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Waking Up

waking up from a coma made him feel so alive.

Vinny was young and reckless. He had gotten into fast cars as soon as he turned seventeen. All the movies about fast cars didn’t help either. By the time he turned nineteen he had totalled three cars. His family were worried about him and it wasn’t long before their fears were realized.

Having a race along a deserted highway, Vinny totalled his fourth car. This time he wasn’t so lucky, he had a severe concussion and went into a coma. He had many bruises and cuts, but nothing fatal. They just didn’t know when he would wake up.

He spent two weeks in ICU with wires connecting him to machines. His family grieved at not knowing when he would wake up and spent those first two weeks constantly at his side. As those two first weeks passed his cuts and bruises healed nicely, and without the wires he looked like a nice healthy young man.

He was soon moved to a new ward, the worse of the dangers over. He was in a room, with one nurse assigned just to him. She made sure all his wires were connected properly and had to check up on him every hour in case he woke up.

It was just under a month after the accident when Nurse Jemma was giving Vinny his morning bath. She was gently rubbing the damp cloth over his naked chest down to his exposed penis. She lifted his penis with one hand and started to “wash” his genitals. To her shock and amazement, she could feel his cock getting hard in her hand. She looked up to see him staring at her with a mixture of confusion and happiness.

“Hey there,” she said, dropping his cock. “I am Nurse Jemma. You were in an accident and have been in a coma for nearly a month.”

He smiled at her kindly and placed his own hand on his cock. She smiled at him and slipped her hand over his cock. Together they stoked his cock and she carried on speaking.

“I presume a handsome guy like you with a nice sized cock is used to cumming a lot. After a month I bet you have loads stored up in those balls of yours.”

All he could muster was a few kind words back.

“You look so fucking hot in that uniform.”

She laughed and started to jerk him off slowly. She liked her modern light blue scrubs. They were comfortable and felt a bit like pyjamas. His body went slightly stiff, well stiffer than it already was. She jerked him off faster, making him curse with pleasure. Then he gave a light grunt and she was rewarded with a large jet of pearly white cum as it shot out his cock. She smiled at him as it carried on oozing out his cock. She leant forward and licked it all clean.

She took her cloth and dampened it once again before cleaning him down again. She took her bowl and walked to the door.

“Please don’t go,” he called out.

She smiled at him.

“I have to report that you have woken up, don’t worry, I'm sure your friends and family will be by to see you as soon as they know you’re awake. I will be back to check up on you, and tonight I’ll give you another bath, maybe more.”

She gave him a wink and left the room.

Vinny lay back by himself thinking about the accident. He was sure he was never going to drive again.

Over the next few hours, doctors came in every twenty minutes to check up on him. His family came around too, tears of joy and relief flowed freely down his mother’s face. They spent more than two hours with him, making him feel exhausted, all he could think about was his sexy nurse in her light blue uniform.

Finally, everyone stopped harassing him and he could relax for a bit. Nurse Jemma popped in a few times and even helped him eat something, but she was completely professional, no indication of the naughty thing they did earlier. Vinny was just happy to see her and loved the way she looked in her uniform.

At seven in the evening, she walked in again, this time she was holding a bowl of soapy water. She put the bowl down and pulled off his bedsheets. She lifted his pyjamas and cupped his balls.

“Time for your bath again,” she said with a smile.

He instantly got hard again, making her smile. She started to gently stroke his cock, making him groan. She could not help herself and lowered her mouth to his large cock, taking it deep into her throat. She sucked on him slowly, each time taking it deeper into her mouth. Her hand started to jerk at the base of his cock as she sucked him hard.

She stopped sucking him and peeled off her trousers. She was about to pull off her top when he stopped her.

“Stop, you look so sexy in your uniform, keep it on.”

She smiled and gave him a peck on the lips. She climbed on the bed and pulled her panties to one side. She lowered herself onto his cock and slowly started to ride him. His hands were still full of wires and tubes, so he couldn’t do much but let her have her way with him, not that he was complaining.

She rode him hard and fast, groaning with each bounce. It wasn’t long before she was leaning forward over his body and moving her hips and ass, so he was sliding in and out of her with ease. She was bouncing and keeping her pussy tight around his cock, making him grunt loudly.

“You’re gonna make me cum. I’m going to cum.”

She jumped off him and quickly slid his cock back into her mouth. She sucked him hard and then felt his cock explode into her mouth. She sucked him harder, swallowing all his cum. She carried on sucking him for a bit and then washed him down.

She kissed him gently on the lips, before leaving the room.

“Same time tomorrow?” she said with a wink, and then left the room.


Nurse Jemma, as promised came back the next day and the next. Every day he recovered more and every day she was there giving him a helping hand. Soon he was fit enough to leave the hospital and fuck Nurse Jemma up against the wall.

It was only a week after he left the hospital that he and Jemma officially became a couple. He moved in with her and still loved to make love to her while she was wearing her uniform. She would always and forever be his nurse.



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