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The Ultimate Doll, Chapter #3

Master realizes that he may not be the one in full control.
Lynn stood next to Master’s Harley. She admired both the man and the machine, in her book, any man that can handle both a bike and her has to be exceptional.

Looking at her Master in depth for the first time, and noticing the details of his attire, she saw a gleam on his face that gave away the same feelings of lust and excitement that she was feeling. The crotch of his skin-tight leathers was bulging with his beautiful, huge cock straining to be released. The snap-on Cod-Piece was straining at its snaps, "Maybe they will pop off," she hoped to herself.

On his chest, he wore a body harness of leather straps and steel rings that framed his rippling muscles like artwork. Open to the wind was his traditional Harley jacket; his motorcycle officer’s boots told the story of dominance, danger, strength, and courage that she found so erotic in a man.

Before she mounted his bike, he reached behind her neck and pulled the buckled strap on her collar a notch tighter than she had it, then snapped a small brass lock onto it, locking her in. The constriction was very erotic to her, and her feelings of breath control were already getting her sexually crazy, as they roared off to the bike show that he had promised yesterday to take her to. Lynn had always found riding on a Harley very arousing, the staccato sounds of the engine, coupled with the incessant vibration of the bike usually drove her to spontaneous orgasm; today was no exception.

Twenty minutes into their ride, Lynn dug her nails into Masters back and cried out as she climaxed with a scream that could be heard over the roar of the engine. Her panties were soaked, and she was so wonderfully excited that she begged Master to pull over and fuck her, right on the road. Master did not acknowledge her, and kept riding.

About an hour later, they arrived at a large field, filled with custom cars and motorcycles. They were greeted at the gate by someone that apparently knew Master well, as he waved them inside without stopping. Driving slowly to a shaded area under a large tree, he dismounted first and then helped her off the bike.

"Don’t go away just yet," he chastised her.

He opened the saddle bags on the bike and withdrew her implements of submission. First, a very long, laced, arm-binder was pulled over her arms and laced up to her shoulders. Two heavy leather straps were than fastened around her shoulders to keep the binder tightly fastened around her arms and against her neck. The third strap, sewn to the end of the arm-binder was pulled through her crotch and fastened to a piece of chain that connected two thigh-cuffs that he placed around her upper thighs. They both kept the binder in place, and limited her stride, along with a chain attached to her ankle cuffs that kept her legs only 8- inches apart.

"Comfy?" he asked.

"Yes, Master," she replied.

"Good," he replied.

He then pulled her panties down a few inches, and reaching into the saddle bag again, he withdrew a seven-inch, tapered butt-plug and two pieces of foam rubber, each about four inches square, with about two dozen thumbtacks sticking through each one. The rubber pads were made up of two thin pieces of sponge rubber, with the thumb tacks sticking through one pad, with the second pad glued against the first, holding the tacks in place. The points of the tacks just barely protruded through the assembled pads.

Watching Master lubricate the huge red plug, by inserting it into his mouth and licking it, she felt so hot that she could feel herself wetting. He bent her over without ceremony and rammed the plug deep inside of her willing ass. She reacted with a gasp and moan of passion. As he pulled her panties back up, he placed one of the pads inside of the panties, up against each ass cheek. As he released the panties, the compression pushed the pins against her delicate skin.

"Ouch!" she yelled.

"Don’t complain, you will receive much more than that, as we walk around and the pressure against the pads increases," he told her.

"If you are a good girl, I might not spank your beautiful bottom, or make you sit down on a nice hard bench," he told her.

"Your pain is my pleasure, and you should be grateful that you can amuse me with your suffering."

"Oh, yes, Master, please do as you wish, my only purpose is to provide you with limitless pleasures," she replied.

Together, they walked off to view the field of vehicles.

"I almost forgot your leash," he said, returning to the bike and then snapping the chrome-steel dog leash to her collar as the final humiliation of the trip.

Being dragged around by the humiliating dog leash, her arms bound behind her back, and situated with four dozen steel pins ready to penetrate her backside caused her to orgasm within a few yards of their walk's start. Master knew what was happening and stopped to allow herself to finish her climax, and enjoy it fully.

She wanted to reach into her panties and grab her she-cock to finish herself off, but it was not to happen - she was in his bondage and control, and was beginning to wish that he would never let her go free again. As they walked further, she saw a rest area near a small pond in the center of the field. Master saw that she was looking at the area and asked her if she would like a drink as it was getting hotter by the minute.

"Yes," she said. "Thank you, Sir."

Master held the can of soda for her, as she had no use of her arms. Sipping slowly, she again thanked Master for his kindness.

"Maybe you would like to rest a while, it’s so hot," he asked her. She shook her head. "Yes," and with that, Master pointed to a wooden picnic table. 

"Sit down my love," he pointed her toward the table.

"Thank you, Master," she again replied.

Without thinking, she backed up to the edge of the table and sat down. The instant her backside reached the table top, she felt the forty-eight pins simultaneously impale her backside. The unexpected shock of the pain made her start to scream out, but her training immediately made her stop and bear the heavenly agony privately.

She didn’t want Master to think she was unable to endure her plight, and make him unhappy with her. He knew exactly what had happened to her, she could see by the huge bulge in his pants that this was so enjoyable to him.

Looking directly into his eyes, she started to move her backside around in a circular fashion, to ensure that all the thumb tacks had fully done their jobs, and that she was receiving the maximum penetration from all of them. She made sure to bite her lip, coo and moan seductively and do everything in her power to drive Master to the brink of a climax by her actions. It nearly worked. As she moved, she felt several more pops as her skin was penetrated by the few remaining pins that had not yet found their marks.

"Thank you for letting me rest, I feel so much better now," she purred.

He was unable to reply: thinking that when she did sit down, the pain alone would cause her to scream out wildly, and not for her to move around to ensure the maximum effect, and then to thank him for it. He gathered his thoughts and said,

"Are you ready to receive more love from me?"

"As you wish, Master," was her reply.

A bit unnerved by her erotic acceptance of what should have caused her severe discomfort, he shook his head and took each of the steel knob-like protrusions on her studded-bra into his hands.

"Now, you will feel even more fulfilled, my little lady," he said.

With that, he twisted each knob simultaneously, releasing a sharp, steel pin that was projected by a spring, shooting it into each of her nipples. He saw her eyes close instantly, her whole body convulsed with the wave of pain that was racking her entire being. He knew that he had broken her will.

"Thank you, Master, how else can I fulfill and please you and your desires?" she said.

He stood there. His mouth wide open, without a word to speak. He had never experienced this kind of true submission. Her very being was so sensual, and her actions were beyond his wildest dreams. He was so deeply in love with her that he felt ashamed of the tortures he had inflicted on this fabulous being. She was both unbelievable, and highly erotic to him. He reached out to her, as she stood up to meet him. They kissed deeply and so passionately that they almost forgot to release each other from their hold. Master was in a quandary, how, would he ever be able to tell her that he was NOT OF THIS EARTH . . . ?

"Come with me, my lady," he said in a soft, loving voice.

Pulling her leash as she walked dutifully behind him, they entered an area where several tents had been set up. He pulled her toward a large one that said, "Tattoos and Body Modifications."

Inside, she saw four other very sexily dressed young ladies, all being tattooed or pierced. They were all in various states of bondage, and under the absolute control of their mates. This made her feel much better, knowing that she was not alone in her plight.

Her tormentor spoke few words to the operator, "Nipples and Navel," he commanded.

With that, she was shown to a table and assisted to lie down, with her arms still fastened behind her, which was both uneasy and painful. She could not believe that she was going along with this piercing, but it was too late now to stop it. Master twisted the knobs on her bra the opposite way that he had done to inject the pins into her nipples, and she felt them retract, allowing her some measure of relief.

Feeling relieved, she sighed deeply. "Don’t get used to it," he laughed.

Seeing the instrument approaching her, poised in the operator’s hand, she panicked thinking that her real Master may well be upset that her body was being defiled by another . . . and that she was allowing it. Her new tormentor lowered her bra and with a quick and deft move, each nipple was pierced and a nickel-sized, gold ring inserted. The navel was next, and the same sized ring was placed in the hole. She was instructed in how to care for the new adornments, and she was sent on her way with her new Master holding her leash.

"Thank you for my new jewelry, Master. I shall treasure it forever."

He held her against his chest and hugged her tightly, kissing her passionately and nearly crying. She was not dry-eyed either. The passion and power exchange had taken its toll on her as well.

They were both well outside of the tent when she finally realized that she did not have her leather bra back on. She was bare-chested, with only her new gold nipple rings as cover. She felt proud to be topless, for all to see her new adornments and to show them off. Looking at her new jewelry, she saw that her nipples were as hard and prominent as rocks.

They stood out at attention, amplifying her excitement and showing all that she was proud of her state of being.

"If only my real Master could see me now," she thought to herself.

They continued to walk through the show, meeting many friends of her new Master, most of who had their own girl-slaves with them. Apparently, she was among a group of very intense, like-minded men and ladies. Coming upon a second tent, Master pulled her chain to stop her. He told her that he needed to go to the bathroom, and that she could come into the tent with him while he went, if she promised to be good.

"Yes Sir," she said quickly.

Once inside of the tent, she saw a group of about ten men standing around a central pole in the tent. Moving closer, she saw that there was a small hole, about three feet in diameter, and about a foot-deep, dug around the central tent-pole. Kneeling in the hole was a young, pretty girl, about 17- years old. Her legs were bound around the pole that she was kneeling in front of, with her back against it. Her ankles were also tied together behind the pole, as were her arms, stretched tightly behind her, securing her to the pole. The rope tying her ankles together and the rope securing her wrists were likewise tied together, preventing her from standing up. Around her neck was a neck-corset made of a polished stainless-steel, keeping her head nicely erect and motionless. She wore only a bright-orange thong and a white, tee- shirt top that had been roughly cut to just cover to the bottom of her breasts.

The girl was kneeling in water about six-inches deep: but as she looked further, she saw one of the men entering the tent, pull his pants down, pull his cock out, and stand in front of her, as he urinated all over the girl, soaking her from her head to her feet.

She was the toilet for the show's participants! Her Master joined in, holding his cock directly in front of her face, and soaking her as well, then moving down to her thong and soaking it fully also. It was obvious to her that this was not a true punishment. The young girl was beaming broad smiles and seemed to be enjoying every drop of the gallons of piss she was being soaked with.

Standing near her was a second girl, about the same age, also dressed in a cut up a white tee-top and orange thong, watching everything that was going on.

"She is next," Master said. "Every new girl gets one-hour of duty here."

"Do I, too, please?" she queried.

"No, my Princess, you are mine, not to be given to anyone else unless it is agreed in advance," he said. "You are not a newbie that needs training, you just need to be broken to resolve some of your insolence," he commanded.

That made her feel so much better, she was not too keen about being a public piss-pot, but she had no idea what he really had in-store for her. They watched the girl for a few minutes, and then someone untied her, helped her up and motioned to the next girl to take her place. She quickly knelt in the pool of piss and offered her ankles and wrists for binding.

"Let’s go, guys," she blurted out, as she felt the neck corset cinch to its final size.

She opened her mouth wide, as an invitation, and soon, several men took her up on it, with three men simultaneously urinating on her face, into her mouth, and soaking her body as their golden nectar cascaded down her chest. Both Lynn and Master were very turned on by the demonstration, but did not say anything to each other. The silence said it all.

They walked back to his bike with hardly a word being said. She knew what she wanted, and he was seemingly afraid to say anything. Finally the ice was broken,

"Master, are we going home now?" she asked.

"Yes, we are, my Princess," Master replied.

"Then, Master, I beg my insolence, but may I kneel before you and service your cock before we leave, I wish to feel the full length of it, choking me as you come."

"Yes, you are going to do that, but when we get home, you will be punished as never before, due to your disrespect in daring to ask me for a favor."

"I fully understand, my body is yours to do with as you please. I only beg that you use me to fully pleasure your needs, and without hesitation, or consideration of my feelings."

"I will. You can be sure of that." Master replied.

"What am I to do now?" he besieged himself with feelings that he had never experienced before.

"How can I possibly leave this girl that I love behind when I return to TransSexuallia? Could I possibly take her with me? What will happen when she discovers the truth about me and Mai-Lin?" The thoughts raced through his mind like a wildfire.

With that, she knelt before him, and saw his huge cock pulled from his pants as it was jammed down her throat with all the savagery she begged for.

Feeling his cock engorge itself, she imagined how it must have felt for Mai-Lin to be mute willingly as a service to her Master. Her concentration was broken as she felt the huge glob of his red hot cum shoot into her stomach.

She thought to herself, "I wish I could do this ten times a day . . . "

Pulling his cock from her mouth, he slapped her face as hard as he could, shocking her back to reality.

"You allowed a precious drop of my cum to leak out of your fuck-face and hit the ground, you pig," he bellowed.

He took her by the leash, dragged her into the woods nearby and pulled her skirt down to her ankles. He then lowered her pink-latex panties as well. The foam rubber pads with the pins in them remained stuck to her bottom, as the pins were deeply impaled into her flesh.

He told her to put her arms around a large tree directly in front of her, and not to let go .

"Your only safe word will be letting go of the tree, when you absolutely cannot withstand any further whipping, but be aware, if I determine that you are trying to get off easy, I will punish you so severely that you will pray for a beating instead of what you will then endure."

Master had hoped that his cruelty would force her to desire her freedom, and leave him before the truth was known. This was the only way he could show his love for her, by letting her go free, and hating him for his cruelty.

He proceeded to whip her behind, her inner thighs, her back, and her shoulders until they were inflamed, fully chevroned, and bright-red.

His belt found its mark each time he swung it. She hugged the large tree that he had pointed to, tighter and tighter, each time she was struck.

She felt faint and her mind screamed for her to let go of the tree and sink to the ground, but her inner masochist forbid it. The pins in her backside had already done their job, she was nicely impaled, and already very much in sub-space, but the belt repeatedly finding home on her now very painful backside sent her into a frenzy of sexual energy.

The whipping stopped only long enough for him to pull the butt-plug out of her behind and push his cock against her opening. With one harsh movement, he rammed it as far into her as it could go. His balls were jammed against her backside and she was amazed how after coming in her mouth just a few minutes before, he was able to once again to be rock-hard and ready to fuck. This time was not gentle and loving as before, it was wild, savage, and uncontrollable. He was a wild animal claiming his pray, and she was it. After a good, hard, fifteen-minute session, she was spent, sweating profusely, and unable to think clearly. He climaxed wildly, moaning and screaming as he came.

Resting for only a minute to catch their breath, he removed his cock from her ass and told her to clean it for him, since his personal slave was not there. He wanted her to suck his cock clean, after it had been deep in her ass . . .

She hesitated for only a second, then dropped to her knees and obeyed. She was unable to believe that she was sucking his cock, but did so to perfection. He stood over her, shaking his head in disbelief, she would not break, no matter what he did to her. To her surprise, her payment for sucking his cock was a full face golden shower. Master felt the need to piss, and with her at his feet, what better place to do it? She took her hands and as he was pissing, rubbing his golden juices all over her body, washing herself in his pee.

He could see that her injections were working as she bathed in his piss. He looked down and saw that her normally a small, flaccid penis was about six inches long, rock hard, and about an inch thick. She too took notice, and was a bit embarrassed, but he assured her that,

"It will enlarge even more, if I am correct."

He assured her that it would diminish as soon as she was no longer excited, and she would have no visible embarrassment from it under her street clothes. He instructed her to put her panties and skirt back on, and with a jerk of the leash, he pulled her back to the bike for the ride home. Her breasts were still exposed, but she was not allowed to put her top back on. Being on the bike topless would be a first, and a very exciting time for her, she was sure.

Master put her arm binder, pin pads, and bra in the saddle bags, he told her to mount the bike and hold on to him as they rode back toward the house. She loved the feel of her naked breasts pressed against the cool, black leather of his jacket, and dreamed of what was to come.

Oh, if she only knew.

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