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The Apartment Manager

The Apartment Manager

Painting the apartment with the manager.

Managing apartments can be a real chore sometimes; but, once in a while, it can be great fun too.

I once met an apartment manager in her mid-thirties while I was living on the yacht. She offered to pay me fifty dollars to help her paint an apartment to get it ready to rent. She told me I was to roll the walls and ceiling while she did the trim with her brush. We agreed; so, off she went and bought the paint and I came over to start.

After I explained to her that I had no painting clothes, I asked her if I could roll the walls in my undies. Giggling, she was OK with it, if only in the apartment. So I dropped my t-shirt and shorts as she stared in awe. Sporting only tighty-whities, barefooted, I stooped to pour the paint into the roller pan, as she watched, seeing my ass, bent over the pan, she swatted it with her hand, saying, "Nice ass!" 

As I began rolling the ceiling, giggling and staring at my bulge, she slapped it with her wet paintbrush, full of blue paint! 

I stopped rolling and told her if she kept that up, I would need to remove my undies too. Was she OK with that? I exclaimed. 

She answered, laughing, "Go ahead; I dare you!" 

Standing in front of her, I slowly removed the undies, revealing my now semi-hard eight-inch cock. 

As she stared wide-eyed, ogling in amazement, she exclaimed, "I never pained an apartment with a naked man before. This is going to be fun!"  Grinning, I agreed. 

As I rolled the walls, she slapped my cock and balls with paint ever so often, starring at her mastery of art she created. After four hours of rolling, and with my blue cock dry from her painting skills in art, she grabbed me by my cock and led me to the bathroom shower saying, "Let's get she you cleaned up."

Stripping her clothes off, showing off her beautiful body, she joined me in the shower. Soaping my cock and balls, as I became totally erect, she fondled my balls, as she took my cock in her mouth, sucking me hard, as I spurted cum down her throat, and she swallowed every drop!

Laughing, she said," I never sucked a man off with 'blue balls' before!"

After that, she invited me over to her apartment for dinner, where she ordered a Domino's pizza, including dipping sauce with garlic bread. After eating the pepperoni pizza, laughing, I suggested, "Why don't I just smear this dipping sauce on your clit and lick you out for dessert? That would be yummier than the pizza."

She answered, "I would love that. Let me get a towel from the bath to lie on."

Coming back with a bath towel, naked, she led me back to her bedroom. I followed with the dipping sauce and a basting brush as she folded the towel, putting it on her bed and laid down with her thighs spread, as I viewed and basted her shaved pussy with the sauce, which was not hot to taste; more like spaghetti sauce.

Then I went down on her yummy looking cunt, licking her lips and clit, leaving red sauce all over my mouth and face. As I looked up at her, she giggled at the site of my face, all covered in her juices and the sauce, as she kissed me. Stripping off all my clothes, I swabbed some sauce on my cock, for her to suck, Italian style, as she took it into her mouth. After a short time, I pulled it out and shoved it deep inside of her. Pumping her to near exhaustion, I collapsed, as we lay there, resting together.

 Off to the shower, we went to wash the sauce from our bodies. She wanted me to stay over at her place for the night and I accepted, being so tired from rolling that apartment. Returning to her bedroom, we kissed each other, as we drifted off the sleep. 

Awaking at sunrise, we headed off to IHOP for a breakfast of dollar cakes and coffee. Finished with breakfast, we headed out for the drive-thru, where she drew money to pay me; then, we headed back to my little yacht with the dock rent and a lovely kiss farewell.  What a nice way to earn a few bucks in need.  Such is the good life! 


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