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Trans-Office Affair

My first story... so please be gentle. This is a fictional story based on a friend's fantasy.
Andrea and I had been working closely together on a work project for close to a week, often spending time together after work so that we could get it done on time. As the week went on, I had grown more and more attracted to her, but I tried to keep things professional in order to get the task at hand completed. One night, we were both standing side-by side, leaning over the desk to look at the completed project when Andrea asked me a question. I turned to respond, not realizing how close we were, and our lips brushed each other. Our eyes met, and the slight kiss became something much, much deeper. I felt her agile tongue slip into my mouth, and I eagerly responded, exploring her mouth with mine.

Andrea began kissing down my neck, and our hands massaged each other’s bodies, drawing us closer together. I worked my way down her neck as well and cupped her ample breasts in my hands. Still kissing down her body, I unbuttoned her shirt, and her perfect breasts were released from her top. Her nipples stiffened as I flicked my tongue across them and gently sucked on them. She began to moan ever so slightly as I lightly nipped her pert nipples. Her hand traced up my leg, and she felt my arousal grow through the fabric of my pants. She found the head of my cock and gave it a slight squeeze through my pants which caused me to moan and writhe in delight.

Hoping to reciprocate, I traced my hands up Andrea’s legs under her short skirt. When I raised her skirt, I was startled by the surprise she had for me there. She had a small six-inch semi-erect cock that had begun to strain against her thong. I pulled back slightly, unsure. When she sensed my uncertainty, she gently tugged on my tie to pull me closer and kiss me deeply again. While she was kissing me, her hands worked my now glistening cock free of my pants, and she began stroking it gently, squeezing more pre-cum out as she spread my wetness over the shaft. Almost delirious, I decided instantly to surrender to the passion and overwhelming desire I felt for her and took her surprise in my hands. I felt it swell in my hand as I gently stroked her to complete hardness as well. With my fingers wrapped around her shaft, I steadily milked the pre-cum from her cock so that she matched the arousal level I felt for her. We stood, looking eye-to-eye, aching for one another as we stroked and built the fires within us, the heads of our cocks gently rubbing against one another.

I looked down as our cocks touched one another, and I suddenly felt the urge to take her glistening cock in my mouth. While I continued to stroke her, I tentatively knelt down and slowly ran my tongue over her cock’s swollen head, lapping up her pre-cum. She got even harder in my hands and mouth as I began to playfully tease her cock with my tongue. Then, cupping her balls, I buried her cock in my throat and began to tease her ass with my fingers. Her cock felt so good in my mouth. The sense of power I could feel as her body responded to my mouth as I lavished attention on her cock was intoxicating. As I continued to work her cock with my mouth, I looked up into her eyes to see her smiling in satisfaction and pleasure. She told me she wanted more, so she sat back in a chair and propped her legs up on the armrests to give me access to her backside. I began to rim her while still stroking her, which caused her backside to spasm in pleasure and got her cock harder and wetter for me.

At this point, she glanced down and noticed how my cock was bobbing with desire for her touch and attention. As I had been sucking on her now rock hard and slick cock, my cock had swollen and began to drip even more pre-cum as it yearned for her touch. We fell to the floor when she reached for me to engulf my cock in her mouth. We began to 69 each other, sucking each other’s cocks and playing with each other’s asses with our fingers, and hinting at what was to come. Suddenly, she slid a finger into my ass and told me she wanted to be inside me. The sensation of her fingers inside of me, and the thought of taking all of her inside of me overwhelmed me. Her strokes and kisses on me had me almost over the edge, and my growing arousal at her responses to my touch had made me willing to do anything that would allow it to continue. I was so hot for her touch, I wanted to be hers to consume.

I lay across our desk, and she eased her cock into me. I instinctively clenched down on her cock, tightening to keep it from moving any further inside me. She gave me a slight smile, and she teasingly slid back out. Suddenly, she buried herself all the way into me and I abruptly took every inch of her. Once I had gotten past the slight pain, it felt incredible as she pounded into me, balls deep as her arousal grew. Since she didn’t want to cum quickly, she slowed and then backed out entirely. Not satisfied, she once again took my dripping cock in her soft hands and lavished more attention on it. I was so overcome with desire that I eagerly sought out her cock to stroke and suck while she toyed with me.

While she stroked my cock, she asked me to enter her. I bent her over the desk and happily obliged. She gasped softly as my swollen cock slid into her, and I almost came as she constricted around me. She felt sooo good. I didn’t want the sensation to ever end. To further her passion, I leaned into her, took her cock in my hands and began to stroke her in time with my thrusts. This got her cock even harder and wetter in my hands. As she looked over her shoulder at me during this, our eyes met, and I was fueled by the desire to taste her luscious lips on mine again. I wanted to feel our tongues intertwined and tasting each other.

Andrea rolled onto her back. I re-entered her and began to slide in and out. Her little erection just begged for attention, so I stroked her in rhythm to my thrusts once again. She sat up to kiss me deeply, and when her tongue slid into my mouth again, the sensation sent shockwaves through my system. It was overwhelming and I shuddered as I exploded inside of her. When she felt my orgasm filling her up, she reached her limit as well, and erupted in my hands while I continued to milk every last drop from her slowly shrinking cock.

Afterwards, we lay there, exhausted but exhilarated. I gently touched her and traced her cum across her belly. She ran her fingers through her cum as well and lifted her fingertips to her lips. After she licked them off, she kissed me deeply and I tasted her on her tongue. It began to reawaken nerve endings in me so that we could experience each other again…and again.

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