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Sandy The Cheerleader Visits

Sandy is selling candy again.

All afternoon I sold candy in my neighborhood. I had a great day and made five hundred dollars in profits. I couldn’t believe so many people bought the candy. I guess when you put a very developed eighteen-year-old in a revealing cheering uniform people get horny and want to buy candy.

A few of my neighbors asked to see me cheer and then bought a whole case of candy. Some of the neighbors asked if they could videotape me doing my cheers. I told them they could. I think they just liked seeing my breasts bounce up and down.

My mother doesn’t know where I got such a huge chest from. She has just a normal B cup. I was blessed with an E cup. My breasts are very firm, but really big. That’s probably why I’m so popular. All the teachers and the boys at school just stare at my breasts. I don’t know why everybody thinks they’re so great. I get a backache from them. Even my girlfriends are jealous of my big breasts. A few times, my friends have asked to touch them. They just can't believe how big they are. I kind of get off, when people ask to touch them. I'm always in a very horny state of mind.

I’m tall and thin and very busty. Everywhere I go, people stare at me. Men are constantly flirting with me and I get free food everywhere I go. People just like to talk to me and stare at my boobs. I get asked out a lot, but I’ve been dating my boyfriend for the past year.

He’s the captain of the football team and I’m the captain of the cheering squad. We were the prom king and queen at the prom this year. We’re both very popular. I think my boyfriend knows that if he ever broke up with me, there’d be like ten other guys trying to get with me.

I think he worries about when we go to college. He says he wants to have a long distance relationship. We both were accepted to different schools. I hope I can be faithful to him when we go to college. I'm thinking this won't work out to well. Not with my boobs. Everybody will want to date me. There will be too much temptation. I don't tell that to my boyfriend though. I just laugh when he brings up the topic. We still have a few more months of school left.

I’ve always been very popular and more so when my breasts just keep growing. I do think that they’ve reached full size now. I think I have the body of a stripper. I bet I could make a lot of money dancing someday. Although, that’s not something I’d want to do. If somebody offered me a lot of money, I just might do it. Time will tell when I go to college.

After I sold the candy, I thought I go and surprise my boyfriend. I didn’t tell him I was coming over. I didn’t change and just went in my cheering outfit. My boyfriend likes when I wear the uniform to his house. He always asks me to cheer for him. Usually he'll fuck me after I entertain him. He just loves the little cheering outfit. He likes to call me a "cheering slut."

I drove over to his house and parked in his driveway. I didn’t see his truck, but was hoping it was just in the garage. I walked to the door and knocked on the door. I was really hoping he was there. I hadn’t seen him all day and was super horny.

The door opened and his father answered the door. He looked at me with a really happy face.

“Hello, Sandy. Come in dear. Were you selling candy again?”

“Hi, Mr. Chadwick. I sold candy all day. I made five hundred dollars this time.”

I walked into their house and Mr. Chadwick shut the door.

“Is Edward home? I wanted to surprise him.”

“No! Edward and his mother went to help her friend move. Edward was kind enough to offer his truck to help out. Would you like a soda?”

“Oh. I really wanted to surprise him. When will he be back?”

“Probably not for a while, but you can wait if you want."

Mr. Chadwick is a very good looking man. I kind of have a little crush on him. He’s tall with salt and pepper hair and the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. Edward takes after him with his good looks. He always is really nice to me and smiles a lot. He too looks at my breasts. He licks his lips and stares right at them. I often wonder what he thinks when I’m over. I bet he’d love to fuck me. I'm so fucking horny and just might let him if he seemed interested.

“If you do a few cheers, I’d be happy to buy a couple of cases of candy. Did you bring any in your car?”

“I have more at home, but I could give it to Edward to bring home to you. You really want to see me cheer?”

“I’d love to watch you cheer. I’ll buy your remaining candy. How much do you have left?”

“That’s really nice of you, Mr. Chadwick. Are you sure? I have about two hundred dollars more to sell.”

“I’ll buy it all. Just show me a few cheers and do some gymnastics for me.”

“Okay, I could do that. Are you sure you want to buy the candy?”

“It would be my pleasure.”

I was thinking he definitely wanted to see my breasts juggling in my cheering outfit. I was thinking he was probably wanting to get into my pants. I was kind of turned on by the whole thing. I could feel my pussy getting very wet in my thong. I stood up and started to do some cheers.

“Let’s make some touchdowns. You can do it and we can make the noise.”

“Sandy that’s so cute. Why don’t you do some cartwheels.”

I was jumping up and down and did some gymnastics. My breasts were bobbing up and down in my cheering uniform. Mr. Chadwick was clapping and sipping on a beer. He was really enjoying the cheers.

“We don’t need any music and we don’t need any bands. All we need are cheering fans.”

I was doing the gymnastics in the living room. Jumping up and down and doing cartwheels, splits, and flips. He was clapping and cheering for me. I knew he was liking the view of my bodacious breasts. I could see a bulge in his pants. He was getting off while I did the cheers.

“Sandy, how about we go into the hot tub? I bet your muscles are really sore.”

“I didn’t bring a bathing suit. I'm only wearing my thong."

“Once you're in the tub, I wont even be able to see. Leave your thong on dear."

“A soda would be great!”

“Why don’t you get yourself all set up and I’ll bring you a soda. See you in a minute.”

I walked out to the hot tub. I kind of felt really weird that I was going to go into it with my boyfriend’s father. I knew he wanted to fuck me. He was practically salivating at me in my cheering outfit. I knew he wanted to play with my breasts. Most people are very interested in my breasts. I'd say it's my best attribute. Although, my boyfriend say's I have a nice ass too.

I took off the cheering outfit and got into the hot tub. I was only wearing my thong. The water felt amazing on my body. I sat right in front of the jet.

“How’s the water?”

“It’s really warm. Are you coming in too?”


Mr. Chadwick handed me the soda. I drank it and put it into the cup holder on the side of the hot tub. He slid into the tub and sat across from me. He had a very horny look on his face. I knew he was going to make every attempt to fuck me. I was feeling aroused and thought if he tried, I’d let him fuck me. I’d just play along with him.

“The water feels great. I always love to take a nice soak. We have one at our house too. I’m always sitting in it. It feels so nice on my back. I just love the jets."

“I’m really good at giving back massages, if you want later, I could massage yours?”

“That would be nice. I guess if you don’t mind.”

“You could sit on my lap now and I could massage your neck.”

“Sure. I could do that.”

Mr. Chadwick moved closer to me. I sat on his lap and he massaged my neck. His hands felt amazing while he worked out some knots in my neck. I made soft moaning noises while he rubbed me. I could feel tingles all over my body. His hands were very strong while he massaged my neck hard. I really wanted him to fuck me. I just waited to see what he'd say.

“I give amazing breasts massages. I bet after all that cheering your breasts need a little attention. How about it, Sandy? Would you like me to massage your breasts?”

“Wouldn’t that be wrong? I mean you’re my boyfriend’s dad. Wouldn’t Edward be mad that you’re playing with my boobs?”

“I’m not playing with them. I’m giving you a massage. You’ve been jumping up and down all day. I know you’re on the bigger side, they’ve got to hurt you. Why don’t we go into the house? I’ll get some massage oil and give you a wonderful breast massage. I won’t tell Edward that you were even here.”

“Okay. If you promise not to tell. I wouldn’t want him to know about this. I think he'd be very bothered by it. He's already upset about us going to different colleges in the fall. If he knew that I let you touch my breasts, he'd be very upset."

“You’ll really love this. My wife really enjoys when I do them to her.”

“Won’t she be mad that you’re giving your son’s girlfriend a massage?”

“She isn't here right now. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. I promise not to tell her or my son that you were here. It will be our little secret." 

Mr. Chadwick helped me out of the hot tub. He handed me a towel and I wrapped it around myself and followed him into the house. I followed him up the stairs to his bedroom. I knew he was going to fuck me. I just didn’t know when he’d make a pass at me. I was up for a little naughty fun. My pussy was on fire. Mr Chadwick helped me take off the towel. He hugged me and we shared a passionate kiss. His tongue danced with my tongue in our mouths. He held my buttocks in his hand while my breasts were rubbing against his chest.

“Get comfortable on the bed.”

I got onto the bed and played with my breasts. Mr. Chadwick's looked at my boobs and just smiled.

“Wow, Sandy! You have amazing breasts.”

“Do you think they’re too big?”

“No, they’re fabulous. Wow. I’ve never seen a pair so big. Fuck!”

“My mother doesn’t know where they came from. She’s just a regular sized woman.”

“You’re very lucky. They’re beautiful. Just relax.”

Mr. Chadwick took off his bathing suit and put on a pair of silk boxers. He poured massage oil onto my breasts and moved his fingers up and down over my globes. He kneaded his hands all over my left breast and then changed to the right side.

“You have great hands. That feels amazing. I'm so turned on.”

“I told you, I’m very good at this.”

Mr. Chadwick rubbed each one and pushed them together and played with them. He was smiling and I noticed he had an erection. His boxers had a huge tent. He was massaging and rubbing them over and over again. He would push them together and go back to holding them. He twisted and pulled on my stiff nipples. I was so excited and had and orgasm in my thong.

My thong was soaking wet from the hot tub, except now I was having an orgasm as well. I moaned while he played with my tits. His hands felt amazing while he rubbed and caressed each one of my melons.

“Why don’t you play with my pussy? I really want you to fuck me, Mr. Chadwick.”

“Really? What about my son?”

“I’m so horny and need you to fuck me. I see you’re hard. Please will you fuck me!”

Mr. Chadwick pulled down his boxers and his cock sprang to action.

“Is this what you want, Sandy? You want this big cock inside of you?”

“Yes. Please fuck me. I really want your cock.”

“How about we have a little fun? Get on your knees and I’ll put my cock between those gorgeous breasts of yours. Afterwards, you can suck my cock. Only if you beg me, I’ll fuck that gorgeous cunt of yours. Did you have an orgasm while I massaged your breasts?"

"Yes. I love when people rub my breasts. I always come a lot. If you want to fuck my tits, that's fine too."

I went in front of Mr. Chadwick’s cock. I wrapped my breasts around his cock. I moved my tits up and down his huge shaft. Mr. Chadwick played with my brown hair while I let him fuck my tits.

“You’ve got the best tits. I love them. Jesus!”

I continued to move up and down. His cock was huge and very hard. After a while, I opened my mouth and he put his cock into my throat. I held his balls and gave him head. I made all kinds of sucking noises while I gave him a blow job. My cheeks were bulging, spit oozed down the corners of my mouth. I looked into Mr. Chadwick's eyes while I gave him head.

“Oh God! You’re such a little whore. Do you love my cock? Tell me you do.”

“I love your cock. I’m a cheering slut that wants to get fucked. Please will you fuck me?”

“Stand up and take off your thong. Bend over the bed.”

I stood up and removed my thong. I handed it to him.”

Mr. Chadwick put them under his nose and smelled my wet panties. I got into the position that he wanted me to be. Mr. Chadwick rubbed my pussy and felt how wet I was.

“You’re so naughty and wet. Do you want this big cock inside of your cunt?”

“Yes. Please fuck me!”

Mr. Chadwick held my hips and pushed his cock into my cunt. I moaned and groaned while he got up inside of me. Once inside, he fucked me fast and hard. He slapped my buttocks. My huge breasts swung to the left and the right while he fucked my wet cunt.

“You’re a nasty little whore. Your pussy is so wet."

He continued to fuck me harder and faster. He pushed me back on the bed and I put my legs over his shoulder's. He put his cock into me and fucked me hard and fast. I played with my breasts while he jammed his cock deeper and deeper into me.

"Mr. Chadwick, I'm going to come. Oh dear God! Fucking hell."

“You’re quite a little slut. I’m going to blast you with my come."

Mr. Chadwick shot his come into my pussy. I screamed and came too. He kept fucking me while his balls emptied out. He fell on top of me and kissed me passionately. My breasts were rubbing against his nice chest. Both our hearts were pounding.

He pulled out of my pussy. His come was flowing out of my cunt.

"Open your legs, Sandy. Show me that beautiful cream pie. Fuck!"

I opened my legs and Mr. Chadwick knelt down and licked the cream from my pussy. He made slurping noises while he cleaned up my pussy. I was very excited and came a few times on his tongue. He pushed his tongue deep inside my pussy lips and tongue-fucked me until I screamed from multiple orgasms.

“You’re a little slut with big cannons. Holy hell, you’re a lot of fun.”

I just smiled while he continued licking my pussy. I pushed my breasts together and licked at my own nipple which made Mr. Chadwick lick me harder and faster. I was absolutely exhausted from coming so many times. I just smiled at him.

“Sandy, that was a lot of fun. I promised to buy the rest of your candy. Will two hundred cover it?”

“Yes. That’s more then plenty. How generous of you.”

“Honey, I’d buy a thousand candy bars, if I could play with those tits every day. Your breasts are so fun to play with.”

“You’re so kind. I better get dressed. I don’t want Edward to know I was here. I’ll give him the candy bars when I see him tomorrow. Thanks for the hot time.”

“You’re welcome, Sandy. Thank you.”

I went around the house collecting my outfit and got dressed and left. I couldn’t believe that I fucked my boyfriend’s father, but was happy I sold out of all my candy. I knew my coach would be very pleased with all the money I made.

I was pretty sure that I sold the most candy in my squad. I knew I'd probably receive some kind of an award. I was pretty happy with myself. I enjoyed fucking my boyfriend's father. I was just hoping he'd never find out.


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