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The office girl's suprise

Tamsin was the new girl in the office and she was clearly shy. Unlike the other girls who splattered make up all over their faces and spent hours on deciding which dress to wear, Tamsin was rather plain. Her typical outfit was a smart suit. It became very clear very quickly that she felt very awkward in the new environment, so I thought I'd try and help her settle in.

Over the next few weeks we quickly became close friends, often laughing at each others jokes while our co workers were still trying to work out the punchline.

Out of the blue an office night out was arranged. I asked Tamsin if she'd like to go fully expecting her to be busy, but to my surprise she said yes. So we headed off with everyone else for a few drinks with the idea of going to a club later.

Tamsin and I got our drinks, sat down and chatted. As we joked amongst ourselves, we shyly started to flirt with each other. our conversation turned to the club we were going to go to, and Tamsin decided she didn't want to go. Which was fine with me as the club was just a meat market where every girl would be surrounded by at least four guys.

As we left Tamsin asked if I would go back to the office with her as she'd left her phone there.


We get to the office and I start searching her desk. As we search the floor around her desk she softly grabs me, pulls me to face her and softly kisses me. I instantly wrap my arms around her and pull her closer as we caress each others lips.

She begins to kiss my neck as her hands slowly stroke down my body to my quickly hardening cock. She pushes me onto the desk and drops to her knees. Before I even have time to comprehend what's happening her tongue is swirling around the tip of my hard cock, licking up the precum. She takes me deeper and sucks me gently as her fingers tease my ass. In the thrill of the moment I start to moan which encourages her to suck harder and faster.

Tamsin sighs before kissing me once again, this time letting me taste my own precum on her lips. She drops to her knees again and rips my trousers completely off. I pull myself up onto her desk and lay down as she softly licks from the top of my now throbbing cock all the way down my shaft. To my surprise she kept running her tongue down as I spread my legs wider, yearning for more. Her tongue slowly glided down to the edge of my asshole as her hand wanks my cock. The sensation of her tongue slowly opening my naughty little hole is incredible. I feel like I'm about to explode. 

I can't take it anymore, I want her!

She's shocked as I get myself off the desk and pull her to me kissing her passionately before turning her to face the wall. I kiss her neck as my hands slowly but confidently stroke her small breasts. As her erect nipples graze the wall, my hands slide down to her stomach and ass. She moans softly as I stroke her ass cheeks and undo her belt.

Suddenly she grabs my hand as I'm about to slide it down her trousers. Our eyes lock as she guides my hand into trousers and the anticipation builds. My hand isn't caressing her clit though, as first feel the wet tip of her quickly hardening cock.

A moment passes before I kiss her whilst stroking her cock slowly.

"Taste me," she whispers.

We go back to her desk and she sits down on her chair, unveiling her slim, sensuous legs and sexy hard cock.

I slowly take her cock into my mouth before closing my lips around her and softly suck. Her second load of precum hits my tongue and the taste is amazing.

Suddenly, she pushes me to the desk and I'm on my back again. She gently slides her cock inside me for the first time. It hurts at first before she starts fucking me faster. With each thrust my cock hardens. I can feel her throbbing inside me until she cries out, exploding inside me.

As her load fills me, I feel myself cumming too, shooting over my shirt and face.

With a twinkle in her eye, Tamsin gives me a lingering kiss.


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