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Transitions - Part 1

Two university friends begin to share their lives together
Three months after Keith arrived at the University of Liverpool to study for his BSc in anatomy and human biology, he met Ashley. They became friends almost immediately. Ashley was a very likeable guy, ruggedly handsome with short, dark hair, vibrant blue eyes, broad shoulders, trim waist and hips, and strong thighs and legs. He looked like an advert for a health club and tanning salon. Keith kind of envied him and fancied him like mad, although Keith wasn't ugly he would never look as nice as Ashley. Keith had a nice trim body, but Ashley had a perfect body.

Ashley had a car, an apartment and he made friends easily. Keith went almost everywhere with him, and in the process had soon increased his own friend base significantly. Hanging out with Ashley at the local bars and clubs had helped him get over his nerves and shyness after arriving to a big city for the first time. Keith began spending more and more time at Ashley’s apartment at Kings dock, spacious and luxurious in comparison to his small digs near Sefton park. Outside of their studies, they soon became the best of friends, rarely spending an evening apart. There were just so many things they enjoyed doing together!

One evening on his way to his digs, Keith was mugged as he walked through the park by two guys. He wasn't seriously hurt, only losing his mobile phone and a little cash but was really shook up by the experience. He came to realise he was just too trusting, having being brought up in the countryside. The following day when arriving at Ashley's apartment he was looking very dejected.

"Hey, Keith, are you okay?" Ashley said as he opened his door to him, noticing how down Keith looked.

"Not exactly, Ash. I got mugged on the way back to my place last night, they only took my phone and some cash and I'm all right but I've just got to move from where I am, but there’s nothing much else available in my price range," Keith replied as he slumped into Ashley's sofa. The solution was obvious to Ashley. His apartment had a small spare bedroom.

"No problem, mate," Ashley said smiling. "Move in with me. The spare room is big enough for you, plus your round here most of the time anyway."

"Are you sure? I'll help with the rent and the bills and all that," Keith replied, a smile creeping across his face.

"Don't be stupid mate, my mother pays for all this. It's no problem. Look, we spend so much time together already and my place is big enough for two, it'll be fun!"

Luckily they both had the next day off and spent it moving Keith in and it took them all day. When they were finally done getting Keith moved into the spare room they were both shattered. The next month passed quickly. For the first week or so, Ashley acted very nervous around the apartment, but Keith attributed it to getting used to a new lifestyle. They both had adjustments to make, sharing an apartment with another guy for the first time, even though they were just best mates was still a new experience for both. After those first few weeks though everything returned to normal, even better really, because they were able to spend even more time together and they got to be even better friends. All the time Keith was wondering if he should tell Ashley his true feelings towards him.

Another month passed, and one night as they sat playing games on Ashley's X box, he began complaining of having a cold. Keith made him a lemsip drink and he could almost see Ashley's cold get worse as he sat and talked with him, so they sat and watched some mundane program on television. Finally, Ashley said goodnight and retired to his room, coughing and sneezing as he went. The next day Keith went to campus alone, Ashley's cold had not gotten any better with one night's rest.

The bug must have been all around the region, as when Keith got to Uni he discovered his afternoon lecture had been cancelled due to the lecturer being sick. After his morning lecture, he made his way back to the apartment to check on his flatmate. As he entered the living room, he saw Ashley was asleep on the sofa. The sound of Keith moving in the room ended up waking him up. Ashley said, "Wha... what? Uh, Keith...?" He stretched and groaned, and half fell off of the sofa. His robe fell open, and he wasn't wearing anything underneath. For the first time ever Keith saw Ashley naked.

Keith had heard the term 'knees turned to jelly' thousands of times, but that was the first time he ever felt it happen to him. Luckily, he was in front of a chair because he literally collapsed. He fell backwards into it, utterly shocked by what had been revealed by Ashley's open robe. Because there, at the top of his hard and well muscled thighs, revealed by a totally hairless crotch, was the vertical slit of a pussy. Ashley had a cunt instead of a cock!

The shock passed just enough for Keith to open his eyes, and he found himself staring into Ashley's blue eyes. He - she? No, she, had refastened her robe and was kneeling by the chair looking at Keith with evident concern. Keith stared at her face, and could find no trace at all of femininity there. Ashley was a perfect specimen of manhood, except for the fact that he had no manhood!

"Ash, was I... um, I wasn't seeing things, was I?" he asked weakly.

Ashley smiled wanly and stood up. Keith watched him move back to the sofa searching for some trace of femininity to him. But his arms and legs, which he had seen many times before, were still pure man. The part of his chest revealed by the robe was flat and muscular. The robe was tight around his narrow waist, and as ever, his hips weren't one inch wider than his waist. The only evidence of Ashley's true gender was what was in his crotch.

"If you mean am I really a girl then yes. I am female down below," Ashley said, in a rich deep tenor voice.

Ashley began to explain himself and as Keith listened he tried to absorb the revelations Ashley revealed. There were gossips at University who speculated about their sexual preferences as they had spent so much time together. But Keith had never entertained the idea of coming out as bisexual, he just thought of Ashley as his best friend, though he was always hoping for more. But now Ashley had been revealed as a woman, if only where it counted, Keith began to think of their relationship changing.

Ashley's sat on the sofa, hands in her lap and revealed that she first realized that she didn't belong in the body she was born into in her early teens. She had blossomed into a curvaceous young woman and hated every second of the inflation of her breasts and hips. Her mother had insisted that it was just hormonal imbalances affecting her moods, but it never got better. A close girlfriend introduced her to lesbian sex, which Ashley found to be very nice. The lack of a cock was made up for by the feeling of a female body next to her. But it didn't make up for the fact she was in the wrong body.

"I managed to get through college hating myself. and when my lesbian girlfriend and me went to a dyke bar on holiday in New York I found the answer. I saw all manner of strange looking women there, Punk types, leather-clad Mistresses, men dressed as women hoping to pass, and one that I thought was my solution, the real bull dykes who did their best to look like men," Ashley explained.

Keith sat in silence, not quite able to take what he was hearing. Keith had never been with a guy sexually and had very limited experience with women but had fallen in lust with Ashley after a few weeks of meeting him. He was confused beyond belief, no idea of Ashley's feelings towards him at that moment. The revelation Ashley had a lesbian girlfriend made Keith feel sadder, thinking whatever Ashley revealed there was little chance he was in her plans.

"I liked the way they looked, but they didn't go far enough, They left traces of their gender since they were, after all, after lesbians. I wanted to go all the way. I had always wanted a man's body and had always wondered what I would be like with a hard, flat, muscled body. So that's what I set about getting," Ashley continued.

"It wasn't easy or cheap. My dad, who died when I was twelve, left me a very large inheritance which I came into when I reached eighteen. I began as soon as I left college. I told my mother and she was my rock, helping me find all the things I needed to transition. Male hormones at first then massive but expert plastic surgery remade what the hormones couldn't, eliminating every trace of femininity except the pussy, So now that you know, how do you feel about me?" Ashley finally said and sat further back into the sofa.

Keith looked at Ashley slumped there, having poured her heart out and revealed such intimate details of her life, expecting the worst from her best friend in the world. Her expression made his heart ache, so instead of beating around the bush, Keith said, "Ash, I'm in love with you, I have been since we began being friends but I've always thought you were a guy. I'm bisexual and was scared to tell you in case you hated me, but what you just told me I need to ask one thing?"

"Yeah, ask away, Keith," Ashley replied

"How do you feel about me? Are you still a lesbian or what?" Keith asked

Ashley looked over at Keith, and Keith could see his huge smile and beaming eyes. He could almost feel the love returned. His next words confirmed what Keith saw and felt.

"Are you serious, Keith?" Ashley asked. "I've been in love with you ever since we first met, but my rather odd physical make up made me nervous about it. From our conversations, I was sure that my maleness would turn you off. I've not been with a guy in ages, but I like both too."

Keith got from the chair and sat down next to Ashley on the sofa, the kiss was strange at first, but the love behind it served to get Keith over the awkwardness. Soon, their tongues were sliding across strange teeth and gums, and then their hands began to move. Keith slipped his right hand into Ashley's robe and started to fondle her nipple while his other hand went around her neck and played in her hair. Ashley's hands circled Keith's torso and ran up and down his back. But it was Ashley who slowly pushed him back until she was lying on top of him on the sofa. Her thigh was in his crotch, rubbing against his swelling dick. Keith felt himself getting closer and closer to cumming, but before he did, Ashley rolled off of him, stood up, and led him to her bedroom.

The door closed behind them, and Ashley turned from the window after closing the venetian blinds. She had a very sexy smile painted on her face. She untied her sash and let her robe fall open, exposing her bare secret again. With a shrug, she tossed the robe off her shoulders. She looked glorious naked, she had a perfect male body that turned Keith on in a curious way. It seemed that she looked so wonderful because of the flat cleft between her legs.

"Your turn, Keith," Ashley said, looking like a weird transsexual god standing there, her body haloed by sunlight through the blinds. Her body was so bronze and muscled and hairless from her neck down. It was amazing what hormones and expert plastic surgeons could do to remould a body. Responding to her suggestion Keith began to undress. He swiftly tossed his clothes into a corner and stood up straight, as naked as his room mate.

Ashley's eyes roved over Keith's body with approval, especially when they came to rest at his crotch. Although the hair on his head was an average brown, the hair at his crotch was a fine golden blonde. His cock was big, not as huge as a porn star but more than average and perfectly complimented by a perfect pair of naturally hairless balls. At that moment, Keith's cock was just a heartbeat or two from full, straining hardness. Keith looked at Ashley and could see that she approved.

"You're beautiful, Keith, absolutely beautiful, you don't know how hard it's been keeping myself from sneaking peeks at you in the shower, wondering what you were hiding in your shorts, but the wait was worth it!" Ashley said, stepping towards Keith. Ashley sighed loudly as she stood in front of Keith. "Such a long time wasted! Well, it's time to stop wasting and start doing. Sit on the edge of the bed, Keith, I'll go first."

Keith sat with his ass barely on the edge of the mattress and Ashley knelt between his spread legs. Then she proceeded to suck his cock like it had never been sucked before. Her mouth had to be the most talented oral cavity in the world! She even managed to take him all the way down his throat with almost no trouble at all. Her hands were always in motion as well. As her mouth enclosed his cock in wetness and her tongue and teeth added to the sensations across Keith's skin, Ashley’s hands stroked every other part of his body. Even though Keith wanted the session to last forever it couldn't. Ashley was just too good, her mouth too talented.

She was able to help Keith hold off his orgasm, pausing and looking up to his eyes, but not forever. Almost twenty minutes later, he finally came, flooding Ashley's willing mouth with his seed. A further ten minutes passed with Ashley gently caressing Keith's cock and kissing his neck and nibbling his earlobes.

"Next time we'll let you take a turn eating me, but for now, I need to feel your lovely cock inside me. It's been so long since I've been fucked that I don't think I could wait another minute," Ashley said smiling.

She levered herself up on hands and knees, and moved over him. His cock had returned to full hardness by then, and Ashley straightened up over his crotch and aimed herself at the head, which pointed straight up. Then, she sank slowly down, inch by inch, until she was resting flat on his crotch, his cock buried fully in her cunt. Keith wasn't sure if he expected Ashley's cunt to be any different from his previous girlfriends, but it wasn't. If the rest of him was pure male, the last remnant of his original gender was totally unaffected by it. Ashley's cunt was in fact probably the sweetest, tightest pussy he had ever been in. Some of his previous lovers had had better mouths than cunts. Ashley was fantastic with her mouth, but her pussy was far far better.

Ashley just sat there for a while, probably as much to get used to being filled again after being so long celibate as to let Keith savour the heavenly warmth and wetness of her silky cunt. Then, she began to rock slightly and eventually to piston up and down on her strong legs. It was amazing to Keith that Ashley looked so absolutely sexy as she bobbed up and down on his cock. There was absolutely nothing feminine about her except what was swallowing his cock. One hand could block that from his sight, and all he would see would be a gorgeous man bouncing up and down over him.

Keith reached up, drew Ashley down, and kissed her long and hard. After a startled minute, she started rocking her hips again and Keith's began to move in unison. They kissed and fondled and fucked on and on, resting as Keith drew near orgasm to prolong their first fuck as long as possible. Ashley just kept coming over and over losing count after three. They learned that they both had very sensitive nipples, something Ashley enjoyed in a lover and said was rare in a man. The way Ashley caressed his body while they were resting really turned Keith on, and sort of got him wishing there was more there for her to stroke and massage.

Finally, Ashley decided to let Keith come again. By that time Keith's body was thrashing wildly, his hips were circling and his head was rocking back and forth. Moans of ecstasy and passion filled the room. The scent of aroused woman and male pre-cum permeated the room and drove them both even wilder. When she didn't stop her hip action at the point of his build up like she had before Keith started to move and moan faster and wilder and louder until, with the loudest scream ever, he let his pent up load go sending jets of scalding sperm deep into Ashley's belly. The relief was so great that they both passed out, collapsing together in the bliss of pent up emotions.

Keith composed himself a minute or so later as Ashley was just rolling off of him. She looked into his beaming face and she said, "That, Keith, was just absolutely the best ever. Ever! I'm really glad we made this little breakthrough, I hope this wasn't a 'one-night stand.'" Her smile widened, and Keith leaned over and kissed her.

"No way, Ashley. Never a one night stand, life, Ashley, this is for life. As long as you want me, I'm yours," Keith said, smiling back, and deep down he meant it.

Ashley looked at him funny, then smiled again. "Want to take a shower together?" she said.

"Sure," Keith replied and they did. Ashley's cold seemed to have suddenly got better. They had fun lathering each other up and rinsing each other off, then repeating the process several times. Ashley stroked Keith to another orgasm, and he in turn fingered Ashley to a few. They finally climbed out of the tub and dried each other off, exciting each other yet again.

to be continued

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