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The Night Nurse

The Night Nurse

Getting called in to work doesn't mean you can't have fun!

Heather Campbell was pissed. She had been in bed with a hunky guy between her legs, happily munching on her sweet, juicy pussy when the phone rang. It was the head nurse at County General calling to tell her to report for a special night duty shift. According to her, the nurse scheduled to pull that shift had called in and she needed Heather to cover for her. Being the "new kid on the block", she would be the one that got called first for these last-minute shifts. Seniority has its benefits!

So after giving her playmate a hasty and regretful goodbye, Heather drove the seven frustrating miles to the hospital for her shift. Still extremely horny and unsatisfied from her steamy make-out session, she saw no way of quenching the fire that had been kindled in her belly. What made matters worse, was that they'd had problems getting the time that they had, with both of them working; she wasn't sure when such an opportunity would come again. It was all very disheartening.

Heather was fresh out of nursing school, and this position with County General was her first real assignment. So she wasn't about to turn down any chance to show her superiors that she was a team player and knew her job. When she came to CG, she was told that as the newest nurse she would be getting the spur of the moment shifts and those shifts that no one else wanted, like holidays. She was fine with that since she didn't have that much of a life anyway, and her family lived a long plane ride away. Besides, she knew that she would have to start at the bottom and work her way up in any job she got.

And so, with a strong sense of duty, professionalism, and her "the patients always come first" attitude, she pulled into the hospital's underground parking area and entered the building through the security door. She got in the elevator and went up to the 3rd floor nurse's station.

"Hi, Julie," she greeted the charge nurse when she reported to the nursing desk. "I'm here for the night shift. I'm replacing Alice tonight, I guess."

"Yeah, I heard. Okay, it should be a fairly simple night, the wing is only about half full tonight. Barring any craziness downstairs in the E.R. tonight, it should be quiet." Julie said.

Julie walked the hallway with Heather, telling her about the occupant in each room. She listened to the case for each of the room occupants; most seemed pretty routine. There was one guy in for some pulmonary testing, one guy who had just had an appendix removed, a woman who was having lap band surgery in a couple days, and a kid with a bad case of asthma. Not anything really spectacular. They walked to the last occupied room in the wing.

They stood outside the room for a moment. "Okay, this is your last patient for the night, hopefully. This is Mr. Walker. He is a 28-year-old construction worker who had a fall from a scaffolding collapse outside the second floor window. He complains of a hurt shoulder and back. We are keeping him overnight for observation then running some tests tomorrow just to make sure he's only bruised, not anything more serious," Julie explained.

Having given Heather the rundown on all the patients she would be in charge of, Julie went to the nurse's station to check out and head home herself. Heather sat at the nurse's station, which was actually at the intersection of four short hallways, so there were other nurses attending to the other three wings. There was a panel with indicator lights, a microphone, and other equipment to watch over the patients' condition.

Heather sat there in front of the monitors, still mad at the situation she found herself in. She would have much preferred to have stayed home so she and her equally horny and talented "friend with benefits" could have finished what they started. Instead, she was stuck with a lonely night shift that looked like very dull duty. Not wishing to rain on anybody's parade, and believing her personal life was no one else's business, she decided against mentioning anything to Julie or the other nurses.

As the night wore on, it became time for Heather to start her first rounds, popping in to check on her patients to see if anyone needed anything. She was also tasked with taking blood pressure, pulse, and a few other readings from the monitoring equipment the patients were hooked to.

She began her rounds and looked in on each patient. Some were asleep already, in which case she quietly took the readings from the machines and left without making any noise. Others were awake and asked for a pillow, drink of water or something which she always gave them with a smile. The kid with asthma had his mother in the room with him sleeping on a cot. She asked for a blanket and pillow so she could try to sleep a bit since he was already sleeping.

Finally, she got back around to Mr. Walker's room. She peeked in the room without knocking in case he was asleep. She found the lights on and Mr. Walker resting comfortably. He was reading a magazine with the head of the hospital bed raised.

"Hello Mr. Walker, how are you doing? Are you comfortable? Is there anything I can get for you or do for you?" she asked.

"Thanks, no, I'm fine. But you can call me Matthew or Matt... everyone else does. Actually, I'm not really hurt, just here for observation... my boss is afraid of losing his lead contractor, so they brought me here," he said.

"Well, that's good. I'm glad you aren't seriously hurt. Now you just rest and let me take care of you tonight," she said with a smile.

As she talked, she went about her work writing down the readings on the machines. But she couldn't help glancing his way several times during her work. Matthew Walker was a good looking black man about six foot four inches tall with a shaved head, the faint hint of stubble on his face like he hadn't shaved in a couple days, and a nice smile. He had a friendly face that put Heather at ease.

He was lying under a light covering, so she couldn't get a good look at his physique, except that she could tell he was tall and not at all fat and she was aware that, as a construction worker, he would probably be in excellent physical condition. A thought began to form in her mind about how she might be able to alleviate her extreme horniness.

Matthew was very interested in the nurse as well, because she was in her mid-twenties, tall, with a pretty face, long, platinum blonde hair and a very nice figure. She finished up what she needed to do in his room and as she turned to leave she asked again, "Are you sure you don't need anything, Matt?"

"Well, actually, can you sit awhile and talk? I don't like hospitals," he asked.

"Sure, I guess so. I mean my rounds are done for now," she said. She pulled up a chair next to his bed to sit with him.

Actually, there was something more the comely nurse could have done for him besides just sit there and talk to him, which would have been much appreciated, but Matt didn't think he should mention it or be even thinking about her in that way. That was hard to do, though, as he watched the attractive blonde beauty sitting there so close. He could smell her perfume, and he could feel the warmth of her skin as she casually laid her hand on his chest.

Her crisp white uniform was made of thin material, and it clung to her succulent hips and ass like... he decided he'd better not think about that because he could feel his cock starting to grow hard. Normally, when he felt like this, he could usually find some female companionship at one of the local bars or clubs to help alleviate his pent-up frustrations with a night of wild sex. But with him in the hospital like this, that wouldn't be possible.

Heather was in a similar predicament herself, having left things unfinished to come to work tonight. Her arousal had only increased during her drive to the hospital. Since arriving, she kept thinking about all that she had planned for this evening and had to say goodnight to.

As she sat there talking with him, she couldn't help noticing the small tent forming just below his waist. The room lights were on because Matt had been reading when she came in to check on him.

Out of curiosity, Heather wanted to see if he really did have an erection... not really sure what she'd do if he did but knowing what she wanted to do. She had always heard the rumors of black men and their larger size, and she could sure use something large right about now! Heather moved closer, biting her bottom lip in a way that was not very professional.

As she pulled her chair closer to his bed, the embarrassed man tried to use his magazine to cover his stiffening cock, which served only to emphasize what he had been thinking about. The horny nurse, confident of her own sex appeal and the privacy they enjoyed, put one hand on his nearer leg and bent toward him as her other hand unfastened the two top buttons on her uniform.

"Are you sure there's nothing more I can do for you, Matt dear?" she asked, in her sexiest, most sultry voice, while spreading the lapels of her uniform dress to show her bra and as much of her cleavage as she could.

It was clear to Matt what the voluptuous blond nurse meant, but he wasn't exactly sure of what to say in response. He was all for taking her up on what appeared to be a very tempting offer, but how to do it without getting them both into trouble was the question.

Heather was sure what he wanted. She could see by the reaction from her approach that his cock certainly was ready to play; it was what she wanted too. So she smiled, took the magazine off his lap, set it aside and pulled the bed covers down, exposing the semi-hard cock that was protruding through the fly of his hospital-issue pajamas.

She looked up again, licking her red lips when she saw how big his erection was, and how it was becoming bigger and harder under her gaze. The rumors she had heard were true! Matthew was a full eight and a half inches long and nearly two and a half inches in diameter!

"Oh my goodness, Matt!" she said, admiringly.

Heather bent over, taking the large black cock into her mouth for a few strokes until it was more fully hard and erect. She had brought it to its maximum length and girth.

"Just a minute, I'll be back in just a second!" she said, standing up and walking to the door. "Don't start without me!" she said, giving him a wink.

She went to the nurse's station, where she had stashed her purse for the shift, and took out a small foil packet putting it in her smock pocket. She returned to Matt's room, locking the door behind her just in case someone might walk in on them.

As she walked back to his bedside, she slowly unbuttoned the remaining buttons of her smock. When she got next to him, she had peeled the tight smock off her arms and draped it over the foot of his hospital bed. She kicked off her white hospital sneakers, leaving her in just her bra and panties. Once again, she bent over, opened her mouth and started stroking the big cock between her lips.

Heather was not planning to suck the man off completely, at least not right away; she had other needs for his cock first. Her pussy needed attention -- and soon. With a few long, slow strokes, the object of her interest was fully erect and standing rigidly upright; it was obvious he was every bit as eager as she was. The horny nurse stopped momentarily to remove her bra and panties, putting them on the chair she was sitting on.

"Hold it!" he said, just as she finished setting the last of her clothes aside and turned to him. She stopped where she stood.

"What's the matter?" she asked, puzzled.

"Nothing, I just want to see you," he said. Heather smiled, and "modeled" a bit for him, posing and spinning around slowly so he could see her in all her glory. She was glorious, all five foot six inches of her. Her beautiful 36-26-34 body was amazing, and Matt eyed her with wonder as she showed what was in store for him.

Best of all to look at, however, was her pussy, clean-shaven except for a small section in the shape of a heart just below her mons. A beautiful pussy it was, with its ivory skin and dark pink lips, swollen with her lust, her clearly visible clit peeking out from under its hood.

"Bring that pussy closer so I can see it, baby," he said. With a wide grin, she took a couple steps closer and put a foot up on part of the bed, spreading her legs wide. She reached down and pulled apart her fat lips, showing him the wet, pink interior of her now leaking pussy. Now it was his turn to lick his lips in anticipation.

"Aww, you want a taste of this pussy, darlin'?" she asked him with a coy grin.

She dipped two fingers inside and wet them, reaching over to him with the wet digits. He took her hand and smelled the scent on her fingers first. He loved the scent of her arousal. Her juices glistened from her fingers and their fragrance beckoned him to taste her. He put her fingers into his mouth, licking and sucking the sweet honey from her fingers as Heather moaned softly.

Heather was extremely horny now and could hardly wait to feel Matt's enormous cock deep inside her. He was bigger than she was used to getting from her other boy toys, to be sure. But then again, she was hornier than she usually was too, and his cock looked like just the thing to take care of that. She wanted him to stretch her, to make her feel like he was tearing her pussy apart. She wanted to feel every inch, every bump and ridge, she wanted him to stuff all eight and a half inches of hard throbbing cock deep into her pussy and fuck her completely senseless!

But before she climbed up on the bed and straddled her horny patient, she went to her smock and pulled out the foil packet containing a condom that she had gotten from her purse. As a nurse, Heather had seen the results of what AIDS and STD's could do. She wanted to take no chances with either her health or that of the man who was currently holding his stiff cock upright for her. She certainly was in no position right now for an unintended pregnancy!

Heather pulled the sheet down, unsnapped the waistband of his pajamas and pulled them out of the way. She smiled broadly at the big cock that was standing hard and erect, waiting for her. After using her mouth again to get the head and shaft wet enough, she carefully rolled the condom into place.

Matt watched eagerly as the young, sexy, naked nurse prepared his cock and climbed onto the bed, straddling his legs. As she leaned over him, her large DD breasts hung just within reach of his mouth. He sucked in one of the big, dark pink nipples that stood stiff and ready.

Heather stopped moving up his body just as her gorgeous pussy was right above his crotch. While Matt sucked and chewed happily on her nipples, his fingers pawing and clawing at her bountiful tits, Heather held her pussy lips wide apart with one hand and guided the huge hard cock towards her molten core with the other. She lowered herself slowly until the tip of his cock contacted her hungry hole. She rubbed the head of his cock around the rim and inner pussy lips, bathing it in her juices and lubricating it for the next step. A few seconds later, her pussy moved still lower, and she sighed happily as the hard mushroom shape wedged into her wet, pink hole.

Heather was already feeling better about her last minute night shift, and they hadn't even started yet. Granted, she had been pulled rather abruptly from the middle of one sexual encounter, but she had managed to find another one in Matthew. And Matthew was a good deal bigger than her previous bedfellow too!

Their fucking already felt wonderful to Heather, and they hadn't even really started yet. She mewled happily as waves of incredible pleasure spread out from where the head of Matt's thick cock was stretching open her needy love hole, with the promise of greater joys to come within seconds. She stayed in that position, bouncing and rolling her hips ever so slightly, reveling in the feelings of what Matt's cock was doing to her, before lowering her sexy body enough for two more inches of his shaft to be embedded in her.

Matt was having a great time too, much better than he thought he was going to have when he was first brought to County General. Before he got hurt, he was planning on hitting the bar and seeing what he could find to help him celebrate the end of the work week, but those bar girls were just that - girls. Most of them were basically kids, just barely old enough to drink, if that, but the woman engulfing his cock with her pussy was a beautiful, full-grown woman who knew just what she wanted.

He feasted on her succulent breasts and, while continuing to impale her pussy on his cock, she leaned forward so he could gently take one of the beauties in either hand. They felt incredible; they were big, firm, and vibrant, with rigid pink nipples. Once his whole cock had disappeared inside her dripping pussy, she leaned forward and placed her hands on the bed above his shoulders to brace herself and help her move on top of him. Her breasts felt even better to him when she pressed them against his mouth.

While Heather rode his cock, her pussy twitching around the thick shaft, Matt's tongue licked and caressed her nipples, which were achingly hard and erect. He could feel the tiny ridges and the pebbly texture of the areolas. He switched between the twin beauties, giving each one plenty of loving attention while the sexy nurse raised her pussy from him. She paused for a few seconds, then slowly lowered her body until she had once again enveloped his large, erect cock.

"Mmmm, that feels soo wonderful Matt," she cooed. "Put your hands on my ass. I love having my man grabbing my ass and fingering my asshole while I ride this great big cock of yours."

Matt was more than happy to put his large rough hands on those voluptuous ass cheeks and stroke the soft, creamy smooth skin while his fingers found her crinkled pink hole. Another time having long arms would benefit him! Those succulent ass cheeks filled his hands and he sank his strong fingers deep in the pliable flesh. He probed her tight asshole with a finger, and she moaned as he filled two of her holes simultaneously.

But he quickly saw there were more than just tactile delights to be gained by fondling her ass. Heather lowered her body to impale herself on his long, thick shaft. At the same time, he pressed down with his hands while thrusting up with his cock. Their bodies came together with a satisfying wet "smack," while the plentiful juices from her pussy smeared onto both of them.

Matt relished in the delights of her creamy pale body. He loved the aroma of her highly aroused pussy, the sensation of her rigid pink nipples against his lips and tongue, and her soft flesh under his hands. But, as Heather slowly rocked back and forth on top of him, what her pussy was doing for his cock was by far the most delightful. Her pussy muscles and the rocking movements of her lush body promised to slowly bring him to a tremendous climax. Every time he thrust up into her, he grunted softly, And those sounds started to slowly turn to moans of bliss as his orgasm drew closer.

Heather too, was enjoying the fucking and it was just what she had needed. Matt's rough working man's hands were strong but gentle. She could feel her ass tingling under their caresses. His mouth felt exquisite on her breasts, but best of all was what his big black cock was doing. Her pussy was crammed full, and the long, thick shaft was massaging her many sweet spots the way she loved. Heather knew her mounting orgasm would be one of the best of her life.

There was no need to talk, really, but Heather wanted him to know how much she was enjoying herself. "Oh God, Matt. I love what your cock is doing for my pussy. It feels so good."

"I'm glad because your pussy is the hottest I've ever had, as well," he replied.

Heather wasn't exaggerating at all. Matt's cock really was doing incredible things for her pussy, but she knew a way to make it even better. Until then, she had been moving up and down atop him and taking his hard shaft directly into herself, with hardly any contact against her clit. This had given her immense pleasure as it crammed her full, and had been bringing her slowly to a climax. But she knew the time had arrived for her to cum. She moved her body slightly lower so his cock could start massaging her clit, first as his cock was engulfed and again when she raised her body and released the stiff shaft.

Matt immediately felt the difference and realized Heather must be ready to cum. He was too, so he continued caressing her ass with his hands. He pushed down on her cheeks while he rammed his cock up into her pussy. He had noticed her movements becoming more erratic above him, as she swayed to and fro and from side to side. He could hear her moans of joy that were starting to end in whimpers. Since she had been so kind as to invite him to this party, he wanted Heather to fully enjoy her orgasm before he reached his own climax.

He was also concerned with her safety. He wanted to keep her from falling to the side, and possibly off the bed altogether. Heather's movements atop him had become more frenzied, even escalating to pitching and tossing. The nurse's sounds of joy were louder too; he hoped the walls and door of the hospital room were thick enough to muffle her voice. He didn't want any concerned staff members to come in and investigate the strange noises.

Heather knew her orgasm was imminent. She started moving faster, trying to stay on top of her black lover. That wasn't easy to do, because her responses had become wilder as she gave herself over to the pleasure of having his big thick cock repeatedly banging her clit. As the horny nurse thrashed about on top of her patient, she felt how his hands had moved to just above her hips. This helped to steady her, but she was still aware of the possibility of falling off him and to the side before she reached her goal of a powerful orgasm.

"Oh God! Oh Yes, Matt! Ohhh!" Heather moaned, in time with her bouncing back and forth and the cock driving in and out of her pussy. "Oh, yeah!" she cried out joyously as her climax started to overwhelm her.

Heather's upper body fell forward, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her body swung from side to side and her pussy bounced up and down, engulfing and releasing his cock. He kept driving the thick shaft up into her and enjoyed her loud moans while she was cumming. His own climax was on the verge of erupting, and he would continue fucking this hot, sexy nurse even after she reached her orgasm.

Less than a minute after she started cumming, Heather cried out again, even more ecstatically as she climaxed. After that tremendous burst of joy, she sagged forward; Matt held her tightly with his arms as his hands stayed on her hips. He kept driving his cock in and out of her pussy until his own climax welled up from within his body. He sighed and grunted, then shot a big wad of cum into his condom, but didn't stop. For almost another minute, he fucked the acquiescent pussy, shooting twice more, before he was through. He and Heather lay together quietly, their arms around each other until she felt the need to speak again.

"That was wonderful," she whispered into the ear that was inches from her lips. "I needed that tonight."

"You were wonderful, baby," he said, smiling.

They lay like that for a few precious moments, both bathing in the afterglow of really great sex before she finally had to get up. As she was dressing, Matt asked: "So can we do this again tonight sometime?"

"I was hoping you'd ask," she said smiling. "Maybe on one of my other rounds if you feel up to it we can play a bit more."

"I'm looking forward to it," he said. As Heather finished dressing, she gave him a kiss goodbye. Then she left the room to go check on her other patients.

It was a couple hours later when Heather was on another set of rounds checking on her patients that she stopped by Matt's room again. She fully expected him to be asleep at this late hour, but when she peeked in the door, he was still awake watching a little television.

"You're still awake?" she said as she popped her head around the door.

"Yeah, I couldn't sleep. I got too much sleep during the day yesterday, and now I'm not tired. Plus I'm a night owl anyway," he said.

"Well I'm glad that you are still awake," she said.

"Me too... I promised you some more fun!" he said. He took her hand and pulled her to him. Heather leaned over the bed and kissed him deep and passionately. As he kissed her, his hand slid up the back of her leg until it reached the hem of her smock. Without hesitation, he slipped his hand under her starched white smock and continued upwards until it settled on her well-rounded ass. She moaned softly as she felt him grab and squeeze her firm ass.

She walked across the room and locked the door again returning as she unbuttoned her smock. Once again she stood before him naked. "So how can I help you Mr. Walker?" she said with a playful smile.

"Well our last time was fun, but I know how it could have been even better for us both," he said.

"How? You were pretty amazing. How could it have been better?" she asked.

"Well, for one thing, I could have eaten you out first," he said with a smile.

Heather raised her head and grinned mischievously down at the handsome face below her. "You still can, you know."

Matt grinned back at her. "So how are we gonna do this?" he said.

She cranked down the head of the bed until the surface was flat while Matt adjusted the pillow under his head. With everything ready, she got back onto the bed and on top of Matt again. This time though, he put his cock by her mouth and her legs straddling his face. She always loved having her pussy eaten, especially after fucking when her lips would still be swollen with lust and at their most sensitive. And hers certainly were now.

Heather believed the 69 position to be the best. She loved sucking a big cock while getting eaten out herself. She loved the competition of trying to make her man cum while holding off her own orgasm - hopefully!

She began by using her tongue to lick and caress his shaft and head. She was careful to give extra attention to lick under the ridge which is where he was most sensitive. After bathing his whole cock with her tongue and relishing his taste, Heather slowly lowered her face, enveloping Matt's cock in her mouth. It had softened from their last go round, but a few strokes between her lips quickly turned it as hard as it had been when it entered her pussy.

Her avid mouth caressed the hard shaft starting to fill the warm, wet place where it was being made so welcome. Her tongue curled around and laved it, reveling in the smooth skin that was stretched tightly over the hard roundness. When she felt the tip against the back of her throat, Heather stopped taking more of him in her mouth, but let her tongue continue caressing the very welcome intruder in her mouth.

Matt was enjoying himself as well. Matt loved eating pussy... he adored the aroma of a woman's love box, and he loved the flavor even more. After Heather settled her pussy into position for his mouth to reach her, he wrapped his arms around her hips. He slid his fingers inside the cleft of her succulent ass to gently fondle her cute pink rosebud and started licking the delicious treat from the insides of her thighs.

After his tongue had sluiced her leaking nectar from both legs, he began eagerly licking the juices from her crotch. The taste, aroma, and the texture of her skin under his mouth gave him immense pleasure. But the sensation of the sexy nurse's mouth making love to his cock was best of all.

Matt had received many blowjobs in his life; some of them better than others. But the hot, young woman atop him now was providing one of the best ones of his experience. Her tongue, as it stroked his shaft, seemed to be simultaneously rough and soft. Waves of bliss swept over his body from where it was caressing him. Her lips applied the perfect amount of tightness around his cock as they moved slowly up and down his shaft. He felt her open her throat and start taking every inch he had into her mouth. The entire length of his cock was being incredibly pleasured by her tongue, her lips and by some muscles, he hadn't even known existed.

He had also eaten many pussies before, but none had ever been as delightful as the one that was now being thrust rhythmically down hard against his face. The heavenly taste and aroma of her juices were incredible; the texture of her outer pussy lips his tongue had started stroking was equally as pleasant. But more importantly, the woman he was eating really loved what he was doing. That much was obvious from the way her sumptuous body was already starting to writhe on top of him.

Matt was right about Heather loving to have her pussy eaten. She had been quite horny when she entered the hospital room the first time, and the fucking had taken some of the edge off that. But he had failed to realize her favorite activity was having a tongue, such as that of the man below her, stroking her most private parts. So when she returned on her next set of rounds, he was going to make sure she got that taken care of.

She especially liked the way Matt was doing it now, even including the way he was holding her ass cheeks open and playing with her asshole. Heather loved all kinds of sexual activity, and that included having her rear hole teased while a tongue is working its magic on her front hole. The construction worker was doing both perfectly. Her first orgasm that evening had been great, but she could feel her second one building up to what she knew would be truly momentous.

Another of Heather's favorite activities is sucking a big, hard cock, such as the one that was repeatedly sliding in and out of her eager mouth. Matt's cock was thick enough to pleasurably spread her lips apart, but not so big as to hurt her jaw. It was long enough to stuff her mouth, but not so big that she couldn't caress it with her tongue. Moving as slowly as she could, wanting to prolong her pleasure and his, she stroked the wonderful shaft steadily with her mouth. She could feel her pussy fucking down into his face at the same speed.

He was having just as much fun as Heather, maybe more. He could feel her body rock from side to side and her pussy fuck against his mouth as she grew closer to another orgasm. Heather's adorable clit had almost pushed its way out from its protective hood. He could easily have brought her to a climax by sucking on the delightful bud. But he knew it would be more fun for both of them if he delayed doing that until she was at the height of her sexual arousal. With that in mind, his mouth returned to her pink hole. After relishing all the fresh nectar, he began licking between an inner and an outer lip, starting with the ultra soft, smooth area between their origins.

He licked slowly until he reached the place where the labia are close together. Then he slid his tongue into the seam and started to caress both at the same time. Matt reveled in the delightful combination of the slick, wet outer lip and the spongy texture of its engorged mate. He licked until he reached the place where the inner lips merge to form Heather's clit hood. She was so sexually excited, the little bud had completely pushed aside its protective hood.

From the thrill of eating the young, hot, nurse's lovely pussy and from what her lips and tongue were doing for his cock, Matt was almost ready to cum. He had been murmuring happily, but the sound had been muffled by the succulent flesh pressed against his mouth. He licked between Heather's other pair of inner and outer lips the same as he had the first pair but stopped before engulfing her clit in his mouth.

Heather was aware of her high state of arousal, and she also knew Matt was close to cumming. She could feel his shaft and head throbbing inside her mouth. Wanting to catch his cum on her tongue when he came and not waste a drop of the precious white seed, she shortened the strokes of her sucking and increased the pace.

Less than a minute later, she felt his cock jerking inside her mouth and stopped what she was doing. She waited, keeping her mouth open like a little bird waiting to be fed. A few seconds later, she felt the muscles in his groin clench, and the first gob of cum landed on her pink tongue, exactly where she wanted it. Heather continued stroking slowly up and down on the thick shaft between her lips, and was rewarded by another burst of his delicious semen. She continued bobbing her head over him until she was certain that he was completely drained, and removed his cock from her mouth.

Under ordinary circumstances, the eager nurse would have greedily cleaned off all the cum from the shaft she was holding in her hand. But she had another need that was too great to delay. "Suck my clit!" she urged Matt. "Please! Suck my clit and make me cum!"

That was just what he was waiting to hear, and he was quick to jump to the task. Her body was thrashing about on top of him, but he was still gripping Heather's ass cheeks. With his strong grip and strong construction worker's arms, he was able to hold her in place and take the delectable morsel into his mouth. With his lips forming a seal, he sucked the swollen nubbin while his tongue caressed the engorged top and sides. Less than a minute after his enveloping her clit, she uttered a joyous cry and started cumming.

Her movements became wilder, her moans louder and more desperate. He kept his grip on her ass cheeks, and his mouth remained firmly clamped around Heather's tender clit. For almost two minutes, her body pitched and tossed above him, until she gave another cry of absolute ecstasy. All her muscles clenched, and she rammed her pussy against his face once more. After her orgasm, she completely relaxed, and he feasted on the great wealth of fresh juice he had earned.

Following their tremendous climaxes, the two of them lay in a happy and satisfied pile. After catching their respective breaths and resting, Heather said what she felt needed saying. "That was wonderful," she murmured. "I love what your cock and mouth just did for me."

"Well, they really loved doing it, and what you did for them was just as great."

They lay together for a few more minutes before Heather decided she had better get back to work. "I have to go now baby, and you need to get your rest. Thank you for making this night shift a little nicer," she said, giving him one last kiss. She left her black stud with a smile and turned out the lights as she closed the door.



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