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The Ultimate Doll, Chapter #2

Lynn meets Mai-Lin and becomes Master's pet slave
Lynn ’s shock at seeing the interior of the seemingly innocent looking barn was immediate and unmistakable.

“What have I gotten myself into, this time?” she thought to herself.

The walls and floor were carved out of large cobble stones, the ceiling was made of large hand- hewn beams and rough timbers, as it would have been done in the middle ages. Looking around the room, she saw item after item of torture, depravity and abuse. This cleverly disguised barn was set up as a medieval torture chamber, and she had voluntarily walked inside,

“I must be crazy,” she thought to herself.

Not a window was to be seen anywhere, although there was an eerie, greenish glow in the room. The cool evening air passing through the doorway had a pleasing odor of freshly cut wood.

Prominent in the center of the floor was a roughly-cut wooden pole, about ten feet tall, and about a foot in diameter. From near the top of the pole hung two, antique- looking, black chains, with iron manacles, attached to a large, iron, eye- bolt. Gazing around the room she saw a large, wooden, torture rack with ropes and hand winches that reminded her of Edgar Allen Poe’s classic, “The Pit and The Pendulum.” A pillory and stocks with a raised table covered in blood-red leather, with numerous attaching rings, was placed on the center of a raised platform near the center of the room. An iron-maiden cabinet swung open to reveal the devilish contents that would greet the unfortunate person locked inside. A Saint Andrew’s cross, a wooden-pony bench with a very large steel dildo attached to its top edge, and a spanking bench with many straps and devices she could not identify were prominently arrayed in the chamber. The rear of the room contained a very strongly built, rough Oak-wood chair, with numerous devilish-looking gadgets attached to it, with dozens of straps and many electrical wires connected to a large board filled with switches and meters.

As her eyes looked further around the chamber of horrors, she was both frightened and highly sexually excited and aroused to see a hangman’s noose and the typical wooden platform she had seen so many times in old western movies. It looked as if it had not been used in a hundred years. The dust covering it was inches thick, mingling with hundreds of spider-webs.

In another corner she saw a tall, glass cylinder, about 8 feet high, and 2 feet wide, with an ominous looking machine of some sort next to it, with tubes, hoses, and all sorts of weird things attached.

As she was escorted around the room, she saw a large, square hole in the floor, about seven feet wide, and seven feet deep. The insides of which were also covered in roughly hewn stones, with a semi-circular staircase, descending to the bottom of the hole, and a heavy, iron, barred-door to close the stairs off from the pit. Over the top of the pit was a heavy, iron- grating that slid on what looked like railroad tracks to close it off.

“That is the pit, someplace that is reserved for special guests,” he proudly mentioned, seeing her eying the hole with obvious excitement.

In another corner she saw a medical set-up. An operating-like table, a G.Y.N. couch, complete with stirrups and straps, several enema bags, hoses, and nozzles, hanging from the nearby wall, and a hydro-colonic machine. Everywhere she looked, she saw that the walls were covered with paddles, whips, floggers, single tails, cat-o-nine tails, chains, manacles, cuffs, and all the trappings of a real medieval torture chamber. Hanging from a bar on the near wall was a variety of hoods, strait-jackets, sleep- sacks and many, many, leather straps and chains.

“This is unbelievable,” she blurted out. “How did you gather all of this, and why?”

“I’ll tell you,” he said. “Several years ago, I was seeking a country get-away for myself. I found this wonderful old farm, and bought it at first viewing. I had noticed the barn here, but never looked into it until several weeks after the sale was complete.”

He went on to say that he had thought that the barn was just an old, ramshackle, building that would need to be torn down eventually.

“When my nursing assistant, Mai-Lin, and I finally got inside, after finding the key in an old desk in the house, we were amazed. I had no idea what this place was. Doing some research, I found that the former owner, an old, eccentric farmer, had grand ideas about starting a museum of horrors as a tourist attraction. He spent much of his life gathering these objects from around the world, never to have the place operational as an attraction. Why anyone would consider this area a tourist attraction is beyond me anyway. As you saw, it’s miles from anywhere.

Not being a student of the macabre, I had little idea what much of this was, but unknown to me, my assistant, Mai-Lin, was a devotee of the bizarre and unusual.

She knew at once, exactly what we had here. Her excitement was very obvious to me, and when pressed, she admitted her fascination by the bizarre and frightening things we had here.

The next weekend, she and I returned to get the house in order. Mai-Lin could not wait to get back in here, and preceded me by about a half hour. When I arrived, she was here, dressed in a black-leather corset, extremely high boots, and a studded set of cuffs and collar. She dropped to her knees at her first sight of me and addressed me as “Master”. She then confessed her transgressions and begged me not to punish her, an obvious invitation to do so. With her guidance, we had our first “session” together. Keep in mind, that the prior six years our relationship, was as employer-employee, and at best, an occasional dinner and a movie friends.

Now, four years later, she has transformed into the totally submissive slave you see. We have both embarked on a journey into the world of the bizarre, and have found a love and trust I never could imagine existed. She has given her life to me, I “own” her absolutely, and without reservation. Mai-Lin had taken an oath of absolute silence. She only appears in a full-face mask, as you saw her. This insures that her timeless beauty will never fade, and she will forever be the young, beautiful girl that she is. Mai-Lin no longer works, and is my house attendant and assistant, in this gothic place of horrors that you are now a part of,” he concluded.

Somehow, that didn’t sound really good to her, but she went along with it, having to follow her libido, which was raging like a forest-fire.

With that explanation finished, he ran is hand up the back of her neck, grabbing a handful of Lynn’s long, beautiful hair.

“Come with me, my darling,” her barked out.

He dragged her by her beautiful, long black hair, over to a stocks and pillory, in front of which was a wooden post supporting a half-round shaped horizontal platform. He bent her forward, placing her stomach and chest onto the barrel shaped platform, and her head and wrists into the cutouts in the pillory openings. She did not resist, nor attempt to free herself.

Quickly, the wooden upper- half of the pillory was lowered into position, pinning her in. He then inserted two, heavy steel pins, into the frame of the stocks, to keep it securely fastened, and to keep her held firmly in position. Next: two, wide leather straps that hung from the pedestal, were pulled across her back, and firmly buckled to the opposite side, keeping her absolutely motionless. Her ankles were then strapped to the base of the contraption, using the cuffs that she already had attached to her legs. She was now his prisoner, motionless and helpless, but excited to near orgasm by the strict captivity that she so longingly desired, and was now experiencing.

Mai-Lin appeared from out of the dark, and gently inserted a ball-gag into her mouth, as Master had apparently ordered. She then walked around to her backside and kneeled down to pull her pink-latex panties down for her Master. She pulled them about half way down her thighs, and left them there. Next, she took hold of the butt- plug, and with one strong pull, removed it from her backside, sending waves of sexual energy coursing through her body.

She could then see Mai-Lin and Master out of the corner of her eye; Mai-Lin was on her knees before Master, removing the cod- piece that was snapped to the front of his leather jeans. Once off, she saw his huge cock... it was at least ten-inches long, very wide, and was fully erect.

“Oh, My God!” she thought to herself, “He can rip me apart with that huge cock if he chooses.”

Master approached Lynn’s backside, and without notice, began to paddle her beautiful, alabaster-colored ass, with a long, flexible, leather paddle.

The highly erotic pain was greatly appreciated by her, as it eased the explosive sexual energy she felt coursing through her body.

Whack after Whack was lovingly applied, her behind was now very red, sore, and beginning to puff up from the relentless paddling she was receiving. The pain had long before turned into sub-space, causing the purest form of pleasure, and she was riding the wave with glee. She did not know it, but all the time she was being paddled, Mai-Lin was serving on her knees before her Master, with Master’s cock rammed fully down her throat. She obediently took the full ten-inches of her beloved Master’s cock into her throat without gagging or choking. She was truly a well trained servant, and Master loved her with all his heart.

He stopped the paddling when it became apparent to him that it was not having the desired effect on his subject. He then pulled his cock from Mai-Lin’s throat, and placed it against Lynn’s anal opening. She felt the slight pressure, and tightened up her muscles, anticipating the next step. He then took hold of her hips, and with one deft movement, he mounted her, impaling her virgin ass with his fully engorged cock. She would have screamed out, if it had not been for the ball-gag, the shock of his violation when he entered her was so wonderfully intense. He knew his effect on her; he remained motionless, with his rigid cock buried inside of her tight ass for several seconds, to allow her to adjust.

Then: slowly at first, he began to thrust in and out of her, very gently, then with each thrust, increasing in pressure, speed and distance. Before long, he was pumping his cock in and out of her at full speed. They were both getting very hot, soon the pent up sexual energy was let loose. Almost simultaneously, they both climaxed with a mind crashing orgasm. His huge load of cum shot deeply into her wonderfully reddened ass, with a feeling like that of red-hot oil. Lynn swooned and moaned with the deepest of pleasures a lover could experience. Mai-Lin then removed the gag from her mouth. Lynn thanked Master profusely for administering her tortures, and the unbelievable ass fucking that she received. He slid forward and kissed her back gently, and then slowly pulled his still rigid cock from her now well-fucked ass.

Expecting to be let loose, she was shocked when he announced,

“You aren’t done yet, my little lady, I have a surprise for you.”

With that, he called out some unrecognizable orders to Mai-Lin. She returned with a tray filled with medical things, including several syringes.

“Could it be for me,” she hoped...

With that, he kneeled behind her, taking a syringe from the tray, and injecting it into the base of her she-cock.

“OOOH,” she moaned.

“Quiet,” he bellowed.

Again, the syringe was injected on the other side of the base of her she- cock. A strange burning feeling was starting to manifest itself, Lynn told Master that it was very pleasurable, but a burning feeling at the same time.

“Good,” he said, “Then it’s working.”

“What is working?” she asked.

“You’ll find out tomorrow, my lover, now be quiet or you will be punished.”

Quieting down, she saw a very long needle on a syringe being prepared by Mai-Lin. Master then took the syringe, and gently took Lynn’s she-cock into his hand and told her to not move an inch. She struggled with herself to remain absolutely motionless, having little choice with the stocks she was strapped into eliminating her movement. He then took the long needle and slowly inserted it into the bottom of her small cock, until it was empty once again. As he slowly removed the very long needle, he said,

“Good,” as he finished, and placed the syringe back on the tray.

“Thank you, Master,” Lynn professed.

“Now, it’s time for you to rest,” he said. “You will learn more this evening, but now, just go with Mai-Lin and we will talk at dinner.”

Mai-Lin released her from the stocks, and reinserted a much longer and wider butt-plug, than the one she came with, into her hungry ass. Mai-Lin had chosen a strongly vibrating one that would stimulate her to the brink of climax several times as she walked back to the house.

Mai-Lin needed to help Lynn to stand up, which was a task for her after the intense fucking she had received. Standing erect once again, Mai-Lin began to undress her, leaving only her boots on. Feeling a little uneasy, she tried in vein to cover herself, but her hands were pushed behind her back. Mai-Lin cuffed Lynn’s hands together behind her back, with a set of antique, iron manacles and ushered her back to the main house, totally naked.

She felt very naughty, and although she was no stranger to nude beaches, she felt self-conscious walking across the large field undressed. She could still feel the warmth of Master’s cum that he had shot into her, the vibrating butt-plug only served to amplify the intensity of her moments, and she was beginning to zone-out once again.

Once in the house, she was placed into a large, sunken bath tub, and was reverently washed by Mai-Lin, who fussed over her like she was like a Princess. She attempted to remove the ass-plug to clean herself but she was stopped by her bather.

Mai-Lin shook her head violently, “NO,” and pulled her hand away from her behind.

After here bath, she was dried, her makeup was reapplied, her hair was combed, dried, and styled as she was preened over in every sense of the word.

Ready to be dressed, she was shown a shiny, silver, wet-look, Zentai suit. The suit had a full hood, with only a small mouth opening, and zippers over the eyes. There were no arms, and the crotch had double zippers for easy access. The suit stretched on easily, covering every inch of her body with the slippery, silver fabric. Her arms were encased inside sleeves that were sewn on the inside of the suit. The slipperiness of the fabric felt wonderful to her, tight, soft and like a second- skin.

Crotch-high, bright turquoise, platform-boots, were slipped over her legs and zipped up, hugging her legs so wonderfully. Mai-Lin then took a neck-corset out of the dresser and placed it around Lynn’s neck, it was made of the same turquoise vinyl as the boots, and as it was laced up, it held her head motionless and fully erect. The neck corset was very tight, Lynn felt the wonderfully erotic feeling of constriction, as her breathing was made progressively more difficult as the laces of the neck-corset were pulled tighter and tighter. Lynn was near orgasm already.

Calming herself, she once again regained focus and prepared herself for the heavily boned corset that still lay on the bed. Wrapping it around her waist, Mai-Lin began the task of tightening the laces to pull the corset into its final size. Lynn had a great figure to start with, being nearly six feet tall, and having a 26-inch waist. As the corset drew smaller and smaller, she could feel the organs inside of her, starting to move around, rearranging themselves. Having been corseted by her Master so many times before, she expected and received the constriction of her beautiful body willingly. Mai-Lin finally motioned to her, to grab hold of the bed post, to steady herself. Doing so, she felt the corset crushing her chest and abdomen so wonderfully tight... it was so wonderfully erotic that she said nothing, her endorphins were racing through her body, reading her for another spontaneous orgasm.

Finally done, Mai-Lin had managed to constrict her waist down to 21-inches, as she was shown by a tape measure that was placed around her waist. She could not believe it, but it was true. She had never before been able to break 23-inches; she was so excited, that she climaxed once again.

Now, fully prepared for dinner, she was lead downstairs to the dining room. Her new Master was already seated at a huge table that reminded her of King Arthur’s court. The food was placed on the table as a banquet would be. She was ushered to her seat at the far end of the table, facing Master, with Mai-Lin seated between them. In front of her was a fully-portioned plate, but with her hands bound inside the Zentai suit, how would she be able to feed herself?

Her question was answered when Master beckoned for her to come to him. He ordered her to kneel next to his chair, and then ordered Mai-Lin to bring her plate to him. He then proceeded to cut her food, and feed her, next to the table, like a treasured pet. After she finished her hand-fed meal, she asked Master for a drink. Eager to comply, he stood up, pulled the cod piece off of his pants, and stuck his cock into her mouth. After a few seconds, the unmistakable gurgling of someone trying to swallow very quickly overcame the quiet of the room. So eager to please, she felt honored to be allowed to drink of her new Master’s golden juices, especially after he drank so eagerly of hers earlier in the day. Not allowing a single drop to fall on the floor, she felt that she had shown her prowess to Master, and that he would be happy with her performance.

Finished with her drink, she slowly closed her lips around his cock, and began to take it into her mouth deeper, and deeper. Fighting off the gag reflex from his ten inch cock, she managed to get it almost fully into her throat before she started gagging. Very impressed by her ability, the Master withdrew his cock an inch or two and began to help her by masturbating himself as she sucked away. Since she had just enjoyed his wonderfully orgasmic cum a few hours ago, she didn’t expect that he would be ready for another round, but she was very wrong.

Visibly excited, he was getting harder and hotter by the minute.

He then spoke out to her, “When I tell you, take a deep breath through your nose and hold it...”

Now sweating profusely, Master manipulated his cock harder and harder. The unmistakable moaning of the precum sequence was beginning, and she could taste the salty precum as it issued forth.

“NOW,” he yelled, and with that, he thrust his cock the full length down into her throat, pressing his balls against her face.

The huge shot of cum that she hoped for was now gushing into her stomach.

His cum-shot was hard and full; she imagined that he must have shot a pint into her. He quickly removed his cock from her throat allowing her to breathe freely once again. She coughed a few times from the throat-fucking and settled down. He took her head gently into his hands and kissed her lips so gently it felt like an angle’s kiss.

“That was wonderful,” they both said, almost in unison.

Laughing, they both kissed again. She told him that anytime he felt like it, she was ready to go again...

“Good, because the next time, I won’t be so gentle, you will be used selfishly to provide my pleasure, not yours” he said to her.

“Yes, Master,” was her only reply.

She felt an unusual tingling in her she-cock, she looked down at the crotch of her suit and saw a prominent bulge, and she began to wonder why. She was rather small, and didn’t usually get too erect or too hard. Maybe the hot scene, she thought to herself. The strange tingling was also becoming more noticeable to her, and she asked him if it had anything to do with the injections he had given to her.

“We will talk later tonight,” he said and ordered Mai-Lin to take her upstairs to her room.

“We get to sleep early,” he said, “Tomorrow is a busy day for us, if you are a good girl tonight, you and I will be going to a custom motorcycle and car show tomorrow.”

“Great,” she thought, some normal fun added to the kink.

Once upstairs in her bedroom, Mai-Lin undressed her from her confining garb, and the so excitingly wonderful Zentai suit. The freedom from the confines of the corset, the lack of use of her hands and the fabulously tight neck- corset felt good at first, they had been constricting her body very nicely, she had been barely able to talk .But then Lynn felt almost unhappy.

The super restrictive clothing had made her feel confident, secure, and loved, so much better feeling than she had known for some time.

She told Mai-Lin of her dilemma, and begged her to replace her corset. Mai-Lin relented after much negotiation, and she helped her put the corset back on, tighter than before, as her body was getting used to the loving constriction it offered. Opening the closet, Mai-Lin removed a clear, one piece, latex-catsuit, covering her entire body, head, torso, hands, feet and everything in between. The only hole she saw was a small opening for her mouth and a zipper in the crotch area. The slight yellow tint of the latex gave it an eerie, erotic look that made Lynn tingle all over. Mai-Lin took a spray-can of latex dressing fluid and sprayed her from head to toe, leaving a wonderfully sticky film of silicon over her entire body. Combing her now silicon impregnated hair back, to keep it from her eyes, she was assisted into the very tight, wonderful smelling latex suit. The corset beneath it, gave it a fantastic look and feel.

She was too turned on to go to sleep, but she knew that her new captor desired it, so she was ready to comply. As Mai-Lin turned the covers down on the bed, she was shocked to see that there was no mattress on the bed, in fact there was NO bed! The covers revealed: a rectangular, thick-glass container, about 3 feet wide, 7 feet long and about 2 feet deep, with several tie-down straps attached to the bottom at various points. An air mattress was in the center of the container, with the straps around it on all sides. Pointing into the tank-like container, Mai-Lin helped her climb in and lay down. The light-blue, inflatable mattress was comfortable enough she thought, so this might not be too bad after all.

Mai-Lin securely strapped her down at her ankles, knees, hips, waist, chest, shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck and forehead. She was unable to move an inch.

Who ever designed this, she thought, knew their job. There was nothing she could move; even her head was strapped down. With that, the lights were turned down to a red glow, and she was left alone. Very turned on, she wished that she had at least one hand free to masturbate with, but no such luck. This was her punishment, she thought. Shortly thereafter, the bedroom door opened, and her tormentor entered. He was wearing a head to toe, black-latex catsuit and hood with eye and mouth openings. She saw that his huge cock was fitted into a sheath of latex hanging from the front of the catsuit, quite a sight for her to see. She tried to swallow hard, but the laces on her neck corset made it very difficult. He announced himself, and reached into the tank grabbing her she-cock through the confines of her suit. He began to masturbate her, and stopped only to examine her cock a few times.

“You will notice a growth in length and width, my lady, the first injection you received is starting to work. Over the next two days you will receive four more. Each series of shots will allow for more growth and fullness, something that you will find very pleasurable”.

He went on to explain that he had been experimenting for years, to develop a male growth hormone, which would allow men to remain hard for days on end, and to be able to climax over and over without loss of satisfaction. He continued: that her being a female hermaphrodite was a final test and assurance of his success, if he was able to expand on her pleasures, and enlarge her cock at the same time. He further explained that in the flaccid state, she would see little change, other than maybe an inch of length, but excited, she would grow to about nine inches, become very hard and long lasting.

“Just the way I like it,” he said, “More for me to swallow and suck on.”

She thought for a second and asked if she would remain that way, or is it temporary?

“We don’t know yet, you are the first to be tested, so it’s your ride to fame!”

“OK,” she said, “Let’s go for it, my Master’s wishes are my commands, right?”

“You are 100% right, my lady, so relax and enjoy it, but realize that you may stop this experiment at any time that you see fit to do so, I have no desire to hurt you,” he sternly admonished.

Lynn looked at Master for a second and smiled, “Please, take control of me, and do as you see fit, I am yours to please and enjoy. I eagerly desire to see this wonderful experiment to its conclusion.”

“Now, I am afraid that you must go to sleep, but in a very special way. This tank is part of that special way. I am going to place this air tube, like a skin diving mouthpiece, into your mouth. This will give you all the air you will need. In the air is a sleep-inducing gas that will relax you, and as you see, the tank is holding you firmly strapped down to keep you from panicking when it is filled. You see, the tank will soon fill with a fast setting mixture of a secret formula of gel that I have discovered in my quest for this amazing hormone.”

“Yes, Master, please do so, I am yours,” she managed to say, between tears.

Her happiness was so overwhelming that she could barely speak.

Before she could react further, he swung a steel tube over the tank and turned a valve allowing the mixture to begin filling the tank. Quickly, the fluorescent pink, gooey- glop, was half way up her sides. She could see her lower-legs and arms disappearing into the cool, sticky, mixture. Unable to speak from the large air-piece in her mouth, she could only moan and emit a muffled cry of passion that fell on deaf ears. Lynn had once again climaxed with crashing explosions of lust in her head. Master took a handful of the gooey gel and held it up for her to see. Laughing, he turned and walked out of the room leaving her to her night’s test of endurance. Within several minutes, the goo had covered her torso and was working its way up to her eyes and face. The tank was nearly full; she was both frightened and so very sexually excited that she could feel her heart beating like a drum.

“What if he never lets me out, and keeps me as his slave?” She thought to herself.

With that, everything turned a bright pink as the goo had entombed her completely. Her eyes and face were now well underneath the goo. The temperature grew higher and higher as the fast setting mixture began its hardening period. She was sweating profusely, and getting even more sexually excited as time went on. She tried to move her head, which had a bit of rotation before, but it was not to happen, the mixture was now solid, she was entombed in a solid block of solidified gel. The sleep inducing gas was working its wonderful task, she was relaxed, sleepy, and feeling so sexually alive. Lynn began to drift off into a very intense dream about her plight.

Several hours passed, and abruptly she awoke, not recalling where she was, she panicked for a few seconds until her senses returned. She felt so filled with piss that she had no option other than to empty her bladder into her suit. The large amount of piss only served to lubricate her body even more than it already was. Being a lover of golden showers, this was a highly pleasurable event that snapped her back to reality. She remained awake for the remainder of the night, fantasizing about how long she could live like this if she was not released, what would become of her, and if she was released, would she be allowed to repeat the night... it was a very erotic night she thought to herself. Maybe next time, she dreamed, she could be plugged with a huge vibrating dildo and mummified in plaster wrappings first? The dreams and ideas came and went as time passed.

Crack, she heard...Crack again... the entombment was being removed. ! Suddenly, she was able to see light, then more as master removed blocks of the hardened gel. It had gotten hard, but not like concrete, he was easily able to break it up with his hands.

“Have a good sleep?” he asked.

“Great,” she managed to softly reply, “But the mattress was a bit lumpy she laughed.”

Releasing her binds, he helped her sit up in the tank.

“I see you were a bad girl and wet yourself,” he said.

“Yes,” she said.

“I didn’t want to get up, so I pissed in my suit right here, and I have to go so badly, right now,” she answered.

With that, she lay back down, placed her legs up and over the sides of the tank and let go with her morning flood of pee. It quickly ran down her back, and into her hooded head. She flipped around, letting it wet her face, her hair, and most of her body. She turned on her back and raised herself up to a kneeling position.

“Now, that’s the way to wake up,” she said.

“What am I to do with you, my lady?” He queried.

“Most of what I have done to you would have sent another girl running, but you take it all and want more. Do I need to really put you through, true and severe, genuine tortures in order to get a reaction that I want . . . Fear!”

“I won’t tell,” she said . . . but if you asked me what I want, it would be your cock, buried deep inside of my ass, and fucking me as hard as you can, then filling me with cum.”

“Then you can do with me as you wish,” she concluded.

With that, he unzipped the groin zipper of the fabulous looking catsuit he was still wearing from last night, and flipped her over. He roughly unzipped hers and with all the dominance that he could muster, he savagely fucked her ass until they both came with screams of joy. When they were both satisfied, he told Lynn to get up on her feet and come down to breakfast. She asked if she could clean up first and get properly dressed for him, but he smiled and told her that she was very beautiful the way she was. Brushing off some more of the dried pink goo, she took his hand and walked beside him to the dining room.

On the huge table, there was a layout suitable for a King, everything she could imagine to eat. Her vision was a bit cloudy, due to the latex hooded suit that was covering them, but she was able see well enough to enjoy a full meal. The suit was very wet and squishy inside, this caused her both discomfort, and extreme sexual excitement, as she could not help getting aroused as she sat there daydreaming.

After breakfast, she went back upstairs and prepared for the day. Mai-Lin took the neck corset off of her throat, she was able to breath freely again for the first time. The constriction had left her a bit horse, but she was not at all upset and hoped for a second round, with even tighter lacing, that would drive her to even higher levels of arousal.

A good cleaning was called for, both inside and out. She and Mai-Lin were able to fully resolve her needs with a round of hot soapy water enemas and mineral oil rinses. She once again felt like a fresh, new person. Finishing her hair and makeup in an exaggerated, punk-rock looking style, that she knew would please Master, she went to her closet. Looking inside at all the wonderful fetish wear that Master had provided for her, she picked out a very tight, short, black-leather outfit. It consisted of an unbelievably short mini-skirt and a studded leather bra, purple- latex panties with a huge ass dildo attached inside and a black, studded, leather collar.

For her feet, she chose a pair of over the knee, platform-boots with bright, chrome studs around the tops and up both sides. Just seeing herself in the mirror was enough to get her wet again, but she fought the feeling as well as she could, wanting to save it for later. She was especially turned on by the studded bra, which was adorned all over, including the straps, with heavy, pointed, steel-studs.

On the tip of each bra-cup, was a large metal protrusion, which looked like a knob on an old radio. Master opened the door to her room, startling her a bit, holding that familiar tray in his hand.

“It’s time, my lady,” he said. “Bend over for me and lower your panties.”

With that, she complied, and quickly the needles found their marks. The first two injections were not too bad, but the third one that fully penetrated her now enlarging cock was so very wonderful feeling that she moaned with delight as it emptied its contents into her rigid she-cock.

“You are doing great,” he said as he put the tray down. “By tonight, you will be well on the way to your new self.”

As she pulled her purple panties back up, she felt that strange tingling all over once again, only more profoundly and sexual arousing than before. Taking her by the hand, they walked downstairs to the front door and outside into the warm summers morning. There, in front of the house, was his big, beautiful Harley, gleaming in the sunlight.

“What’s next,” she thought.

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