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How we started swinging and playing

My wife's 1st time

Like most couples, we had spoken during sex of threesomes etc.

It always got her going imagining being fucked by a few guys or in a group setting.

This went on for a few years, to be honest.

She would willingly dress up while we fucked and the sessions got harder including some piss fun, fisting and of course watching porn.

The kind she really got off on was the amateur gang/group stuff and she would often admit she wanted other cocks, but nothing much happened save for it being part of our sex life.

Anyway one night she had an office night out (she worked for an insurance firm in Edinburgh) and they ended up going to a club in town, The Tartan BMC club on Gorgie road.

The plan had been she was going to be home by taxi at around 1-2 ish and I had waited up for her.

I got a call at the back of 1 in the morning saying she may be a bit late as a few of them were going to a friend's for drinks after the club, and not to wait up and did I mind?

I could tell that she was tipsy but something else twitched in me as I thought this was a bit out of the usual. She seemed to have quite a wicked tone in her voice as she was talking to me.

I said it was no bother and told her to have fun and I would see her when she got in.

I was rock fucking hard thinking of what may be happening although she had said nothing at all at this point.

Eventually I must have fallen asleep, after a few hours of wondering what the heck she was maybe up to and surfing the net looking at porn, and I woke in the morning to the sound of a car door on our drive.

It was Paula coming home in a taxi and it was 7 in the morning.

I let her come in and then made my way downstairs.

She was in the kitchen making coffee and she looked fucking knackered!

The dress she had been wearing was crumpled to hell and her hair and make up were all over the place!

After saying our hellos and good mornings I asked if she had fun and she smiled a huge smile saying it had been a great night.

She still appeared drunk to me and said she hadn't slept at all and had last had a drink at about 6!

I asked who's house they had ended up at and who was all there etc, and then she just giggled and walked over to me.

She planted a kiss on me and I could taste the stale alcohol, smoke and something else on her breath.

I also could smell a strong aftershave on her neck and clothes.

It was then that I knew that something had happened and was again getting hard as fuck waiting for her to confess to me!

During the kissing, she rammed her tongue down my throat and was asking me to rub her massive tits.

She then said to me that what would I do if she told me she had made one of our fantasies come true.

I asked her what she meant and she said the one about her with another guy!

She then admitted that it had only been her who had gone to a 'friends' house and that it was a guy called Alastair from her work whose house it had been!

He was a guy slightly older than us (we were in our 30s at the time) and he was a divorced guy of about 40.

I asked what had happened and she began to tell me as she continued kissing me and asking me to feel her up. I was fucking stiff as a poker and she was now rubbing my cock as well!

Basically, the guy had hit on her at the club, dancing with her, wandering hands and they had ended up snogging outside. As she told me this I was kneading her tits and had started working up her dress to find she had no fucking knickers on!!

Her twat was hot as hell and slimy as fuck!

She released my cock from my boxers and was slowly wanking me as she told me how they had danced, kissed and he had felt her arse and tits up.

She then admitted she was desperate for some new cock and had willingly gone back to his after phoning me. She was with him outside when she had been on the phone to me and his hands were all over her tits at the time she was speaking to me, she confessed.

Apparently, in the taxi he was all over her even feeling her tits up down her dress and getting his hands up to rub her cunt area, all in the full view of the driver.

As we talked I was now sliding fingers easily up her cunt and she was intermittently wanking and kissing me really passionately.

I bent her over and as I slipped my cock up her she told me that I was going to find her very sloppy as I was the second cock up her that day.

The next half an hour of us fucking and sucking had her confessing everything: the taxi ride to his with real heavy petting, her getting her tits fully out and rubbing his cock. The heavy petting once in his house, her sucking him off, him spunking in her mouth.

Then they had fucked all over the living room until he emptied his balls up her twice! She had left her knickers at his as she wanted to come back and show me what a sexy wife she had been.

She then admitted he had tried it on with her for ages at work and this was the culmination of her giving in and she had loved it.

I asked about his cock size and he was slightly thicker than me, but about the same length, but she had cum off twice on his prick as it felt 'new' to her. She admitted feeling dirty doing it and loving it too!

Our session was amazing and I ended up coming up her fanny as well. Adding my cum to his spunk that had been shot up her a couple of hours before.

Once we had gotten some rest we talked about it some more, had another fuck and it was then obvious this was going to be part of our life.

During the next couple of years, he fucked her regularly and even ended up doing her with some of his friends.

She would dress up for going out with him and always come home with cum up, on or over her somewhere.

He had a leather and stocking fetish and she let them and him do things to her that I never did.

Piss, fist, DP, anal, dogging and some lezzy stuff with one of the other guy's girlfriends.

He took a few pics of her, both of her, with her and him, and with his mates.

Especially her dressed up as a 'slut' as she called it as he loved to take her out with very short skirts on or very revealing outfits, etc.

I wasn't a cuckold as I'm not into the humiliation bit, but he knew I knew and eventually we spoke at some work do's, him telling me what a dirty slut she was for him and his mates!

She ended up having some dogging fun too and our sex life was all the better for it.


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