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My Life Between Virginity and Celibacy - Part Two (conclusion)

Please read Part One first

Life became humdrum in about all ways over the next two or three years, and we decided to have another baby. That decision coincided with our wedding anniversary. We got a babysitter and went out for dinner. After the babysitter departed, we went to bed and did ‘it’ again with a bit more enthusiasm than normal because it was our anniversary. Its been so long ago, but I seem to remember doing something a bit different from our normal missionary sex. Who knows, for I may have been doing her in a doggy fashion or just doing it from the rear. I just know that I obviously got off as she came up pregnant from that night. I think we both had reached our orgasm together as that was becoming unique since it was no longer the norm for us.

I changed jobs again a few months after the baby was born and took on a traveling sales job. I would be gone from home for one solid week every four weeks and the equivalent of another week scattered over the remaining three weeks. Also, I began to ponder… was a sex life supposed to be like that at our age and status in life?

My sales area expanded and I was now going down into North Carolina some. I reconnected with my friends from college and would spend the night with them whenever I was in that area. That sure was better than another night in a motel with nothing but a TV and a few magazines to read.

As it turned out, Jim worked nights and I would be there with Josie. We were good friends and were comfortable with our friendship that went back many years ago to our college days when Jim and I met and became friends. It had been at their place that Carla was taken when she first met my daughter.

One night after Jim had gone to work, Josie and I got to talking some about how dull and unfulfilled our marriages were, and somehow the topic of a good back and shoulder rub came up. I offered to give her a shoulder rub and she accepted. She gave me one in return.

When I was getting ready to leave the next morning, Josie and I hugged with a long embrace. The kiss that accompanied the hug was sweet and tender between two friends, but it became more passionate as we stood in the middle of her kitchen. My cock quickly realized that this was a special kiss and started rising to the occasion. I tightened our embrace to pull Josie in even closer and tighter with me. She is a tall gal and my cock was in perfect height with her crotch. I felt her move her pelvis in a slight thrusting motion against the hardness in my pants. I couldn’t help myself and I quickly emptied my balls in my briefs. I had to leave. Jim had not come home yet from work. I stopped down the road and changed my underwear.

The next month when I was in their area, I again stayed with them. After Jim went to work that night, I again gave Josie a shoulder rub and then she laid down in the middle of the living room so I could give her a back massage also. I worked my hands up and down her spine some and then pulled her blouse loose from her waist band so I could rub directly on her skin. I even rubbed her long legs through her jeans.

The goodbye kiss the next morning started out with passion and it wasn’t long before I was once again hard and on the edge of cumming in my briefs again. As we stood there with our pelvic areas pressed tightly against each other, I let go once again. I must have moaned as Josie pulled back from the kiss and looked at me a moment. She just smiled and started kissing me again with renewed passion. I didn’t say anything, but I’m pretty certain that she knew what had just happened.

The following month I was once again in their home for an overnight visit. Dinner that evening was good and conversation was nice, but Jim finally had to go to work. That left Josie and me alone in their house. Some kind of fake excuse was stated and she was once again stretched out on the living room floor for a shoulder and back massage. Earlier, before dinner, I had changed into some shorts and a tee shirt and she had on a simple loose blouse and medium length lightweight skirt that barely reached half way to her knees.

I took my time and worked my way from the top down to her waist line and then back up. This time, I went with my hands on her bare back under her blouse. I also moved down and started on her legs softly kneading her calves and gradually working my way upwards towards her bottom.

Since she had on a loose skirt, I maintained direct skin contact even under her skirt. I’m not sure whether she spread her legs slightly on her own or at my suggestion, but I had no interference with my long fingers reaching down between her thighs to knead the muscle tissue. I kept this kneading action going and slowly moved higher and higher. I could tell by the change in her skin texture that I was right on the edge of ‘private property.’ I seemed to detect a bit warmer skin temperature also. She was moaning softly about how good my massage felt.

I accidentally got a bit too high and touched her pussy through her panties. That startled her and she jumped. I made profuse apologies and she assured me it was OK, just that she had been surprised. I surely was surprised and told her I did not mean to do that. With that, she got up and went to the bedroom and returned in a moment and handed me a sealed letter. She said she had written it right after I left the last time I had been there. The letter was a statement that she recognized that both of us were not in the happiest of marriages and that we each had reasons that we could never go farther in a relationship than good friends, but she wanted to sleep with me.

I was astounded!

After standing there a moment while I read her letter, she laid down on the couch. I knelt on the floor beside her and we started some serious, passionate kissing. I soon had her blouse unbuttoned and her bra unfastened and was kissing the fourth set of breasts I had ever encountered as an adult. My right hand was also busy stroking up and down her legs and I began to feel her pussy through her panties. It was damp.

Gradually I made the move to remove her skirt and panties and she readily assisted me. There it was, a tight looking pussy covered with a thin layer of pubic hair. I went back to kissing her on the mouth and worked my kisses down to her small breasts and then slowly on down her long torso to her pussy. A few kisses around her pussy and I was soon kissing and eating her like I was starved. I was starved ... I was starved for some love and affection back home.

I think Josie had a couple small orgasms as she was squirming around on the couch and had her hands on my head. Finally she sat up and told me to get up and sit on the couch beside her. I did so and we resumed our passionate kissing and I caressed her breasts and played with her pussy some more. She fondled and played with my cock and then stood, turned around and knelt on her knees at my feet. Next she unfastened my shorts and pulled them off along with my briefs. I was now naked except for my tee shirt and my cock was standing tall and harder than it had in a long time. This was her first view of my cock.

She then began to stroke my cock and lightly kissed the head. It wasn’t long before she was taking more into her mouth. I had trouble sitting still and reached for her, but she told me that this was for me to enjoy. I slid down a bit lower till my balls were right at the edge of the couch and she spread my legs wide. Again I reached for her, but was firmly told “NO” as she continued to suck on my cock and lightly fondle and kiss and suck on my balls.

I tried to warn her that I was going to lose it, but she just seemed to suckle my cock even harder. I totally emptied my balls down her throat and she never let up with sucking me until I was finished with the last pulsating drop of juice I had. I was totally spent from the most incredible blow job of my life. I felt wasted as this had been a surprise to me and I cherish the memory of it to this day. Did I say I was wasted!?

She stayed knelt on the floor between my legs and tenderly toyed and kissed on my sensitive cock head for a few minutes. I just leaned back on the couch and gently caressed her hair with my hands while I caught my breath.

Now this might sound like a precursor to some lovemaking, but we both realized this was just not quite the time to do that. We got up and walked towards the bedrooms; both of us still naked from the waist down. After a long kiss and embrace with our bared sex rubbing together, she went right and I went left. I slept that night with visions of lust for this friend floating through my head, and wondering where this might go. I also had somewhat of a clear conscience as we had not crossed that line and made love.

Our goodbye the next morning was about like the previous ones had been except we outwardly were grinding ourselves together, I think she stood there with her legs a bit further apart to accommodate the hard lump in my slacks. I squeezed her ass and quickly fingered at her pussy through her clothes and she gave my cock a nice squeeze through my pants. I left before Jim got home and left with a sense of wonder in my heart. Could I, and would I, make love with this woman who was not my wife, but was the wife of a long time friend? We had come so close and we each now knew the special, unique taste of the others sex. Would it be only a matter of time?

Fate has a way with life and I sure got a surprise when I got back home to Virginia. My boss was rearranging some sales territories and wanted me to move to North Carolina. This was an opportunity I gladly accepted. I continued my normal “rounds” but told my customers of the pending changes in my life.

Carla packed up the two girls a couple of weeks later and we went home to my parents for a long weekend to look for suitable and affordable housing. As luck would have it, we found a nice house just a few miles from my folks. We could move into the area of my parents and I would be in the middle of my sales territory. I was coming home and the two girls would have their grandparents to spoil them. By this time, my first wife had remarried and moved out of the state taking my oldest daughter farther away from me. I took extra clothes with me and would be staying with my parents until we could get our home in Virginia sold and packed up for the move. I drove the company van and Carla drove the Ford wagon.

Circumstances just didn’t permit me to see Josie and Jim again for an overnight visit as they only lived two hours from home. I did stop by one time to tell them what was happening in my life. Dirty old man that I am, I sneaked a quick feel and pinch on Josie’s ass when I had the opportunity. She smiled and I knew then that maybe someday more might happen between us. Circumstances just weren’t right now. She let me know that her marriage was long over and that they just continued to live together for “appearances” and financial reasons. I fully understood as I felt many times I was in a similar situation at home.

I really was getting tired of all the travel and started looking for other work. I was going to let this move be the move to get me back home to North Carolina. I found other job a few months after we moved and was happy to be home every night. It even seemed like that maybe my marital relationship was even improving, but just barely. But after several years of this behind-the-counter sales work, I quit that and went into landscape business for myself.

There was a landscapers annual trade show and conference I wanted to attend and it was close to Josie. I called her and made arrangements for us to meet for a nice dinner and to catch up on our lives. I gave her every opportunity to say “no” and quizzed her about how she could get away. She assured me there would be no problems. I was really looking forward to seeing Josie again, and I had thought of a surprise for her.

On the agreed upon evening at the agreed upon time, she came into the restaurant next to the motel I was staying in. We had a nice leisurely meal and caught up on family news and happenings. After dinner, she came back to the room with me and we chatted some more and finally ended up kissing.

This time there was an urgency in our kisses. It wasn’t long before we were almost naked with just wearing our underwear and in the middle of the king size bed. I pulled out my surprise for her from my luggage. It was a vibrator that strapped on the back of your hand and in turn made your hand and fingers become like a vibrator. I remember seeing those in old fashioned barber shops used for scalp massage and a quick shoulder massage. Carla’s dad had given it to us years before, but for some unknown reason we didn’t use it. I guessed it could possibly be used to massage back and legs, etc. We took turns playing with the thing on ourselves and on each other. When it finally got too warm to the touch from continuous running, we set it aside and got down to some serious kissing, touching, stroking, rubbing and feeling of each other.

By then she was lying on her back and I moved down between her legs and slowly started pulling her panties down. When she lifted her ass to make it easier, I used that opportunity to make a playful nip of her pussy mound through her panties. We quickly got her panties off and I very quickly pulled my briefs off. There it was. It was a wet pussy that was mine to enjoy however I so desired! It actually looked like it would be tight. I went down on her and started making oral love to her. It wasn’t long before she was squirming around and had her hands on my head.

I pulled her long legs up and this opened her up so I could tongue her small opening a little deeper as she got wetter. I moved around on the bed so that we were in somewhat of a 69 position. She grabbed my stiff cock and mouthed it some. I then moved around again and got between her legs and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She gave her assent by pulling me down for a kiss and raising her bottom at the same time as I began to push inward.

The sensation on my cock head was wonderful as I pressed on into this warm and willing pussy for the first time. It was as if I could feel her interior contours separate with my intrusion into her core. She was delightfully snug and we both enjoyed the feeling of her fullness with my hard cock. I was hungry for this feeling and experience of physical intimacy and attention.

Josie made it known that she was hungry for physical attention and intimacy too, and we surely tried our best to satisfy each other. Our hunger was not to be denied and we reached a climax pretty much at the same time. As we were calming down, I was happy to discover that she had an incredible grasp with her Kegels holding my softening cock inside a bit longer than would be usual.

By now the vibrator had cooled sufficiently that we could again play with it. I teased her pussy mound with it and her clit for just a touch and even inside her some too with my vibrating fingers. She cooed and allowed as the feelings were nice! She then turned that thing on me by teasing me in much the same manner as I had teased her. It probably helped hasten an erection for me when she played with my cock and cock head, but my balls were just too sensitive and couldn’t stand it.

We got me hard enough again for some more lovemaking, and she took the lead and had me on my back while she rode me ‘cowgirl’ style and some also in a ‘reverse cowgirl.’ That was nice in that I had a good view of my cock going in and out of her pussy. I liked watching her lips move first in and then out. It was a visual I had only seen a very few times in my life. After I unloaded again, she cleaned me up with her mouth and then got a warm, damp face cloth from the bathroom to finish cleaning me and herself.

After the clean up, she lay beside me and we kissed and hugged and talked about what had happened between us that evening. We mutually agreed it had been fulfilling and was something neither of us was getting at home from our spouses. We would consider doing this again if and when it was possible. We were friends. The “L” word was never spoken by either of us and yet we both knew that the other was not out trying to get sex indiscriminately.

After she dressed and left, I rearranged the pillows and slept still naked with my head on the pillow we had stuck under her bottom while making love. Her scent lingered and lulled me to sleep with its light, sexy fragrance. When would I have a chance to see her again? Would we make love again? Would we even want to again?

I wasn’t even 45 years old. I had been married and divorced and remarried, and my second marriage was about dead as far as lovemaking was concerned. This was only the fourth woman I had ever “known.” Why was I doing this? My little brain was surely controlling my body now in its hunger and desire for physical gratification and some affection… for some pussy!

I tried to get and keep a positive attitude about my marital relations with my wife, but things with us had just drifted farther apart. I guessed it was the stress and strain of raising two girls, working hard to make a living, etc, but our sex life was all but over and stayed on that low, almost monotonous level for years. We were lucky to have intercourse two or even three times a year.

Whenever we did have sex, I always made sure that I was kind and gentle. We had agreed early on in our marriage that we both preferred the slow, easy kind of sex rather than the hard, fast paced kind.

Due to my civic activities, we were invited to join with twelve other couples to travel to Florida for a convention and conference. We looked forward to this as we had had the same sort of experience and had gone to Hawaii the previous year. I had tried to snuggle some with her a few nights before the trip (a chartered bus trip), but could tell from her demeanor that she would not be receptive to intimacy at that time. As we were really looking forward to this, I was hoping that maybe this might be an opportunity to renew ourselves with intimacy as we did not have to worry about the kids, etc.

After a long bus ride we were there and got checked in and settled. We all met as a group for a nice dinner, and reviewed our plans for the conference. The spouses were talking about what they would do while us fellows were in the meetings. Carla is an independent sort of woman and just does not do the “shopping” scene very well, so she decided to rent a car and go out to the space center, etcetera, the next day.

We retired to our rooms for the night. After showers we went to bed and I curled in behind her and stroked her arm and back. I even suggested that we might have a little lovemaking, but she was “tired” and I didn’t press the issue. Our second night there I could tell by her demeanor that she would not be receptive. She had turned on her side facing away from me and I could feel her stiffen as I patted her and said good night.

Our group met for breakfast the next morning and those of us involved expressed what a “dud” this conference was. The leader agreed and said there was only one more thing he just had to do and suggested that the rest of us enjoy our day in Florida and dismissed us to do whatever we wanted. Carla suggested that she and I go to the Space Center and we would be glad for anybody else to go also. We went, but it was just the two of us. That was a fun day for the two of us and I was hoping again that maybe we might be intimate that night. Again her body language spoke volumes and I put aside any thoughts of love making once again.

We got our luggage packed and on board the bus by mid morning to start home. We were also going to do some sightseeing and touristy things and would be spending the night in the southern part of Georgia.

That night after we had gone to bed I thought I’d just rub her back some and not even think about lovemaking. I figured she was just tired from the trip. I had barely started to touch her back when she snapped at me.

“You’re not getting sexy on me are you?… I don’t care if I never have sex with you again!”

I was so shocked and too hurt to respond so I just said “No” and turned over to my side of the bed and silently cried myself to sleep.

I don’t remember but one other time I had ever been as hurt, and that was years ago when my first wife asked me to leave. In retrospect, this hurt even more. I had been openly and resoundingly rejected; I felt shattered, broken, and mentally castrated. This was instant depression for me.

Over the next few weeks and months, I became withdrawn and had little to say to her and the girls except when it was necessary. She was fussing and yelling at me about something or other and I blurted out to her that I felt depressed about my work being so sporadic due to weather, and my life in general. I told her I just didn’t much “care” anymore. I don’t remember either of us saying anything about “lovemaking” in that argument, but she insisted I see our doctor about depression. I finally did do that a couple weeks later and that started me on a long journey with antidepressants that lasted for years. I never said a word to ‘our’ doctor about marital problems. I guess I was afraid he might let slip a comment to Carla.

I continued to see Josie whenever circumstances worked out in our favor. Even though it was sporadic, we were each getting some sort of need met and filled. I felt that my age was beginning to slow me down some and I was always anxious to get plugged into that tight pussy of hers. Most of the time when we were together, I would be able to go for a second ride between her lanky thighs as often the first time was over too quickly. It really bothered me, but she assured me that the nicest thing to her was just being naked in each others arms and that being intimate was more than just about sex with her. We were close friends. She was now legally separated and no longer in the same house as her husband.

The year (1996) that the hurricane devastated eastern North Carolina, I got a call from my friend at a small insurance company to go do some “looking and report what you are finding.” This ended with me doing some simple claims work. At the end of my first week out, I stopped in to see Josie on my way back to the insurance office. This was late Friday afternoon and I would go to the office on Saturday. It had been an emotionally draining week seeing how people had had their lives damaged and hearing tale after tale of sadness and heartbreak. I had talked with Josie earlier and she told me she would be late, but the house would be unlocked, etc. I let myself in, dug out some clean clothes and took a shower.

Imagine my surprise when I got out of the shower and found her in bed under the covers. I never put any clothes on. I just crawled under the covers and hugged a warm and very NAKED Josie. We didn’t say much and there seemed to be something extra special in our foreplay. I had told her on the phone that I was almost a basket case emotionally from my week’s activities. There was something special in the way she hugged and held me as I pushed into her. I needed a “release” of emotions from my week and she sensed it and provided that release to me with the giving of her body.

I took my time and slowly pressed into her as deeply as I could all in one stroke. When I reached full depth, my balls just starting emptying and draining slowly and my body seemed to pulse as I felt the tension and emotional havoc leave me with each pulse and throb of my cock. I really needed that release… emotional as well as sexual. She woke me up a couple hours later and said that she had prepared a meal for us. We ate at her kitchen table. We were both wearing just tee shirts, and she had a long apron on too.

Josie and I made love together probably over a dozen times from our first time together until our last time. This was over several years. It was always nice and always willingly shared. We were truly ‘good friends with great benefits.’

In the meantime, I had let my landscaping business slide and started driving an 18-wheeler. That provide me with a steady income and it got me out of the house and away from Carla. This truck driving job was with her blessings of “Have fun; be careful; and we’ll see you when you get home.”

My driving job just made it impossible to visit with Josie. I passed close by her house a number of times, but just could not stop. Or if I did stop, it was just long enough for a cup of coffee, etcetera. She understood. We talked on the phone occasionally, and especially if I happened to see a Red Roof Inn. She certainly understood the meaning behind any reference I might make of a Red Rood Inn! It had been at a Red Roof Inn were we played with the vibrator and made complete love that first time.

That first full calendar year that I drove, I slept in the truck two hundred seventy five nights. I had two hands and ten fingers to keep me company at night. I soon discovered that there was a chain of strip clubs that were open 24/7 and had free overnight truck parking, free showers for truckers, and a hot food menu. A big plus for me was learning that the parking lots were patrolled and I would definitely not be bothered with lot lizards trying to sell themselves or beg for money.

I got all this just by presenting my Commercial Driver’s License and paid a reduced admission of $5.00. Many were the nights that I would pull into a club parking lot and be really tired and hungry. I just wanted a good hot shower, a hot meal and a pretty smiling face attached to a sexy looking female body come take my food order. There were several weekends spent there also.

There was one such club in southern Georgia where one of the waitress gals began to recognize me whenever I came in and she would seat me as far away from the speakers as she could and yet still have a good view of the stage. We became friends and shared a bit of our lives with one another. She confirmed the club’s very strict policy of not touching the girls in an inappropriate manner. A quick kiss on the cheek, or a quick hug, or a handshake were permitted but any girl would instantly lose their job if caught in the parking lot with the trucks after their shift was over..

The lots had several security cameras set up and were well lit. Bonnie would often come sit at my table with me if there was a lull in the business. She spread the word to the other girls there that I was safe to sit with, but not to try to solicit other things like private lap dances, etcetera. Occasionally one of the girls would ask if I’d buy them a drink or if they could sit with me while taking their meal break. Only non-alcoholic beverages could be sold as there was nudity in the club and I was happy to add that to my tab. I enjoyed the company.

So, here is a quick summary of my love and sex life. My number is “four” which is two wives; one girlfriend that was between the two wives; and one very special ‘friend with benefits.’ I still love my wife, but no longer have any physical desire for her, nor her for me. I tried to talk with her about it earlier this summer and she says she ‘loves me,’ but is not ‘IN love’ with me. I told her that I’ve forgiven her for hurting me with her outburst about “never have sex again…” but she denied ever making a statement like that. It has been twenty five years since that devastating comment, and nearly twenty years now since I was last in Josie’s arms. Josie and I occasionally talk on the phone, but she has remarried and I just won’t approach her again for any lovemaking.

Carla and I have been married over forty years and we both love to travel now that we are both retired. This story is long, but it covers fifty years of my life. I doubt that I’ll ever again experience the thrill and know the wonder of being in the arms of a loving woman. There are also aging factors involved too. Memories can fade, but these are some that don’t seem to fade with time. Some are good, and some are pretty hurtful and just can’t seem to leave me be. Its a menial life of dull celibacy that I live now.

Thank you for reading.

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