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Hotel Job

It was a pretty easy job although boring and part time. I provided security for a very posh hotel chain and worked on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Now I wasn't a cop yet as I was still in the police academy, so my employment options were limited as I attended the academy during the day. 

The hours sucked but the pay was good and I needed to support myself. The city that hired me was paying for my training and I received a small weekly paycheck but it wasn't enough. So I sought part time employment. 

I worked a 12 hour shift from 7 pm to 7 am. My only saving grace was the fact that I already had partial training from my rent-a-cop days and that allowed me to carry a firearm. I wore the traditional blue uniform that was always clean and pressed. On my shoulders were the patches of the company that employed me.

This company normally only hires cops, but I was the exception. My boots were always spit shined and my leather gear was polished so I looked like a cop and not a rent-a-cop.

Now I was the inside man. The old guy working in the car outside was a retired officer that patroled the parking lot and acted as back up if I needed it. I made rounds checking the floors, stairwells, pool and gym along with the restaurant and bar. Now I wasn't supposed go in the bar unless called, seems the sight of a police officer made some folks nervous.

However tonight I ignored the rule as Candice was playing. The only way to describe her was to imagine that the Mattel toy company had added a "Lounge Singer Barbie" to their line. Candice was tall, tanned and blond with outstanding looks. Her skill at singing and piano playing was such that the hotel kept her under exclusive contract. She performed here and at their sister property on the far side of town.

On the nights she played I always entered from the door the waiters and waitresses used to enter the kitchen. When she spotted me standing against the wall she always smiled and the next song she played was something that I liked. I could listen to her play and sing all night.

We always talked after her shift ended and the bar was empty. As the staff cleaned up she sat at the bar and had a cocktail and a smoke, I always joined her and we chatted on a variety of topics. She asked questions about my police training and I asked her about her skill on the keyboard. Sitting there looking into her bright blue eyes made me feel like the luckiest guy alive.

We continued talking as I walked her to her car and I found it hard not to stare at her magnificent ass covered in her black spandex pants or satin ones as she moved past the door I held open. I spun a dozen erotic fantasies of pulling her into one of the empty ballrooms and running my hands over her firm ass and legs covered in the silky material.

I even visualized my stripping off her clothing and us having sex on the floor, but never hit on her. She was an artist and an entertainer while I was just a soon-to-be cop. I figured I had no chance.

It started out as a regular Friday night. However Instead of stopping at the bar for her cocktail at closing time she breezed past me heading to the elevators as I was headed to the lounge.

"What's the rush?" I asked.

"I have a breakfast date," she informed me with a smile.


"No. The hotel gave me a room so I would have a place to change," she informed me as the elevator doors closed.

I felt a twinge of jealousy for whatever lucky guy she was seeing. It worsened when I saw her leaving by the side door a little while later. She had doffed her slacks and was wearing the shortest tightest black spandex miniskirt under her leather jacket that I had ever seen. As she strode to her car I could see that her long legs were clad in black pantyhose.

I stood outside the main entrance and watched. Candice never wore a skirt when she played, it was always pants so I never saw her legs. Now that I could all I could do stare at what I believed were the best looking legs I had ever seen.

"Oh to peel her out of that outfit," I said to myself.

It was around three in the morning when my portable radio went off. The front desk was advising me that a guest had a noise complaint. I was given the room number and asked to check it out. I headed there from the pool area.

Now the room in question was on the VIP wing. These rooms were larger than the standard rooms, in fact they were more like apartment suites. I walked down the long carpeted hallway listening for any disturbance but heard nothing. Then as required I knocked on the door of the room that had called in the complaint.

My heart stood still for a moment when it was Candice that opened the door. I discovered that she wasn't wearing a mini skirt, it was a mini dress. The black spandex hugged every curve and was cut low enough to offer a view of her generous tits through the black lace sewn in the middle.

"You have a noise complaint? I thought you were on a date?" I stated.

"There was no date," she stated and invited me in. 

"So why the noise complaint?" I asked.

"That was the only way to get you up here," she responded.

I gave her a questioning look.

"Do you have an idea how horny you make me?" she asked.

Any further comment was interupted by my portable radio coming to life.

"Did you locate the noise?" the front desk inquired.

"All is quiet. I will remain in the area and monitor the halls," I responded.

"I make you horny?" I asked feeling my throat go dry.

"Yes, very horny. I have always had a thing for cops but didn't want the "badge bunny" label," she continued.

Candice approached and wound her slender arms around me. She pressed her warm lips to mine and I had one of the greatest tongue I have ever experienced.

"Despite the fact that we sit and talk each night I play you have never made a move on me. I've seen you checking me out but never did anything about it. So I decided to move on you. I got the room during the day so the night clerk was none the wiser. I came up here to change into this outfit as I knew you would me watching me. I wanted to give you a good show," she went on.

Candice released me and stepped back. She reached under her short dress and slid a black silk thong down her slender legs. Her raised hem revealed that she was wearing thigh high stockings and not pantyhose. Candice embraced me again and I could feel the heat of her pussy through my polyester pants and my cock responded.

When I stepped back and started to undo my duty belt that held my holstered weapon, baton, cuffs and radio Candice stopped me.

"Would you do me while in your uniform?" she asked.

It was another heart stopping moment. This stunning creature wanted me to fuck her while in uniform. I could only nod my agreement. I embraced her this time and we shared another passionate kiss. I was about to guide her to the bed when she stopped me again.

"Would you put your handcuffs on me?" she asked in a whisper.

This was something I didn't expect to hear from her. So I removed the shiny nickle plated cuffs and placed them on her slender wrists. I didn't place her arms behind her back but kept them in front so she could watch. The clicking sound the cuffs make when being tightened seemed to turn her on even more as her nipples became visible under her top.

Candice moved to the king size bed and lay on her right side. I joined her on the left side facing her. As our tongues explored each other mouths I ran my hands all over her firm tight body covered in that silky cloth, it was a fantasy come true. She stopped me a third time when my hand began to move under her hemline.

"Your hands are so rough. Use your baton, " she requested.

Now at this time most of the police officers carried a side handle baton and so did I. The top of the baton had a pattern cut into it that served to give the officer a firm grip on his weapon and was about six inches in length. I removed the baton from its holder and began to slowly slide it under her hemline holding by the tip of the long end.

My hand made contact with her nylon covered legs and bare thighs as I directed it upward. Candice moved her cuffed hands to her hem and raised it to show me my target. I discovered that her pussy was shaved and smooth. She then placed her hands on the baton and guided inside her and she issued a long moan as it entered her.

She turned her head toward me and kissed me again with even more passion. She sucked on my tongue and lips as I pushed and pulled the baton in and out of her dripping pussy.

I don't know how long we did this as I lost track of time. Candice stopped me in mid stroke and begged me to fuck her. I tossed the baton on the floor and moved between her beautiful legs. I unzipped my fly and extracted my hard cock. Candice only moaned a loud yes at the sight of it.

"I don't have any protection," I informed her.

"Not a worry. I can't get pregnant and have been tested," she responded.

I placed my right hand on my hard cock and I steadied myself on my knees and left hand. Once I felt and saw the head push into her hot pussy I began to push myself inside her. She was hot, wet and very tight and moaned with the entrance of each inch inside her.

Once fully inserted I began a slow steady pace. Candice placed her nylon legs around my hips and ground herself against me.

"Fuck me Mr Policeman. Fuck me hard," she begged in a voice thick with lust and wanting.

I increased the speed of my thrusts and her legs applied even more pressure on my hips. I grabbed the small section of chain between the cuffs and pushed it up over her head and held them there. Her arms were now immobile and moaned loudly at the sensation.

Her breathing became faster and I knew her orgasm was approaching. To help it along I began to kiss and suck her breasts through the cloth covering them. I felt her legs hold me tighter and the inner muscles of her pussy seem to grab my cock tighter.  A long sustained moan issued from her mouth and I knew her orgasm had arrived and I joined her a second or two later.

I released her arms and I don't know how long we laid there kissing before I removed the handcuffs from her slender wrists.

"You have no idea how bad I wanted this," she said softly before we got off the bed

"I use to fantasize about pulling you into one of the empty ballrooms and fucking you on the floor," I responded taking her in my arms again.

"We will have to look into that for next time," she responded before she opened to door and I departed.

I spent a great deal of time in the locker rooms off the pool attempting to clean the glaze of her juices off the front off my duty slacks before returning to my post in the lobby.

As I stood there inhaling the scent of her perfume that was still on my shirt I began to make plans for our next encounter.

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