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A Very Naughty Girl – Causes a Fire!

Melissa was oblivious to the emergency as she masturbated on the bed.

“Fuck! What the hell!?” screamed Melissa, in shock. She gathered up the cotton sheets around her heaving bosom, while at the same time pulling herself upright and back into the headboard of the bed. Her orgasm, lost to the scene before her, the vibrator merrily buzzing away on the bed.

Yes, she had heard the piercing siren and even noticed the blue flashing lights pulse across her bedroom ceiling. But all that was someone else’s problem. Not Melissa’s. Her immediate problem was the orgasm that was building up as she rocked on the bed; in tune to the vibrating penetration and precise titillation from her fingertips.

Lesbian porn played on her tablet.
Fingers twisted and pinched her nipples.
The vibrator was pushing itself inside her.
Her bum raised and lowered on the bed.
Her legs, splayed open like a porn star.

Melissa was panting hard. Until –

The bedroom door opened with a bang. It wasn’t just opened – it was flung open with some force; frightening Melissa in the process.

That was when she screamed. Shock radiated across her face as she abandoned the toys and pulled anything she could get her hands on over her body to make her more presentable. Only then, with the bedroom door open, did she smell the faint whiff of burnt toast.

She had to admit, it was a strong smell.

That probably accounted for the three people standing in the vicinity of her bedroom doorway. She couldn’t help but notice them; given away by their obvious uniforms.

The thick black fabric
Yellow fluorescent rings circling their wrists.
Heavy duty gloves.
The array of tools attached to their belts and chest.
The yellow hats with visors.
And the badge. Let’s not forget the badge.

You couldn’t miss them at all, and what was worse, one of them was a woman.

“What the fuck!” exclaimed Melissa, once more.

“Madam, your neighbour called us out. Smoke was coming from your kitchen window. We saved the kitchen but I’m afraid the toaster is buggered.”

Melissa nodded. “Right.”

She looked from one to the other and then caught the lascivious smile on the woman’s lips.

“Shouldn’t use electrical gadgets like that when there’s a fire,” smirked the woman pointing to Melissa’s buzzing friend on the bed. “But, you look very hot. Looks like you could do with a bit of a soaking?” she said.

Melissa stared at her, pulling the bedclothes closer to her breasts.

“Are you going to get your hosepipes out for me?” She smiled wickedly while turning to the two blokes.

One guy caught the corner of his jacket near to his throat and pulled the velcro apart. Next his zipper was drawn downwards. He was followed by the other guy and then the woman joined them.

“Oh! My!” Melissa exclaimed. Her heart pumped faster than a speeding bullet.

The woman only took off her jacket and hat before she climbed onto the bed. She pulled the sheet from Melissa and spread her legs; placing her hands under her bum to pull her forward. Her tongue lapped at her pussy before it slithered inside her wet cunt. The woman directed her attention straight to Melissa’s sex, ignoring the soft flesh of her sensitive thighs. 

Melissa moaned and groaned while watching the woman lick her; her upper body propped up by her elbows. Occasionally she glanced at the slowly revealed tools from the two guys. She was once more panting and her bosom heaved with expectation. Waves of pleasure crashed over her.

Melissa’s eyes closed. She was away with the faeries.

Raising her head, the firewoman glanced sideways at her almost naked colleagues. “The beds not going to catch fire lads, she’s fucking soaked it already.”

Melissa’s eyes opened to a wonderful sight of a pair of hardened cocks as she recovered from her first orgasm.

As the firewoman crept off the bed, one guy was climbing on the bed with his boots still on and positioned himself at the head; pushing the panting Melissa out of the way. The other guy, dressed the same but with his hat on as well, encouraged her to roll on her stomach.

As Melissa moved into position, she watched the firewoman leave the bedroom licking her lips as she did so.

“Going to check on the toaster are you?” She shouted.

The firewoman smirked over her shoulder.

“Something like that, I’m sure there’s more fire hazards here that needs attention,” she grinned.

Melissa grabbed the cock in front of her and immediately started sucking on its purple head as her hand pumped its shaft. She felt a cock slide into her cunt at the same time her tongue slipped over the underside of the cock; her eyes slipped upwards behind her eyelids in abject bliss.

Neither bloke was small, very nice hosepipes indeed, thought Melissa. Very – fucking – nice.

Melissa glorified in being filled from both ends.

A radio crackled into life. “Everything in order. Are all occupants safe?”

“Yes, Sir,” said the firewoman. “All occupants isolated and safe. Hosepipes deployed. Bed’s a bit wet, but to be expected under the circumstances.”

Yes, the bed was wet. Especially now that the guy that was pumping into her mouth had exploded and spurted all over her lips and face. Melissa couldn’t contain it and the leftovers dripped onto the bedclothes.

The fireman had emptied his hose all over her. Now for the next one, thought Melissa, as she pushed her bottom backwards onto his straining cock only to find that it had been removed.

A kindly hand patted her bottom. “Move up, fuck him while he’s still hard.” It was a command rather than a request from the fireman behind her.

Melissa crawled up the bed and straddled the guy that had unloaded into her face. She slipped her cunt over his cock and took its length. It started to harden as soon as it slipped inside her. She pushed her bottom downwards, engulfing it in her wet honeypot.

She wasn’t expecting the other cock up her so soon. But the fireman behind her had followed her up the bed and was pushing his cockhead into tight round hole.

Melissa let out a small but encouraging scream. Then she panted and relaxed. His cock was finally past her sphincter and he pushed it home. Both of them knew exactly what to do and they fucked Melissa like pro’s.  Her hands wrapped around the fireman’s neck as she herself rocked her arse to and fro on their cocks. Her world was imploding inwards with such force:

Her pussy, full of cock.
Her arse, treated to the same.
Her own fluids leaking onto the bedclothes.
Two hunky guys with rippling muscles and six packs filling her insides.
Her cries of pleasure.
Her eyes, closed.
Her mouth open.
The words “Fuck!” repeated over and over.

The fireman inside her arse was the first to unload the contents of his balls. He pulled out and splashed his load all over Melissa’s backside. Spunk from the first jet splashed onto her hair, the rest covered her back and the final dregs, once more, dripped onto the bedclothes from her bum.

The second fireman also unloaded again; this time, exactly where Melissa wanted it. He flooded her as she pushed her body down onto his cock with such force that she was certain he was hitting the top of her cervix. It was just what she wanted. No, needed. She came with such force.

Melissa’s convulsing and reeling body finally climbed off the firemen. She let them get off the bed while she took the place of the guy that was sitting down. The firewoman was leaning against the doorframe, fully dressed and smiling as she watched her colleagues finish off Melissa. The firemen got dressed. When they left the room Melissa stared at her surroundings in a satisfied cloud of disbelief:

The bed was a mess.
Her sex juices covered the bed.
Additional pools of spunk added to the mess.
Her body had been fully used.
Her arse ached.
And her house mate was looking at her.

“Hap-py Birth-day, Melissa.”

“Thank you!” She replied, uncertain as to what the last few moments of her life had to do with her birthday.

“Just know how much you like uniforms and how desperate you’ve been lately. They were well up for it.”

Melissa smiled. “Friends of yours?”

Stephanie nodded. “I’ve learned something today which – yeah, cool.”

Melissa noticed the wink and shook her head; thinking back to the scenes that Stephanie must have witnessed.

The debauchery.
The sexual abandonment.
At least three orgasms.
Two cocks fucking her at once. Yeah, that was naughty.
All that spunk and the way Melissa lapped it all up.
Her wanton cries.
That firewoman licking her to a wonderful orgasm.

Yes, the firewoman licking her. Melissa finally got it. She smiled.

The dropping of pennies made Melissa realise her situation. She had never seen Stephanie with a boyfriend, but that was not all that uncommon these days. Come to that, she had never brought any girlfriends home either. Melissa wondered if Stephanie was self-conscious as to whom she was, sexually. She then started to piece together the last few weeks and months. The lavish attention that Stephanie showed her, the moodiness when Melissa brought home the odd boyfriend, the gentle sighs, moans and groans that she could hear late at night, especially when the house was quite. The smiles, the sweetness, the open display of upper thighs on those girly film-night evenings, even the early morning topless displays when making tea and toast. Only now Melissa recognised the subtle advances, but in all honesty, woman on woman wasn’t something that Melissa had encouraged in the past, so how would she know.

 “How’s the toaster?” she asked.

“Nothing wrong with it,” she said, shaking her head and pursing her lips at the same time.

“Good, I’m so glad. Would you be so kind and make me some toast please, I’m starving after all that. I’ll be down in a minute.”

The look of contentment on Stephanie’s face didn’t go unnoticed. What to do? Thought Melissa:

The room smelt of sex.
She smelt of sex.
Cum dripped from her body.
A horny bisexual, possibly a lesbian was downstairs waiting for her.
A smile appeared on her face.

Melissa licked her lips, but not before she dipped her fingers into her pussy. The sweet smell and taste was wonderful and not before time too. All she wanted was a good session and to taste some of her own cum; but, how sweet to combine that with the thought of her housemate.

Melissa pondered the position she had been placed into, and what a wonderful position it was.

She had made up her mind.

And things were about to change.

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