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Hotel Job 2

After returning to my post in the lobby, I replayed the events of earlier this evening. I just had the most amazing sex with Candice, the lounge performer. It was like a dream come true. As if being asked to do her while in uniform wasn't enough, she also asked that I hancuff her and use my side handle baton to get her ready.

The memory of her tight wet pussy and soft moaning rang in my memory, and I desperately hoped for another noise complaint call from her floor before the night ended. 

"That would be too much to hope for," I said to myself.

The sun began to rse and that signaled that my shift would soon end. The dayshift waitresses began to arrive and I returned all their greetings of good morning. Many of them had flirted with me since I came to work here and let me know that they were interested and available. Now while most of them were young and very attractive, they were wasting their time after tonight's encounter.

As I drove home I replayed the evenings events for the tenth time. By the time I reached my apartment I was as hard as a rock. I  removed my uniform that still bore the scent of her perfume and sex and tossed it in the dirty clothes hamper. I then headed to the shower.

Fresh from my shower I headed to bed and thought about Candice again. I grabbed my hard cock and jacked off as I remembered every aspect of out fucking. I shot my load into some Kleenix before falling into a deep sleep.I awoke several hours later and commenced with my normal Saturday routine of cleaning and laundry.

Saturday night arrived and for the first time I found myself hurrying to the hotel. It was around 8:00 PM that I spotted Candice exit the elevator and head to the lounge. She looked as stunning as ever in her tight tuxedo leggings, short jacket, and heels.

She caught my eye and motioned for me to follow her. Instead of heading to the lounge she made a turn down the hallway that led to a row of banquet rooms. I waited a moment before leaving my post and following her and I turned the corner into the hallway just in time to see her enter the last ballroom.

I opened the door and entered.The room was dark with the only light source coming from the lit exit signs over the doors. Candice was waiting just inside the door.

She placed her purse and portfolio containing her sheet music on the floor and wrapped her arms around me. She then placed her soft cherry red lips on mine and our tongues began to explore each other's mouth. As we kissed she began to grind her body against mine. 

"If I didn't have to go on at nine I could do this all night," she informed me between kisses.

"Same here. In fact doing you in one of the ballrooms has always been a fantasy of mine," I admitted.

"Really?" she responded. "I always wanted to do it on the stage I perform on."

Candice stepped back and opened her jacket. She then unbuttoned her white silk blouse and allowed me to rub my hands over the delicate silk and lace bra holding her generous tits in place. As I did this she allowed her hands to roam all over me. Her long delicate fingers traced the outline of my badge before moving downwards.

Candice ran her fingers over my duty belt and all the implements in their leather holders. She spent a great deal of time caressing the short portion end of my side-handle baton.

"Will I get to see you later?" I asked.

"Yes. They gave me the room for the weekend," she responded.

"No need to call in a noise complaint. Just tell me the time to be there," I responded.

"Give me a half an hour after I pass your post in the lobby," Candice responded as she stepped back and started to retuck ad rebutton her outfit. 

A moment later she was gone. The next several hours crawled by slower that I could have ever imagined. I made my rounds and chatted with all I encountered. I even poked my head in the bar to listen to her play. She saw me from the stage, smiled and started playing "Piano Man".

It was shortly after 2:00 am that I saw her leaving the lounge and head to the bank of elevators off the lobby. She smiled as she passed by and bid the night desk clerk and myself a good evening. The last half hour seemed longer than the previous seven. I left the lobby and rode the elevator to the VIP floor and Candice's room.

I knocked on the door and it was opened. Candice had already stripped off her clothing and was standing there in a stunning white lingerie set. The bra I had seen earlier, but what I didn't see was the matching thong and the white thigh high stockings.

We were in each other's arms in a flash and began sucking each other's tongues between kissing necks and ears. Candice shyly removed her bra and I rubbed, kissed, and licked her nipples amid her soft moaning. She then knelt down in front of me and unzipped my duty slacks and withdrew my hard cock.

She placed her long blonde hair behind her ears and commenced to kiss and lick the head of my cock. I was getting a blow job from the lounge singer dressed only in her lingerie. This was beyond my widest dreams. I eventually asked her to stop or I'd lose my load down her throat.

She stood up and disappeared into the bathroom only to appear a few seconds later.

"I had to rinse my mouth out. You don't want to taste your own cock do you?" she asked.

She then requested that I handcuff her again. So I slowly unsnapped my cuff case and withdrew the shiny metal cuffs. I ran them all over her breasts and belly before I began to rub them across the wet crotch of her thong. The contact of the cold metal against her warm skin drew even louder moans of pleasure.

With her hands in front of her I placed the cuffs on her wrists and slowly tightened them. I started to move her to the bed but she resisted. 

"The chair," she said motioning to the heavy wooden desk chair.

So I led her to the chair and she knelt on the seat placing her cuffed arms over the back of the chair and raising her magnificent ass in the air. I once again ran my hands over her soft full breasts before moving down to the waistband of her thong and sliding it down her nylon covered legs.

Once again I could not believe how hot, wet and tight she was as I pushed my hard cock in her tight pussy.

"Fuck me Mr. Policeman. Fuck me hard," she begged.

So I placed my hands on her slender hips and began to thrust myself inside her with no trace of gentleness, Her moans were louder than before and she begged me to go harder. I increased the force of my thrusts and the chair banged against the desk with each forward motion.

"Desk to security," the radio said.

I stopped moving and responded.

"We have another noise complaint from the VIP floor. Complaint does not want a visit," the desk informed me.

"Responding from the game room," I advised them before I  resumed hammering Candice's sweet pussy.

Candice moaned that she was cumming and her whole body shook and her inner muscles gripped my cock that was deep insider her. A second later I gripped her slender hips even tighter and emptied myself inside her. I got off the chair and allowed her to sit and catch her breath. I knelt next to her and we gently kissed as she floated down from her orgasmic high.

"You better call in," she said breathlessly.

"Security to front desk. The floor is quiet," I informed them.


"You know I won't be here next week. It's my turn at the other property," she informed me.

"How long is the engagement?" I asked.

"Same as here, one month," she responded.

"I graduate from the academy in two weeks and then commence my on-the-road training."

"How long does that last?" Candice asked.

"As long as the trainer thinks I need it," I informed her.

She walked naked across the room where she retrieved her purse.She then extracted a business card and handed it to me.

"These are my phone numbers. When you have a Friday or Saturday off you must call me. Will you still work here after you graduate?" she asked.

"Yes, but probably not every weekend."

"Now I want you to promise me that you won't do any other girl in the time we are apart," she stated.

"What about you?"

"There is no one else I want to do," she informed me.

We shared one last kiss before I departed and returned to the lobby.

"That's two noise complaints in two nights from the same floor," the desk clerk stated. "Probably that slut of a piano player entertaining some customer."

"Could be."

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