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The Sexy Little Blonde Secretary

As I stared at my sexy little secretary I couldn't help getting a hard on as her huge bosom rose
My former name was Daniel Patterson before I changed it legally to Danielle Patson. The reason I wanted a sex change from man to woman was because I never felt like a man I always knew I was a woman deep inside the wrong body.
So a few years ago I saved a few grand and had a sex change operation. I still had a dick and balls though.

In my new body I've had sex with strippers who were, as you can imagine, disgusted but some didn't care.

When I started my new job at a news editoral company I met this gorgeous and sexy little blonde with piercing blue eyes long blonde hair. She had a huge bosom which made me gulp as I knew I was being turned on. A bit later on that day I found out that her name was Antoinette Dickson and she was to be my secretary.

Over the next few months Antoinette and I would work together closely and got chatting. Her hand would graze against my right arm and it would send electricity of excitement down to my groin. We'd laugh and smile. Sometimes we'd be working late and get a take out of Chinese food or pizza.

One Thursday evening around eight 'o clock Antoinette and I were just working in the office side by side when my eyes glanced over at her huge breasts that were about to burst out of her tight, low cut white blouse. I couldn't help being turned on. Something was beginning to grow in my skirt and I knew what it was.

"What are you looking at?" Antoinette asked, before seeing what I was staring at. "I'm sorry, Miss Patson, but I'm not into girls."

Our faces were inches away from each other I quickly kissed her on the lips before she showed any resistance.

Antoinette managed to tear away from me and rushed towards the door and tried opening it but it was locked. She turned back to me all flustered, "please, Miss Patson, open this door," she said.

I rose from my chair and walked slowly towards her I released my long dark brown hair from my clasp and let it tumble down my back. My fingers began unbuttoning my white blouse until I was just in a bra on top. I heard her gasp as her eyes saw my erection through myskirt.

"That's right, honey, I'm a transsexual. My name was Daniel Petterson but a few years back I became a woman and changed my name to Danielle Patson," I explained. I unzipped my skirt at the back and let it fall to the floor. I stepped over it and stood inches away from Antoinette in black bra and knickers.

Antoinette started to resist as I kissed her hard against the door and my hands started to roam over her body but she then loosened as I began fondling her soft, wet and hot pussy with my fingers. She let a moan of pleasure.

I'd lustfully teared off all her clothes so she too was just in bra and knickers. I took off my knickers and my huge erection stood out like a rocket ready to go deep inside her sweet hole. I pulled Antoinette down to the floor and tore off her panties and got in between her legs and didnt hesitate on thrusting deep inside her. It felt so wonderful. Her tight pussy around my hard pulsating cock.

I thrusted harder and faster as hearing her deep moans of pleasure was turning me on even more. I placed her feet on my shoulders for deeper penetration. I was so close to orgasm as I felt my body building. I thrusted even hard and faster and faster still. Until my body quivered and I cried out as I released my hot juices deep inside her.

Antoinette orgasmed a few seconds later biting down on her lower lip as her body trembled for a few moments.

We stared at each other breathlessly.

"Wow," Antoinette gushed.

"You liked?" I asked, as I pulled out of her and rolled on my back and laid beside her. I turned to look at her, grinning.

She turned to me and grinned back. "It was amazing. Let'a go again?"

My eyes widened in surprise "again?" I asked.

Antoinette got on top of me "again. Unless, of course, you can't manage a second round," she teased.

My dick sprung back to life and was thrusting back inside Antoinette's sweet pussy for a second round of sex.

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