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Woman Type 2. - Chapter Three

Woman Type 2.
Chapter Three

We drove through various districts to what was known as the “Golden Strip”. This was in fact a little village in the heart of the Metropolis that buzzed 24/7.

We paid the cab and stepped onto “The Promenade”. Bars and clubs jostled for position around a landscaped square that had outside tables and chairs arranged in various styles.

There were a lot of very attractive, slim women dressed in police uniforms stopping certain people entering the zone. They had little black pleated skirts and white knee socks, and had tight blouses, emblazoned with police badges. They carried guns on belts on their hips. My school mates had fantasized about the “Women’s Elite Police” squad and most of us had posters of them in our rooms. Indeed as I did my old boy room!

Since I had been on the hormones I had not experienced much of a feeling in my penis, even the dressing as a girl rarely excited me. However these uniformed beauties aroused me! I must fight such thoughts as this sort of thing could make me fail as a W2.

There was a group of men in rough work clothes arguing with one such officer. I also noticed what looked like a transvestite being ejected. She was clearly a large bulky man in a floral dress.

Elsewhere glamorously dressed beautiful women milled around without being challenged. There were certain men too, But I had never seen men like these. They were all dressed in fine clothes, some sophisticated , handsome men in tailored linen suits, some in tight jeans and Lycra T-shirts revealing bulging arms and six packs. I noticed one giant of a man with body builder muscles and wearing leather biker gear.

It was almost like every type of man a woman might like was there, except they were all perfect!

My Mum explained that these guys made a living as escorts for the successful women allowed into the Golden Strip. They were in effect prostitutes I thought to myself. They were known as “Golden Boys”.

My Mum had a way of dressing this fact up as being clean and nice.

As we walked on The Promenade my Mum greeted various of the police women by their first names, My Mum was in fact in charge of these Elite Police, as I had always bragged to my mates about. In fact on our mantelpiece there was a picture of my Mum in similar uniform as a younger woman. My mates used to ogle at this and joke how hot my Mum was, MILF they joked.

She was in her late thirties now and they had still called her MILF!

We stopped and spoke to a group of six such police women.

“Evening Boss.” One of them said smiling.

“So this is Tanya? We have heard so much about you. And yes Boss she is a beauty!” Said another blond girl, who had a similar look to me I thought!

“Isn’t she,” my Mum replied beaming. “She has taken to her new sex so well, I am so proud of her.”

I blushed a little but smiled.

“How’s the night going?” My mum inquired.

“Yes pretty good.” The blond replied. “ We are getting more of the working men trying to get in. We let the good looking ones in if they are in decent clothes, but they are few and far between. I understand now that some of the working men can become Golden Boys?” She went on.

“Yes, but be careful, we cant have this area becoming full of Trolls like my husband!” My mum said. They all laughed hysterically.

I thought this was horrible. I loved my Dad and thought he was pretty good looking actually.

I built up some courage and spoke out, “Well I think he is better looking than a lot of the Golden Boys I have seen so far!”

They went quiet, then my Mum spoke up.

“That’s my girl, you do need to start looking at men and this is the place to start!” She chuckled and the others joined in.

We walked on to a club my Mum usually frequented. As we clicked up the brightly lit Promenade groups of these men turned and looked at us, winking and smiling. I averted my gaze where I could. My Mum was loving it, and nodded at various guys and said hi.

We entered a blue neon lit, white, minimalist bar that had a jazz, dance music playing in the background. There were more men than women present. As we entered my Mum said hi to various of them using their first names, she also stopped to kiss a few. I noticed their hands always lingered around my Mums bottom. One guy in fact held it for a time and kissed her on the lips for a time.

“That’s Marco Hun.” She informed me. “That’s a real Man.” She giggled.

We sat on high stools at the bar and ordered two long multi colored drinks with all sorts of stuff sticking out of them.

The men drank tall glasses of what looked like fruit juice. My Mum informed me that the Golden Boys weren’t aloud to drink.

I sat there rather uncomfortably with my legs crossed and trying to pull the little lace dress down my exposed thighs a bit.

My Mum then surprised me and indeed shocked me.

“Now then Tanya, you will need to learn how to pleasure a man. When your body is changed, you will have a fully usable vagina that will allow you to orgasm. Indeed W2s have transplanted additional nerves around the clitoris that makes them particularly sensitive to arousal. The surgery has improved so much from the old days for girls like you.” She explained.

I was a bit embarrassed but sensed this was my “birds and bees” talk. I had assumed my Dad would have given me it but now obviously not.

“I will have a word with one of the younger Golden Boys now, and he will come and talk to you a while and I will instruct him what I want him to show you.” She said

“No Mum I’m OK , honest!” I blurted out.

“Nonsense sweet girl this is part of your blossoming process into a true woman!” She said as she stood up to leave me.

She approached a group of the guys kissing them as she arrived with them. I saw her open her purse and remove some cash. In a moment, a man approached me.

As he came closer I noticed he was younger than the others, very handsome with a quiff of blond hair. My heart was thumping.

He wore a pale cream linen suit with a white shirt open to reveal his hairless brown chest. He looked toned but not overly muscled like a lot I had seen.

“Hello Tanya!” He said with a French accent. His ice blue eyes pierced mine. I averted my gaze. It was weird though, I felt myself wanting to look again at his handsome face.

He took my hand and kissed it softly stroking my long fingers and pink nails.

“You are very beautiful, and young, I like.” He went on. “You have just been selected I understand as W2? You are very lucky, and oh so deserving, you make a dream girl.” He kissed my hand again.

I was speechless, I couldn’t stop looking at this gorgeous man. For the first time I actually felt a rush of attraction . This scared me, it also made my penis swell slightly! Was I gay? What was happening? I had always been turned on by girls and indeed masturbated regularly to pictures on the net of naked buxom blonds

“Your Mum has told me to take you to one of the rooms we have here.” He said as he put his strong arm around my waist and lifted me off the chair. My Mum had disappeared, I couldn’t object so followed him, my hand in his.

A few of the other guys turned and smiled and winked at Marco. He beamed back.

Even with my heels on he was a good six inches taller. I noticed his broad shoulders under his light jacket as we walked down a corridor that led from the bar.

We entered a stylish room that had a sitting area, and a big bed! All in white.

“I’m not sure what I,….” I stammered.

“Shhhh.” He said putting his finger to my lips.

He turned and stood directly in front of me holding both my hands. I looked up at his ice blue eyes, I couldn’t avert my gaze.

“You are very beautiful Miss Tanya.” He stroked my hair, unclipping it in one move, my long blond hair fell around my shoulders.

He moved his face closer still looking into my eyes. “You are a beautiful woman.” He repeated.

“You are a sexy girl.” He went on.

I felt his adept hands undoing the buttons on the back of my dress. Within seconds I felt it loosen and he slowly eased it over my slender shoulders revealing my bra straps, and let the dress drop to my ankles. I almost instinctively raised my legs to step out of it. What was happening?!

I stood there in white lace bra and knickers, still with my black thigh length boots on.

I continued looking in his eyes. He stood back looking at my body, stroking my shoulders and back around the lace straps of my bra.

I was wearing matching silk French knickers over the latex form wear. I felt my penis swell and fight to escape!

He kissed me on the lips gently. I raised my mouth to his and kissed him back. He responded with his tongue gently probing, We moved together kissing deeply, our tongues entwining. He curled his strong bare arms around my waist tightly. At some point the had removed his shirt and jacket!

I stroked his chest with my long nailed fingers. This was all happening so naturally, and I didn’t seem to be in control of my own actions.

I felt his hand stroke my breasts through the lace bra. But I didn’t have breasts! They were forms! However it felt like they were real and I felt him linger around my nipples.

I slowly eased down to my knees, and undid his belt, unzipping his trousers to reveal a bulging penis.

I gently removed it from his boxers, and found myself kissing his rigid shaft gently. My right hand cupped his scrotum sacks gently as I did this. I eased my mouth around his penis and started sucking it. I remembered as a boy sucking sticks of rock at the seaside!

I pulled the penis further into my mouth and started moving it in and out rhythmically. I was swallowing his whole penis almost and I felt it deep and hard in my throat.

In a smooth effortless move he removed his penis, flipped me over and lowered me onto the bed . My knickers and latex form had gone and he slowly pressed his penis into my anal passage. I felt it lubricated and through the pain felt a certain amount of pleasure.

As he started to rhythmically pump me from behind, he reached and grasped my penis and started to massage its hardness.

He periodically stroked my now sensitive, virtual, breasts through the bra as he pumped me hard.

He seemed all of a sudden to get bigger and harder, I too felt my penis about to explode, I let out a series of little yelps as we both reached climax. He shot his load up my anus, and I ejaculated all over the bed.

We both collapsed on the bed, lying side by side gasping.

The events of the last few moments were crystal clear in my head, but suddenly I felt like myself again and was shocked and scared.

I started crying. He held me stroking my hair, his large strong arms encircling me.

“I must go.” I said.

He helped me dress, buttoning up the back and tying up my hair.

As we turned to go, he stopped me and turned me towards him. I suddenly didn’t want to look at him again, but he gently raised my chin to look at him.

“You are very beautiful and special Tanya, I would have slept with you without your Mothers suggestion.” He kissed me on the cheek.

We went back into the bar and I spotted my Mum waiting at the bar. He kissed me again and disappeared into the club somewhere.

I sat down next to my Mum straight faced.

“Well darling, another step closer to becoming a true woman.”

We didn’t speak much after that, We were approached but guy after guy and bought drinks and chatted to. I couldn’t wait to get back to my room that night.

I undressed and hung up my dress.

Mum had insisted I wear a bra and forms under my night dress these days so I put a soft white cotton bra and knickers on and slid the white silk and frills baby doll night dress over them.

Just as I was about to turn the light out, I heard a knock at the door. My Brother entered in his checked pajamas.

“Can I have a chat for a minute?” He said softly.

“Sure.” I replied.

I sat up in the bed, and felt self conscious with my full bra visible through the dress.

He sat next to me and took my hand in his already work roughened hands.

“I am sorry we haven’t spoken much since all this started Tanya.” He said.

“Its alright Bro!” I said trying to lighten the mood.

“No I am sorry. I should be pleased for you, and I am. And looking at you now, this gorgeous girl, I’m really proud of you.” He looked into my eyes, and I smiled warmly back.

He put his arm around me and kissed my cheek. Did his arm linger too long? I was paranoid!

“Goodnight my new, beautiful Sister.” With that he left.

I slept very well that night and felt a degree of contentment that was strange after the events of the night plus the fact that tomorrow was the graduation day.

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