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Flying the Friendly Skies

Flying the Friendly Skies

She shows him the meaning of full-service flying!

I met the girl on a long business flight I wasn't at all looking forward to. My company had told me that I needed to go to our Tokyo field office to make sure the plans were finalized on a new hotel our company had been building. I guess the company thought I was familiar enough with the project that I was the "go-to guy" and so, lucky me - I was tasked with bringing this whole thing together!

I had been there before not more than a couple months previously for the same reason. And frankly, I was getting tired of making the twelve-hour flight! But when the boss says go, it doesn't leave you a lot of leeway.

I had met Asami on that first flight. She was a flight attendant and since that flight was pretty empty, we talked a bit to pass the time. She was a hot little Japanese babe who had just turned twenty-six years old. She had a hard little 32"-24"-32" body that made my cock ache just watching her walk up and down the aisle! She saw me watching her work once as she was handing another passenger a drink. The way she was bent over and the way her tight ass was stretching the fabric of her uniform was enough to make me start sweating! When she saw me ogling her, she smiled the most beautiful little smile and her almond eyes sparkled.

Once she had finished with the drinks, she came back to see me. I moved over a seat and she sat down next to me. We began talking about work and what I was going to Tokyo for. I explained my company's business and she found it all interesting and exciting. We had talked for some time on that first flight and got along pretty good - I was more than a little disappointed when the pilot said over the speaker system that we would be landing soon. I had found out her name meant "morning radiance" and believe me - the name fit her perfectly! I asked her if she was free after work for a drink, but she had another flight to make.

"Well, thank you Asami for keeping me company. You made the flight a lot more enjoyable," I told her.

Thank you too, John. It was nice to have someone to talk to. Most of our passengers go to sleep on these long flights. It can be very boring," she said.

We parted ways when the plane landed, and I was sure that I would never see her again.

I tried concentrating on work - after all this was a big contract and our company had fought hard to win it. It was up to me now to make sure we came in on time and, hopefully, under budget. But try as I might, I couldn't get this girl out of my head. The whole four days I was in Tokyo, my mind was filled with the image of my sliding that little blue flight attendant uniform up over the young woman's head and soft black hair to reveal that lush little body standing on white sling-back strapped high-heel sandals, white thigh-topped hose held in place by a white and blue lace garter belt, without panties, and all of this topped off with a matching lace bra. The whole picture made for some very hot dreams in that hotel room!

My work for this trip ended, and I had looked forward to the possibility of meeting up with Asami on the return flight, but it was not to be. So once I got back in the States, I forgot about my little Japanese flower.

Now, however, I was looking at another trip to "The Land of The Rising Sun" and thoughts of this beauty returned. I knew deep in my heart that the odds of renewing our acquaintances were remote, to say the least. I boarded the plane and settled into my seat for the flight. I had brought some reading material and my laptop to keep myself occupied - I just couldn't see myself sleeping on a flight that took off at 10:00 A.M.! I was sitting there trying to get into the book I had brought when I heard her.

"Well, hello there! Are you headed back to Tokyo?" the female voice behind me said. I turned around - it was her!

"Hello, Asami! Yes, back to Tokyo again. It's nice to see you are on this flight! Can you sit for a bit?"

"If you'd like," she said, as I slid over and she took my seat.

"I was hoping that I might see you again, but I knew that the odds were pretty remote," I said.

"Yes, I am glad too, John. And it looks as if someone else is glad to see me too!" she said, patting my leg.

"WHAT!" I sputtered my drink - fortunately onto the back of the empty seat in front of us!

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you choke! It's okay, you have been very sweet. But something tells me that your thoughts are not so sweet," she said, with a soft, sexy giggle.

I looked into that lovely face "Babe if you only knew!" I thought to myself.

"So tell me, John, just what IS going through that naughty mind of yours?" she whispered.

She spread her legs a bit and her fingers pulled the hem of her skirt up just far enough so that I could see where the lace of her stocking tops ended and the garters attached. I suddenly realized my imagination on the last flight had been brought to reality and my cock became harder than I remember it being in years.

"Give me your ticket," she said softly.

"Why?" I asked her.

"I'm going to change your seating arrangement. This flight is practically empty and I know where we can sit and talk better."

She took me up to the First Class section of the plane, which for this flight was closed off, so we had the whole place to ourselves. These luxury seats make out into an almost twin-sized bed for long flights. As we sat there talking a bit more, I let my fingers trail up her thigh to the hem of her dress. Since she made no attempt to stop me, I slid under the hem of her dress and slid my fingers along the stocking top inside of her left thigh until I felt the lace and then warm skin above. As if to reassure me, she scooted closer and unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse, exposing her perfect 32D tits.

"Mmm," she whispered softly as she parted her legs a bit more, allowing me access to her. I continued my exploration of her and as I reached the top of her stockings, I felt the warm flesh I had so vividly imagined.

"Don't stop now..." she coaxed me. I needed no further invitation and ran my hand up to her mound. I found her soft, pink slit had become damp with my caresses. I softly stroked her slit and found her tiny clit, rubbing a finger across it and sending shivers up her spine.

"Ohhh," she moaned and licked her lips. "Just a second sweetheart," she said, standing up. She laid a couple napkins down on the seat and then took her skirt off and laid it on the side of the chair. "I don't want to stain my uniform!" she said, smiling. She sat back down and reclined the seat. I went back to fondling the girl and it wasn't long before she was slick and moaning audibly.

She was hungry and knew exactly what she wanted. She knelt down on the floor between my legs. She looked up at me as if to ask permission (like she needed to!) and smiled. I opened my legs and she took that as a yes, unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants. I raised up just enough for her to slide them off my ass and down past my knees.

Asami took her cap off and let her hair down. It fell down around her shoulders to about mid back - long luxurious black hair that she brushed against my bare thighs and over my cock. She brushed her hair over my cock and down between my balls...the sensation was incredible!

After she had finished teasing, she returned to her kneeling position on the floor and spread my legs far apart. She spent some time kissing my thighs, getting closer and closer to my balls. She sucked one, then the other into her mouth and she twirled her tongue around each and licked me from my asshole between my balls and up the shaft of my now aching cock.

"Oh, Asami!" I moaned, as she tenderly cared for my cock. She smiled as I moaned out her name.

The little Asian honey licked my shaft with the tip of her tongue. Starting at the root, she worked her way up the sensitive underside of my cock, right under the head. She gave that area some attentive licks and then teased me a bit more with some long, slow licks up and down the shaft. She finally put her lips around the whole head of my cock and started to gently suck me off. Fondling my balls with her hand. she slowly lowered her mouth over my entire cock, getting it deep inside her mouth.

She slowly bobbed her head up and down on my lap. I began breathing heavier - I was getting very close to cumming.

"Asami... I'm going to cum!" I told her. I wanted to warn her just in case she wasn't the type to swallow. I know some girls have an aversion to the taste of a man's cum and cumming in their mouth without warning can really ruin the moment. But I didn't have to worry with Asami - my warning only encouraged her further!

She pulled my cock from her mouth and smiled.

"I want you to cum in my mouth, baby! I want to taste your sweet cum. Give it to me... give me your cock cream!" she said. She spit on my cock and used it as jack off lube and she swallowed my cock again, using her hand as a milking machine to get me to shoot my load down her pretty throat.

"Oh fuck Asami, that feels good..." I moaned. Asami was sucking my cock like a slut in heat.

"Mmm... Oh... Mmppphh... Um!" she moaned at my compliment. She took me as deep into her throat as possible while breathing through her nose. She took my whole cock down her throat, her face buried in my lap, I could feel her chin tickling my balls.

Finally, I could take no more - I was going to cum and I couldn't do anything to stop it!

"Asami... OHHH!" I shot my load down the Asian girls' throat as I gripped her hair tightly. I spurted repeatedly as I held her head in my lap. She dutifully swallowed every drop of my cum, not spilling a drop and making no mess whatsoever on herself, me, or the seat. It was as if we were never even there!

When I quit pumping, she licked my cock clean and sat back on her heels, proud of herself. I reached down and helped her up and kissed her, tasting my own cum on her full lips.

I stood and pulled up my pants, then sat back down, drawing her down with me.

"Asami, that was incredible, but how can I thank you in return?"

She smiled again and looked into my eyes and whispered, "I want your cock inside of me, John!"

I knew that granting her wish there on the plane would cause far too many problems for us both, so I came up with another idea.

"Where are you staying by the way?" I asked.

"The airlines have a few rooms at a small hotel near the airport that they keep for the flight crews."

"Well, I have a suite over at the Hilton and you can stay with me tonight at least. Is that ok?"

"Whatever you say, Sir! But I need you inside me real soon!" she said, smiling.

"I can't wait to be inside you either!" I told her. Just before she left, I slipped a couple fingers under her skirt and up inside her. I withdrew them and licked them, tasting her. "I can hardly wait to return the favor!" I told her.

She giggled and left to get ready for our landing.

Once on the ground, I went into the terminal and got my luggage. I met up with Asami and we walked together making small talk - making sure that we were discreet and that nobody knew there was any connection between us. I had told her what hotel and what room to go to before we parted in the terminal, so I went straight to the hotel to wait for her.

While I waited, I got the room set up the way I wanted and ordered some champagne for us. The hotel steward had just left after delivering it, when I heard a soft knock on the door.

I opened the door and quickly snatched the beautiful Asami into my room shutting the door behind her. I pulled her body into mine and kissed her the way I had wanted to since I first laid eyes on her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and returned my kiss with just as much passion and need.

"Come, Asami, I want you now!" I said, taking her hand.

"Hold on, Tiger! Let me at least take a shower and get cleaned up a bit first...I mean, I'd like to be fresh and pretty for you." she said "before you go and get me all dirty again, that is!" she smiled.

That girl could have rolled around in a pig sty and not been any less desirable than she was at that moment. But I gave her the time she asked for and she took a shower and did whatever "freshening up" that a woman does in the bathroom with the door closed.

Finally, I hear the bathroom door open and a moment later I saw her standing in the doorway.

She stood in the doorway, naked and beautiful, the light from the other room backlighting her and making her seem all the more angelic.

"You are beautiful," I whispered in a cracking voice that made me sound like a pimply-faced teenager the first time he saw a naked girl! Asami lowered her eyes and I swear I could see her blush all the way across the room.

"Thank you. I wanted to make you want me so much tonight. Was it worth the wait?" she asked softly.

I reached out to her and she took my hand as I brought her into bed with me. I wrapped my arm around her and drew her close. She smelled every bit as good as she looked and I inhaled her fragrance like a winemaster would his favorite vintage.

"Asami, I want you so much..." I told her. I kissed her softly, passionately. I wanted to devour her.

"So take me," she said, laying back on the bed in an open invitation to feast on her. I rose to my knees and moved around to her side. I began my buffet by kissing her yet again. She opened her mouth and I placed mine over hers as our tongues grappled like two snakes in a deathmatch. I moaned my desires to her and she returned hers as we kissed. I moved slowly down to her soft throat and onto her chest. Soft kisses in a trail to her perfect breasts.

"Ohhh!" she moaned softly and clutched the bed sheets as my kisses left fiery brands on her skin. At long last, I reached her full, ripe, heaving tits. I brushed my lips over her stiffened nipples and she moaned again.

"Please..." she groaned.

I licked tiny circles around her nipple and then sucked the stiff nub into my mouth.

"Ohhh..." she moaned, lifting her chest and trying to get more of her tit into my mouth. I nipped and chewed on the bud as she wrapped her fingers in my hair.

"Ohhh god, that feels wonderful!" she said, purring her pleasure.

I couldn't get enough of this woman, but there was so much more to explore. So regretfully, I left her tits and continued traveling down my lotus blossom. At her belly I discovered a secret - she had a pearl navel piercing!

I took the pearl in my teeth and gently tugged on it. This drove her crazy!

"OHHHHGOD!" she said, and she raised her head and grabbed mine. I looked into the girls' lust-filled eyes and smiled devilishly. I licked around her belly button and continued down her flat, tight abdomen. I reached her mound and she was almost crazy with desire! She spread her legs wide and opened herself to me.

I rose up on one elbow and traced my finger around her soft, wet pussy lips. I lightly ran my finger up and down her slit and brushed lightly across her clit. Her legs were spread so wide she was beginning to quiver from the strain and from need.

"Please, John, please..." she begged me again.

"I want to taste you," I said. I licked a finger then slipped in inside her. Asami arched her back as her head fell back and her mouth opened in silent rapture.

I lowered my face into her lap and inhaled her woman-scent. I put my face as close as I could without touching her. She could feel my breath and my nose grazed her closely cropped pussy hair.

"Please! Please lick my pussy! Oh, fuck! Lick me now!" she cried. I parted her sweet petals and saw the pink interior seeping its juices as it begged to be tasted.

I wanted her as much as she wanted me, and finally, I could take it no more. I buried my face in her sweet, sweet pussy and my tongue shot out to scoop up some of her womanly honey.

"Yesss!" she hissed as she felt my tongue in her at last. She grabbed my head and shoved my face deeper into her crotch. "Yess! Right there! Oh God!" she cried.

As I ate her pussy she backed away - the sensations I was sending to her brain were too much. But I didn't stop, following her towards the head of the bed as she backed up against it. She could go no further and so she grabbed the top of the headboard and clung to it as I plowed deeper into her. My tongue explored her inner walls and the lips of her pussy. When I flicked her clit with my tongue, she screamed and thrust her hips towards me involuntarily.

"Oh God baby, right there! Right there! Oh my God, yesss!" she arched again, her mouth open in a silent scream and she stopped even breathing not wanting to risk moving away from that delicious spot. I licked her clit repeatedly in long, slow, drawn out strokes as she maintained her seizure until finally she collapsed and twisted and writhed under me, the torment my tongue was subjecting her to becoming unbearable.

"Oh, fuuuck! I'm cuuuminnng Ohmygod Ohhhhshiiiiittt!" she screamed and she came - twisting her body like an old dishrag and she convulsed and spasmed over and over. Soaked in sweat and her own juices, she lay there panting and gasping for each ragged breath.

"Oh my GOD! John that was incredible!" she told me.

"I'm glad you liked it. You tasted delicious too. I could've eaten your pussy for hours!" I told her.

She tasted herself on my tongue. "Yes, honey, but you would have killed me!" she said, softly cooing.

Asami looked down at my stiff, raging cock. "Oh, my poor baby! It's my turn to take care of you now!"

Starting at my lips, she softly nibbled on them as she let her hands roam over my chest.

"Mmmm, oh sweetheart, I love running my hands over this hard, sexy body!" she said whispering as she kissed her way down my chest and stomach. My breathing was getting faster the closer she got to my rock hard shaft, and the anticipation of having that sweet tiny mouth around my cock again was killing me. At last, she was laying between my spread legs and with one hand on my thigh, she reached up and wrapped her tiny hand around my thick cock.

"Ohh, Asami..." I moaned in my throat.

"God, I love your cock baby!" she said as she ran her hand up and down my thickness, feeling it twitch and jerk. Holding my cock and stroking up and down with one hand, she reached down to my balls and gently squeezed and caressed them. Leaning down between my legs, she sucked one of my balls then the other into her hot mouth. She ran her tongue up to the base of my cock and on up the shaft to the mushroom-shaped head and licked the precum that had oozed out.

"Yummy," she said looking at me with that sparkling, sexy smile. She went back to her work, circling the head of my cock with her tongue and running it up and down my aching cock, nipping and leaving a trail of wetness in her wake.

"Oh, you taste so good, baby!" she said.

I wrapped my hands in her hair, almost subconsciously, trying to guide her mouth to where I want her to go. But Asami was enjoying herself too much, tasting and teasing me to let it end just yet. She reached down and pushed my sack up to my shaft, holding them together with both hands as she licked and sucked her way all around them.

"Nnnnughhhh" a low rumble of pleasure came from deep inside me, letting her know that I wanted to be inside her hot, wet mouth. She went back up to my cock head and licked the new precum that was dripping out, sticking her tongue into the peehole, wanting to taste and get every drop.

Finally, she slipped her mouth over the head and gently started sucking, getting it all nice and wet. Slowly she took more and more into her mouth until I was fully in her mouth and down her throat.

"Ohhh, fuuck!" I moaned loudly as she swallowed my cock. She felt so wonderful!

I grabbed her hair tighter and moved her head in sync with my hips, pushing her onto my shaft so deep she almost gagged with every thrust, as she came up she grabbed a breath of air and then took my cock deep into her throat again. Faster and faster I moved my cock, ramming it in and out of her mouth. Every time she took me in, her tongue would slip out to lick my balls as I hit the back of her throat.

“I’m gonna… ahhh,” I groaned as I shot my hot cum down the back of her throat. As I continued to pump my cum into her mouth, she tried to swallow all that sweet salty cum, but some escaped and dribbled down her chin. As my cock slows it's pulsing, I released the hard pull of her hair and tried to catch my breath. Asami continued to lick and suck every last drop off of my cock and moved her way back up my body to snuggle in my arms with a deep kiss.

Rolling over, we continued to kiss and touch each other. Asami could feel my cock still hard as a rock in between her quivering thighs. I reached down and slowly opened her legs up and taking my cock in hand, gently teased her pussy lips and clit with the head.

“Please baby, I want you inside me,” she whispered. I placed my cock at her sweet entrance and slowly, inch by inch, pushed into her hot wet pussy. She felt so damn good - tight, wet, and hotter than hell! As I slowly pushed inside, she felt my cock stretching her pussy walls. I finally entered her fully, my cock head hitting the back wall of her pussy and my balls gently swaying against her ass. I leaned down to catch her mouth in another hot sizzling kiss. Looking into her eyes, I smiled devilishly and pulled out quickly - only to plunge deeply back in. Each thrust made her moan out loud in pleasure, her head rolling back and forth on the bed as her hands bunched up the covers between her fingers. Harder and deeper, I continued to plunge into her. I felt her body beginning to tense and shudder as her climax got closer and closer.

“Harder baby, fuck me harder,” Asami screamed, almost sobbing and begging me at the same time. I reached down and tweaked her clit between my fingers and she lost it. Screaming my name over and over her body convulses as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her.

As she lay there still spasming, I continued to push in and out of the sweat-soaked girl, but slower and softly now. After a few seconds or maybe minutes, her breathing finally came under control, and I slowly sank back onto my ass, pulling her with me as we stayed connected. She sank even deeper onto me as I pulled her onto my lap, now impaled fully onto my hard throbbing cock. Lowering her mouth to mine, she proceeded to kiss me senseless. She could feel my cock twitch and move inside her as we continued to kiss. We ran our hands over each other’s bodies, feeling each muscle and groove, learning and teasing. I placed my hands on her shoulders and her head fell back, arching her tits up and into my face as she began to move. Asami was so wet that I slid in and out of her effortlessly, the sounds of our bodies joining loud in the otherwise quiet room.

I put my hands on her hips, guiding and helping her impale herself on me. Faster and faster we move, with me pushing up and her grinding down. Her legs began quivering and just as she was about to cum yet again, I pushed her off of me and flipped her over to her stomach. Placing a pillow under her hips, placing her round ass in the air begging for my cock. Her moans and breathing are loud, and she wanted me back inside of her.

I bent down and ran my tongue deep into her hole. My fingers spreading her lips apart, I continued to lick and tease her throbbing pussy, making her beg me to not to stop. Her pussy was flowing effortlessly, her juices running down her thighs, mingling with my saliva as I ground her hot pussy into my face. One finger, then two are shoved deep inside of her making her scream in pleasure. She thrust her hips back to meet my fingers, harder and harder. I put my dip thumb into her hole and rub her wetness against her tight puckered ass.

“Oh yes baby, fuck my ass,” she whimpered, caught up in the mindless passion she was now in. Slowly I rubbed my thumb around my tight hole, putting pressure and then sliding just the tip in. I teased her asshole as I continued to finger her dripping wet pussy. Suddenly I pulled my fingers out and slammed my hard thick cock into her pussy. At the same time, I pushed my thumb deeper into her ass causing her to cum harder than ever! Asami bent herself backward as she arched her back her eyes wide and her mouth open.

"AAAUUUGHHH!!" she screamed. Her hand gripped the bed sheets until her knuckles turned white and her whole body quivered violently as she came. She stayed there bent like the bottom of a rocking chair and mouthed her orgasm while every muscle in her body tensed then quivered. After a disturbing amount of time, she collapsed onto the bed and lay there, still except for her chest heaving and an occasional spasm as the last of her orgasm drained from her.

“Asami, are you okay”, I whispered in her ear. Her foggy hazy brain struggled to wake up and slowly she turned her head to see my worried face peering down into hers.

“Holy shit baby, that was fucking amazing!” she whispered. I plant a soft kiss on her upturned cheek and smile saying, “Oh baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Ikiss my way back down her back and slowly start moving again. Out. In. Out. In. Each time a little bit deeper, a little bit harder. She spread her legs wider, slamming herself back, meeting me thrust for thrust. Reaching up I grab her hair and yank her back against my chest. “You like that baby?” I growled in her ear. “Huh, you like that?”

“Yes, oh yes, oh my God yes!” she screamed.

I reached around her and grabbed both of her tits and squeezed, shooting sparks of desire straight down to her already throbbing wet pussy. Faster and faster we move, both moaning and shouting out loud. Asami's head lolled back and struck my shoulder as my hips pistoned in and out, faster and faster. I reached up with my left hand and pulled her mouth down to mine, searing her with a hot open mouth kiss. Asami slipped her right hand under her and down to start rubbing her clit as fast and as furious as I was pounding into her.

Harder and harder, faster and faster. I felt her legs start to tighten and knew that she was close - and I wasn't far behind her! I felt the tightening in my balls and we both cry out together as we reached that fevered pitch. Asami screamed out my name and as she did I gave one last hard deep push, shooting my load deep inside of her as her juices and mine mix together. Shaking and breathing hard, we both fall down onto the bed still connected to each other. My cock twitched and pulsed inside her throbbing pussy. I roll off of her after a moment or two to let her breath. She rolls over and I stare into those gorgeous almond eyes. I kissed her gently and held her in my arms.

"That's it. I am definitely looking into your frequent flyer program!" I whispered.

Asami smiled just as she drifted off to sleep.


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