The Sexual Exploits of a TV

By whiteknight

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A TVs hot encounter with stranger in a Brighton hotel room.
I got to the hotel in the afternoon and he was arriving around 7. I took a long relaxing bath and spent ages preparing myself, what should I wear, make up etc. Eventually, I decided it was going to be my thigh high leather boots, short mini skirt and the new top I had just bought which has a plunging v neck allowing easy access to my nipples! Underneath, I put on a lacy camisole and really sexy knickers. Once I had finished my make up, I sprayed my favorite perfume, Opium, all over and when I had finished I looked and smelt just like a whore in a brothel waiting for my next client. Perfect!!

He arrived on time and immediately we started to kiss with his hand firmly caressing my buttocks and his fingers sliding towards my hole. He was dressed in jeans and a t shirt, no underwear, and I reached down to start rubbing his cock beneath his clothing. I was excited to find he was already hard and he is very well endowed, around 10" and very thick too. I unzipped his huge cock and slid down to my knees to suck him while his hand came around the back of my head urging me to take as much of his cock as I could. Now, while I am happy to give pleasure, I also like to receive too so slipping off his clothing, I made him lie back on the bed so I could straddle him in a 69 position. Taking him in my mouth again, he pulled my panties aside and started to lick my hole, pushing his tongue inside, deeper and deeper. After a short while both he and I were eager to fuck so kneeling on the bed, he stood behind me, pulled my panties down, and eased his cock into my wet hole. At first the sheer size of it gave me a shock but as he pushed deeper I started to relax and the pleasure washed over me in waves. He would thrust deep inside me and then for a few seconds let me feel every inch of his length slowly before gripping my outer thighs and letting me have it faster and harder again. He started to groan and I begged him to come in my mouth and as he pulled out and almost before I had the chance to suck him, his come started to glisten the end of his cock. I took every inch of it in my mouth and he exploded into me leaving me with a mouthful of warm come which I savored like a true slut.

We then lay back for a while, me stroking his thigh, he caressed my nipples and as I started to feel horny again, I started touching my own cock and gently playing with myself. We now lay on our sides, his cock in my mouth, (again), me stroking my cock and two of his fingers inside me tempting my hole to be fucked again. It was now my turn to come and as I did, he sucked me good and hard leaving me feeling weak at the knees. However, he had other ideas and pushing me onto my back, he raised my thigh booted legs up around his back and started to fuck me again! He smiled and said, now you have every inch of me inside you and it certainly felt like I did. After a while, I urged him to fuck me from behind again so lying on my side with my leg over his, he started to pound away again, with me groaning with pleasure. Then, quite unexpectedly, he also put a finger inside me making the whole sensation even more enjoyable. We were both making so much noise, I half expected a knock on the door from the surrounding guests to tell us to shut up but fortunately it didn't happen. What did though was when he made a deep gutural noise which told me he was coming again all the while pounding my cunt with all his strength, his strong hands holding me exactly where he wanted me. In a second, he had withdrawn, put me on my back again and wanking, he came into my open mouth while screaming in ecstasy.

By now I was spent, I felt drained in an extremely pleasurable way and it was time for him to leave. Thanks for coming I said and as he got dressed. There was no pressure on either of us and during the course of this hour and a half, we had barely exchanged a word but had both had an extremely erotic experience.