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Vivian Finds Her Man

Vivian Finds Her Man

Vivian takes a chance once more at love.
Vivian is twenty-three years old, 5'6" tall with platinum blond hair reaching the middle of her back. Her eyes are a deep blue. She teaches medieval history and coaches the women's cross-country team. My name is Bruce, I am twenty-seven years old, 6'2" tall with short blond hair. My eyes are dark blue. I teach physical education and coach the men's cross-country team.

We run our practices together. As the season progressed, a friendship developed between us. When practice was over, we would go on a three mile run. After a particular day of a light practice ended, I asked Vivian if she would like to go to dinner after our run.

"I have a better idea, come to my place for dinner," Vivian said, as we ended our run.

"Okay, I will be there in an hour," I replied, as we walked to our cars.

I went home, took a quick shower. Before leaving, I grabbed a bottle of Gewürztraminer from my wine refrigerator. While driving, I stopped at a florist to buy a flower arrangement.

Thirty minutes later I arrived at Vivian's. She opened the door as I walked up the steps.

"Welcome, Bruce," Vivian said, as her lips gently kissed my cheek.

Vivian was dressed in a white shirt that was unbuttoned far enough to show her 32C cup breasts in a white lace bra. Her skirt was black reaching her mid-thigh.

"These are for you," I said, as I gave the flowers to her.

"Thank you Bruce. They are lovely," Vivian said, as she placed them on the beautifully set table. “Dinner is ready.”

I pulled her chair out and as she sat her skirt moved along her toned thighs. I opened the bottle of wine, pouring us both a glass. As dinner progressed we shared our experiences growing up, our careers, and our lives in general. When dinner was over, I helped clear the table. I came up behind Vivian as she washed the dishes and wrapped my hands around her waist. I kissed her neck as my hands rubbed her stomach in a circular motion.

“Bruce, lets finish the dishes first,” she said, as I was given the dish towel for drying.

When we were finished, Vivian led me to the living room. She told me to sit on the sofa and went over to a cabinet. There she pulled out two glasses then added some ice. Reaching in, she brought out a bottle of Jack and filled the glasses.

“Here Bruce, you are going to need this for what I have to tell you.”

I took a gulp of my Jack and Vivian went on to tell me that she had not been in a relationship for a very long time. Her former boyfriend had taken advantage of her, then dumped her rather quickly. Their relationship lasted only four months.

“Bruce, I do not want to go through that again,” Vivian said, as she took a sip from her glass.

She went on to tell me that she was born with both male and female sex organs. Her parents decided not do anything and let her decide when she was older.

“Yes Bruce, I am a hermaphrodite,” Vivian said, as she took a gulp of Jack.

She told me that she was very happy with the way she was and has no intention of changing. Vivian went on to tell me that if I could not accept that, then that I needed to leave. That we would only have a working relationship.

“Vivian, I do not want to leave,” I said, as I kissed her.

She stood and taking my hand we went to her room. Standing by the bed, we shared a passionate kiss. Our tongues snaked around each other as she unbuttoned my shirt. Breaking the kiss, Vivian kissed her way down my neck and chest. She pulled the shirt from my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor at my feet. Vivian knelt down and unbuckled my belt and pulled the zipper down.

As she removed my trousers, her tongue licked the hard vertical shaft inside my boxers. After several minutes, Vivian pulled the boxers off and told me to sit on the edge of the bed. Still on her knees, she moved to me.

Her hand fondled my scrotum as she took my cock deep in her mouth, swirling her tongue over the veiny shaft. The sucking motion of her mouth combined with the licking action of her tongue was having the desired effect.

Vivian let my cock slip from her mouth and her hand released my scrotum. She stood in front of me. I reached up, unbuttoned her shirt. I let pulled the shirt from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Vivian removed her bra as I unzipped her skirt.

I pulled her skirt down, letting it fall to the floor. In front of me was her hard, thin cock. I ran my tongue over the head then down the shaft. Vivian grabbed my head as I took the head in my mouth, swirling my tongue over it as my hand fondled her balls.

The fingers of my other hand found her slit and stroked its length. My fingers slipped inside her honey pot. Vivian was so excited, that it did not take much for her to release her load in my mouth and cover my fingers in her sweet nectar.

Vivian the pushed me back on the bed and straddled my hips. Her wet honey pot slid down onto my cock. As we moved together, Vivian offered me her pert erect nipples. I flicked my tongue around them and then took them between my teeth. I gently bit down.

“God Bruce I love that, bite harder!” Vivian screamed, as we both came together.

Her cream covered my stomach and her sweet nectar trickled down to my balls. I held her in my arms as we rested, my cock still inside her.

"Vivian, I'm not going anywhere," I said, as we lay there resting.

"I'm happy to hear that Bruce."

 Once rested, we went to take a shower and continue our lovemaking.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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