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Woman Type 2. - Chapter One

Set in the future where roles are changed!
Woman Type 2.
Chapter One

The year is 2050. Women through the years had gained more and more power. Jobs and tasks had become split and all the senior, high level and well paid jobs could only be done by women.

It was now illegal for men to hold certain jobs. Men could only do menial work. Cleaning, building and maintenance works etc.

This situation led to more and more single sex relationships with many leading women being lesbian.

The rest of the women took male partners who were required to keep house and bring up the children. As the women were generally out working or socialising, heterosexual relationships were not very sexual.

There was a sex industry in the city, and the hunkiest guys, seriously stacked guys, earned good money as prostitutes for high flying women. There were certain bars where theses guys hung out, often pimped out by a successful woman.

Due to the consequent birth rate dropping and a shortage of women to carry out the important work, in 2040 a bill was passed by the all female government that certain talented males could in fact progress into senior positions. Boys in school would be identified if they had certain intelligence levels above normal boys who would leave schooling at 16.

These talented boys were then sent to a dedicated academy at 16 where they would undergo special education , and prepared for fulfilling jobs.

This process had been hailed a great success over the 10 years it had operated.

The academy would take the 16 year old boys as borders. They would later join the girls once they had undergone initial processing.

This initial processing involved the feminisation of the boys, involving hormones and certain surgical procedures.

Peoples attitudes to changing the sex of these boys was not as it was. You were considered lucky if you were selected, as you would have a significantly higher standard of living.

I was one of these boys.

I had been at school to this point with a mixed group of girls and boys. My best mates, Rob and Jake were not selected, they were bigger and more macho than me, I was slim and small , and of course more intelligent, hence my selection. I was the only one of two selected in a school of two thousand boys.

I wasn’t sure how to take the news. It was considered a great success for boys to become “Women type 2” or “W2” as they were known. The other boy was known for being a sissy and it was rumoured his parents had been preparing him at home dressing him like a girl for years!

I liked playing football and fighting with my mates and of course chasing the girls!

Whilst it was not a stigma , at 16 there was a lot of bullying towards the selected W2 candidates once it was known.

I had already been receiving electrolysis to remove the little body and facial hair I had, and my strawberry blonde hair had been allowed to grow down to my shoulders in a thick unkempt style. This was some time before I realised I was being considered even!

Rob and Jake thought it hysterical that I was to become a girl!

“I think you’ll look so pretty with breasts and a fanny Tony.” Rob jested, stroking my chest from behind.

I pushed him away, “well at least I’ll be able to get a nice house and have holidays.” I replied.

“Yes but come on Tony, who wants to be a girl and have to wear all that girly stuff, plus wont you miss having a cock!?” chipped in Jake.

“I have no choice do I,” I said quietly. I really wasn’t keen on my body being sculpted into a female body. I enjoyed being male.

The rest of the school was not as kind as my mates.

The girls too took the micky too.

I had just turned 16, and one lunchtime a whole bunch of girls and guys I didn’t know, most of whom were bigger and stronger than me, dragged me to the girls toilets, stripped me and dressed me as a girl , stealing all my boys clothes!

I spent the rest of the day in a red gingham dress, with a bra and panties underneath and little patent girls shoes with a bow on the front!

The teachers were not much help and smiled almost proudly, as in their eyes I was a great success at the school.

There was a wall of photographs of all the schools previous W2 candidates. I used to laugh with my mates at the before and after shots that lined the walls. I too would soon be hanging on this wall looking like a woman!

When I went home in the dress as my own clothes never turned up, my mum beamed with pride!

“I guess we need to go shopping soon my dear.” She said stroking my hair. ”We have only two weeks until graduation then everything changes.”

My Dad was not so pleased I sensed. Whilst it meant that him and my Mum would benefit, he too had a degree of ribbing with his work mates.

My Dad too was a slightly built man and had a job collecting refuse and looking after the house and cooking for my Mum me and my big brother who was now an apprentice at the same refuse plant. He hadn’t talked to me since my selection.

My Dad was from an era where transexualism and cross-dressing was still frowned upon, he had also lived through the more recent period where weaker boys were killed at birth and girls were considered a blessing. The fact that now having failed in having two boys they were gaining a W2 daughter, whilst my Mum was over the moon, my Dad struggled I sense.

My Mum was a chief with the Police force. She was often out and I knew she went to the bars and slept with the macho prostitutes. My Dad slept in a separate room in any case.

I had another two weeks at school as a boy, then there was a graduation ceremony and a leavers Prom.

I was dreading these, as it was a long tradition that the W2 candidates would graduate and attend Prom dressed as a girl!

As the two weeks seemed to fly by, my Dad was instructed to start packing up my boy things and I was booked into the beauty parlour.

My last day as a boy took place on a Wednesday. When I arrived at home I noticed all my boy things had gone.

They had prepared a little party and I went downstairs to see parcels wrapped in pink, and a cake in the shape of a beautiful woman, with breasts as well!

I had read that this was quite expected too. Almost a rights of passage.

My Mum took the lead with the event.

“Well now my lovely, from now on you will be known as Tanya.” She beamed and presented me with a pink framed certificate indicating the name change and legal change to my status as a Provisional W2. This now meant I could vote too. Males couldn’t.

“You will immediately receive a healthy allowance from the government to help you change. In fact you’ll be earning more than your Brother just by becoming a girl.” She went on.

I looked at my Brother. He smiled weakly, “I’m pleased for you Tony. Sorry Tanya I really am.” He shook my hand.

I didn’t know what to think, I should be pleased but somehow I found it humiliating.

“Now open your pretty presents my new Daughter,” my mum smiled as she passed me the first parcel.

I undid the pink flowered parcel to reveal a large box. Inside was a pink and white lace dress.

“Your first real dress honey, a prom dress!” my mum beamed and I saw tears of pride in her eyes. She held it up to me. It was tight at the top and flared at the waste in a full skirt.

Pink stilettos followed. Cardigans, and stockings.

She also handed me a massive parcel with more everyday dresses and skirts in, “A whole girls wardrobe dear,” she said.

A big decorated box was next full of various cakes of make up, lipsticks etc.

“Now the next parcel is just for us girls only, so you guys must go and do the rest of the washing whilst we open it.” She said. My Dad and Brother shuffled off.

I pulled a large heavily decorated box out that had drawers in it. It was like a small chest of drawers in fact. The top draw had a gold script written “Brasiers” followed underneath by “Knickers”, “Suspenders”, “Stockings” and lastly “Form wear”.

I had heard to of these gifts that were to be kept as a memento for W2s. It was a symbolic statement of the first change in the male body to female, albeit through artificial means. They were often on display in successful W2s houses.

I didn’t understand the “Form wear” draw. My Mum opened it and explained what the pink silicone blobs were.

“Now darling, until you have your own real breasts, which wont be long now, these will be used. Once you put a bra on and put these in you will look so feminine you’ll be surprised.” She smiled and stroked my long hair, “Your so pretty now already, just think soon youll be all girl.”

There were also some larger flatter ones and a thin pair of elastic shorts that apparently would disguise my penis and balls and make them look like a vagina under tight clothes as well as pad my hips and bottom out into a girls profile.

I had only two days to master all this stuff ready for graduation and then the Prom!

I had to say thanks and kissed my Mum as I was told to hang up all my new things in my new bedroom.

The spare bedroom had undergone some changes over the months and as I walked past my old dark boys bedroom, the light shone out of my new pink and white room.

It looked like any teenage girls bedroom, although maybe more like a little girls bedroom.

I opened the ornate wardrobe to hang my Prom dress up and it was already packed with more clothes. I looked through the various skirt and top combos, and racks of high heeled shoes. The drawers too were filled with bras and lace things.

As part of our history lessons we had studied fashions, and women’s clothes had become more fancy through the decades. Just like way back men wore skirts of a sort, so women wore trousers! These days it was considered weird if a woman wore trousers and t shirts and jeans. I had heard that there were however underground clubs where certain women went to wear trousers!

It took a long time to hang all my new clothes. I wasn’t in a rush to try anything on really, and the stuff just seemed too fancy for a boy to wear.

There was a night dress on the bed, so I pulled off my jeans and t shirt and kicked my dirty trainers off. For the last time? I slipped the long night dress on and it felt nice and soft.

My Mum knocked and came in. “There’s a good girl, do you like your new room?” she enquired.

“Yes its lovely.” I replied. She kissed me on the forehead and I fell asleep in this strange place of ribbons and bows.

I awoke the next morning and didn’t know where I was.

My Mum had taken the rest of the week as holiday to help me prepare for my Graduation and Prom.

She made me get up and after the shower I stood there and let her dry me down. She had been doing this for the last year so it didn’t seem strange to me.

“You haven’t a hair on your pretty white body darling." She cupped my small penis and testicles, "and these wont be there much longer!" She announced proudly.

“Now first of all put on this bra.” She handed me a white lace, slightly padded bra. She taught me to fasten the rear catch at the front and twist it around and place the thin straps over my shoulders. It felt tight and constricting. I had only worn the bra that the bullies had forced on me, this seemed to fit better.

She then gently slid in the breast forms. I was a bit shocked to see these two pert breasts poking out in front of me like I had seen the girls breasts in their bras through the buttons on their blouses.

“There Tanya, these are something like a B cup, see isn’t that nice?” She smiled and I nodded.

Next came the thin lycra knickers that concealed my manhood and made my hips wider. It felt uncomfortable, but looking in the mirror I could see the gentle plumpness of my rear and flatness of my front as I had seen on many girls under their clothes.

She put some white lace shorts over this and a white suspender belt with sheer flesh coloured stockings.

“Now as we are going to the Beautician today darling we need an “everyday” dress.” She went to my wardrobe and selected a pale blue polka dot pencil dress with buttons up the front.

She placed it over my upheld arms and adjusted it around my slim body. As she did up the buttons the dressed clinged to the top half of my body, my breasts tightly covered and my the material tight around my thin waist. The dress then clinged to my expanded hips and bottom and finished mid thigh. A lace trim edged the bottom of the dress.

As I adjusted my shoulders I caught glimpses of the white lace bra between the buttoned up front. The lace embellished stocking tops were not far from being visible from under the dress too!

She handed me a pair of white pointed , sling back shoes with a lowish pointed kitten heel.

I slipped them on but struggled to take a step. She told me to stand straight point my toes and push my shoulders back and breasts out. After a while I got used to them.

She spent a bit of time applying some light make up and pink lipstick, and styled my hair quickly.

“This will all be sorted later dear.” She said, “now take a look.” She stood back from the mirror to reveal the reflection of a shapely teenage blonde girl. It wasn’t me!

My mind raced. I certainly looked like an attractive girl. I felt like I think a girl would feel in the flimsy elasticated underwear and light soft fabric of the short tight dress.

What would Jake and Rob say? I kind of knew! My Dad and Brother! God this was going to be scary.

“Is this how it should be Mum?” I said looking worried.

“Yes sweetness,” she said kissing my cheek. “You are going to be a very beautiful woman Tanya.”

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