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Old Mans Tales

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    I am 60 years old as I write this, and it is all true. The only thing changed is the names. I have been married for 35 years, and for most of that time I have been true to my vows. Sometimes though, a person can only wait so long before their needs and desires overcome any resistance they may have. I met my wife Ann when we were in college, and both of us were virgins. She had gone out with a few guys but nothing ever happened. I had never even kissed a girl and I was very shy. I am just a regular looking guy, a bit stocky and I had been lifting weights for a long time. No steroids or anything, and I don’t drink or smoke. Ann is beautiful, about 5’6 with a modest build.

    We started going out and I would drop her off at her home (we both lived with our parents) and maybe get a kiss good night. One time we went to a dance and when we came out there was a blizzard so we went back to my house that was close by. We hung out with my sisters and parents before Ann went to bed in our den. I showed her where everything was and went to kiss her goodnight. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and we stayed locked like that for a few minutes. I got an instant hard on and I am sure she felt it poking against her. I left her so she could sleep and had to adjust myself so nobody else could see my condition. In time I would pick her up for a date, maybe a concert or a school dance and we started parking on side street before I took her home. We kissed and I would feel her tits and her small hard nipples and generally steamed up the inside of the car. Her parents went to visit family and we decided we could sleep together in her house while they were gone. 

    We waited for some time, and parked my car nearby. I got into the back of her car and hid, she drove to her house and used the electric garage door opener to get into the garage and then quickly shut it before I got out. We went inside and tried to control ourselves until after we ate but it was no use. We went up and started to get into bed. Ann acted like this was no big deal, and we got into bed and started kissing. I was feeling her tits and started sucking her nipples, but she still kept her panties on. I rolled on top of her and started rubbing my cock on her pussy through her panties, I could feel her pussy lips with my cock and I was rock hard. I thought maybe I would get to feel what it was like to slip inside a warm pussy, but it was not to be. She started to cry a bit and said I was teasing her and would I stop. I did stop, and we went back to what we were doing. I barely slept that night and in the morning she drove me to my car. When I got home I was still leaking pre-cum and went downstairs and jerked off a huge load.

    We continued dating and necking as we used to say, and then one night it happened. We went down in her parents basement to work on a school project of hers and we started making out. This time I got to feel her pussy, it was beautiful. Her hair was short, not trimmed and coarse feeling to me. I rubbed her as we lay on the floor, keeping very quiet. I stuck my finger in a little and was amazed at the wetness and warmth. I was in heaven, and managed to sniff and lick my finger. Ann started to rub my cock through my pants and eventually undid my pants and had me lay on top of her. She whispered that we have to be very quiet, and that I had to pull out when I was going to cum. I positioned my self as best I could, and she took my shaft in her hand and put me at the opening of heaven. I pushed in slightly and felt a little resistance, and then I was inside. She let out a muffled gasp, and and grabbed my shoulders. Oh my god, do you remember the first time? At first I did not move, just feeling the intense warmth and pleasure. Then I started moving, slowly at first with long deep strokes. In a matter of seconds I started to feel a swelling, and my cock started to spasm. I tried to stay inside her, but I had to pull out and shot a load of warm white cum all over her belly. The genie was now out of the bottle. For months we would go downstairs to work on her “project” and repeat the sex. Pretty straight forward, no oral at all. That is something I would have to wait for, years later.

    We got together more and more, and I was becoming a part of the family. We would go on trips to meet her family, and I would drive with my hand in her pussy playing with her. She would rub my cock through my pants but that was it. She was and still is very straight laced. We started using condoms to be safe. One time after my parents had moved, I was down with the flue, and her mom let me stay over in their guest room instead of my small apartment. Her parents got up and went downstairs for breakfast before her dad went off to work and Ann went and took a shower. She got out of the shower and came to check on me. She was in her robe with nothing on underneath, and I could smell her bath lotion. She bent over and gave me a long deep kiss, and again I instantly got hard, like only a 20 year old can. She stood up and listened for her parents, they were still sitting downstairs eating breakfast. Ann got on the bed and straddled me, lowering her freshly washed damp pussy onto my cock. She went slowly up and down while I sucked her nipples getting them hard. I could look down and my dick and see her slick wetness all over it. I was getting closer and started to pump against her, she knew I was going to cum and lifted off of me as I shot a load all over myself. She got off the bed and leaned over me to give me a kiss. I felt for her pussy and stuck my hand between her legs and found what I wanted. I slipped my finger into her and she stood there letting me feel inside her beautiful box for a few minutes, and then she had to get ready for work. 

    Ann and I fell in love, and eventually got married and got a house. Sex was great,  we had a fireplace in the house and some winter nights we would set up a bed in front of it and make love, fucking for hours. She finally let me go down on her while doing that. She tasted amazing. Her scent was irresistible, and I would try and eat her as long as I could. A few times she would pour a little strawberry daiquiri on her pussy and let me lick it off. Eventually she got pregnant and sex became better. Her smallish breasts started to fill with milk. She would offer them to me while we had sex, and I gladly sucked on them. Her milk tasted great, and since she was already pregnant we had no need for condoms. I was in heaven again feeling her naturally and shooting inside her. 

    After our daughter was born it took some time to get a life again. Our schedule was insane with feedings and work. Ann was on a maternity leave from work and I was working as a boat captain for the state, shuttling our work crews around the park on a very big lake. We had plenty of young females working there, and I would talk with them as I took them around the lake. I was not very tuned in, and missed some of their clues that they wanted me. In fact my life was pretty good, and I did not know what I was missing. Six years went by and Ann got pregnant again. Our second daughter came along and life was hectic again. We would have friends over, and that stage of our lives kind of cooled things down in the sex department. Ann was frazzled, and I started to feel neglected.

    Around this time a girl at work started to hang around where I would work. She had very big tits on a small frame and every guy there drooled after her. The rumor was she was fucking many people, but she did start coming on to me. Even as clueless as I was, I started to notice her. Jane was also married but was not getting something at home I guess. One night I had a late trip and got back after dark. She was waiting for me by my car. We started talking and she asked if I could unlock the office so she could make a phone call. I did so and we went inside. As I waited she used my office phone to call her husband and say she was stuck at work and would be late. I could hear him cursing at her but it seemed to have no affect on her. When she was done I said to her that was no way to treat his wife. She smiled and cam over to me. I thought she was just going to give me a hug, but she looked up at me and put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and we stayed lip locked for some time swirling our tongues in a dance. I could feel her chest pressed against me, and I was quickly getting hard pressing my dick against her stomach. We ended up in my car making out for some time. She let me know she had her period, so we just kissed and I felt her tits and sucked her nipples. In my mind I was still thinking about the rumors that came with her and worried about what could come from the if they were true. I was also getting worried about getting home late and told her we had to get going. She got out and I went home, asking myself what the hell just happened. Was I nuts? I am married with two kids. Jane kept hanging around my shop and we would meet after work some times. But I never fucked her, I was too worried about her playing with so many men. In time she gave up on me and moved on to her next guy. 

    I was however, awake to what it was like to be with other women. The internet was pretty new, and I started to use it to see if I could find someone to hook up with. I don’t even know what site was up back then, around 1992 or so but I did connect with Terry. She was not to far away and we met at a restaurant one evening to check each other out. She had indicated she was looking for another male for a threesome with her husband, but would try me alone if it made me more comfortable first. She wanted to blow him while I fucked her doggie style. I figured I could handle that. I went in and found her, we went out to her car for a talk. She was  thin, with a small frame and chest. We talked a few minutes and she took my hand and stuck it in her bra. She then pulled me in and gave me a deep kiss. After that she said if I was ok with it we would set up a meeting by e-mail. I went home with a hard on and could not wait to get together. We made a connection and set a date. I would leave work a few hours early  so I could be home at my normal time. I waited at a local hotel (it was a know spot for lovers to meet) and she drove up in her mini-van. I went in a registered as Mr. Smith, under bunch of other Mr. Smiths and Jones etc. We drove around to the side and found our room. Once we got inside it moved quickly. Terry was wearing a denim overall style skirt with a pullover beneath it. She quickly dropped her dress and shirt, standing there in her black lace bra and thong. She grabbed my belt and undid it, dropping my pants to the floor. Then she undid my work shirt and took it off. She dropped to her knees and pulled my underwear down and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking like a vacuum. I stood there shocked, she wanted to move fast! She basically just sucked me though, no movement or even tongue action. It felt nice but not enough to get me off. I took off my shirt while she sucked away and bent down and started to finger her tits and nipples. She pulled off my dick with a pop and we got into bed. Terry got on top right away and and with her pussy soaking wet, she lowered herself onto me and started rocking back and forth. I was in her deep and felt all her movement. I was reaching with one hand playing with her tits, rolling her nipples with my thumb and finger while my other hand grabbed her ass and helped her move tight onto me. We both did not last long but soon she came with a shudder, and I was not long after. I shot up into her and felt the extra warm wetness. We lay like that for a few minutes, and then she rolled off of me onto her back. I rolled toward her and put my arm around her. After I got some strength back I started to let my hand roam over her body. I kissed her deep, feeling around her mouth with my tongue as she did the same. My hand went to her pussy, where her bush was neatly trimmed into a v shape. She opened her legs and a felt her pussy lips. They were very wet with a mix of her juices and my cum. I probed deeper into her, and she moaned into my mouth as we kissed. Her hand started to move over me, and soon was stroking me hard again. My hand was wet from her, and I moved it up to her breast and massaged it with its slick combination of our juices. I started sucking on her other breast getting her nipples hard again. In a few minutes she moved down and took my cock into her mouth again, this time moving up and down. Again, in my mind I was reluctant to eat her, not knowing where or who she had been with. I took her by her shoulders and brought her up to me. I got on top of her and she held her legs open wide. As I looked into her eyes, I pushed into her easily. As wet and slippery as her pussy was, it was very tight. I started pumping into her slowly, first just going in an inch or so and pulling out until the tip of my dick was just touching her pussy lips. She started rocking her hips and wanted me in her all the way. I pulled out one last time, and then crashed into her as deep as I could go. She let out a scream as she came, and again shuddered beneath me. In just a few more long and deep strokes I shot another load of cum into her and I collapsed onto her, still deep in her warmth. In a few minutes I rolled off her and we talked for a bit. I was looking her over, and noticed a lot of my come all over her bush. After some time we both got up to clean up, but before we got dressed we started to kiss again, and we fell back onto the bed and I again got on top of her but this time I did not go slow. With her knees almost touching her shoulders, I plowed into Terry like a machine. She was so wet from herself and my cum it sounded like two wet rags slapping together. After about 5 minutes she came, wrapping her arms around  my shoulders and pulling up towards me as she convulsed. It took a little more time before I came again, deep in her. I could feel the spurts of cum as I did so. But this time we both got up. I pulled my pants on over my slowly shrinking cock still soaked with our juices while she got into her dress and shirt, but with no panties. We talked for a few minutes about getting together for a threesome and then left the hotel. As I drove home I again wondered what the hell I just did. Terry and I sent e-mails back and forth, and I told her how great it was but how guilty I felt. We never did get back together and I thought I was done looking for sex on the side, but little did I know how wrong I could be.


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