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Unprotected And Unexpected

Night out after frolics, in the past.

This is a very true story but I'm not very good with punctuation.

My wife and I had a nuts night out in Manchester with a large group of mixed friends. We danced and clubbed until the early hours. The remaining five friends and us two ordered a taxi back to the Diamond Lodge Hotel.

We had already drunk too much,  but someone in our group decided we needed more. We trawled the streets in the cab looking for a late garage, but couldn't find one. We gave up and returned to the hotel.

I cheekily asked the night porter if he could sell us anything, expecting a no, but we were pleasantly surprised. He sold us four bottles of red and sixteen bottles of Bud. We went to our friends' room, as it had the most space, then blasted the booze down our necks.

We discussed lots of things from all our lives, laughing and joking about our experiences before the topic changed to sex lives, then truth or dare. The dares started tame, kissing and touching before becoming very naughty.  I sucked another of the wives' nipples and had to drop my pants, the wives ended up topless kissing, well you get the picture.

My wife was asked for a truth, "Hairy or shaved?" She told them all she keeps hers hairy, but neat because of me. 

I said, "Well I prefer a womanly woman."  The next turn was mine, so I figured I would get her back. I dared her to prove she was hairy.  She reluctantly obliged to the amazement of our close friends.

Things got a little bit out of hand now, and we made so much noise, the night porter came up and told us off, allegedly due to neighbourly complaints,  but we know he wanted to see what we were up to.

We decided we had better wrap it up now, as we didn't want to be barred from this hotel. In the morning we giggled over breakfast,  even though we had major hangovers and were still semi-drunk.

We didn't meet up for another three months, as we all had family and work commitments.  Bradford was the next night out and was proving to be just as crazy. Our single male friend wouldn't stop going on about my wife's pubic hair.

My wife teased him, and said, "it's not hairy anymore! "

It took a minute to register then he said,  "You what!"  We giggled.  He said, "I would love to see that."  We hit a few more pubs before we agreed to call it a night. 

We lived furthest away but our single friend said, "there's room at mine if you want to stay over,"  so we agreed and took a taxi back to his. My wife carried on teasing him on the way back.

We had just stepped in the door, and he was pouring the Jack Daniels.  We drank for thirty minutes or so before my friend said, "I'm wiped out, so I'm going to shower and hit the hay."  He pointed to our room, then we returned to our drinks. 

My wife and I had talked in the past about playing with another male, or couple, but always chickened out. 

My wife said, "shall we undress, and get in his bed with the lights off for a laugh?"  We were both really drunk now, and giggled as we undressed in his room.   We played with each other while we waited, I was rock hard and she was soaking wet. 

We heard the shower click off, then laid quietly waiting.  The door bounced open and the light clicked on.

He said, "Jesus you scared the crap out of me." Then asked, "what are you doing in my bed?" 

 I kicked off the covers and said, "my wife wants you."

He said, "you're joking right." 

We said, "nope." 

On that, he wasted no time and pounced on to the bed.  We both groped my wife.  Hands were everywhere. 

He moved down between her legs and started fingering and licking her pussy.  My cock was throbbing,  so I put it to her lips. She licked the head,  then started swallowing it. I pulled the covers off, so I could see her body writhing as he tongued her.

He was shaking his cock and stroking it trying to get it hard.

I pulled my jeans up off the floor and took my phone out to capture him licking and tugging my wife.  His cock was more girthy than mine and a little longer.

I knew my wife was nearing climax as her body started rocking and her breathing was deep.  She begged him to fuck her as she wanted to cum with him inside. 

He knelt up with his cock finally hard,  It was huge.  He popped the head in, then plunged all the way in before building up momentum.

She gasped, saying, "keep going, I'm gonna cum. Oh my god, I'm cumming." 

I watched his cock pumping in and out as she screamed and started to judder on the bed. Plop, flop, his limp cock slopped on to the sheets covered in her cum.

He hadn't blown yet, he just couldn't stay hard.  She still wriggled about holding open her plundered stretched pussy lips. 

He frantically wanked and shook his cock desperately trying to wake it.  He got hard, rammed it in, then flopped again. Got hard again and again and flopped out, eventually giving up. He moved his cock to her mouth.

She slurped her moisture from his cock,  then took his flaccid man all in.  I climbed on her and fucked her baggy hole for minutes before blasting my desperately horny load into her.

 He had no joy raising his erection so we all cuddled up and drifted off to sleep. 

I woke really early and struggled to figure out what was happening.  I was bouncing all over the place. I peeped to my left to see my friend ramming his cock into my wife. She grunted and moaned as did he.

I pretended to be sleeping but watched every second.  He fucked her hard for about forty minutes until her back finally arched and she screamed she was cumming. 

He grunted and growled,  as he flooded her pussy with his warm sack full of cum.  They stayed in position kissing passionately before nodding off. 

We all slept a while cuddled up together.  When we woke we showered together,  then said, "goodbye."  We ran up to the top road for our bus.

We only just made the bus, and there wouldn't have been another for quite a while if we had missed it.

We sat opposite each other, and she had her legs slightly apart. She had a short skirt on, and I could see her swollen hole.  I leant over and asked, where her thong was. She giggled saying, "it's under his pillow," with a glowing grin on her face.

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