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The Attendant

The Attendant

Allie meets a flight attendant and sparks fly.

I was getting ready to go on a week’s vacation with an old girl friend. She worked for a travel agency so had made all the arrangements for the trip, and of course we were flying First Class. We were heading down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, as I had been wanting to go see that for years. Being somewhat of an exhibitionist, the thought of getting to flash my boobs at crowds of people was very appealing. They were finally announcing the plane would soon begin boarding, so we got up and in line. Once everyone had boarded, the attendants began the preparation for take-off.

Hannah and I were busy settling in and discussing our plans when I suddenly looked up to see the most gorgeous looking woman I had ever seen in my life standing over me. She was wearing the airlines uniform for flight attendants, with a name tag that said “Liz B. Flight Attendant Supervisor”. Her long shapely legs and strong calves were shown off by a tight skirt that ended just above her knees. Deep brown eyes were locked onto mine as she flashed a beautiful smile at me.

“May I get you anything, a blanket perhaps or something to drink?”

Almost as an afterthought, she looked over at Hannah and asked if she wanted anything as well. We both said no, and she went about seeing to the other first class passengers and then preparing the cabin for take-off. Her eyes had not been the only thing about her that I had noticed. Her full red lips framed perfect white teeth, and she had the most gorgeous head of dark curly hair. Her breasts were the perfect size, just barely straining against the red uniform jacket. Her voice was a little deeper than normal with a slightly “smoky” quality making it extremely sexy. And I was not the only one that had noticed.

“God Allie, someone with her looks belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine, not locked away on a plane! And she is smokin’ hot in that uniform.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off her, just staring every time she was in view. Once we were in the air, I kept watching for her. I didn’t have to wait long, as she was suddenly at my side again. Rather than just standing there asking if I wanted anything, she knelt down next to me and leaned in close as she asked if I needed or wanted anything. After I asked for a glass of wine; she stood back up and immediately went and got it. Only then did she ask Hannah and the otherf first class passengers what they wanted.

Throughout the first leg of the flight, she returned to me time after time tending to my needs. It was obvious she was paying much closer attention to me than even to Hannah, or certainly, to any of the other passengers. As we approached the Atlanta airport where we had a layover, she returned to my side. This time, she asked us if we were departing in Atlanta. Hannah responded that we were headed to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and staying for a week. She looked a bit disappointed, and told us to enjoy our vacation, then walked away.

She left to prepare for landing; with the exit of passengers, and the check of the plane before boarding new passengers, I did not see her again. I looked around and did not see any of the previous attendants still on the plane either. I had seen the captain and copilot depart as well and a whole new crew come in. I felt almost a feeling of loss, but could not quite understand why. While we were waiting for new passengers to board, Hannah and I discussed our plans for the week some more.  She had rented a two bedroom suite for us at a hotel right in the heart of the downtown area and had a list of the clubs we wanted to visit.

The new passengers had finally all been boarded and seated, but I noticed the door remained open. One of the crew from the cockpit, perhaps the pilot, stepped out and said something to one of the attendants. She picked up the intercom and said there would be a slight delay in pulling away from the gate, but that it should not be very long. One attendant remained near the door, which had still not yet been closed, so I assumed they must be waiting for a last minute passenger.

About ten minutes later, I saw the attendant at the door looking down the jetway. As I watched to see what she was looking at, Liz walked back onto the plane, looking so confident, almost like she owned the airline. She picked up the intercom and announced we would be departing in a minute; then she looked directly at me, and flashed that magnificent smile again. My heart was pounding. This beautiful creature, that had suddenly appeared in my life, and that I thought had walked out just as quickly... had just stepped back into it.

The door was closed and as we backed away from the gate, the flight crew went through the safety procedures and safety checks. Once the plane took off, Liz came back over and told me she had switched places with another attendant so she could fly down to New Orleans. Hannah looked at me when she walked away.

“Now that is about as blatant an invitation to hook up if I ever heard one. I am sure the only thing that is stopping her from puling you into the bathroom and jumping all over you is that she just doesn’t know if we are together or not. For god’s sake, if you don’t ask her out to dinner, I will; though it is obvious which one of us she is interested in.“

During the rest of the flight, she continued coming by and talking to me. Just before we landed, I finally asked if she would like to join us for dinner. She said yes, and we made arrangements to meet in an hour after we deplaned. Though I did not yet know it that was the luckiest moment of my life. Liz joined Hannah and me for dinner at a restaurant she had highly recommended that was not far from our hotel. We sat and talked about our backgrounds, and she finally asked if Hannah and I were a couple. Hannah was quick to jump in and say that we had been at one point; however we had not been together for a couple of years, but had just remained good friends.

After dinner, Hannah suddenly made herself scarce, saying she was tired and was going back to her room in the suite and would probably be sound asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. As she left, she winked at me and gave me a discreet thumbs up. Liz and I walked across the street to a night club and had a drink. The bar was quite crowded and we were in quite close contact.

As I inhaled her scent and felt her skin on mine, I felt myself becoming aroused. Liz had not changed from her uniform, but had removed her jacket. I could see that her nipples were becoming erect as well. She leaned in and kissed me and it was like an electric shock hitting my body. I grabbed her hand and literally pulled her outside. The hotel was just a few blocks away, but I hailed a cab anyway. We could barely contain ourselves for the five minutes it took to get there. I threw some money at the driver as we jumped out and headed to the suite.

The door to Hannah’s room was closed, and there was no noise coming from in there. We were tearing off each other’s clothing off as we went into my room. Our hands and mouths were all over each other as we explored our bodies. Clothes were strewn about as we fell on the bed. My mouth sought out her breasts and her hand caressed my pussy. We turned into a sixty-nine position and she brought me to a height of pleasure I had not reached before.

She seemed to know just where to touch, to kiss, to lick and just how long to stay there. I could feel her responding to my every touch as well. We each came separately and together and I lost count of how many times. It was turning light before we finally drifted off to sleep. The smell of sex pervaded the room. When we woke up her hand was between my legs, gently rubbing my clit. I covered her hand with mine, and pushed one of her fingers inside me along with mine.

It wasn’t long before I felt another wave rising and was quickly pushed over the edge. I slid down between her legs and soon had her in the throes of her own orgasm. We finally threw on some clothes and went out to the lounge area between the two rooms.  Hannah was sitting out there watching TV.

“It’s about time you two came up for air. I was beginning to think I was going to have to call the fire department.”

We all laughed at that and after talking a bit, we took turns taking a shower and went down to the restaurant for some food. After eating, we went to the hotel near the airport Liz had checked into and checked her out. in the end, she not only spent that first night, but stayed the whole week with us. After returning home, and as soon as she was able to manage it, Liz had her home base changed to the local airport near my home and soon moved in with me. When she was offered a promotion moving her halfway across the country, I moved with her. It has been over ten years and we are still together. After five years, we formalized our love and married. We now have three wonderful children.

After that first week, I knew I had found the love of my life and would spend every one of the rest of my days proving it to her. For her part, she said she knew the minute she saw me, if she had not found a way to get back on that plane, it would have been the biggest mistake of her life.



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