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Juanita The Sexy Maid

Juanita The Sexy Maid

Juanita explores her clients house.

Juanita Lopez was Ethel and Max's maid. She had worked there for the past year. She was a good maid and did excellent cleaning. Ethel Greenberg liked her to wear the traditional maid uniform. Juanita found the uniform to be matronly looking. Juanita would bring the stuffy uniform with her, but later changed in a sexy French maid uniform. She liked to clean in a sexy and hot outfit. She liked to feel good in her sexy clothes. She made sure nobody ever saw her in it.

Ethel Greenberg had amazing shoes and dresses. Juanita liked going into her closet and trying on her things. She had even found a drawer which held her intimate and private lingerie. The Greenberg’s were wealthy and for his wife’s last birthday, he bought her the most expensive perfume in the world. Juanita couldn’t wait to spray herself with it. She had looked the bottle up on-line to find out it was two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars. Clive Christian's Imperial Majesty was the name of the perfume.

Juanita took off all her clothes, and changed into Mrs. Greenberg's tan lacy bra, tan lacy panties, tan garter, stockings, and heels. Mrs. Greenberg and Juanita were surprisingly the same size. She put on her silver Louboutin’s and fixed her hair and makeup. She sprayed herself with the expensive perfume. She admired herself in the mirror. She looked fabulous and smelled like a princess.

While she was admiring herself, Mr. Greenberg walked into the bedroom finding the maid in his wife’s intimate lingerie. He was licking his lips at the beautiful Hispanic girl. He could smell his wife’s very expensive perfume wafting through the room. He wasn’t too happy that she had the nerve to spray herself with the perfume. He’d make her pay for that later.


“Juanita, what do you think you’re doing in my wife’s lingerie? Who said you could wear her perfume?”

“Oh My God! I’m so very sorry! Please don’t tell Mrs. Greenberg! She’ll fire me on the spot. I really need this job. My father will be very angry with me.”

“I smell my wife’s perfume. Do you know how much that perfume costs? There are only twenty bottles in the entire world. Are you fucking crazy? You’re lucky you didn’t drop it. My wife would have an absolute stroke that you’re in her room.”

“I’m so sorry! Please, I need this job! Please don’t fire me.”

“I’m needing my dick sucked. You can get on your knees and give me head. After that, I’ll fuck you. You better make sure to do a good job. That perfume is so expensive. I can’t believe you’d have the nerve to wear it.”

“I’m very good at sucking cock. You can even fuck my asshole if you want. I’m really good in bed. I’ll do whatever you want! Please don’t tell your wife!”

“Enough talking! Suck my dick!"

Juanita walked over to him in his wife’s lingerie. She undressed him and got on her knees. She held his cock in her hands. She got his cock nice and stiff and opened her mouth. She had on red lipstick on her pretty pouty lips.

She held his smooth balls in her hands while she sucked his cock. She kept eye contact with Mr. Greenberg. He picked up her hair and watched the girl devour his dick. She was very good at cock sucking and seemed to really enjoy it. Mr. Greenberg moved his hips and fucked her mouth. He made moaning sounds.

“Take your lingerie off! Leave the stockings and shoes on. If my wife saw you in her Louboutin’s, she’d fire you on the spot! Get on the center of the bed! Put your head down and ass up! I’m going to fuck your round butt now. Have you ever had that nice Hispanic butt fucked? I bet all the boys love you. You seem quite slutty.”

“To be honest, I’ve never had anal sex before! Please sir, please be gentle.”

Mr. Greenberg looked at her and licked his lips. He couldn’t wait to fuck her virgin asshole. He went to his wife’s drawer and pulled out some KY Jelly. He wiped it all over her round ass and his large cock. He planned on giving her the fucking of her life.

Juanita undressed and got comfortable on the bed. Mr. Greenberg wiped the jelly on her asshole and his cock. He pulled her buttocks and slowly pushed his cock into the girl’s asshole.

“Please go slow! Fucking hell! It kind of hurts!”

Mr. Greenberg pulled out and applied more jelly on her asshole. He slowly again pushed into her asshole. Her hole was tight, but felt amazing on his cock. He grabbed her hips and kept feeding more of his prick into her tight hole. Once he was inside of her, he pushed his cock in and out of her. She was backing up so she could take more of his cock inside of herself.

She made all kinds of grunting noises while he fucked her hard.

“Tell me what a bad girl you are! Tell me how you like to try on other people’s clothes and pretend you’re rich.”

“I’m a bad girl. I like to pretend I’m rich. Fuck me harder! I'm A slut!”

Mr. Greenberg was thrusting in and out of her tight anus. She was grunting and groaning while he fucked her hard. She was screaming and moaning out and saying everything dirty that he loved to hear.

“Get on your knees! I want to cream that pretty throat of yours.”

Juanita got on her knees. She opened her mouth and Mr. Greenberg blasted his cum into her throat. She swallowed it down like a good girl.

“That was amazing!”

“Was I better than last week?”

“You were.”

Mr. Greenberg was fucking the maid. Every week they played the same skit. He was a very naughty boy! 

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