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Woman Type 2. - Chapter Two

Woman Type 2.
Chapter Two

I went downstairs uneasily in the low heels and constricting dress. I used to bound around in my jeans and sneakers! I guess this is how things would be here on in.

My Dad was at the sink preparing breakfast, and turned around as I clicked in on the heels. I could see a sadness in his eyes.

“Good morning Tanya, your first full day, good luck mate.” He said trying to smile.

“Come on, why so down?” My mum clucked following me in. “She is wonderful.” She gave my Dad a hard stare. She never really gave him anything else. He was given housekeeping money and bought basic needs, no luxuries. His own salary then barely covered transport and the odd beer in the working men’s clubs.

I was still getting use to the Tanya bit now being referred to as a “she” was weird too.

My mum was in an almost identical dress in dark blue with a ruffle neck. She had always had a great figure, and for the first time I noticed in more detail her feminine beauty. Her ample pert breasts, slim smooth legs and narrow waist. She too was blonde and often wore it tied up for work, but when she went out she wore it long and wavy. I suppose this image is what I started to need to aspire to.

When my brother came in I could see shock in his face. I noticed him look at my breasts and legs. His mouth seemed to be holding back a smile. He coughed raising his hand to his mouth to hide this smile.

“Good morning Tanya, I see its started now?” he said keeping his face straight.

“Yes.” I replied looking down somewhat embarrassed.

The guys said little else over breakfast as my Dad served it up. They were off to work shortly and the contrast of their heavy denim work clothes and rough stubby fingers with my Mums and my own silken hands and flimsy dresses was stark. Maybe I was always born to be the daughter of the house.

“Well you guys better get off to work, me and Tanya have real important things to do today.” She said looking hard at the guys. They packed their sandwiches and left. The smiles had left their faces. I don’t think there was much joy in their work. Indeed that is why being selected as a W2 was such an honour, to escape a life of drudgery and menial work.

They did meet though for drinks and played rough sports like Rugby and Football. Street fighting was also big and low level betting took place. There were certain sectors in the town dedicated to male relaxation. I could have got use to such a life, couldn’t I?

Some of the lower intellect females serviced these areas, and took jobs as bar maids and indeed there were a few prostitutes. These lower level operating women were generally less attractive as a rule and often had certain deformities or facial issues. However they still got paid more than double most men.

There were also a lot of full time transvestites who fulfilled similar roles. Some of these, I had read ,had started the W2 courses but failed and were pretty much cast out, often having developed breasts but not had their penis removed! This was the lowest social class and were often disowned by their families.

From the pictures I had seen however they all looked quite realistic, but tended to wear heavy make up and very revealing dresses. However they were more attractive than a lot of the genetic girls in their sector.

The authorities turned a blind eye to such activities as these “girls” kept the workforce happy.

My mum suggested I go and get a light cardigan out of my room, before we left. She had also packed a small white handbag with some make up and perfume in it.

I put on a thin, white crochet cardigan that my mum seemed to think looked nice with the dress.

We left the house and I hoped we would not see anybody I knew. It was going to happen soon but please not today I thought. I followed my Mum and it was easy to start moving like her in the tight dress and padded rear. I pulled my shoulders back as I was told and my breasts seemed to project miles in front of me!

We arrived at the salon and I was put in the hands of a beautiful girl who was to administer the various procedures I was scheduled to have. She congratulated me on my selection to be a W2 and commented on my “natural beauty.”

My Mum went off to have some procedures too.

She started by trimming and dying my hair. It was enclosed in plastic, curlers and all sorts, and then left.

Whilst this was setting she started on my nails. She built the length up using resins. It was fascinating to watch. I very quickly had long squared off fingernails like my Mothers. She painted them a metallic pale pink and set in some tiny jewels on each nail. I had noticed that this is how most women wore them. The girls of my age did too for the prom only generally.

My toes too were worked on, squared off and painted pink.

My ears were pierced, and a large diamond stud was placed in each lobe.

Permanent make up was very much in vogue and pale base colouring was used so that more colourful variants could be added with removable make up. Technology had advanced and my lips were increased in size with over shading and collagen injection. My lips now looked a lot fuller and almost pouted when I relaxed.

My eyebrows were shaped into thin high arches.

She then applied some more removable make up, instructing me as she went, and the finished result was amazing.

I certainly looked even more feminine now. I had read that some of the W2 selected boys struggled initially to look girly. But with time and surgery they came around generally. I certainly had no issues here!

With my pert breasts poking through the protective gown I had on, pink nails and this face I looked all “pretty girl.”

The hair wrappings were finally removed and two girls went to work snipping, styling and waving. When they had finished I opened my eyes and looked.

My hair was set in exaggerated curly waves down to just past my shoulders. They had used some extensions to thicken and lengthen my already long hair. The colour was a lot paler blonde generally but in streaks so my darker strawberry blonde was still visible in certain streaks.

It certainly looked very feminine, and the hair looked bigger and seem to make my shoulders look even narrower, accentuating my feminine looking frame.

They suggested I tie it up in the interim, and tied in a high ponytail a pale blue silk ribbon to match my dress.

The gown was removed and I stood up pulling down my tight dress over my thighs. It was difficult holding things with the long nails.

I tottered over to my Mum who was having her hair finished off. A few of the women looked and admired my look.

“Ahhhhh darling you really look divine. You really have transformed into a beautiful girl so much easier than I ever thought.” she said beaming.

I felt kind of pleased with myself as we left and received encouraging comments from the ladies in the salon.

We walked on into the shopping sector. I was actually now for the first time enjoying being a girl.

Women generally were always turned out well, but with most in business clothes today we stood out as being particularly glamorous.

I noticed a few male workers in the street stop and grin as we walked by. There were boys working with them who must have been my age and they too grinned and stared.

It was then that we spotted Jake with his mum and brother walking towards us. I could have died. This was too soon I wasn’t ready.

My Mum greeted his mum and me and Jake just stood looking at each other. His mouth slightly open, in amazement. He was a lot taller and well built and I looked up into his baffled face.

My Mum wasted no opportunity to gloat. It was a great success in the community to have a son selected.

“This is my new daughter Tanya. “ She said smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Jakes mum smiled uncomfortably. The last time I had seen her had been playing around her house as a boy the previous week.

“I’m so pleased for you both.” She replied. She looked scornfully at Jake. “See what you could have done if you had worked harder.” She continued frowning at him.

Jake continued to stare, his eyes wandering across my body.

Jake couldn’t comprehend what was standing before him. Where had his mate, Tony, gone who used to wear jeans and dirty trainers?

He looked at the tight dress clinging to what seemed like a real sexy girls body! He felt slightly aroused by the feminine hair, face and glimpses of sexy underwear under the flimsy garments.

Was that a suspender belt and stocking top he had glimpsed? Had he also spotted a white lace bra through the button holes on the front of his dress?

He mentally shook himself out of these thoughts. This was a boy in a dress after all!

“But where’s Tony? You’re a girl…with breasts and make up…and hair…” he blurted out. His Mum clipped him across the head.

“This is how it is now Jake.” I replied ,quietly eyes down. My hand , with its flamboyant long pink nails, instinctively went up to his shoulder, he flinched sand moved away.

“I’m so sorry, he’s an ignorant boy.” and with that she dragged him off.

“Yes dirty ignorant boy.” My mum repeated as we headed off to the Mall.

I felt kind of sorry for Jake but also a bit embarrassed standing there in front of him in a little dress and cardigan with a bra and suspenders clearly visible through the dress!

My Mum took me around a number of dress shops and underwear stores. I tried on a few, formal outfits for my graduation and my Mum decided on a purple, mid thigh length pencil skirt. It had a l slit up the back and kick pleat which we debated as to whether it was a bit risky! This had a little matching, backless waistcoat. This was teamed up with a white lace blouse that had an elaborate ruffle front. The back was done up with a series of little ribbon bows down its full length. My bra was very visible from the back, so my mum suggested buying a new very lacy one . Apparently this would look “cute and sexy!” I guess as a girl I looked cute, sexy I couldn’t say!

I was, I suppose , pleased with our purchases, but I still thought of wearing it on the day, in front of the whole school who wouldn’t have seen me as a girl properly yet. I was nervous and dreading it.

The next few days past quickly my Dad and Brother didn’t say much. I lounged around the house in various dresses and skirt outfits, in heels, trying to get more comfortable in my new clothes. My Mum gave me regular lessons in being a girl. Applying make up etc. I was, I guess, a willing student as I was with my school work. This seemed like a job that had to be mastered. It was really a rebirth.

My Mum told me that she had been administering female hormones to me since finding out I might be selected some months ago. I guess this explained why my body seemed to have lost the little bit of muscle definition I had. I also had noticed my nipples looking slightly puffy.

It was the day before the Graduation ceremony and my Mum suggested she take me to one of her regular bars. I think she wanted to show me off to her friends.

I dressed in a cream, antique lace , mini dress that had a high collar and little pearl buttons all the way up the back. I wore a thick platted black belt on my hips and thigh length black stiletto boots. I put my make up in a little, across the body purse. The strap sat between my breasts and emphasized them.

My mum wore a backless black silk mini dress with similar jewel encrusted boots. She said I too could wear more revealing dresses once my breasts were formed. I didn’t really understand why I would want to.

We both wore our hair up with bangs and strands falling around our thin long necks.

I had a series of pearl necklaces around my neck and long dangly pearl earrings.

As two women you would say we looked hot! I started to see how much like my Mum I actually looked. We looked more like two sisters than Mother and Son. I didn’t look like a sexy teenage girl tonight I looked like a sophisticated woman in her twenties!

The guys looked up as we left from their papers as we left. My Mum told them not to wait up.

As we stepped into the taxi I wondered what this experience as a sexy woman would be like!

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