harem has become his business with a surprising twist.
Duang finishes his dinner early these days. He waits a while then as soon as he can, excuses himself from his elderly parents and climbs up to his room on the second storey of their wooden house.

It’s his usual time to check on his harem.

It’s cool at this time of the evening, really the best time to be up here.

The sun is setting behind the shiny leaves of the mango trees. A squirrel is munching a hole in the half-ripped dark-green fruits dangling on long thin stalks, its last meal for the day.

The top of the large wooden table Duang uses for his computer desk is tidy. His old laptop sits on it with its lid folded shut. It is both his place of work and entertainment, his cosy little private world.

The laptop screen comes on. One click on the browser bookmark and the web camera shows a small room with its bed covered with a neat white sheet. A bedside reading lamp casts a warm and friendly light directly on the bed. On the bedside cubboard is also a big vase of lotus flowers. A clock hangs strategically on the top right-hand side of the screen in the empty room.

It’s half past nine, half an hour to go.

Duang clicks another bookmark. His The Lotus Room site comes on.

There is a decoration of the vase filled with mauve lotus flowers found in ponds here. A digital clock on the home page shows 22.00.

Another click on that pages and the rooms are displayed, 7 of them. All the interiors are different, as if they belong to different houses. There is a big bed on the middle of each still web-cam photo.

On each bed reclines a young naked woman, lying on her side, black hair, some short some flowing, shiny dark skin, pert breasts and bottoms, gazing seductively at the camera with an inviting smile. Their private parts below are artfully concealed.

There is a close-up of the women’s faces also next to their full length one. They are all beautiful. The writing explains that it is Duen’s turn tonight at 10 pm.

Each night of the week at the same time, the show moves to another bedroom belonging to each of the seven girls. The viewer is told that what they see is live from a hidden web camera placed in each room.

It is time so Duang clicks to “Duen’s Lotus Room.”

Right on time the door opens. The pretty petite woman in the photo walks in. She holds the hand of a big farang (foreigner), perhaps a tourist, from Italy by the look and sounds of him. The viewers hears them laughing together.
The picture quality is better than the usual amateur web camera result, seen on the Net.

“You just wait here and I’ll undress,” the woman says and pushes the man playfully on to the bed.

“Allright,” he says, happy.

As she had been coached, Duen stands near the man where she is in the middle of the camera view. Looking towards her customer, she lifts her short dress off over her head, then click to drop her bra.

“Bravissima!,” yells the fat Italian.

Again as coached, Duen moves nearer to the man seated at the end of the big bed. The clear invitation is for the man now to strip her of her brief underwear. He takes a while to catch on.

Then he pulls down her undies.

“Mama mia!!,” he screams.

He sees that Duen is a katoey (transvestite).

From her lush black pubic hair sticks out a sizable sausage of a penis.

The Italian laughs raucously and grabs hold of her penis, pulling it along to his mouth. “Yummy,” he said.

Duang’s finger is at a special control where from his room he can zoom the web cameras in and turn them to some extent to follow the action on the beds.

He zooms the camera now to the man face with Duen’s penis in his mouth. The tourist was in a hurry now. Duen helps him quickly undress, discarding his clothes on the floor, with a theatrical touch.

Naked now, the fat man roughly flops her on her front at the end of the bed, so the her bottom stick out, doggy style. Duen is ready, grabbing some lubricating cream nearby to put on the man big penis, hurriedly be forces it into her anus.

The man is off now, mumbling a string of incomprehensive words. Very soon the camera closes in onto his grimacing face as he yells his orgasm to the neighbourhood and the world.

All of Duang’s girls are transvestites.

Many Thai men choose to become women early on in life. They simply dress a girl, wear make-up and take pills to grow breasts. Because of their bigger male stature, they are often stunning and gorgeous women. Only their husky male voices betray them.

That is the surprise of his site. Most customers don’t know when they come in to unknowingly perform in front of an online international audience who doesn’t know the secret either.

Only at the crucial time when the underwear is pulled down in full view of the camera, is the secret out.

Then comes the humour. Many straight customers, maybe Bible-belt Middle Americans, are speechless with the horror they see in front of them. A  balding English gentleman does his stiff-upper-lip best to excuse himself and hurry out of the picture. The discomfort of some Japanese or Thai customers too “kills” the audience with amusement. As do their quick departures.

But, like this Italian, many unlikely men’s eyes light up when they see the unexpected penis pointing at them. No doubt for some, this was there first opportunity to realize a private fantasy. Many familiar faces come back.

Duang remembers that about a year ago, the idea for his present work came to him. As usual, he had his favourite spots on the Net that he visited every night.  There, pictures of naked blond Russian or Nordic girls showed what he can never hope see in the flesh. He didn’t know that women did those things, then also showed them off to an international audience.

Then he discovered other websites where teenage white girls were stripping in front of their computers for the world to see. He couldn’t believe that this was happening. What angels some of these nubile girls were.

They gave him his business idea.

“What? You have gone crazy!,” said Duen, after he managed to tell his childhood friend. The two were sitting at the corner makeshift coffee place where mangy street dogs gathered to sleep all over the road itself.

“You see, I won’t even have to charge the men who come too much money. Being cheap, they will be queuing at your door. But a lot of money will come from overseas, and we’ll split it 50:50.”

“That will make me a common prostitute,” said Duen.

“You are never common,” he said. “I’ll choose the customers carefully and there will only be one a night, or every few days. And it will pay well.”  

Duang knew that Duen has always been keen on him. But his own preference is for the many  comely and compliant girls in the neighbourhood, from which there is plenty to choose.
Duen reached under the table to caress his penis.

“I’ll do it, if after every time I work for you, you come and stay that night with me.”

“It’s a deal!,” said Duang.

He kissed Duen on her luscious mouth glistening with red lipstick. He felt good with that kiss. Maybe he was changing.

Some streets boys looked and giggled and they could see Duen’s hand under the table.

One of them already looked like a girl.
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