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Woman Type 2. - Chapter Four

Woman Type 2.
Chapter Four

I woke early the next morning, the big day! I was nervous and was dreading the embarassement of turning up to school for the first time dressed as a girl!

I put on the new white lace bra and panties, carefully concealing my manhood. I slipped the latex breast forms into the bra and adjusted it as I had now become very used to doing.

I tied my hair up in a top knot and tied a purple ribbon in it to match my skirt suit. Me and my Mum had discussed in every detail how I should look for the day so I was well versed.

I put on the lace blouse and called my Mum to tie up the little ribbons up the back.

She came into the room “How is my princess this morning?” She asked smiling broadly, as she tied each silk ribbon carefully.

“Im nervous Mum and I wonder if this outfit is just too….girly!?” I said trembling.

“But you are as good as a girl now pet. This bra is perfect as well honey, you can see the pretty floral lace detail through your blouse, very sexy!” she responded .

Sexy! isn’t what I wanted, but I knew it was how it should be so didn’t complain further.

I wore some sheer flesh coloured stockings that had a lace top, secured by a white suspender belt.

The short purple pencil skirt had 4 fabric covered buttons at the back, from the top of the kick pleat up to my waste, and a thin belt in matching fabric.

I buttoned up the matching, backless waistcoat and I was pretty much ready. I looked in the mirror to see a beautiful, young, blonde lady!

My breasts formed two prominent bumps through the ruffle front blouse, the ruffles accentuating my newly acquired bust. What the heck were my school mates going to say! I suddenly felt nauseous.

I finished the look off with some strings of pearls and little pearl stud earings, matching patent purple , 4 inch stilletos and a matching patent purple square handbag.

It was tradition for all the girls to dress up for this occasion. Obviously for this girl it was going to be slightly different!

I went downstairs and my Mum was wearing a beautiful blue skirt and suit. My Dad had on his best, grey suit, and my Brother wore a similar grey suit. The whole family were to witness this. They all smiled reassuringly.

We drove the short distance to the school. It was busy with proud parents and boys in dark suits and white shirt and ties. With girls in various colurs of quite ellaborate outfits like my own.

As we got out of the car I could sense everyone stopped to look, as we walked to the hall this continued, almost with parents standing back in awe! I heard the odd chuckle and my boy name said a few times.

I was ushered to the backstage area and my parents went to find their reserved seats in the main auditorium hall. It was chaos with two separate wings subdividing boys and girls.

I ,of course, was herded into the girls camp.

I heard whispers and sure I heard someone mention “…boy in a dress”,

I finally found my girl class mates and joined them nervously.

They were chatting busily when I approached and this stopped as soon as they spotted me.

There was an awkward silence.

A girl I knew well, in fact a girl I had wanted to take to the Prom, when I was a boy that is, broke the silence.

Tanya you look gorgeous. The others then engulfed me, looking at my dress and commenting on my hair, and bra! They excepted me into their ranks.

I noticed another class in the same process with the only other boy to qualify to be a W2. For some reason he, or his Mum had chosen Anastasia as his new name!

His dress was even more girly than mine! It was a pink tight fitting pencil dress, finishing mid thigh, with large matching fabric buttons all the way up the front with a thick matching belt
pinching in his already slim waist. It was quite a low cut , heart shaped front, and I noticed the bulge of breasts and a cleavage! Very visible. How he had achieved this I didn’t know.

It had been rumoured that he had been dressing as a girl when away from school for a couple of years before selection. Indeed at school he seemed to wear a very stylised boys uniform.

His shirts, whilst looking like shirts, had darts to pinch in the waist and finished short often revealing his pierced belly button. He was the only boy to continue wearing shorts after the first year, which were quite short and tight. We had taken the micky out of this plus the fact that he disdnt seem to bulge in the pants like the rest of us. The front of the shorts was flat and smooth.

The funniest part was that they fastened at the side too with a zip and top button.

Some of the girls had seen him with his Mum, in the department store, in a little summer dress, picking out bras one weekend!

It was also rumoured that he gave boys blow jobs in the toilets for £10.00 a go!

He seemed thinner than I last saw him, and had adopted significantly larger breasts than mine.

His hips and bottom were again larger enhanced than mine, giving him this extremely sexy curvaceous look. His arms were bare and pencil thin, he wore a series of silver bangles on his wrists.

He was beaming and loving it I noted. He moved around giggling with the girls in his class, moving effortlessly on 5 inch pink sling back shoes that had large bows on the front.

She had done her hair, blonde as well, in a blonde thick bob similar to an iconic actress that a guy called Andy Warhol had painted years ago. I couldn’t remember her name.

Unfortunately one of the Caretakers, who was helping organising people backstage spotted me!

“Tanya, you really have changed!” The short fat man said smirking. He had a dirty look and I felt him almost undress me with his eyes as he talked.

He put his sweaty arm around my waist to guide me to a quieter area where Anastasia had also been guided. I felt his hand almost groping my hip as he guided me.

She greeted me in a high voice that I was sure had been put on to sound more girly.

“Hi Tanya honey, arent we the luckiest girls ever!” She said as she kissed me on the cheeks twice saying “Mwah” as she did!

We were told that we were to be called up last as the only two W2 candidates in the area for this year. There would be press photographers there also! I cringed and my heart pounded with sickening nervousness.

The presentation to the rest of my year flied by. Pupils would walk on receive awards and then take their seat at the front of the stage.

The announcer finally came to our turn.

“Now we are very proud to be the only school in this area to have two boys with acceptance onto the Woman Type Two programme.” The Headmistress spoke across the PA. I could hear the murmer of the crowd increase slightly. This was the high point as ever at these ceremonies. To me it was starting to seem like ritual humiliation!

“Andrew Dimitri, now to be known as Anastasia, has always been a prime candidate for the programme.” There was a number of chuckles and increase murmer in the audience.

She carried on, “Andrew has always pursued his school life in his own creative way, and has embraced this new opportunity with both hands. His excellence in Social and Political studies gained him the highest marks in the country for over ten years. He has been lined up for the W2 selection for some time. Please welcome Anastasia!”

There was a loud round of applause. Anastasia beamed broadly, adjusted her dress and walked out onto the stage. She walked slowly swaying her hips, her shoulders back and breasts out. A series of wolf whistles sounded out over the applause. She stopped before she got to the Headmistress, bowing and blowing kisses to the audience.

I could also hear an undercurrent of laughter rising through the noise from the front of the stage. This increased in volume.

“Now then quiet please,” the Head mistress raised her voice as the applause died down.

Anastasia collected her award and stepped femininely down the steps to the girls section.

It was my turn! I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

“Our second boy who has won a place onto the Woman Type Two programme is Tony Tibbs. Now to be known as Tanya.“ I heard a few chuckles from the audience. “Tony has been an exemplary student. In the classroom and indeed on the sports field in boys sports. It was his incredible results in the Sciences that alerted the selection committee to him. Please welcome Tanya!”

A loud applause started and I walked uneasily out. I knew my Mum would be wanting me to do my best so I concentrated walking with my shoulders back as she had taught me.

As I walked out , my eyes focussed on the Headmistress across the stage, the wolf whistles started. Thankfully not as much as with Anastasia. I also heard the chuckles similar to Anastasias response.

I didn’t smile, collected my award and joined the girls. I didn’t engage anyones eyes in the boys section but sensed my old mates chuckling and whistling.

The girls were encouraging, hugging me, and I sat down with relief amongst all the curls and lace of the girls section. I had almost become one of them already.

The Headmistress sounded out over the PA. “Thank you, Thank you. Yes we are very proud of our two new girls. I would just ask the rest of the boys to understand the great thing these two young men have achieved. Many Type Two Women go on to take the top jobs in the country.
We all wish Anastasia and Tanya the greatest success in the future. Have a great Prom tonight!”

The parents slowly left the Hall leaving the pupils to mingle. I stayed with the girls. Some of their boyfreinds came up to meet them and unfortunately the boy and girl group merged! A group of my mates including Jake came up to my group of new girlfreinds.

“Hey Tony your hot!” one of them said. They all laughed including Jake. He seemed to be distant, almost like he didn’t want to admit we had been best of mates.

He went on.” If I wasn’t going to the Prom with Melissa I would love to have a Lady Boy on my arm.” He groped my right breast. There was hysterical laughter.

“I think Id prefer Anastasi!” another one chipped in. “Yes he gave you a blow job didn’t he Jake!”

Jake said “Fuck off.”

“In fact you and Tony used to be together all the time, was he your girlfreind then?” There was more hysterical laughter.

“Yeh Yeh whataver .” Jake said as he turned and walked away.

I felt so vunerable in my thin dress and clearly visible lace underwear. The boys surrounding me seem larger than I recalled, even with me in heels.

One of them grabbed me and did a pretend dance with me to great laughter.

I regained my composure.”Ok guys, thanks for your support.” I said

“Hey only kidding Tony, sorry Tanya.” Another one chipped in. “The guys are impressed really and pleased for you. We all agree you make a realistic girl. We have no issues with you babe.”

I walked out with the mixed group of girls and boys.

I thanked them and went to join my Mum and Dad.

“Well done princess you looked so classy sweet pea.” My Mum said.

My Dad hugged me. “Yes darling you looked beautiful.”

My Brother had disappeared somewhere with some girls from his old year.

I was so glad to get home that day. I now had the Prom to look forward to!

My Mum had told me earlier that the school had nominated a boy to accompany me as a pseudo date to the Prom. He was apparently a sensible boy who was not concerned by such a stigma. I had heard that Anastasia had sorted her own date out, and indeed had a choice of boys asking her out!

We returned home and I was sent upstairs to get showered and prepare for the prom. My Mum had arranged for the lady from the Parlour to come and do my hair and make up.

I showered and put a new pink bra on and matching knickers. I stepped into the Prom dress and placed the thin straps over my shoulders. I did up the side zip sand the bodice part of the dress clung tightly to my slim waist, and accentuated my bosom.

The dress had a full skirt with a built in net petticoat finishing just above the knee. It was a 50s inspired dress. It had a lowish front and back that that just finished above where my breasts would be visible, if I had real ones!

I started to think about when I would have real breasts. In the information the W2 college had sent it had explained that after two months of high strength hormones, “girls” would have suitably sized surgical breast augmentation. However they did not carry out sexual reasignment surgery until completion of the two year course. I would indeed have a period of being a “Lady Boy”.At the moment I was I suppose a Transvestite, although legally I was a Type 2 Woman.

I had looked with interest, more recently at some of my Mum low cut dresses and wondered what it would be like to have breasts and a cleavage on show. I guess I wouldn’t mind trying lower cut dresses.

Like all my studies I had looked on the job of being a woman with interest, and had tried to learn and research all the facets of becoming a woman. I didn’t want to let anyone down.

The Prom dress was in a pink taffeta fabric, under which was a white net petticoat. It had a white patent belt at the waist. I had a matching pink crochet cardigan to wear over my shoulders and white patent sling back heels.

I was not going to wear stockings so my pink painted toes were visible through the peep toe slingbacks. I had applied some fake tan to bronze my legs.

I had a small clutch bag in patent white with little flowers formed in the same white leather all over it.

It was all finished off with a diamante tiara and matching dangly earings and necklace.

The lady from the salon arrived and did my hair. The tiara looked good with my hair pinned up and strands falling around my neck and face. She also did my make up expertly including some false eyelashes that looked very feminine and glittery eye make up. My full lips were a pink high gloss that looked very “kissable” she said!

My Dad and Brother were downstairs with my Mum as I went into the front room.

“Awwwe you look divine Tanya, simply gorgeous!” My mum exclaimed.

My Dad smiled reassuringly. “Yes honey you really look the part.” he said.

My Brother was smiling more warmly than I had see for a while. “Yes sister you look very sexy.” He said. My Mum slapped him jokingly.

“Now, Now Son that’s your Sister your talking about!” She chuckled.

“Thanks everyone, but who the heck is this boy coming to pick me up?” I said.

“He is a lovely boy, called Ashleigh. He was head boy I think and is very capable of looking after you.” As my Mum finished there was a knock on the door. “Thatll be him now sweet.”

My Mum went to the door and welcomed in Ashleigh.

He was a tall, broad, blonde boy or man really. He was wearing a dark blue suit and white shirt with a bow tie. He was handsome.

“Good Evening Tanya, I must say you look beautiful tonight.” He kissed my hand.

I went red, and felt strange a man saying such a thing with my Dad and Brother there.

He handed me a box and I opened it to reveal a fragile flower. I thanked him and my Mum pinned it to my dress.

I said goodbye to the family and he led the way to his car, a red , retro Ford Mustang.

It felt so weird leaving the house by myself dressed as a woman with my family looking on proudly.

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