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Finally Filled

While waiting for my new dildo to arrive, I make do with what I have on hand.

I'm 21 and a virgin, but I've been masturbating for a long time. Mostly just with my hands, but I've occasionally experimented with inserting my fingers, brush handles, oversized markers, travel shampoo bottles, and other small things when I've had that insatiable, aching urge to be filled up. That urge was never fully satisfied and all my experiments with fucking myself had been disappointing—that is, until I secretly "borrowed" a dildo from my old roommate (but that's a story for another day).

I've been aching to feel that wonderful, full feeling ever since that day, and it's been over a year now. More and more I've been feeling the need to fill that urge and I keep fantasizing about being fucked within an inch of my life, so today I finally mustered the courage to order my first dildo—pink glass, with four large, round beads on one end, opposite a slightly pointed bead on the end of a smooth curved handle, for reaching the g-spot. I can't wait to try it out, and could feel myself getting wet with anticipation as I ordered it, imagining the cool glass orbs popping past my tight opening and filling me up. I soon realized I was at the point of no return: I had to touch myself.

My favorite way to masturbate is to take my time—reading lots of stories and looking at sexy pictures to give myself plenty of fantasy fodder, clenching my thighs together and pinching my nipples, holding off on letting my hands wander until I absolutely can't take it anymore. This way, by the time I actually touch myself, I'm absolutely soaked and my lips and clit are deliciously slick and sensitive. After I ordered my dildo, I pulled off my clothes, and laid a folded towel over my desk chair so my juices wouldn't stain it. I was feeling extra horny, so I also rubbed some mint lip balm into my nipples so they would tingle and get extra hard. As I read stories of girls being fucked for the first time, imagining a huge, pulsing cock inside of my virgin slit, sliding over my sensitive, glistening clit and pushing deep into my tight hole, I could feel my pussy twitching and clenching, just begging to be filled deep. I knew I needed to be filled, and I couldn't wait three days for my dildo to arrive. I needed to be fucked hard and fast, and I needed it right then and there.

I looked around my bedroom in desperation, but saw nothing that would satisfy me. I needed something nice and wide with a gentle curve, and I thought of the bananas sitting on the kitchen counter. I hoped my family was asleep, but in case they weren't, I slipped on shorts and a t-shirt. I could feel my thin athletic shorts sticking to my pussy lips, holding tight to the juices leaking out, and the thin cotton of my shirt clung to my hard nipples and rubbed against them as I tiptoed up the stairs to the kitchen. I grabbed a banana- slightly curved, still green and firm, about seven inches long and an inch and a half in girth. Perfect. I ran back down to my bedroom with my prize. See, my sister claimed my childhood bedroom when I left for college, but it was a blessing in disguise-- the basement bedroom I moved into offers much more privacy. I used to have to hide under the covers and stay fully clothed when I masturbated, sticking a guilty hand down my shorts so I could quickly look innocent if my parents or sisters walked in. Now I can walk around naked and do whatever I want without fear of being caught. Sometimes, I even sleep in the nude. So when I got back to the basement with my banana, I ripped off my clothes with no hesitation.

I laid the banana on my desk and stared at it. Was I really going to do this? Yes. I had to. I couldn't resist the hot ache from my pussy any longer. I went to my closet and found the bag where I hid the condoms and lube I had gotten from the student health center. I rummaged through, looking for a condom to keep the banana's germs out of me, and some lube to help fit this thing inside of me- it was wider than my borrowed dildo had been, and much wider than the jumbo markers and brush handles that I'd grown used to.

My eyes landed on a banana flavored condom, and I chuckled—and then had a thought. I'd alway wondered what sucking a dick would feel like, and this was my chance. After fumbling with it a little bit, I got the wrapper open, and was hit by the scent of banana Laffy Taffy. I rolled it between my fingers a couple times, squishing it and feeling the slipperiness of the lube before I slowly slid it over the banana. I could only take about 5 inches in my mouth before I gagged, so I decided I had better practice making up for that shortcoming. I slid my tongue all around the tip, and practiced sliding it in and out smoothly, massaging the ridges along the sides with my tongue. I got wetter and wetter as I did this, and realized it was time to get serious. 

I read a few more stories, squirming in my seat as my desire grew and grew. Finally I couldn't take it any longer, and leapt to the floor. I laid on my back, with one foot up on my desk, and with my right hand I parted my soaking wet lips, running a finger down my slit slowly, taunting myself. I spread my juices all around, and gave my clit a couple of flicks and rubs, stopping when I realized I was coming too close to, well, cumming. I opened the small tube of lube and squirted all of it out, feeling the cold gel slowly trickle down my slit, past my aching clit and my hot, throbbing hole, and all the way down to my asshole, mixing with my hot juices all the way down and creating what felt like electricity between my legs. 

With my right hand, I grabbed the banana, and gently teased myself with its pointed end, tracing my lips before opening my slit and gently prodding my clit, which at this point was proudly protruding from its hood. It was begging to be sucked, but for tonight my fingers would have to do. All the while, I was tweaking my nipples with my left hand, sliding the mix of lube and my juices all over my soft breasts. I continued to tease myself with the banana, covering it with lube and juices before positioning it at the entrance of my desperately waiting hole.

I pushed slightly, stretching my opening wider than it had ever been opened before, and slowly but surely slid the banana as deep as it would go, pausing a few times to catch my breath. I could feel it rubbing against all of the delightful ridges and bumps inside of me, reaching things that hadn't been touched since my adventure with the much smaller borrowed dildo. I paused for a moment and reveled in feeling so full and stretched, and then slowly pulled it out, shivering as it slid through me and feeling the walls of my vagina clench around it, desperately trying to pull it back in. I slowly slid it back in, and then out again, picking up speed and feeling it begin to rub against what must be my g-spot. I went faster and faster, and my left hand flew from my nipples down to my clit. My clit demanded more attention, and suddenly my right hand was furiously rubbing my clit, occasionally pausing to rub the heady mixture of lube and juices into my stiff nipples, then shooting back down to meet the demands of my rock hard clit, Meanwhile, my left hand pumped the banana in and out, stretching me and making me feel deliciously full.

As I fucked myself and rubbed my clit, my pussy got slicker and slicker and my breathing became faster and faster. I wanted to stop, let myself calm down and work my way back up again to prolong the pleasure before my orgasm, but I couldn't stop myself. I lost all control. Every time I slid the banana out, my pussy sucked it right back in, and I kept fucking myself until I exploded in the strongest orgasm I've ever had, moaning and shaking. I continued to pump the banana in and out, and even after my clit became too sensitive to touch, I massaged it through its hood as my pussy continued to squeeze the banana, trying to milk every drop of cum out of this imaginary dick. I became weak as the final waves of my orgasm subsided, dropping the banana next to me and panting heavily as my pussy continued to pulse.

This was the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in my adventures with self love, and I can't wait until my new dildo arrives!


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