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Two Lane Tango

Welcome to college young man...

I knew that finding sex partners in college should be pretty easy, but this easy?  I couldn't believe my luck when she followed me home and was riding my cock within 10 minutes of meeting her.  Wow, I'm really going to like college, I thought.

It was only a few weeks into my freshmen year when I was invited to a party by a guy I'd met in one of my classes.  It was a Thursday evening and the party was being held at a house only a few blocks away.  I told him, "Sure, I'll be there." 

I went to the party and had a couple of beers, but decided to call it a fairly early night.  An early class loomed the next morning, and I needed to get some sleep.  But little did I know then, there wasn't going to be much sleeping that night.
It was after dark when I pulled into the dimly lit parking area behind the house I was renting.  A single light hung from a pole to light the grass and gravel parking area.  As I was getting out of my car, a dark colored, '70s model car pulled in on the passenger side.  The house I lived in was a multi-unit with many rented rooms, but I didn't recognize the car as belonging to any of my housemates.  

Who is this? I wondered.  

With the engine still running and the smell of exhaust fumes filling the air, she rolled her window down manually and said, "Hey, why don't you get in, I wanna take you somewhere."  

"What?" I asked in near disbelief.  

"I saw you at the party. I'm Kelly."  

As I got closer to the car I sort of recognized her from the party, but I hadn't talked to her there, so why did she follow me home?  

Once again she suggested, "C'mon, get in, I wanna take you somewhere fun."  

Well I wanted sex as much as anyone at eighteen, but I wasn't too sure about this, so I suggested an alternative.  I offered, "Why don't you come inside with me instead."  Kelly looked my young, fit body, up and down, and then got of her car to follow me in.

As we entered my room I got a better look at Kelly.  She may have been a couple years older, but we were fairly close in age.  She was dark-haired, slender with long legs, and stood about 5'8".  She was wearing a pair of jean shorts and a tight fitting, dark colored top that revealed her perky breasts.  My eyes gazed over her sexy body and my cock began twitching in approval.  I closed the door to the small, panel-walled, rental bedroom, and immediately she reached for my cock. 

She gave it a nice queeze though my jeans, looked me straight in the eyes, and said, "I followed you home because I want this in my pussy."

All I could think was, Is this really happening?

Still standing, I pulled in her close, started kissing her, and squeezed her ass cheeks with both hands as my rod stiffened quickly.  I worked my right hand under the fringe cut of her loose-fitting shorts and my fingers found a pond of wetness.  At my young age, I had never felt a pussy so wet with desire.  My cock hardened to steel-like stiffness, and I began pulling Kelly's top over her head.  I was fumbling for the bra clasp, when Kelly quickly unsnapped it, pushed her tits together and pointed them right at my face. 

Next I reached for the button on her shorts, and just like that, Kelly's clothes were on the floor as fast as gravity would allow.  Kelly reached for the botton and zipper on my Levi's, and as my hard cock emerged, Kelly stroked it and said, "Ohhh I want this." 

As we kissed and fondled each other, we made our way onto the small, twin bed.  My cock was raging hard, and while I still couldn't believe how fast the scene was progressing, my erect fella had no problem understanding his role in it.  

Kelly climbed on top of me.  She leaned her head back and ran her hands through her hair, running the length of it back and over her ears.  She was clearly making herself comfortable as she straddled me and prepared to ride some cock! 

I thought, Wow, this bitch is horny as fuck.

Her pussy must have been aching for attention.  Kelly leaned forward and then reached back under herself for my cock; guiding it straight into her soaking wetness.  As she rode my cock I placed my hands on her ass and tongued her nipples to her moaning approval.  Kelly's eyes were rolling back in her head as she went to town on her new fucktoy.  

But at eighteen there was a limit to how long I could last, and within a few minutes I felt myself approaching blast off.  As my climax grew extremely close, I pulled out of Kelly and shot a missile-like load of cum straight onto her tits and stomach.

"Why did you do that?" she asked with a bit of disappointment. 

Somewhat stunned that she wanted my cum inside her, a girl I had known for less than 30 minutes, I said, "Because I don't wanna be a daddy."  

Maybe she was on birth control, but how the hell could I know?  I didn't even know where she was from, or her last name.  All I knew about Kelly was that she drove an old boat of a car, and she liked cock... and she liked it a lot!  

The downside of being an eighteen year old male is that climax is extremely hard to hold back, and it usually happens quicker than ideal.  The upside is that recovery is often very quick.  After a few minutes I was ready to go again, and we continued to fuck and fuck and fuck well into the morning hours. 

After we drained our bodies of all possible sexual fluids, Kelly asked if she could stay the rest of the night.  I told her I didn't think that was a good idea because I had an early class.  I hated to tell her she couldn't stay, but I thought, She got what she came for, and now it's time to call it a night.  

When I woke up for class I was raging hard again.  The night had been a sex-filled romp and the images flowing through my head were incredibly arousing.  As I thought about watching Kelly's pussy slide up and down my shaft, my cock demanded attention.  I placed it in a full grip and stroked until I shot a huge load all over my stomach and chest.  Looking back now I think, Oh the joys of being an eighteen year old with a jizz factory churning 24/7

I never really expected to see Kelly again.  She attended a different area college, and I was planning to transfer out of state at the semester conclusion.  I chalked the experience up to a one-night stand that would be good for the memories, but nothing more. 

A few weeks passed and I hadn't thought anymore about the night with Kelly, except for when I needed some self-time inspiration.  But there was more real-life excitement to come with Kelly, and what it was I could never have imagined.

It was a Sunday evening, and I was returing to college from partying all weekend in the nearest major city, about a two hour drive from my school.  The road was a two lane state highway, with a few little towns here and there, but not much around.  It was after dark, and occasionally headlights would pass by in the opposite lane, but that was about it. 

I was about halfway along the route when I noticed a car begin to go around me.  I was driving above the speed limit so it caught me by surprise.  As the car began to overtake me it slowed and matched my speed. 

I thought, Why is this, oh my goodness that's Kelly's car.  It looked a lot like Jake & Elwood's Blues Brothers car and it wasn't mistakeable! 

I looked over my left shoulder and Kelly was motioning for me to pull over on the berm.  

As I pulled off the road, Kelly slowed and then parked just in front of me.  We each got out and Kelly said,

"Hey Steve, I can't believe I was right behind you.  Were you partying in the city this weekend?"

"Yep, I just left there about an hour ago."

Kelly said, "Small world, huh, me too."

My cock was already twitching as it sought to remind me how much it liked being in Kelly's pleasure patch.  Her pussy must have been sending her messages too, because as we moved closer to each other she reached for my cock and said with a playful smile,

"Have you thought about me?"

Kelly was wearing a sexy, tight-fitting, black skirt and her legs and ass stole all of my attention.  My cock was rapidy expanding to pussy pleasing level when I said with a telling grin, "Oh, a few times."

"Uh, huh, and what did you think about?"

Knowing what was about to happen and feeling supremely confident, I said, "Sometimes I like thinking about fucking your pussy."

"Oh, you do, huh?"

We were positioned between the two cars and Kelly was backing up towards the trunk of her car.  As she reached the car, she raised her right foot onto the bumper, which hiked her skirt up and exposed the slightest hint of her panties.  I moved in and said,

"I think we should fuck right here, right now."

"Right here on the side of road?"

I said, "Sure, why not?, there's no one around."

Our faces were inches apart as Kelly said, "Then go ahead, I want you to fuck me, fuck me right here," as she grabbed for my cock.

We started kissing passionately, and with my right hand I pulled Kelly's other foot up onto the bumper.  She was now sitting on the trunk as I moved in between her legs.  I was wearing a pair of gym shorts that were easy to manipulate, so I reached under the front of them and released my cock.  Kelly reached down and stroked my rod a few times when I suddenly felt the urge to lick her sweet pussy. 

I bent down and dove straight into her snatch.  Kelly let out with, "Oh my god, oh that feels so good.  Oh fuck, oh lick my pussy."

Licking her clit was driving her crazy and soon she was pulling up on the back of my neck and pleading,

"Ohhhh, Ohhhh, I want your cock...., please, please, just fuck me."  

As I raised up to feed my cock into this roadside bunny, I noticed some headlights in the distance.  As we waited a moment for the car to pass, I continued to work the middle finger of my left hand into her sweet slit.  As the car passed I pushed my body between her legs.  Her skirt slid all the way up and her legs spread open with desire.  With my left hand I grabbed a fistful of her panties and held them aside, as my right hand supported her backside.

"Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh, fuuucccck," Kelly cried out as I plunged the full length of my shaft straight into her dripping wet cunt.

"Does that feel good?  You like that cock in your pussy?  Oh, you like getting fucked don't you?"

Kelly could only mumble, "Oh my god yes, oh don't stop, oh your cock, oh your cock feels so good."

As I had learned during the first night with Kelly, her pussy would clench and grab like crazy as she reached orgasm.  I was starting to feel her snatch pulse and pull on my cock as I fought to hold back.  Kelly, recalling that I didn't want to cum in her the first night, pleaded,

"Cum in pussy okay... please, please, ohhhh, cum in pussy... I want your cum in my pussy."

Kelly's pussy grabbed and tugged on my cock like a vise as she let out with,

"Ohhh, Ohhhhh, fuuucckkkk, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, fuuuccck, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...."

This time I couldn't resist her begging and pleading for cum.  I pumped faster and faster and never stopped until my balls emptied every last drop into her pulsing shaft-stroker.

I fell forward and just held her there on the trunk for a second.  All I could say was,

"Oh wow... that was incredible.  Oh wow... fuck."

As another car was approaching, we quickly gathered ourselves and stood up between the cars.  As my cum dripped from Kelly's pussy and ran down her leg, all I could think was, Wow, I'll probably never top this.

I never saw Kelly again after that night, but I've often wondered where she wanted to take me that first night.  Later on I learned there were some large caves not far from the college, where people would gather and party.  Maybe that is where she wanted to take me?  I'll never know, but I do know that both encounters with Kelly have remained very vivid in my college memories.

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