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Fantasy Escape
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Fantasy Escape

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This is a true story, about sexual fantasy and escapism from the mundane.

Suspend disbelief: Temporarily allow oneself to believe something that is not true, especially in order to enjoy a work of fiction.


It all began barely a few weeks ago, but it feels like everything has changed since – that I've changed. Like I've been a racehorse with blinders on, only looking forward, but I stopped running for a minute and looked around and realised there's so much more to the world than the race I was running.

We met through Lush, I forget who made first contact, but we had an immediate chemistry. We were constantly stepping over ourselves to express our similarities without appearing overly agreeable and scare the other off – you know how these things go. We're both Australian, same lingo and time-zone, same normal life with a partner that isn't quite as interested in sex as we are. I guess we both wanted to escape that and that's how we found each other.

It began with friendly messages (nothing sexual), then some playful selfies, and before we knew it we were chatting every day and couldn't get enough of each other. She was gorgeous. Natural strawberry blonde, wavy hair down to her shoulders, deep dark blue eyes, a naturally seductive pout, and an impressive rack to top it all off. The more we ogled each other, both in looks and personality, the more we each revealed about ourselves. We're both fairly introverted, but our chemistry was something different and we encouraged each other out of our shells.

We live in different states, though it's not unfeasible we could travel to see each other. But for the meantime, we're both faithful partners so physical interaction was off the table. She asked me, hypothetically of course, what we would do if we were to see each other. And so I turned off the reality filter in my head, stepped out of myself, and began to type.


Well! What would be fun, is meeting up in Melbourne [closest big city to both of us], maybe sometime in the arvo. We could walk around a cool area like beach or city or whatever.

Then do something casual for food, like fish and chips on a wharf or I dunno, whatever people in Melbourne do.

Then go out for drinks, maybe hop between bars until we found something with a nice vibe.

Drink and chat more, then go find somewhere for a dance.
So far so good?

Mmm so far so good. I'm from the country so I don't visit the inner city often

Exactly, so it's different for both of us! Otherwise, either one of us would be like a tour guide with all the pressure of suggesting fun things. This way we both just make it up as we go!

So, now we're tipsy (at a minimum), we might find ourselves in a sweaty dance-pit covered in spilt drinks but too caught up in it to care.

The crowd is a little too packed, so we're right up next to each other.

Hands start to wander

Mmm yes

You face away from me and push up against me.

The more I touch your body, your hips, your tits, the harder I get. The more you feel it, the more you push back into me.

I kiss your neck, nibble your ear a bit, and whisper (loudly, above the noise) all the things I wanna do to you.

You turn to face me, pushing me towards the back wall and we start making out. Aggressively.

You can't find my belt quick enough, and my hands are already up your dress, feeling your hot pussy through your soaked panties.

You grab my rock hard cock, right as I slide two fingers straight into your dripping slit, and as my thumb presses on your clit, you bury your face in my shoulder as you cum instantly.

Now it's your turn.

I'm honestly soaked from reading that!

I'm holding onto you as hard as I can as I'm cumming non-stop... I spot a corner not far from us and grab you by the arm dragging you over there... I grab a hold of your cock again and pretend I'm 'slut dropping' on you but really I'm sucking on your cock every time I go down... taking it deep down my throat.

Mm I've never had a girl deepthroat me before I would struggle not to empty my load straight down your throat the first time you did.

I would swallow every fucking drop!

Mm that's so hot. I'm at work with my feet up pretending to read notes to cover my massive hard on right now. Where are you right now, what is everyone else doing?

Mm I wish I could see it right now! I might need to sneak off to the bathroom...

Oh no! You'll have to imagine, can't get away from my desk right now. Are you going to finish off in the bathroom? I wish I could be there to finish you off.

I'd sit you up on a bench, ass right to the edge, knelt down in front of you.

Reach up and massage your tits with one hand, the other parting your pussy lips so I can get my tongue as deep inside you as I possibly could.

I'd clamp my mouth over your clit and suck hard, flicking it with my tongue while I start fucking you with my fingers.

Then when you start to moan I'd shove your panties in your mouth to keep you quiet, fucking and sucking your pussy harder and harder.

You pull my hair, thrusting my face deeper into you. Until finally you can't hold it and you burst, cumming all over my face, quivering, struggling to hold onto the bench and not scream my name.

Fuck that's amazing!

I need you and your cock so badly Alex!

Well if you manage to recover from that, I'd be cruel not to give you what you want.

I'm so hard already and your so wet I'd slide straight into you, balls deep no hesitation.

As you feel me deep inside you, you wrap your legs around my waist and grab my face, pulling me in for a deep kiss to muffle your endless moans of pleasure.

Each time I pull back from you, I feel your legs trying to hold me in, until I'm almost out of you. Then I thrust in hard, slamming my full weight against you, my balls slapping your ass as I drive you closer and closer to your next orgasm.

As yours builds so does mine, I fit so perfectly inside you I don't think I can hold on much longer.

I'm saying your name over and over under my breath. Fuck your so fucking incredible, I want you to cum on my cock while I'm deep inside you.

I wanna empty myself into you while you cry out, the only thing stopping people from hearing us is my tongue down your throat.
Neither of us can take it anymore. You finally release, wave after wave, as you grab onto me for dear life.

That sends me over the edge and I empty wave after wave of cum into you.

Fuck you are so fucking hot

Fuck me. Fuck, Alex, I need you.

I came reading all that without touching myself!

Oh, fuck really? That's incredible!

I wish I could be there but it makes me so hard knowing what I'm doing to you from so far away.

I gotta say my heart is absolutely racing right now.

Have you been in the bathroom this whole time?

I haven't gone yet. I've been so horny and I just came!

You must be soaked...

I fucking am! Honestly, I need to jump on your cock.

Can you sneak away and finish yourself off? If I was there I would let you ride me all afternoon and if you ever got tired I'd bend you over the closest bit of furniture and fuck your brains out til you can't think straight.

I can't stop thinking about having my cock down your throat.

You're unbelievable.

If I was gonna finish the story from before, when you finished blowing my brains out on the dance floor, I'd take you back to a hotel and fuck you on/in/over everything in the room until the sun came up, then get room service, then do it all again.

Mmmm that sounds perfect! I've never wanted anyone the way I want you.

In another life maybe. Definitely.

We'll just have to settle for heart-racing, mind-blowing sexting.

Sadly it seems that way! Hehe


And so the conversation wound down. The next day I asked her what she did afterwards. She told me she snuck off to the toilet and rubbed her pussy until she came again.

I've never felt this way about someone in a long time – pure lust. I imagine it's what people feel when they cheat. I love my girlfriend, but (as I've told my fantasy goddess) our sex life isn't or may never be what I want it to be. That's why people have fantasies, right? I don't think I'm crossing a line yet, but I'm standing in the grey zone. I would never want to get caught, it would crush my partner, so I should stop. But the thrill is next-level.

Until next time.


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