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The Strangest Dream

A trip to the local stip-club turns into an unforgetable adventure for one man

It was the strangest dream. I was with my college buddies, heading to our usual strip club. I even remember how happy we all had been at finding a parking spot right in front of the entrance.   We went up the stairs like the hormone driven men that we were, looking forward to seeing some of the hottest girls we had ever seen strip in front of us to the enticing rhythm of loud music.

Not wanting to have anything get the way of our entertainment, we all sat right at the edge of the dance floor.   Like I said this was a strange dream, I clearly remember the place being completely packed with people standing around but with just enough vacant chairs for my friends and I.   We didn't complain, we just sat down and we each ordered a beer from the cutest waitress who, with her adorable looks and massive double D breasts, could easily have been one of the dancers.

We, again as the hormone driven men that we were, began to howler and cheer as one of the dancers stepped onto the stage.   She was introduced as Brittany and she had all of our attentions well before the music had started.   Her long brown hair flowed over her shoulders and cascaded against her sensually swaying hips.   Her long, smooth and shapely legs moved across the dance floor with such ease that I was ready to swear that she had floated out of someone's dreams.   The look in her eyes could have melted steel, and the moment she began to sway to the music my friends and I were hooked.

Any of the other girls could have come to us offering each and every one of us a free blowjob we wouldn't have cared. all we wanted was to watch Brittany dance.   Like I said this was a strange dream. I would never refuse a free blowjob.   Anyway back to the dream.

At first Brittany's dance seemed to be as it should, for all of the cheering men that where in the club, but as time passed it felt more and more as if she had been dancing for us and us alone.  Something about her enchanting dark eyes when they met ours, inviting us to share our fantasies with her.   During the first song, she had only been doing the most basic moves, which were still more than enough to see us all ready to jerk off right there and then.   As soon as the second song began, the real show started and I remember telling myself to close my mouth.   Piece by piece Brittany's clothes began to come off, some dropping to the floor while others were tossed into the crowd to everyone's delight.

This being all a dream, I can't exactly remember what she had been wearing, what I do remember was that when she took off her bra, thus releasing her perfect 40DDs into the open, the lacy garment landed on my laps.   I looked down to make sure that this was real and when I looked up once again, Brittany had dropped onto her hands and knees right in front of me, giving me a perfect and tantalizing view of her breasts.   The way she ever so slowly licked her shinning red lips made my pants instantaneously feel 4 sizes too small.

I offered to return the bra to her then but I remember that she just smiled and went back to her dance, the look in her eyes hinting that she would get it back. later and on her own terms.

"Can you imagine going through life looking like that?" I remembered one of my friends saying over the loud music.   "I bet she doesn't have to buy anything.   I know that I for one would give her anything and everything to be able to spend one night with her.   I bet that body feels even better than it looks."

That's when I remember it hit me. He was probably right. With a body like that, Brittany could more than likely get the majority of men, and women for that matter, to do whatever she wanted.

The rest of the dance is a blur, but I do remember needing to rush to the bathroom as soon as she had stepped off the stage, my pants having become way too tight for my own good.

Now bare with me. Like I said this is a dream.

Somehow I managed to find my way into Brittany's dressing room instead of the men's bathroom. not that I was complaining, but I did suddenly become all too aware of the bulge that was in my pants.   Judging by the way she was smiling and looking down in that area, it was easy to guess that she had noticed it too.

"Came to bring my bra back?" She asked, her voice so sweet and charming that I found myself wishing to hear her speak some more. I didn't care what she said. I just wanted to hear her sweet, angelic voice again.   "Did you like my dancing?" She asked, filling my heart with joy at the sound of her voice.   I was so happy that I just nodded like an idiot instead of verbally answering.   I must have looked like such a jerk and looser but someone she found the entire scene rather amusing.   In fact she moved away from her vanity and invited me to take a seat where she had been.

I'm not sure why but I did, never asking any questions, my eyes locked on the reflection of her perfect and naked body in the mirror.

Before I could say or do anything, Brittany had removed my shirt and began to caress my bare chest with her long and sensual fingers.   The feeling of her touch was electrical, almost orgasmic, forcing my eyes closed as she continued to make me feel like I had never felt before.

The more she continued to touch me, the stranger I felt, as if her touch was somehow changing me, but because of the way I felt I didn't care and actually hoped that this feeling would never stop.

Eventually, and to my great sadness, she slid her hands off my body, her touch having felt even softer near the end than it had at the beginning.   Confusion washed through my thoughts as I opened my eyes to see the reflection in the mirror.   Instead of her and me, I saw Brittany and another woman sitting where I was.

"Do you like?" She innocently asked as she reached to bring my long blond hair over my shoulders to reveal the huge 40DDs that were now appearing to be on my chest.   Sure that the reflection was that of someone else, I looked down and to my surprise found that the imagein the mirror I had seen had indeed been mine.   Somehow I had been transformed into this blonde hair bombshell of a woman.   I jumped to my feet and looked at Brittany with shock, but before I could voice any concerns of fears she placed a sensual finger against my lips and told me to take it easy, this was after all only a dream.   Agreeing with her logic I complied and sat back in the chair in front of the vanity.

With the skill of a surgeon and the talent of a renaissance artist, she began to do my makeup.   In between not being able to see my reflection, I could see bits and pieces of the transformation happening before my very eyes, and in what had felt like a single heartbeat it was done.   Brittany moved away and pointed to the new and improved reflection in the mirror.   The reflection that met my gaze stunned me.  She was gorgeous... I mean I was gorgeous.  My full and shinning red lips seemed to be made for being wrapped around something long and hard.  My carefully contoured eyes appeared as if they would melt the heart of any man in mere seconds, and the general look of innocence that reflected in the mirror hinted to something more, something much more.

"Now have a look at my wardrobe," Brittany said leaving me sitting there by myself as she left the room.   "I'll be right back."

The fact that she had walked out totally naked never dawned onto me, I was just too taken by the reflection that was looking back at me.   I just couldn't understand how such a vision of beauty could have been me*.

Reminding myself that this was only a dream, I finally managed to get myself off the chair and stop looking at my new body, and wow what a body it was.   I made my way to her wardrobe, glancing back at the mirror on occasions, as if wondering when this illusion would end.   When it didn't I began to look at the seemingly countless pairs of shoes, boots and other attires and someone instinctively reached in and grabbed something.

First a black lace garter belt that fitted around my diminished waist perfectly followed by a pair of black stockings.   It was only as the stockings rolled up my legs that I noticed just how smooth they had become, my simple touching them enough to send shivers throughout my body.   Now, I can only guess that because I knew this was all a dream that the absence of a rather important part of my manhood had not bothered me, that in fact I had found the growing wetness between my legs to be rather interesting, exciting.

Anyway, after the garter belt and the stockings, I selected a tight little black mini dress that showed more than a fair share of cleavage and ass, the V-cut line of the neck displaying nearly half of my new found breasts while the lower seam barely managed to reach below my ass.   The reflection in the mirror as I looked at the result was amazing and had I still had my cock, I knew that it would have been rock hard at the sight.

All that was missing was some shoes or boot, my eyes immediately locking on a pair of knee high, 4-inch heel shinning black boots.   Having always loved the look of such boots I thought that they would look that much better on this fabulous body that I had.

The moment the zipper reached the top of the boot, the door opened and Brittany walked in, giving me a rather approving look.   "She's all yours boys," she said making me wonder what she had meant.   By the time I had figured it out though it had been too late.   My three friends, those that I had come to this club with, rushed into the room and looked at my like hungry animals.

Now what was I going to say?   That it was me and not this gorgeous blond woman they were all drooling over?   Dream or not, there was no way that they would believe me.   I tried never the less to dissuade their efforts, but at six hands against two, the final result was inevitable.   Soon I felt my large breasts being eased out of the dress to be squeezed and abused rather forcefully by Brian and before I could say something about this treatment I was being forced to endure, I was dragged down onto my knees by Tom who had taken a solid hold of the back of my neck, all of this under the amused grin of Brittany who was watching the whole thing from the other side of the room.

In this new position, Brian had continued to man handle my breasts while Mike moved behind me and started caressing my ass, having moved what little part of the dress had been in the way.   I tried pushing Mike's hands away from having his way with my now vulnerable ass, but this had given Tom the chance to get his pants off without my seeing and present me with what he wanted to have me do next… my red shinning lips on his cock.

By the time I realized what was truly happening it had been too late. I was being raped, and by my own friends on top of that.

The harder I fought, the more strength they used against me to restrain my movements and force themselves onto me.   Having taken a solid hold of my long blond hair, Tom forced his cock deep down my throat in a single push, making me almost pass out because of the gag reflex.

I was just about to bite down when Brian spanked my ass so hard that I screamed out, the sound of my pain having been muffled by the rather large cock that had been forced down my throat and that was now sliding in and out.

I tried to fight but there was no use. Brian, Tom and Mike were simply too strong for me, especially while I was in this body.   Since fighting against them was only making them more determined to have their way with me, even if it meant hurting me in the process, I abandoned myself to the assault.

Finding it a little disturbing that I was not totally disgusted by the fact that Tom's cock was sliding in and out of my mouth, I actually found myself pressing down with my lips, the feeling of my moist red lips around his hard shaft having made him moans with pleasure.   Hard like a steel pole, Tom's cock slid between my lips with increasing ferocity as he proceeded to fuck my face while calling me a 'bitch' and 'slut'.

Feeling my breasts being assaulted by Brian's hungry hands, I stopped my sucking of Tom's cock and looked down to see Brian lying on the floor between my legs and reaching up to fondle my huge tits.   Actually he was not fondling them, rather squeezing them as if gold would come out of them.

Again before I could comment, Mike forced me down on my hands and knees from behind, pushing me towards Brian.   Although this had obliged Tom to drop to his knees to have me continue sucking on his hard cock, he didn't seem to mind.   Brian also seemed more than happy with the new arrangement, as it had allowed him to suck and bite on my hard nipples.

Now, having Tom's cock ferociously sliding between my lips and having Brian squeeze my large breasts for all that they were worth while biting at my erect nipples was not all that unpleasant, and again reminding myself that this was only a dream I thought that I might as well make the best of it.

Suddenly sensing my increase willingness to please and be used by them, Tom and Brian doubled their efforts, making full use of the body that I had inherited.   The attention they had been giving me must have been good because all of this had made me forget about Mike, that was until I felt his wet finger begin to probe the tightness of my asshole.   I wanted to scream to him to stop, but with Tom's cock all the way down my throat, a loud 'HMMMM' was all that I managed, making it sound more like I wanted more instead.

When I felt Brian's cock search between the inside of my legs to finally slide into the dripping wetness of my own cunt, I knew that there was no stopping what was to come. Actually the feeling of sheer pleasure was more than I could have ever imagined and from that point on I actually hoped that Mike would take me up the ass and truly make me feel *full*.

This was turning out into a full out gangbang and I was the main attraction.   I had seem my fair share of movies but had never imagined how good it could feel to have three men ravaging a body at the same time, especially not *my

Brian was pounding my pussy with every inch of his length while Mike was playing with my ass, first with one finger, then with two, then with three, stretching my hole more each time.   With each finger he made my want to feel his cock that much more noticeable, my moans of complain having completely been replaced by moans of utmost desire and lust.

It didn't take all that long before I felt that third long and hard cock invade my body, making me feel like a real slut, a feeling that I had to admit I liked. His thick pole stretch my ass even further as he buried his full length into me, his hips finally touching my ass before he started to pump my rear hole like a maniac. Soon all three were pumping me silly, each making me feel the full length of their cocks with each and every push.

After a few moments I even began to think that this was not all that bad, lets face it I was the main attraction for three men and they were all having a tremendous time by the grunts they were making.

When I felt Tom's body become rigid I knew what was coming, or cumming, and since he had still a strong hold on my hair keeping my head from going anywhere else, I simply continued to suck as fast as I could.   This was only a dream, so might as well make it a good one and enjoy it instead of fighting it.   Within seconds, Tom erupted, shooting his thick creamy load deep down my throat.   The salty taste filled my mouth as I tried to swallow as much as I could, but some of his load still managed to escape through the side of my mouth.   His loud growl of pleasure indicating to the other two that now was the time, seconds later they both followed suit. Brian was filling my virgin pussy with his love cream and Mike sending his hot creamy cum deep into my ass.

After they came, they each pulled out of their respective holes and looked down at the bitch that had serviced them, cum dripping from her every orifice, a pleased expression having appeared on their faces.   Playing the role I had been given to the fullest, I crawled up to each one and proceeded to suck their cocks dry, making sure that their knees were on the verge of giving out before stopping.   By now I was enjoying the taste of their salty cream, wanting more.

All three of them moved back and sat down, allowing Brittany to step forward.   She said nothing, only smiled as she reached with a single finger and scooped some of the excess cum from the corner of my mouth to bring it to her own lips.

Suddenly feeling exhausted by the workout that I had been put through, I simply curled up on the floor and fell asleep right their, experiencing the emptiness that my ass and pussy were now suffering from.

I woke up in my bed, in my room, and thought that this had to be the strangest dream that I had ever had.   Feeling a warmth by my side, I turned and saw a woman in bed with me. her long brown hair made her look exactly like Brittany.   As I tried to snuggle up to her, hoping that we had had a memorable night together, I felt something come between her back and me.   As I looked down I was horrified to see a pair of 40DD breasts sticking from my chest and poking her in the back, just like in my dream.

Feeling this the woman who resembled Brittany like a twin sister woke up and turned to look at me.   "Good morning," she said, her voice being the exact same as I remembered from my dream.   "I hope that you are well rested, your friends are coming over to play later today, and after last night I think they are planning on something very interesting with you."

What this truly a dream?   A dream come true?   Or a nightmare?

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