The price a slave has to pay - Part One

By Pudmeister

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A slave must obey their Master even if it means permanent changes to their body.
I was driving my car to an address that Jimmy had given me. It was an apartment in a part of town I rarely went to. It had been almost a year since I had met Jimmy in a bar that catered to transsexuals and guys who were interested in them. We had sex that night and have been ever since. Jimmy is married with 2 kids and keeps that part of his life totally separate. Our relationship had developed into a true D/s one. He is my Master and I am his slave. I have to do anything he asks me to do.

About 8 months ago we were laying in his bed after having sex. He was playing with my loose ball sack that held my tiny nuts. They had shrunk after years of female hormones. He said, "Tthese are completely useless now aren't they?" I agreed that they had completely shut down and did nothing at all anymore. He suggested that I get rid of them. I asked what he meant and he said I needed to have the operation to get them removed. I asked him if that's what he wanted and he said yes, that he would pay for it and make all the arraignments I didn't have a choice. The decision for me to be castrated had been made by my Master and that was it.

I had an appointment with the doctor who would do the procedure. He was a plastic surgeon and a friend of Jimmy's. I showed up at his office and was led into an examining room. The nurse told me to undress and put on a gown. I was sitting on the cold examining table when he came in. He introduced himself and called me by the name “Anita” which was my fem name since I was in full time fem mode.

He asked me to drop the gown and he started looking me over. He looked at my scrotum and small balls and then at my tiny cock. He nodded and said, "Good." He then examined my breasts feeling their size and weight and he said, "Very good." After poking and probing pretty much my entire body he asked me to stand up and turn around. He said he needed to do a prostrate exam since I still had one and for me to bend over. I did as I was told. He put a glove on and squirted some lube on two fingers.

While bending over the table with my naked ass exposed I felt his two fingers explore then press into my ass. He slowly pushed them in and I involuntarily moaned a little. He moved them around some and then finding my prostrate, pressed on it.

I jerked a little and I think some fluid came out of my little cock. He withdrew his gloved hand and told me to hold still. I heard him remove the glove and then he moved close behind me. I felt his fingers start to re-enter me. When I felt both his hands on my ass I knew it wasn't his fingers that were inside me. It was his cock. He said not to worry, Jimmy had told him it was OK to do this. It was in exchange for the fee he charges for an exam. He was stroking his average sized cock in and out of my ass.

While he was fucking my ass the door to the room opened slightly and a nurse said that another patient was waiting for him. He said he would be done here soon. The door closed and he pumped his cock quickly and soon started spurting his cum in me. He finished and pulled out of me. Wiping his cock with a tissue he zipped up and told me to get dressed. He would schedule the surgery and be in touch.

When he left the room I went to my purse and got a tampon. I inserted it into me with the little string hanging out. I had learned this trick after having some embarrassing situations after Jimmy had cum in my ass and it leaked out in public. The tampon would soak up the good doctor's cum. I got dressed and when I left I was told that there was no charge.

So the day arrived for my surgery. Jimmy drove me to the clinic. It was early in the morning and I went through all the prep work. Jimmy and the doctor came in the room. Jimmy said he and the doctor had decided to do some additional work beyond just removing my balls. He assured me I would love it.

The doctor said that he was very experienced doing these procedures and that he never had a patient end up not happy with the outcome. I told Jimmy I was fine with anything he wanted. I signed a ton of paperwork, releasing them from liability and giving my consent to perform the procedures.

In the operating room the doctor said they were going to give me a general anesthetic. I wasn't nervous at all when I drifted off into unconsciousness.

When I woke up my mouth was dry and I couldn't open my eyes. It felt like my whole body was wrapped in bandages. There was a huge weight on my chest that I didn't understand. I heard voices in the room and I tried to blink my eyes. I heard Jimmy's voice and he said that everything went well and for me to wake up. I blinked some more and tried to focus. It felt like I was wrapped like a mummy.

I tried to speak but all I could do was croak. He gave me a sip of water. I asked him what had happened. He said that all of the procedures had gone well. He said that once my testes were removed that he and the Dr decided to re-work my plumbing down there.

The Dr had used the skin from my empty scrotum to make some nice fat outer labia lips for me. He also used the skin from my penis to form some big inner labia that would be very sensitive. The head of my penis was now my new large clit. Right where it should be.

So this is the additional work they were talking about. I stayed quiet. He said that since all that work was done it was necessary to re-route my urethra to come out in between my new pussy lips right where a woman's does. So from now on I would have to sit to pee.

I tried to speak asking about the weight on my chest. He said that since I was under the good doctor wanted to improve my breasts by giving me some implants. It was his specialty and he had done a masterful job. I started out as a 38C and was now a 36 DD or maybe a 36E. They wouldn't know until the swelling went down. He said also as a bonus the doctor had done some liposuction on me, removing some fat from my waist and sides. He recycled it by injecting it back in my ass, filling it out. I just nodded and closed my eyes.

So here I am 8 months later and I am very used to my new body. I started out as a 38C-28-36 and I am now a 36E-24-38. Other than having a functional vagina I am just like any other woman. I was happy with the way things were at the moment though.

As soon as I had recovered Jimmy had taken full advantage of my new body. He loved my new huge tits and how my pussy lips felt. Jimmy was in the contracting business. He occasionally had to travel out of town for meetings or conventions. Recently he had to go to Vegas for a convention. His wife had insisted he take the family with him. He paid for a ticket for me to go and a room down the hall from them too. He would tell his wife he was going to a seminar and then instead come down to my room and fuck the hell out of me.

One day after taking a huge load from him in my ass I went down to the pool in a skimpy bikini. His wife was there with their kids. There was an empty lounge chair next to her and I lay down on it. Eventually we struck up a conversation. I was smiling the whole time knowing her husband's cum was deep in my ass. Later when Jimmy came by the pool she introduced me to him and we shook hands like we had never met.

Later that night I was in the casino. I was wearing a slinky sequined dress that left nothing to the imagination. I saw Jimmy and his wife at a craps table and I stood next to him. I said hi to her and wished him good luck. He got the dice and rolled a winner. I bet whatever he bet and he kept rolling winners. I risked all I had and he rolled another winner and I grabbed him and hugged him close and kissed him on the cheek.

As I was wiping my lipstick from him I apologized to his wife saying I just got carried away. She smiled and said it was OK as he still held me close with my big boobs pressed into his chest. Later that night he snuck out and came to my room and pounded me.

The Vegas trip was the first time I had really been comfortable with the changes to my body. My new boobs looked great, very natural feeling. They did take some getting used to. They were very big and would throw me off balance. I had to buy all new bras of course. Well Jimmy did. He liked me to go braless out in public too because of the looks I would get.

There was one little problem with my new breasts that had started recently. They would drip milk every so often. The doctor thought it was a combination of the size and position of the implants and the hormone dose I was on.

I would find a wet spot in my bra now and then. If Jimmy played with my nipples then a couple of drops would form at the tip of them. If during sex they were grabbed and squeezed, every now and then, they would actually shoot a stream of milk out. Jimmy liked it and I wanted to please him. The doctor said it might stop on its own or the volume could increase, he wasn't sure.

My plumbing downstairs was a shock to me when I first got a look at it. The doctor had done a very skillful job. I had large puffy labia lips, both inner and outer. The head of my penis was now my clit and though on the large size it had it's own little hood and would peek out when it started to swell. It was very sensitive and I could have an orgasm by having it rubbed or sucked on.

The strangest thing was where my pee came out now. I had a new little peehole halfway between my clit and my ass. If you spread my lips apart you could see it. I had gotten use to sitting to pee and having to wipe every time.

When I got aroused I would leak clear slick fluid from it. It lubricated my lips and Jimmy like to wrap them around his cock and slide back and forth. When I had an orgasm a larger amount of clear fluid would come out of it and occasionally it would actually shoot out with some force.

The only thing missing was a vagina. Jimmy said he liked my ass so much he told the doctor not to give me one. That way I could be his ass slave. I enjoyed anal sex but every so often I would wonder what it would feel like to have a cock inside me in a vagina. The doctor told me that anytime in the future, if I wanted one he would make me a fully functional one that I would love.

I thanked him and told him I would think about it. He had done some additional facial reconstruction on me to feminize my features. My hair had grown long and Courtney had dyed in a deep auburn and gave me a cut that was sexy and easy to maintain. No more wigs for me.

I pulled into the parking lot of the apartments Jimmy had given me directions to. I didn't question why here, but I did wonder what he had in store. I saw Jimmy's truck and knew then that he was here. Probably the owner of the apartment was as well. Jimmy had told me what to wear tonight. I had a matching red lace bra and panties on he had bought from VS for me. I had a tight little black dress on that hugged my curves and showed off my ass.

My legs were tan and smooth so I didn't wear stockings. I had a pair of red heels on that matched my bra. I checked my makeup in the mirror. I got out of the car making sure my dress was smoothed out. It was very low cut, showing lots of cleavage. I think Jimmy had bought this bra a size too small on purpose because it was pushing my tits up and out.

As I walked to the right apartment I heard some voices. There was a group of young guys on a balcony looking down at me. I heard some whistles and some crude comments about my tits and ass. One guy wanted to know how much I charge. I guess he thought I was a hooker.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door hoping Jimmy would open it quickly. The door opened and standing there was a tall black guy. I smiled and asked if Jimmy was in there. He smiled back and sure, he was inside and he invited me in. I walked past him and through the entryway into the apartment. I knew he was getting a good look at my big ass.

I walked into the main room and stopped to look around. Besides the black guy that answered the door there were 4 other guys sitting there. One Black, one Hispanic, and one small White guy. Jimmy was sitting in a recliner smiling at me. He said that it looked like the evening's entertainment was here. I knew then that this was going to be a long night.