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Will and Sarah - Part 2

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Will woke early the next morning with a raging hard-on and thoughts of last night racing through his mind. He turned over and looked at Sarah. She was in a deep, peaceful sleep. She lay on her back; her long, wavy brunette hair a messy tumble on the pillow around her delicate face. One large breast was exposed from the covers. Will thought she was utter perfection.

Will reached out his hand to her face and caressed down her cheek bone. He lent forward and lightly kissed her on the forehead as he traced his fingers down the ridges of her spine. She began to stir, mumbling the non-sensicle murmurs that occur when rousing from a deep sleep. Will placed another kiss on her cheek, his hand sliding over the arch of her hip and snaking along her smooth thigh to gently caress the sensitive spot behind the back of her knee. Sarah opened her dark eyes and looked up at him.

“Mmm...Morning,” she breathed, and raised her face to Wills, kissing him firmly on the mouth. Will opened his mouth and let his tongue dance around her lips. She opened her mouth and his tongue gently probed her mouth, lightly licking the tip of her tongue with his. Sarah hooked a leg around will and drew him closer to her, his hardened cock rubbing against her stomach. She pulled away from their kiss.

“Well you’re certainly are keen this morning,” she said. Will smiled and took Sarah’s own semi-hard cock in his hand.

“You’re half keen at least, it seems.” He said, giving her cock a playful squeeze

“I’m always ready for you, baby.” She started grinding herself into his hand. Will took the hint and started to massage his palm around the head of her cock. Sarah began to kiss him again, with more passion and ferocity than before, and Will felt her quickly harden in his grip.

Sarah manoeuvred will onto his back and, with an elegant movement of her long leg, straddled him. She gently rested her weight over his waist, her powerful toned thighs squeezing his hips. Her dark hair cascaded down her back; her perfect breasts rose and fell with her deep breathing. They were fairly average in size with bikini tan lines which left her breasts pale, perfectly contrasting with her dark olive tan. Her stomach was flat and toned with a small jewel in her belly button. Her hips curved out wide from her waist and she had thin tan lines where her thong had been which drew attention to her curvaceous, round bubble ass cheeks. As she straddled will, her cock stood hard and to attention, pointing to the ceiling with her balls resting on Will’s pubic bone. Sarah tensed and relaxed her cock, causing it to bob up and down as Will greedily lapped up the sight of her perfect and wonderfully erotic body.

She placed her hands on Wills shoulders and lent forward to kiss him. Her hair fell from behind her ears as her face neared his, her mouth open with eager anticipation as they kissed. She pushed her breasts against him as they hungrily kissed, her erect and tender nipples pressing into his chest. She let out each breath as a moaning sigh, clearly lost in the moment. Sarah ground her body against his, her cock rubbing against his belly. The sensation drove them both wild.

Will eagerly clawed at her back and slid his hands down her smooth skin and greedily grabbed her ass. He let one finger slide down her ass crack, gliding over her tight rose-bud hole and worked his hand towards the spot between her balls and ass-hole, which he began to massage. He moved his two middle fingers in small, firm circles over her perineum. Sarah broke out in goose-flesh and a deep moan escaped her lips as she began to grind herself more firmly against Will.

Will could feel the spot he was rubbing swell and harden beneath his fingers. He rolled the two of them over so he was on top of Sarah. He lay on top of her, their hard, swollen cocks rubbing together. Will brought the first two fingers of his right hand to Sarah’s mouth and traced the outline of her lips. She looked up at him seductively and opened her mouth, lightly nibbling on Wills fingers.

“Lick them good,” He said. “They’re about to go up your ass.”

Sarah laughed and began to suck his fingers in earnest. As she did, she took her breasts in her hand and began to stroke them in large circles, putting on a bit of a show for Will as she lubed up his fingers.

Will knelt beside Sarah and gently coaxed her legs apart, exposing her ass to the joys that his fingers could bring. He placed his fingers against the tight muscles of her ass, the feel of which he never got tired of, and began to lightly rub around her hole. Sarah closed her eyes, savouring the sensations as she tried to relax herself. As will slowly increased the pressure, Sarah breathed in deeply and his fingers slipped deliciously inside her.

As Will began to finger her, he lent forward and they slowly kissed. After a minute or so of allowing her ass to get used to his fingers, he curled them up and back. His fingers came into direct contact with her already swollen prostate. Her tight ass spasmed slightly.

“Umph,” she moaned as her body jerked momentarily. “That’s the spot.”

“I know,” he said. He began to work his fingers more vigorously inside her, causing her to swell even more. “You like?”

“Fuck.....yeah....” her breath caught in her throat and she let it out in a long, deep moan of pleasure. She looked down at her cock, now beating in time with her increasing heart rate, and saw a drop of pre-cum forming on the tip. Sarah put her hand behind Will’s head and practically forced his tongue into her mouth. With her other hand, she took her cock in her hand and began to stroke herself. She couldn’t stroke herself fast because, as was usually the case with Will’s foreplay, she had already found herself on the verge of shooting everywhere. Instead she used her hand to very lightly stroke the length of her shaft, her fingers barely touching herself and found this more than enough to keep herself satisfied while Will worked miracles inside her ass, and she sucked and licked Will’s dancing tongue.

Will started to kiss the nape of her neck, sending shivers of intense eroticism through her body. His mouth worked down her body to her breast and he took her nipple in his mouth. He sucked and nibbled and licked, and her nipple grew in his mouth.

The pleasure Sarah was feeling was incredible; her head swam with it. A deep, aching intensity was building in her lower body as Will expertly fingered her. Her balls seemed to physically ache, desperate to unleash their load all over her stomach. She moved her hand from Will’s head and took his cock in her hand, slowly rubbing it while he slurped at her nipple. With her other hand she rubbed the head of her own cock, smearing her building supply of pre-cum over her cock and lightly rubbing her fraenulum with her index finger. Just this act alone was almost enough to make her cum.

Will gently withdrew his fingers, which left her feeling empty, and removed the bottle of lube from the bedside table.

“Yes, baby,” Sarah cooed, knowing what was to come. She still held her cock and was lightly rubbing herself, clearly very aroused. Not a bad sight for eight in the morning, will thought to himself.

Sarah lifted her legs up and back over her head and allowed will to pour lube over her body. First he poured it onto her cock, the sudden cold sensation making her gasp, which was replaced by the sweet warmth of his hand gripping her and rubbing the gel into her throbbing cock. He then poured a copious amount onto her ass and lovingly rubbed it around her hole. Her swollen prostate clearly visible now from the outside, he spent extra time rubbing the liquid onto and massaging her perineum, something which sent small shockwaves of pleasure through her body. The excess lube on his hands he used to massage into her stomach and breasts and thighs, savouring the feel of her smooth olive skin and toned stomach under his hands. Finally, he poured the lube over his own cock and positioned himself between Sarah’s legs.

He held his cock in one hand and rested it against her hole. She loved this initial stage of sex, right before it begins, and she was almost quivering in anticipation. She put her arms around Wills neck and brought him close to her.

“Fuck me, fuck me now,” she whispered into his ear.

She felt him press his weight forward and the pressure grew against her ass. She relaxed her muscles and with a quick, blissful pop, the head of Will’s cock was inside her. She let out a long sigh and drew her legs up further, opening herself even more. She lifted her head and kissed Will as he slowly filled her. Every inch he put into her increased her pleasure, her tight ass slowly stretching to accommodate him. Eventually, he was entirely inside of her.

“Ready?” He asked. Feeling her ass quivering slightly around him and her hard cock under his stomach, he already knew the answer. She gave a slow nod and wrapped her legs around him, raising her hips to meet his.

He slowly began to thrust his cock. The feel of him inside her was exquisite. Each time his cock withdrew, the head of his cock would brush against her hardened prostate, causing her to whimper and moan in time with his thrusting. She clawed at his back and linked her ankles around him, lifting her hips each time he thrust, her face buried in his shoulder. Her cock was like a rod of iron and as it slowly oozed pre-cum onto her stomach she thought, that if and when when she finally came, her cock might actually explode rather than just shoot cum. There was no need to rub her cock yet, the feel of Will sliding inside her was almost too much to handle on its own.

“Jesus Christ!” she managed to whimper. “What are you doing to me Will ....fuck ....ah ....ah.... Ungh!”

Will increased his speed, every thrust sending jolt after jolt of intense pleasure through Sarah. He moved his hand down her body and grabbed her cock, feeling the build up of pre-cum that had developed.

“You certainly are a horny one this morning,” he said, slowly jerking her cock and using her pre-cum as a make shift lube. Sarah didn’t answer, instead she buried her tongue in his mouth and grabbed his ass in her hands and pushed him deeper and harder into her. She could feel herself getting close, her balls had tightened to her body and her ass had started to quiver.

“Baby,” she said. “Let’s change positions, I want to ride you good and cum all over you.”

“That sounds good to me.”

Will withdrew and lay down on the bed and Sarah straddled him. She rose up on her knees and took Wills cock in one hand while she positioned herself over it. It slipped into her relatively easy this time, though her cock and ass did give a slight twitch as he entered. She slowly lowered herself all the way down onto him until her ass was resting on Will’s upper legs.

She leant forward to kiss him. Then she began to ride.

Will thought there was nothing in this world sexier than watching Sarah ride him like this. She was an expert at it. Her hips rolled and gyrated and her whole body moved in a fluid, wave like motion as hips thrust back and forth. Her breasts bounced and jiggled and her hair clung in streaks to her sweaty face, which looked animalistic in its pleasure and passion. Her hard cock bounced and bobbed, occasionally thwacking against his belly. And her moaning and screaming and crying out added wonderful sounds to the show. He reached up his hands and squeezed her breasts, tweaked the nipples. He was glad that she was so obviously close to coming herself, because he didn’t think he could withstand this sort of punishment for long before he shot himself.

Sarah knew she couldn’t hold back much longer, Wills cock was too much for her. Even with herself in control, there wasn’t much she could do to hold back the storm of pleasure that was building deep within her groin. Every time she thrust her hips forward, the movement of Wills cock would push her closer and closer.

“Honey, I need to cum,” she panted.

“Me too baby, go for gold!”

She lay back and rested her hands on the bed, either side of Wills legs. The slight change of position gave Wills cock direct access to her very swollen and sensitive prostate. She lifted herself up and down on his cock, all the time his cock rubbing directly against her spot. The sensations in her ass began to build and her cock started to get harder. Her ass started to clamp itself around Wills cock, the muscles contracting tighter and tighter and tighter still and her balls drew up to her body. Sarah’s head was right back so she looking at the ceiling and her back was arched. Her breath was being released in short, sharp grunting gasps. Her ass continued to tighten around Will and her cock felt as if it was getting harder and harder as her orgasm intensified.

“Mm...Mm...Mm...ah...ah” she moaned, unable to stop herself. Her ass clamped tightly, quivering and vibrating as her orgasm started to peak. “Fuck me....I’m gonna cum!”

The skin around her neck and upper chest reddened and the veins in her neck stood out as she opened her mouth in a silent scream of ecstatic orgasmic pleasure. She rocked her head and arched her back as much as she could as her orgasm finally hit.

“UUUUUNNNNNGGGGHHHH!” she bellowed in a low, guttural voice. The first shot of cum landed on Wills chest as her cock began to buck and twitch and dance. Each time her cock bucked another huge spurt of cum would shot from it and her ass would ruthlessly clamp down on Will before relaxing and then clenching again.

“FUCK ME WILL!” she screamed. Her body began to convulse uncontrollably as her breath returned to her in short, sharp, quick gulps as her cock began to slow down its orgasmic, twitching dance. She collapsed forward onto Will, smearing her cum into their bodies and kissing him deeply. Her ass was still clenching and relaxing and her body was still slightly convulsing in his arms.

She began to slowly ride him, wanting him to cum deep inside her. He began thrusting himself in time with her, knowing that he was right on the edge himself. Their pace quickened as Will was brought closer to cumming. The feel of her tight ass, still occasionally convulsing from aftershock waves; her warm cum sliding between their bodies and her soft, whimpering, quivering body held in his arms was too much for him. He pulled her tight as his cock began to erupt its load deep inside her tight, warm ass.

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